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Herseyville Cemetery
Minot, Androscoggin County, Maine

Contributed by Susan D. Szewczyk [susansz@capital.net]. Updated on December 15, 1999. Total records = 29.

This cemetery is located in Minot, Maine and was transcribed ca april 1949 to be donated to be published in the New England Genealogical and Historical Registry books.

Bates, Jacob, in his memory died July 19, 1850 age 90 yrs 8 months
Bates, Lydia, wife of Jacob Bates died Nov 12, 1843 age 85 yrs
Bates, Nathaniel, son of Jacob and Lydia Bates died Jan 6, 1820 age 20 yrs
Bates, Heta, daughter of Jacob and Lydia Bates died april 8, 1848 age 53 yrs
Chandler, Phineas S, Died Feb 20, 1839 age 45 yrs 10 months War 1812 marker and flag
Chandler, Justin C, son of P. S and S Chandler died Dec 28, 1841 age 4 yr 9 month
Curtis, Lucia, wife of stephen Curtis died June 22, 1903 age 84 yrs
Davis, Allen, died april feb 24, 1836 age 80 yrs Rev marker and flag
Davis, Abigail, wife of Allen died april 22, 1834 age 72 yrs
Gurney, Thomas, died Aug 7, 1818 age 68 yrs
Gurney, Olive, died Oct 3, 1841 age 87 yrs
Gurney, Thomas jr, died april 27, 1867 age 82 yrs war 1812 marker and flag
Gurney, Ruby, wife of Thomas Gurney jr died Jan 4, 1870 age 80 yrs 9 months
Gurney, James, died June 7, 1852 age 22 yrs
Gurney, John, died July 31, 1818 age 3 yrs
Gurney, Sophia, Died april 24, 1823 age 2 yrs
Gurney, Olive, daughter of Thomas and Olive Gurney died aug 10, 1803 age 2 yrs
Gurney, Timothy, son of Thomas and Olive Gurney died June 29, 1856 age 29 yrs
Hersey, Charles B, son of Cyrus and Phila Hersey died June 29, 1853 age 3 months
Hersey, Deborah, wife of thomas Hersey died Dec 18, 1857 age 85 yrs 7 months
Hersey, Amos, Father died nov 22, 1863 age 72 yrs 5 months 26 days
Hersey, Mary, wife of Amos Hersey died Oct 3, 1879 age 86 yrs 2 months 27 days
Hersey, Amos, In memory of Amos Hersey who died June 6, 1834 age 68 yrs War 1812 marker and flag
Hersey, Mercy, wife of Amos Hersey died Jan 21, 1854 age 87 yrs 10 months
Hersey, Christianna, daughter of Amos Hersey and Mercy Hersey died Dec 17, 1835 age 38 yrs
Noyes, Sarah, wife of Jacob Reed who died June 17, 1836 age 73 yrs
Read, Jacob, died Dec 19, 1874 age 83 yrs 5 months 19 days war 1812 marker and flag
Read, Betsey, wife of Jacob Read died march 17, 1870 age 69 yrs 11 months 15 days
Reed, Jacob, In memory of Jacob Reed and his wife Sarah Noyes who here sleep side by side. He born May 6, 1757 and died May 5, 1837 War 1812 marker and flag

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