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Phipps Street Burying Ground
Charlestown, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

market street burying ground
Phipps Street Burying Ground

GPS: 42.376397, -71.067789

Phipps St.
Charlestown, MA 02129

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 1,544

Phipps Street Burying Ground owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Phipps Street Burying Ground is one Boston's seven seventeenth-century burying grounds. Just after settlement, Charlestown's founding fathers designated the land, later known as the Phipps Street Burying Ground, as the town burying place. The site was originally bordered on the south and west by marshy flats, and an estuary of the Charles River washed up on the rear side of the hill. Years of land filling and urban-renewal activities have dramatically altered the landscape surrounding this site.

Among the earliest burials were soldiers who fought in King Phillips War. In addition to the general citizenry, many contributors to the growth of our nation are also buried here, including John Harvard, whose library of 300 volumes was donated to start a college at Cambridge; Nathaniel Gorham, a signer of the Constitution and president of the Continental Congress; and Thomas Beecher, one of the first settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Some of the most influential Charlestown families, including the Frothinghams, Hurds, Harvards, Phipps, Russells, and Hunnewells, were laid to rest here.

In the nineteenth century, many of Boston's earliest burying grounds underwent major "re-arranging campaigns," efforts which straightened gravestones into rows and aligned head and footstones. These campaigns were done in an effort to conform to nineteenth-century beliefs on the beautification of open spaces. The Phipps Street Burying Ground is highly unique in that the gravestones have remained in their original configuration. Another highly unique features is that Charlestown families were buried in small rectangular plots.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

Abigail, Lot: C-2, d. 9/22/1817
Abraham, Elizabeth, Lot: N-156, d. 6/19/1764
Adams, Anderson, Lot: M-30, d. 12/28/1721
Adams, Ann, Lot: H-10, d. 9/7/1688
Adams, Hannah, Lot: H-7, d. 7/24/1699
Adams, Lucy, Lot: Q-12
Adams, Nicolas, Lot: H-9, d. 9/8/1685
Adams, Samuel, Lot: L-69, d. 1/24/1689
Adams, Thomas, Lot: M-51, d. 1721
Allen, Thomas, Lot: O-47, d. 5/4/1694
Allin, Benjamin, Lot: H-73, d. 6/27/1679
Anderson, John, Lot: O-18, d. 1675
Anderson, Mary, Lot: P-51, d. 3/13/1798
Anderson, Rebeckah, Lot: P-20, d. 3/4/1743
Armistead, Ellen, Lot: J-2, d. 2/27/1823
Armour, Abigail, Lot: O-11, d. 9/4/1798
Asbury, John, Lot: P-34, d. 9/3/1736
Asson, Samuel, Lot: E-27
Auftin, Benjamin, Lot: H-21, d. 12/2/1756
Auftin, Cornelivs, Lot: H-21, d. 11/16/1756
Auftin, Rebeckah, Lot: H-78, d. 12/5/1733
Auftin, Rebeekah, Lot: H-24, d. 9/22/1713
Ausbury, Eleanor, Lot: C-19
Austen, James, Lot: J-222
Austin, Lot: J-229, d. 1762
Austin, Abigail, Lot: J-202, d. 2/1/1693
Austin, Anna, Lot: J-224, d. 9/3/1787
Austin, Anna, Lot: J-240, d. 11/11/1797
Austin, Arthur, Lot: G-58
Austin, Benezer, Lot: J-239
Austin, Benjamin, Lot: J-212, d. 7/11/1715
Austin, Ebenezer, Lot: J-215, d. 1/16/1723
Austin, Ebenezer, Lot: J-253
Austin, John, Lot: G-59, d. 1754
Austin, Joseph, Lot: J-251, d. 3/2/1756
Austin, Mary, Lot: J-216
Austin, Mary, Lot: J-221
Austin, Mary, Lot: J-223
Austin, Nath, Lot: J-240, d. 11/11/1797
Austin, Rebeckah, Lot: C-38, d. February
Austin, Richard, Lot: J-194, d. 9/9/1694
Austin, Richard, Lot: J-205, d. 8/15/1703
Austin, Ruth, Lot: J-233, d. 12/4/1795
Austin, Ruth, Lot: J-244, d. 5/28/2016
Austin, Samuel, Lot: J-218, d. 6/23/1716
Austin, Samuel, Lot: J-196, d. 9/8/1755
Austin, Sarah, Lot: M-4, d. 7/7/1789
