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Thomaston Road Cemetery
Thomaston, Knox County, Maine

Lat: 44°05'14"N, Lon: 69°08'11"W

Contributed by Missy Ivey, Dec 10, 2000 [ivhouse@earthlink.net]. Total records = 55.

From S. Main Street in Rockland, head west on Thomaston Road. Cemetery is 1.8 miles on right. Transcribed by Missy Ivey, Sep 2000

BRYSON, Margaret, d. 24 Mar 1841, A.E. 86
BUTLER, Bathsheba, d. 07 Jan 1832, A.E. 95y., Widow of Phinehas BUTLER, s/w Phinehas
BUTLER, Charles, b. Feb 1798, d. Jun 1858
BUTLER, Elon G., b. 1837, d. 1911
BUTLER, George, d. 23 Apr 1884, A.E. 91y. 7m. & 26d., Our Father
BUTLER, Hannah J., b. 06 Aug 1828, d. 06 Feb 1916, His wife, Mother, s/w Samuel B
BUTLER, Harriet, d. 25 Dec 1883, A.E. 81y. 3m. 15d., Wife of S.B. BUTLER, s/w Elon, Susan, Oscar and Sam
BUTLER, Isabella C., b. 07 Aug 1839, d. 14 Feb 1913
BUTLER, Jane Russ, b. Feb 1802, d. May 1866, Wife of Charles BUTLER
BUTLER, Joanna E., d. 21 Jun 1851, A.E. 44, Wife of Walter BUTLER
BUTLER, John, b. Framingham, Mass. 10 Feb 1756, d. Thomaston Me. 06 Feb 1840, Erected in 1901, by his decendants of the 3d & 4th generations, s/w Lucy
BUTLER, Judith, d. 07 Feb 1838, A.E. 56y. 5m., Wife of Wm. BUTLER
BUTLER, Lewis M., CO. F COAST GRD ME. INF. [No Dates][w/ US War Veteran marker]
BUTLER, Lucy Robbins, b. Attleboro, Mass. 18 Jul 1756, d. Thomaston, Me. 29 Jan 1840, Wife of John BUTLER, Erected in 1901, by her decendants of the 3d & 4th generations, s/w John
BUTLER, Melea, d. 02 Apr 1852, A.E. 88, Wife of Phinehas BUTLER
BUTLER, Mima, d. 20 Mar 1894, A.E. 93y. 7m. & 6d., Wife of George BUTLER
BUTLER, Oscar H., d. 21 Sept 1884, A.E. 15y. 10m. 8d., Son of E.G. & Susan A. BUTLER, s/w Elon, Susan, Sam & Harriet
BUTLER, Phineas, d. 25 Sept 1852, A.E. 94y. 5m. & 17d, [w/A.S.R. - 1775 marker & US War Veteran marker]
BUTLER, Phinehas, b. Framingham, Mass. 03 Jun 1732, d. Framingham, Mass. 16 Jan 1806, A soldier of the American Revolution. He served his country faithfully nearly six years 1776 - 1782. Erected in 1901, by his decendants of the 4th & 5th generations., s/w Bathsheba
BUTLER, Preston E.W., d. 03 Apr 1853, A.E. 2y. 1m. 11d., Son of Orris R. & Mary Ann BUTLER
BUTLER, S. Frances, b. 1850, d. 1931
BUTLER, Samuel B., b. 30 Nov 1823, d. 11 Jun 1906, Father, s/w Hannah
BUTLER, Samuel B., d. 11 Mar 1868, A.E. 72y. 10m. 24d., s/w Harriet, Oscar, Susan and Elon
BUTLER, Shepard F., b. 1845, d. 1931
BUTLER, Susan A., b. 1841, d. 1932, His wife, s/w Susan, Samuel, Harriet and Oscar
BUTLER, Wm., d. 14 Nov 1872, A.E. 90y. 7m. & 3d.
CURTIS, Cornelia L. Eaton, b. 22 Mar 1928, d. 22 Dec 1995 [w/Carpenter Funeral Home marker, s/w Harvey
CURTIS, Harvey J. Sr., b. 28 Jun 1924, d. no date, s/w Cornelia
CUSHING, Frederic B., d. 01 Sept 1855, A.E. 3m., Son of Benjamin & Lauretta CUSHING
DEAN, Alice W., b. 1871, d. no date, s/w Florence Hair
DEAN, Amariah K., b. 23 Mar 1833, d. 12 Feb 1874, Father, s/w Clara
DEAN, Clara A., d. 26 Aug 1854, A.E. 6y. 4m., Dau. of Jonas & Julia DEAN
DEAN, Clara H., b. 15 Jul 1826, d. 03 Oct 1916, Mother, s/w Amariah
DEAN, Jonas, b. 25 Jan 1802, d. 26 Nov 1880
DEAN, Julia, d. 21 Apr 1878, A.E. 71y. 1m. 24d., Wife of Jonas DEAN
GAY, Alden Merrill, d. 25 May 1854, A.E. 26y., Son of Alden & Sarah GAY, s/w Alden & Sarah
GAY, Alden, d. 02 Jun 1895, A.E. 92y. 7m. & 2d, s/w Sarah and Alden Merrill
GAY, David, No other info
GAY, Sarah, d. 02 Dec 1859, A.E. 55y. 2m. & 25d., Wife of Alden GAY
GAY, Sarah, d. 02 Dec 1859, A.E. 55y. 2m. & 25d., Wife of Alden GAY, s/w Alden and Alden Merrill
GILCHREST, Nellie G., b. 1859, d. 1919, s/w Thomas W
GILCHREST, Thomas W., b. 1858, d. 1916 [w/ GAR Post 39 marker] s/w Nellie
GODFREY, Charles R., b. 23 Oct 1945, d. no date, s/w Donna L
GODFREY, Donna L. Curtis, b. 26 Apr 1949, d. no date, s/w Chas R
HAIR, Florence, b. 1881, d. no date, s/w Alice W Dean
JOHNSON, Capt. Henry, d. 25 Aug 1868, A.E. 46y. 6m. & 10d., [w/GAR Post 39 marker
JOHNSON, Caroline A., d. 26 May 1905, A.E. 73y. 2m. & 4d., Wife of Capt. Henry D. JOHNSON
JOHNSON, Freddie, d. 27 Jan 1862, A.E. 4m. & 27d., Son of Capt. Henry & Caroline JOHNSON
PERRY, Capt. Mark, b. 24 Jan 1812, d. 12 Mar 1881 [w/ US War Veteran marker]
PERRY, Emma R., d. 05 Jan 1841, A.E. 2y. 1m. 25d. Dau. of Capt. Mark & Margaret PERRY
PERRY, Lewis B., d. 10 Feb 1848, A.E. 3y. 2d., Son of Capt. Mark & Margaret B. PERRY
PERRY, Margaret B., b. 23 Jun 1816, d. 06 Dec 1892
QUIMBY, Albert, no dates, s/w Sarah & Ida
QUIMBY, Ida, no dates, s/w Albert & Sarah
QUIMBY, Sarah, no dates, s/w Albert & Ida

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