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Hill Family Cemetery
Prince George County, Maryland

16508 Marlboro Pike
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Lat: 38° 48' 55"N, Lon: 76° 43' 11"W

Contributed by Anne Braun, Dec 05, 2004 [annieb1961@comcast.net]. Total records = 23.

In Waysons Corner, from the intersection of Highways 4 and 408, go west on Highway 4 for .5 miles until you reach the Marlboro Pike Interchange or Highway 725, turn there and go northwest for .25 miles until you hit the first mailbox. Turn there and go along the dirt road,. You will see the cemetery about .2 miles north of the entrance.

This cemetery is on the north side of the road, surrrounded by bushes. Go up to the house and ask for permission. The cemetery was started in 1818 with the last burial taking place in 1917. The cemetery is a little overgrown, but the owner of the property tries to clean it up when he has time.

This family cemetery is situated on property called Compton Bassett which is still owned by a descendant of the Sasscer Family. The Hill and the Sasscer once owned this land and the plantation.

I visited this burial site on Nov 30, 2004. This includes all existing and legible stones and markers. Also compared my readings with the book called "Stones and Bones" pub. 1984.

- Anne Braun

Hill, Ann S., b. Oct 31, 1790, d. Dec 1852, s/w William
Hill, Annie S., b. Aug 10, 1840, d. Oct 17, 1917, d/o William Beanes and Catherine
Hill, Bessie, b. Dec 14, 1847, d. Jun 10, 1848, d/o William Beanes and Catherine
Hill, Catherine B., b. Nov 3, 1813, d. Aug 12, 1874, w/o William
Hill, Charles Clement, d. Jan 3, 1818, s/o Charles and Margaret
Hill, Charles Parker, b. Apr 13, 1845, d. Jun 18, 1847
Hill, Clara, b. Jan 2, 1859, d. Jan 6, 1862, d/o R.S. and E.S. Hill
Hill, Clement Collins, b. Aug 11, 1857, d. Aug 27, 1857
Hill, Clement S., b. Oct 2, 1840, d. Aug 21, 1842
Hill, Clement, b. Aug 31, 1815, d. Jun 6, 1880
Hill, Clement, d. Jul 18, 1869, age 20yr and 8mn, s/o Clement and Sarah
Hill, Covie, b. Aug 15, 1843, d. Apr 23, 1867, s/o William Beanes and Catherine
Hill, Dr. William, b. Jun 12, 1783, d. Jun 17, 1823
Hill, Esther B., b. Feb 29, 1836, d. Sep 4, 1900, d/o William Beanes and Catherine
Hill, John, b. Mar 5, 1818, d. Dec 1819, s/o William and Ann
Hill, Katie, b. Apr 15, 1842, d. Dec 3, 1844, d/o William Beanes and Catherine
Hill, R. Smith, b. Aug 16, 1852, d. Feb 13, 1881, s/o William Beanes and Catherine
Hill, William Beanes, b. Nov 28, 1813, d. Aug 23, 1890
Hill, William Murdock, b. Jun, 24, 1838, d. Jul 20, 1871
Murdock, Margaret, d. Aug 11, 1826
Sasscer, Rosalie G., b. Mar 18, 1904, d. Jul 29, 1904
Smith, Clement, d. Dec 10, 1831, In his 5th year
Smith, Walter, b. Jul 25, 1855, d. Aug 27, 1856

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