Austin, Sarah, Lot: J-67, d. "20, 1762"
Austin, Thankfull, Lot: I-50, d. 3/17/1691
Austin, Thomas, Lot: J-225, d. 12/28/1749
Austin, Thomas, Lot: J-249, d. 9/24/1757
Austin, Timothy, Lot: J-212, d. 5/24/1716
Austin, Timothy, Lot: J-204, d. 5/23/1770
Austin, William, Lot: J-228, d. 10/28/1730
Austin, William, Lot: J-210, d. 5/12/1797
B, A, Lot: J-130, d. 1682
B, J, Lot: J-124
Babb, Lois, Lot: M-64, d. 9/25/1801
Babbett, Abigail, Lot: E-68, d. 1/12/1709
Babbett, John, Lot: J-94, d. 2/27/1728
Badger, Anne, Lot: O-33, d. 2/23/1722
Badger, Elizabeth, Lot: O-33, d. 2/25/1722
Badger, Esther, Lot: C-14, d. 7/15/1755
Badger, John, Lot: O-32, d. 11/1/1721
Badger, Mary, Lot: O-43, d. 3/26/1742
Badger, Mary, Lot: O-35, d. 2/1/1743
Badger, Rebecca, Lot: O-42, d. 8/1/1748
Badger, Rebekah, Lot: O-43, d. 9/1/1728
Badger, Samuel, Lot: O-31, d. 10/29/1721
Bagger, Mary, Lot: O-16, d. 3/2/1707
Bailey Jr, Abraham, Lot: O-30, d. 8/17/1821
Bailey, Leonora, Lot: O-30, d. 1/4/1821
Baker, Elisha, Lot: M-15, d. 7/1/1817
Baker, Rhoda, Lot: L-57, d. 12/29/1797
Ballat, John, Lot: P-40, d. 6/25/1702
Ballatt, Samuel, Lot: P-42, d. 11/12/1708
Barker, Barnabas, Lot: I-41, d. 11/13/1798
Barrow, Katharine, Lot: E-91, d. 12/10/1721
Bartholmew, William, Lot: N-19, d. 1/8/1680
Bartlett, Abraham, Lot: H-18, d. 11/2/1770
Bartlett, Sarah, Lot: F-70, d. 11/2/1766
Basset, John, Lot: H-23, d. 11/1/1714
Bathellor, Agnes, Lot: J-201, d. 9/14/1693
Baxter, Hannah, Lot: J-9, d. 4/27/1703
Baxter, John, Lot: E-61, d. 3/15/1688
Baxter, William, Lot: E-74, d. 12/17/1691
Beard, John, Lot: C-50, d. 11/17/1736
Becham, John, Lot: I-26, d. 10/6/1810
Becham, Sarah, Lot: I-25, d. 3/5/1806
Bell, Catherine, Lot: I-31, d. 8/29/1692
Benjamin, Lot: E-34
Benjamin, Elizabeth, Lot: J-15, d. 1/25/1722
Bentle, John, Lot: L-30, d. 11/20/1690
Bentle, Mary, Lot: L-32
Bentley, Sarah, Lot: L-91
Betts, John, Lot: J-123, d. 5/22/1684
Betts, Mary, Lot: J-127, d. 2/5/1678
Betts, Richard, Lot: J-123, d. 6/22/1683
Bickner, John, Lot: E-112, d. 1/7/1678
Bispham, Elizabeth, Lot: L-85, d. 2/20/1835
Bispham, Thomas, Lot: M-95, d. 5/25/1789
Bispham, Thomas, Lot: L-94, d. 6/5/1797
Bispham, William, Lot: M-95, d. 5/28/1815
Blackmore, Mary, Lot: I-49, d. 3/26/1671
Blaney, Sarah, Lot: O-51, d. 10/18/1694
Blodget, Elizabeth, Lot: H-4, d. 4/16/1808
Blunt, Anne, Lot: P-28, d. 8/8/1715
Blunt, Mary, Lot: P-18, d. 8/26/1694
Blunt, Samuel, Lot: P-17, d. 7/15/1681
Bodge, Henry, Lot: Q-28, d. "19, 1751"
Bodge, Samuel, Lot: Q-29, d. 6/15/1755
Bodge, Thomas, Lot: Q-28, d. 7/18/1751
Bodman, William, Lot: I-38, d. 1/22/1732
Bodman, William, Lot: I-30, d. 1/29/1734
Boulderson, James, Lot: J-246
Bourroughs, Charles, Lot: M-113
Bowers, Mary, Lot: L-81, d. 12/14/1741
Bowles, Abigail, Lot: F-73
Boylston, Lot: C-8
Boylston, Lydia, Lot: M-13, d. 10/9/1713
Boylston, Mary, Lot: M-36, d. 4/16/1764
Boylston, Richard, Lot: M-35, d. "25, 1752"
Bradish, Abigail, Lot: L-10
Bradish, Euzabeth, Lot: P-75, d. 2/15/1750
Bradish, James, Lot: N-155, d. 3/23/1781
Bradish, Jonathan, Lot: N-154, d. 5/11/1788
Bradish, Jonathan, Lot: M-112
Bradish, Sarah, Lot: Q-23, d. 4/22/1751
Bradish, William, Lot: P-89, d. 6/20/1752
Bradstreet, Prince, Lot: Q-10, d. 12/5/1817
Bradstreet, Rosanna, Lot: Q-9, d. 4/20/1830
Brakenbery, Dorcas, Lot: I-55, d. 7/25/1682
Brakenbury, William, Lot: J-115, d. 6/1/1668
Brandish, James, Lot: Q-34, d. 3/10/1798
Brandish, John, Lot: Q-35, d. 11/6/1771
Brazer, Elizabeth, Lot: P-38, d. 7/10/1767
Brazer, Elizabeth, Lot: P-39, d. 8/23/1815
Brazer, Hannah, Lot: P-48
Brazer, Mary, Lot: N-88, d. 8/27/1719
Brazer, Samuel, Lot: P-37, d. 9/20/1729
Brazer, Thomas, Lot: P-52, d. 12/13/1754
Breed, Ebener, Lot: L-70
Breed, Ebenezer, Lot: O-61, d. 3/11/1716
Breed, Ebenezer, Lot: M-94, d. 8/22/1720
Breed, Ebenezer, Lot: H-59, d. 1/1/1754
Breed, Ephraim, Lot: C-74, d. 12/29/1721
Breed, Ephraim, Lot: H-89, d. 11/21/1732
Breed, Hannah, Lot: H-71, d. 8/1/1761
Breed, Hannah, Lot: H-88
Breed, Martha, Lot: C-92, d. 1/2/1721
Breed, Phebe, Lot: H-60, d. 5/3/1768
Bricden, Michael, Lot: G-61, d. 8/18/1767
Bridge, Matthew, Lot: R-1, d. 11/24/1874
Brigden, Joanna, Lot: P-68, d. 10/19/1735
Brigden, Michael, Lot: P-69, d. 6/12/1709
Brigden, Mildred, Lot: P-56, d. 7/1/1726
Brigden, Nathanil, Lot: P-59, d. 1/20/1741
Brigden, Thomas, Lot: P-59, d. 1/4/1742
Brigden, Timothy, Lot: P-74, d. 10/20/1700
Brigden, Winifred, Lot: P-78, d. 5/21/1739
Brinckly, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-43, d. 8/7/1793
Brooke, John, Lot: M-57, d. 12/25/1687
Brooks, Lot: C-1
Broune, Mary, Lot: Q-26
Brovne, Job, Lot: O-20, d. 8/18/1678
Brown, Elizabeth, Lot: J-36, d. 10/4/1806
Brown, Elizabeth, Lot: J-35, d. 4/14/1811
Brown, Elizabeth, Lot: J-34, d. 12/24/1813
Brown, Jesse, Lot: J-33, d. 7/18/1829
Brown, Mary, Lot: Q-19, d. 12/23/1713
Brown, Nicholas, Lot: P-46, d. 9/11/1736
Brown, Sarah, Lot: J-142, d. 11/22/1754
Brown, Stephen, Lot: J-143, d. 1/1/1747
Browne, William, Lot: Q-27, d. 2/19/1724
Bryan, Elizabeth, Lot: F-56, d. 4/12/1753
Bryant, John, Lot: A-3
Bunker, Abigail, Lot: K-129, d. 9/1/1711
Bunker, Benjamin, Lot: K-128, d. 8/7/1702
Bunker, Benjamin, Lot: K-121, d. 2/4/1735
Bunker, George, Lot: K-126, d. 11/9/1721
Bunker, George, Lot: K-122, d. 1664
Bunker, Jonathan, Lot: K-127, d. 6/2/1678
Bunker, Jonathan, Lot: K-126, d. 11/25/1721
Bunker, Judith, Lot: K-122, d. 10/10/1646
Burditt, Hannah, Lot: O-10, d. 10/2/1801
Burrill, Mary, Lot: F-6, d. 3/22/1728
Burrough, Susannah, Lot: J-139
Butterfield, Mary, Lot: F-45, d. 8/22/1802
Buttrick, William, Lot: H-11, d. 9/16/1711
Cafwell, Sarah, Lot: E-95, d. 10/17/1732
Calder, Anne, Lot: E-16A, d. 10/13/1773
Calder, George, Lot: E-5, d. 8/9/1730
Calder, James, Lot: E-22, d. 8/24/1802
Calder, William, Lot: E-13, d. 9/15/1802
Calder, William, Lot: E-17
Calef, Peter, Lot: J-165, d. 10/11/1735
Call, Abigail, Lot: N-87, d. 9/17/1754
Call, Ann, Lot: N-45, d. 8/28/1699
Call, Ann, Lot: N-152, d. 10/1/1737
Call, Caleb, Lot: N-43, d. 10/15/1709
Call, Caleb, Lot: N-42, d. 12/18/1715
Call, Caleb, Lot: N-47, d. 6/6/1742
Call, Caleb, Lot: N-48, d. 6/22/1743
Call, Caleb, Lot: N-49, d. 10/6/1747
Call, Caleb, Lot: N-36, d. 9/8/1748
Call, Caleb, Lot: H-19
Call, Caleb, Lot: N-147
Call, Elizabeth, Lot: P-3, d. 12/23/1725
Call, Hannah, Lot: N-146, d. 8/27/1708
Call, Joannah, Lot: P-58, d. 12/15/1721
Call, John, Lot: N-31, d. 5/4/1713
Call, Jonathan, Lot: N-153, d. 9/25/1682
Call, Jonathan, Lot: N-11, d. 11/22/1684
Call, Martha, Lot: N-32, d. 9/4/1729
Call, Rebecca, Lot: N-150, d. 1/26/1765
Call, Sarah, Lot: H-14, d. 5/12/1761
Call, Thomas, Lot: D-2, d. 1/12/1739
Call, Waffe, Lot: N-44, d. 7/28/1703
Calley, Nd, Lot: J-65, d. 6/1/1752
Calley, Sarah, Lot: J-65, d. 5/16/1754
Capen, Abigail, Lot: O-6, d. 3/7/1760
Capen, Elizabeth, Lot: O-2, d. 11/20/1721
Capen, Thomas, Lot: O-5, d. 7/7/1739
Carey, Jonathan, Lot: J-170
Carey, Mary, Lot: J-166
Carleton, Richard, Lot: L-39, d. 11/4/1803
Carter, Ann, Lot: E-64, d. 5/6/1679
Carter, Ann, Lot: E-79, d. 1/14/1681
Carter, Esther, Lot: E-76, d. 12/11/1709
Carter, Frances, Lot: K-57, d. 5/18/1833
Carter, Hannah, Lot: E-80, d. 2/10/1713
Carter, Hannah, Lot: N-130, d. 10/25/1811
Carter, John, Lot: E-81, d. 1/8/1678
Carter, John, Lot: N-158, d. 12/21/1721
Carter, John, Lot: N-130, d. 6/7/1813
Carter, Mary, Lot: P-47, d. 2/27/1727
Carter, Samuel, Lot: E-78, d. 9/11/1677
Carter, Sarah, Lot: N-159, d. 12/3/1721
Carter, Thomas, Lot: E-28, d. 12/30/1694
Carter, Vincent, Lot: E-66, d. 9/23/1718
Cary, Elizabeth, Lot: I-12, d. 12/24/1740
Cary, Hanah, Lot: J-162, d. 2/9/1679
Cary, Hannah, Lot: J-159, d. 12/14/1715
Cary, James, Lot: L-72, d. 11/12/1681
Cary, Thomas, Lot: J-171, d. 4/28/1748
Caswell, Mary, Lot: E-120, d. 5/17/1705
Ceapen, Hannah, Lot: O-3, d. 9/15/1734
Ceapen, James, Lot: O-4, d. 1/3/1717
Ceapen, James, Lot: O-24
Center, John, Lot: C-25, d. 8/20/1740
Chalkley, Elizabeth, Lot: J-151, d. 10/13/1678
Chalkley, Robert, Lot: J-92, d. 9/2/1672
Chamber, Charles, Lot: B-50, d. 4/27/1743
Chamberlen, John, Lot: J-163
Chamberlin, John, Lot: J-182, d. 12/22/1690
Chapman, Abigail, Lot: C-33, d. 7/24/1788
Chapman, John, Lot: O-15, d. 9/25/1715
Chapman, Jonathan, Lot: C-34, d. 9/6/1787
Chapman, Jonathan, Lot: C-33, d. 7/22/1788
Chapman, Richard, Lot: C-37, d. 1/27/1788
Chapman, Sarah, Lot: N-109, d. 2/23/1715
Charter, Rebeckah, Lot: I-52, d. 1/23/1713
Cheever, Ezkie, Lot: G-57, d. 1744
Chickering, John, Lot: P-84, d. 7/28/1676
Chickering, Mary, Lot: G-63, d. 6/24/1863
Chickering, Zacharias, Lot: H-80, d. 9/19/1724
Choate, Eunice, Lot: F-25, d. 3/7/1826
Choate, George, Lot: F-69, d. 9/30/1796
Choate, Samuel, Lot: F-67, d. 5/2/1798
Choate, Susanna, Lot: F-67, d. 2/4/1793
Clark, Elizabeth, Lot: J-93, d. 4/4/1703
Cleafby, Hannah, Lot: F-80, d. 12/26/1724
Cleasby, John, Lot: F-81, d. 12/11/1693
Clement, John, Lot: J-167, d. "22, 1762"
Codman, Benjamin, Lot: J-122, d. 12/25/1688
Codman, Elizabeth, Lot: J-89, d. 4/1/1708
Codman, Hephzibah, Lot: J-79, d. 2/22/1690
Codman, Parnel, Lot: J-88, d. 9/15/2016
Codman, Stephen, Lot: J-91, d. 4/5/1706
Codman, Susana, Lot: J-88, d. 1/8/1691
Cole, Charles, Lot: M-27, d. 2/17/1816
Cole, Charles, Lot: M-28, d. 9/30/1818
Cole, Isaac, Lot: M-11, d. 7/9/1800
Cole, Rhoda, Lot: M-29, d. 3/17/1819
Cole, Samuel, Lot: M-26, d. 2/13/1814
Conant, Abigail, Lot: H-84
Conant, Rebecca, Lot: C-18, d. 4/22/1764
Conant, Samuel, Lot: H-87, d. 3/27/1802
Conaway, Anna, Lot: J-66, d. 7/20/1692
Connant, Roger, Lot: H-83, d. 11/22/1731
Convers, Joanna, Lot: K-114, d. 2/24/1667
Cookery, Henry, Lot: J-109, d. 11/23/1704
Cooper, Ann, Lot: Q-46, d. 10/17/1802
Crisp, Joanna, Lot: N-161, d. 4/18/1698
Crofwell, Prifcilla, Lot: E-106
Croswell, Caleb, Lot: C-16
Croswell, Caleb, Lot: D-5
Croswell, Thomas, Lot: C-20
Crover, Dorothy, Lot: F-74, d. 2/1/1784
Curvin, Mary, Lot: C-21, d. 3/12/2016
Cutler, Anna, Lot: I-18, d. 8/30/1683
Cutler, Deborah, Lot: Q-24, d. 2/9/1710
Cutler, Deborah, Lot: Q-31, d. 11/1/1717
Cutler, Deborah, Lot: Q-25, d. 3/21/2016
Cutler, Elizabeth, Lot: I-51, d. 10/23/1694
Cutler, John, Lot: I-60, d. 5/18/1676
Cutler, John, Lot: I-17, d. 9/12/1694
Cutler, John, Lot: I-57, d. 8/12/1708
Cutler, Katherine, Lot: I-22, d. 5/22/1712
Cutler, Margaret, Lot: I-60, d. 3/8/1677
Cutler, Margaret, Lot: I-60, d. 2/18/1680
Cutler, Mary, Lot: I-28, d. 9/1/1703
Cutler, Mehetabel, Lot: L-9
Cutler, Robert, Lot: I-4, d. 8/20/1717
Cutler, Samuel, Lot: I-20, d. 8/15/1688
Cutler, Sarah, Lot: J-250
Cutler, Timothy, Lot: I-19, d. 10/21/1694
Cutler, Timothy, Lot: I-35, d. 9/2/1714
Cutlove, William, Lot: J-220, d. 4/26/1719
Dadey, Martha, Lot: J-219, d. 1/13/1708
Dammon, Hannah, Lot: K-23, d. 8/27/1709
Dammon, John, Lot: K-20, d. 1/20/1691
Dammon, John, Lot: K-49, d. 8/11/1714
Dammon, John, Lot: K-50, d. 11/20/2016
Dammon, Margret, Lot: K-47, d. 8/10/1713
Dammon, Susanna, Lot: K-48, d. 8/4/1703
Dammon, Susanna, Lot: K-39, d. 9/9/1729
Dana, Lot: C-62, d. 9/24/1744
Darling, Abigail, Lot: N-99, d. 10/16/1728
Darling, Abigail, Lot: N-106, d. "27, 1739"
Darling, George, Lot: N-103, d. 7/2/1730
Darling, James, Lot: N-102, d. 11/5/1735
Davies, Nathaniel, Lot: E-115
Davis, Henry, Lot: E-93, d. 9/21/1712
Davis, Hopwell, Lot: E-113, d. 8/17/1712
Davis, London, Lot: Q-7, d. 4/19/1816
Davis, Mildred, Lot: E-102, d. 4/9/1713
Davis, Zechariah, Lot: E-99
De, Lot: J-58
Del, Elizabeth, Lot: J-59
Deland, Jonathan, Lot: J-257
Deland, Thomas, Lot: J-61, d. 5/10/1747
Desbrisay, Charles, Lot: M-122
Deshon, Daniel, Lot: C-83, d. 12/10/1745
Deveix, Mary, Lot: N-1
Devens, David, Lot: C-32, d. 2/21/1792
Deverix, Sarah, Lot: N-2, d. "17, 1732"
Dizer, Ann, Lot: Q-32, d. 11/1/1744
Dizer, Francis, Lot: Q-33, d. 1770
Dizer, Martha, Lot: Q-32, d. 2/24/1753
Dodge, Hannah, Lot: F-84, d. 10/11/1807
Dows, Benjamin, Lot: J-60, d. 8/24/1720
Dows, Edward, Lot: J-113, d. 8/19/1704
Dows, Elizabeth, Lot: J-99, d. 7/31/1698
Dows, Elizabeth, Lot: J-133, d. 1/22/1700
Dows, Eunice, Lot: F-65, d. 9/18/1764
Dows, Hannah, Lot: K-34, d. 8/2/1687
Dows, John, Lot: J-110, d. 11/28/1677
Dows, Johns, Lot: J-136, d. 1/30/1702
Dows, Jonathan, Lot: J-62, d. 9/16/1741
Dows, Jonathan, Lot: C-7
Dows, Lawrence, Lot: J-132, d. 3/1/1692
Dows, Nathaniel, Lot: K-35, d. "17, 1713"
Dows, Samuel, Lot: J-98, d. 5/10/1699
Dowse, Allice, Lot: N-39, d. 4/1/1754
Dowse, Banjamin, Lot: J-21, d. 6/21/1762
Dowse, Benjamin, Lot: J-137, d. 1/18/1723
Dowse, Mary, Lot: J-138, d. 8/13/1756
Drew, Caleb, Lot: E-53, d. 9/24/1826
Drew, Caleb, Lot: E-53, d. 9/24/1826
Drew, Caleb, Lot: E-52, d. 3/4/1842
Drew, Elizabeth, Lot: E-53, d. 12/5/1819
Drew, Hannah, Lot: E-53, d. 12/4/1821
Drew, Harriet, Lot: E-52, d. 6/4/1840
Duncklee, Lydia, Lot: L-21, d. 2/22/1797
Dunklee, Elizabeth, Lot: L-23, d. 12/1/1803
Dunklee, John, Lot: L-22, d. 4/30/1816
Dysert, Elizabeth, Lot: C-72, d. 7/9/1732
Eaton, William, Lot: J-185, d. 10/29/1730
Eden, John, Lot: C-77, d. 1/16/2016
Eden, Thomas, Lot: C-77, d. 8/21/1737
Edes, Lot: C-21, d. 11/16/1747
Edes, Peter, Lot: C-6, d. 11/10/1758
Edmands, Ann, Lot: O-57, d. 12/25/1804
Edmands, Elizabeth, Lot: N-20, d. 7/30/1678
Edmands, Esther, Lot: O-65
Edmands, Hannah, Lot: O-64, d. 8/22/1739
Edmands, John, Lot: O-58, d. 8/12/1755
Edmans, Daniel, Lot: N-37, d. 8/22/1688
Edmons, Sarah, Lot: O-62, d. 6/20/1713
Edwaeds, Jonathan, Lot: N-9, d. 8/4/1732
Edwards, Sally, Lot: O-70, d. 1/1/1848
Eedes, John, Lot: C-80, d. 12/2/1721
Eedes, John, Lot: C-79
Eliott, Sarah, Lot: C-56, d. 8/16/1801
Eliott, Susamna, Lot: C-52, d. 11/25/1798
Eliott, Susanna, Lot: C-52, d. 11/25/1798
Eliott, Susannah, Lot: C-54, d. 3/25/1842
Eliott, Thomas, Lot: C-52, d. 9/21/1798
Eliott, Thomas, Lot: C-55, d. 3/11/1820
Elizabeth, Lot: J-55
Ellsted, Samuel, Lot: L-88, d. 8/13/1684
Elsone, Sarah, Lot: O-59
Emerson, Hannah, Lot: L-31, d. 2/1/1704
Esther, Thomas, Lot: E-78, d. 6/11/1678
Everton, Ruth, Lot: M-31
F, E, Lot: J-124
Faded, Lot: E-11
Fillebrown, Hannah, Lot: K-96, d. 12/27/1773
Fillebrown, Isaac, Lot: K-97, d. 11/1/1767
Fillebrown, John, Lot: P-76, d. 11/10/1821
Flanders, Louisa, Lot: C-84, d. 1909
Flanders, Mary, Lot: C-84, d. 1892
Flucker, Ann, Lot: H-100, d. 1/5/1732
Flucker, Robert, Lot: H-101, d. 10/10/1730
Fodick, Mary, Lot: P-26, d. 11/20/1717
Ford, Abigail, Lot: L-82, d. 4/22/1712
Ford, Mary, Lot: L-83, d. 12/29/1708
Ford, William, Lot: L-89, d. 10/11/1704
Ford, William, Lot: C-22
Fosdick, Abigail, Lot: P-25, d. 12/9/1800
Fosdick, Anna, Lot: P-32, d. 10/15/1679
Fosdick, Anna, Lot: P-23, d. 11/1/1708
Fosdick, Anne, Lot: N-104, d. 7/19/1714
Fosdick, David, Lot: P-41, d. 1/16/1812
Fosdick, Elizabeth, Lot: P-22, d. 8/27/1704
Fosdick, Elizabeth, Lot: P-43, d. 10/6/1799
Fosdick, Froth, Lot: P-21, d. 12/9/1747
Fosdick, James, Lot: P-45, d. 10/16/1784
Fosdick, John, Lot: P-27, d. 9/17/1716
Fosdick, Mary, Lot: P-21, d. 12/21/1747
Fosdick, Susanna, Lot: P-31, d. 2/22/1753
Foskeet, Thomas, Lot: I-40, d. 4/13/1694
Foskett, Miriam, Lot: L-92, d. 8/31/1745
Foskit, Elizabeth, Lot: I-34, d. 12/1/1702
Foster, Lot: B-56, d. 2/27/1782
Foster, Anne, Lot: J-157, d. 9/22/1714
Foster, Isaac, Lot: B-56, d. 12/27/1781
Foster, Isaac, Lot: B-56
Foster, John, Lot: J-100, d. 12/18/1659
Foster, John, Lot: J-161, d. 6/14/1723
Foster, Katherine, Lot: J-131, d. 2/11/1715
Foster, Lydia, Lot: L-53, d. 9/26/1801
Foster, Martha, Lot: B-56, d. 9/21/1770
Foster, Parnell, Lot: L-26, d. 11/14/1687
Foster, Richard, Lot: L-27, d. 2/1/1693
Foster, Richard, Lot: B-52, d. 8/29/1774
Foster, Richard, Lot: B-52, d. 10/26/1774
Foster, Sarah, Lot: K-33, d. 3/15/1698
Foster, Sarah, Lot: B-52, d. 11/16/1724
Foster, William, Lot: J-156, d. 5/8/1698
Foster, William, Lot: B-56, d. 12/4/1759
Foter, Deborah, Lot: J-135, d. 1668
Fowle, Anna, Lot: H-61, d. 6/20/1709
Fowle, Beriah, Lot: H-76, d. 10/7/1734
Fowle, George, Lot: H-63, d. 9/19/1682
Fowle, Isaac, Lot: H-75, d. 10/15/1718
Fowle, John, Lot: H-62, d. 12/3/1711
Fowle, Mary, Lot: H-63, d. 2/15/1676
Fownell, John, Lot: N-17, d. 4/1/1654
Fownell, John, Lot: M-45, d. 3/19/1673
Francis, Bassett, Lot: H-23, d. 7/20/1715
Franck, Mary, Lot: N-80, d. 9/14/1744
Frost, Sarah, Lot: F-66, d. 4/18/1716
Frotham, Susannah, Lot: N-94, d. 9/18/1714
Frothingham, Lot: K-37, d. "21, 1787"
Frothingham, Lot: N-50
Frothingham, Abigail, Lot: N-74, d. 1/30/1741
Frothingham, Abigail, Lot: K-18, d. 11/18/1755
Frothingham, Abigail, Lot: K-29, d. 8/23/1772
Frothingham, Abigail, Lot: K-40
Frothingham, Anna, Lot: K-28, d. 7/28/1674
Frothingham, Benjamin, Lot: K-22, d. 9/1/1729
Frothingham, Benjamin, Lot: N-67, d. 7/24/1765
Frothingham, David, Lot: N-79, d. 8/6/1766
Frothingham, David, Lot: K-24
Frothingham, Deborah, Lot: N-51, d. 9/10/1757
Frothingham, Deborah, Lot: K-38
Frothingham, Elizabeth, Lot: N-35, d. 8/5/1727
Frothingham, Enoeh, Lot: N-81, d. 11/23/1716
Frothingham, Esther, Lot: N-74, d. 8/12/1738
Frothingham, Hannah, Lot: K-79, d. 1/1/1678
Frothingham, Hannah, Lot: I-13, d. 4/4/1708
Frothingham, Hannah, Lot: N-72, d. 4/23/1760
Frothingham, Hannah, Lot: L-16
Frothingham, Hannah, Lot: L-17
Frothingham, Hepzibah, Lot: K-13, d. 10/27/1756
Frothingham, Jabez, Lot: N-75, d. 11/30/1748
Frothingham, Jabez, Lot: K-9, d. 3/1/1806
Frothingham, James, Lot: K-41, d. 3/7/1820
Frothingham, James, Lot: K-40, d. 5/25/1823
Frothingham, John, Lot: N-66, d. 2/14/1723
Frothingham, John, Lot: N-76, d. 12/20/1746
Frothingham, Joseph, Lot: N-8, d. 9/25/1752
Frothingham, Joseph, Lot: K-38
Frothingham, Martha, Lot: N-77, d. 6/1/1764
Frothingham, Mary, Lot: N-76, d. 9/27/1747
Frothingham, Mary, Lot: K-25, d. 10/22/1829
Frothingham, Mary, Lot: N-70
Frothingham, Matilda, Lot: K-10, d. 10/21/1801
Frothingham, Mercy, Lot: K-22, d. 3/14/1752
Frothingham, Nancy, Lot: K-10, d. 8/14/1801
Frothingham, Nathandel, Lot: N-68, d. 12/12/1688
Frothingham, Nathanial, Lot: N-71, d. 7/31/1730
Frothingham, Nathaniel, Lot: K-16, d. 5/7/1749
Frothingham, Nathaniel, Lot: K-14, d. 3/14/1791
Frothingham, Natl, Lot: N-83, d. 10/12/1800
Frothingham, Oldham, Lot: N-82, d. 11/11/1740
Frothingham, Peter, Lot: N-69, d. 12/12/1688
Frothingham, Rebecca, Lot: K-27, d. 9/5/1797
Frothingham, Rebecca, Lot: K-10, d. 11/25/1801
Frothingham, Rebecca, Lot: K-8, d. 8/16/1806
Frothingham, Richard, Lot: G-9, d. 1807
Frothingham, Ruth, Lot: K-15, d. 10/12/1800
Frothingham, Samuel, Lot: N-73, d. 5/25/1683
Frothingham, Samuel, Lot: K-17, d. 11/15/1762
Frothingham, Sarah, Lot: K-27, d. 7/29/1764
Frothingham, Susanah, Lot: N-148, d. 10/7/1705
Frothingham, Susanna, Lot: K-42
Frothingham, Thomas, Lot: N-53, d. 8/30/1724
Frothingham, Thomas, Lot: K-29, d. 3/1/1773
Frothingham, Thomas, Lot: K-26, d. 8/29/1817
Frothington, Marcy, Lot: H-20, d. 6/22/1709
Frothngham, John, Lot: K-21, d. 9/28/1715
Gerish, Abigail, Lot: K-120
Gerish, Benjamin, Lot: K-112, d. 6/23/1750
Gerrish, Henry, Lot: J-134, d. 7/4/1678
Gibbs, Moigail, Lot: N-13, d. 6/2/1852
Gill, Josiah, Lot: J-126, d. 6/24/1708
Gill, Mary, Lot: J-120, d. 7/4/1711
Gill, Mary, Lot: J-147, d. 5/29/1713
Gill, Michael, Lot: J-146, d. 6/11/1820
Going, Abigail, Lot: L-20, d. 4/18/1821
Goodoo, Benjamin, Lot: E-9, d. 3/3/1822
Goodwin, Lot: O-23, d. 1/22/1682
Goodwin, Ann, Lot: K-123, d. 6/14/1752
Goodwin, Christopher, Lot: C-85, d. 11/12/1718
Goodwin, Edward, Lot: I-9, d. 11/2/1810
Goodwin, Elizabeth, Lot: O-21, d. 8/15/1678
Goodwin, Elizabeth, Lot: K-70
Goodwin, Fox, Lot: I-1, d. 2/16/1817
Goodwin, Fox, Lot: I-1, d. 2/16/1817
Goodwin, Hepzibah, Lot: E-10, d. 3/13/1815
Goodwin, Mary, Lot: C-89, d. 4/12/1788
Goodwin, Mary, Lot: E-107
Goodwin, Sarah, Lot: I-10, d. 2/18/1823
Goodwin, Timothy, Lot: N-97, d. 6/10/1712
Goodwin, William, Lot: C-88, d. 9/28/1807
Goose, Susanah, Lot: J-1, d. 5/4/1674
Gould, Reuben, Lot: C-71, d. 9/17/1783
Gowen, Abigail, Lot: L-84, d. 11/30/1741
Gowen, Joseph, Lot: M-61, d. 7/13/1737
Gowen, Joseph, Lot: L-87
Grant, Hannah, Lot: E-47
Grant, Joseph, Lot: E-46
Grant, Mary, Lot: E-43, d. 9/18/1747
Grant, Sarah, Lot: E-45, d. 6/5/1744
Graves, Elizabeth, Lot: L-59, d. 11/28/1676
Graves, Maud, Lot: C-36, d. 4/7/2016
Greaves, Jonathan, Lot: L-29, d. 9/26/1712
Greaves, Katherine, Lot: L-7
Greaves, Margaret, Lot: L-54
Greaves, Thomas, Lot: B-54, d. 6/19/1747
Green, Caleb, Lot: K-107, d. 4/2/1684
Green, Joseph, Lot: I-5, d. 5/20/1684
Greene, Elizabeth, Lot: K-108, d. 10/24/1680
Greene, Mary, Lot: N-16, d. 8/20/1666
Grene, Joseph, Lot: K-102, d. July
Griffen, Matthew, Lot: H-57, d. 4/23/1691
Griffin, Caleb, Lot: E-20, d. 3/24/1734
Griffin, Ebenezer, Lot: E-30, d. 9/8/2016
Griffin, Mathew, Lot: P-8, d. 3/4/1728
Griffin, Samuel, Lot: E-104A
Griffin, Samuel, Lot: P-9
Grover, Catherine, Lot: J-85, d. 1/4/1821
Grover, Deborah, Lot: E-94, d. 9/15/1749
Grover, Joshua, Lot: J-86, d. 8/27/1802
Grubb, Abigail, Lot: P-64, d. 12/25/1733
Grubb, Mary, Lot: P-65, d. 11/14/1736
Hadley, Aaron, Lot: R-2, d. 1813
Hager Jr, Lot: K-83, d. 8/14/1824
Hager, Joel, Lot: K-86, d. 9/1/1825
Hager, Sarah, Lot: K-86, d. 1801
Haiden, Elizabeth, Lot: O-41, d. 10/31/1680
Hall, Ann, Lot: M-21, d. 8/13/1726
Hall, Ann, Lot: M-23, d. 9/4/1730
Hall, Ann, Lot: M-12, d. 5/21/1732
Hall, Ann, Lot: L-46, d. 11/19/1768
Hall, Ann, Lot: M-25
Hall, Grace, Lot: M-19, d. 11/10/1721
Hall, Grace, Lot: M-22, d. 4/18/1730
Hall, Isaiah, Lot: M-20, d. 12/7/1721
Hall, Stephen, Lot: M-24, d. 2/25/1775
Hall, Stephen, Lot: L-45
Hammond, Abigail, Lot: M-6, d. 2/1/1673
Hammond, Jane, Lot: M-7, d. 12/25/1681
Hancock, Caroline, Lot: C-21, d. 8/8/1838
Hancock, Elizabeth, Lot: I-26, d. 10/6/1810
Hancock, Martha, Lot: L-5, d. 9/24/1765
Hancock, Mary, Lot: Q-18, d. 9/18/1743
Hancock, Samuel, Lot: L-15, d. 9/14/1740
Hancock, Samuel, Lot: Q-22, d. "21, 1753"
Hancock, Sufanna, Lot: H-81, d. 7/11/1729
Hancock, Susanna, Lot: I-15, d. 11/21/1703
Hanes, Lot: G-6
Harding, Thomas, Lot: H-3, d. 12/25/1768
Harris, Abraham, Lot: E-31, d. 7/15/1778
Harris, Joseph, Lot: M-105, d. 10/24/1732
Harris, Maria, Lot: E-29, d. 2/6/1817
Harris, Naomi, Lot: M-104, d. 12/10/1719
Harris, Polly, Lot: H-5, d. 11/26/1787
Harris, Silence, Lot: H-85, d. 5/23/1771
Harris, Thomas, Lot: D-4
Harris, William, Lot: E-114, d. 12/24/2016
Harvard, John, Lot: O-73
Hawkins, Sarah, Lot: Q-14, d. 4/17/1785
Hay, Abigail, Lot: F-82, d. 2/9/1732
Hay, Anne, Lot: E-41, d. 3/13/1764
Hay, Edward, Lot: F-21
Hay, James, Lot: G-60, d. 7/1/1769
Hay, John, Lot: F-83, d. 2/12/1754
Hay, Mercy, Lot: F-16, d. 5/14/1764
Hayman, Grace, Lot: H-90
Hayman, Hannah, Lot: I-16, d. 2/14/1684
Hender, Thomas, Lot: C-64, d. 6/26/1722
Herbert, Elizabeth, Lot: L-60, d. 10/18/1714
Hett, Ann, Lot: H-13, d. 11/30/1688
Hewett, Hannah, Lot: J-69, d. 1/10/1727
Higgins, Enoch, Lot: L-56, d. 3/2/1813
Hill, Abraham, Lot: H-33, d. 9/13/1695
Hill, Abraham, Lot: E-96, d. 10/23/1713
Hill, Abraham, Lot: H-29, d. 8/7/1719
Hill, Abraham, Lot: H-31, d. 12/7/1721
Hill, Hannah, Lot: E-104, d. 6/27/1738
Hill, Prudence, Lot: E-97, d. 8/15/1711
Hill, Sarah, Lot: H-28, d. 7/4/1695
Hill, Sarah, Lot: H-32, d. 9/19/1713
Hillton, Richard, Lot: L-55
Hilton, Elizabeth, Lot: M-16, d. 9/22/1718
Hilyar, Roger, Lot: H-79, d. 9/10/1693
Hinckley, Ben, Lot: K-5
Hodgson, Christopher, Lot: F-75
Holden, Mary, Lot: C-50A, d. 9/2/1807
Holden, Oliver, Lot: A-1, d. 9/18/1765
Holden, Phineas, Lot: C-50A, d. 9/5/1804
Holden, Richard, Lot: J-203, d. 4/28/1801
Holland, Peter, Lot: Q-11, d. 5/27/1817
Holt, Varnum, Lot: J-260, d. 8/12/1818
Hoockey, Mary, Lot: E-36, d. 10/4/1678
Hooper, Eunice, Lot: I-42, d. 4/1/1732
Hooper, Joshua, Lot: I-42, d. 3/22/1782
Hooper, Joshua, Lot: J-129, d. 3/22/1782
Hooper, Mary, Lot: I-58, d. 5/26/1802
Hooper, Mary, Lot: I-42, d. 5/1/1880
Hooper, Thomas, Lot: I-59, d. 11/16/1812
Hooper, Thomas, Lot: I-42
Hopkins, Elizabeth, Lot: K-19, d. 4/11/1743
Hopkins, Hannah, Lot: J-172, d. 2/5/1742
Hopkins, John, Lot: J-180, d. 1/24/1729
Hopkins, Joseph, Lot: J-176, d. 3/22/1738
Hopkins, Ruth, Lot: J-177, d. 3/1/1718
Hopkins, Susanna, Lot: J-174, d. 5/3/1739
Hopkins, William, Lot: J-178, d. 2/23/1729
Hoppin, Hannah, Lot: F-24, d. January
Hoppin, Mary, Lot: H-69, d. 1/12/1721
Hopping, Abigail, Lot: M-103, d. 2/13/1755
Hopping, Abigail, Lot: M-101
Hopping, Abigail, Lot: M-102
Hopping, Briget, Lot: M-91, d. 4/17/1747
Hopping, Elizabeth, Lot: M-85, d. 9/2/1729
Hopping, Elizabeth, Lot: M-118, d. 11/28/1794
Hopping, Hannah, Lot: M-115
Hopping, James, Lot: M-90, d. 6/4/1764
Hopping, Nicholas, Lot: M-117, d. 5/30/1804
Hopping, Susanna, Lot: M-116
Hoppings, Thomas, Lot: M-84, d. 4/13/1736
Hoppings, William, Lot: F-41
Howard, Nathaniel, Lot: H-26, d. 10/26/1720
Huchenson, Nathaniel, Lot: J-56
Huchenson, Thomas, Lot: J-52
Hudson, Mary, Lot: M-50, d. 6/25/1696
Hunnewell, Elizabeth, Lot: K-82, d. 10/17/1773
Hunnewell, James, Lot: K-12, d. 5/2/1869
Hunnewell, James, Lot: K-11
Hunnewell, Joseph, Lot: K-3
Hunnewell, Mary, Lot: K-94, d. 6/21/1770
Hunnewell, Susan, Lot: K-12, d. 2/14/1870
Hunnewell, Thomas, Lot: K-4
Hunting, Samul, Lot: I-11, d. 8/19/1701
Hurd, Abigail, Lot: J-119, d. 5/29/1710
Hurd, Anna, Lot: J-96, d. 9/13/1718
Hurd, Anna, Lot: J-106, d. 5/1/1722
Hurd, Anna, Lot: J-31, d. 6/20/1728
Hurd, Anna, Lot: J-30, d. 3/5/1744
Hurd, Benjamin, Lot: J-111, d. 6/27/1711
Hurd, Benjamin, Lot: J-29, d. 11/8/1750
Hurd, Benjamin, Lot: J-27, d. 2/25/1802
Hurd, Benjamin, Lot: J-24, d. 7/30/1808
Hurd, Benjamin, Lot: J-23, d. 9/16/1813
Hurd, Elizabeth, Lot: J-107, d. 1/23/1715
Hurd, Elizabeth, Lot: J-169, d. 10/17/1721
Hurd, Grace, Lot: J-28
Hurd, Hannah, Lot: J-74, d. 10/30/1747
Hurd, Hannah, Lot: J-73, d. 8/1/1825
Hurd, Jacob, Lot: J-112, d. 9/7/1694
Hurd, Jacob, Lot: J-32
Hurd, John, Lot: K-1
Hurd, Joseph, Lot: J-108, d. 12/2/1791
Hurd, Joseph, Lot: J-73, d. 8/11/1812
Hurd, Marcy, Lot: J-116, d. 4/30/1721
Hurd, Mary, Lot: J-22, d. 2/2/1816
Hurd, Sarah, Lot: J-152, d. 9/28/1711
Hurry, Hannah, Lot: C-23, d. 4/20/1747
Hutchinson, Ruth, Lot: J-51, d. 12/27/1761
Hutchison, Ruth, Lot: J-20
Hutchison, Thomas, Lot: J-53
Ireland, Martha, Lot: C-57, d. 7/19/1778
Isaac, Lot: C-70
Ivory, Anne, Lot: E-86, d. 7/17/1764
Ivory, Katharine, Lot: E-88, d. 9/14/1745
Ivory, Theophilos, Lot: E-87, d. 9/30/1745
Ivory, Theophilos, Lot: E-89, d. 2/11/1747
Jackson, Charles, Lot: O-12, d. 4/3/1838
Jacob, Joan, Lot: O-49, d. 11/28/1681
Jamison, Mary, Lot: O-44, d. 3/15/1717
Jamison, Sarah, Lot: O-39, d. 3/24/1691
Jamison, Sarah, Lot: O-40, d. 9/7/1710
Jenner, David, Lot: L-62, d. 8/24/1709
Jenner, Joanna, Lot: B-51A, d. February
Jenner, Mabel, Lot: L-63, d. 11/14/1702
Jenner, Rebecca, Lot: L-64, d. 11/8/1702
Jenner, Rebecca, Lot: K-125, d. 9/23/1722
Jenner, Thomas, Lot: B-51, d. 6/23/1765
Joanes, Isaac, Lot: L-90, d. 5/3/1683
Joanes, Thomas, Lot: O-50, d. 7/7/1686
John, Lot: G-8, d. 1807
Johnson, Elizabeth, Lot: C-41, d. 2/22/1792
Johnson, Isaac, Lot: M-83, d. 8/31/1711
Johnson, Joanna, Lot: M-74
Johnson, Joseph, Lot: M-65
Johnson, Katharine, Lot: M-111
Johnson, Mary, Lot: M-87, d. 9/8/1730
Johnson, Mary, Lot: M-110, d. 10/6/1746
Johnson, Mary, Lot: M-107
Johnson, Nicholas, Lot: M-72, d. 8/5/1708
Johnson, Nicholas, Lot: M-82, d. 10/12/1710
Johnson, Susanna, Lot: M-109, d. 8/27/1759
Jones, Abigail, Lot: E-23, d. 11/4/1808
Josiah, Drew, Lot: E-53, d. 10/23/1809
Josiah, Drew, Lot: E-53, d. 9/11/1811
Kebbey, Sarah, Lot: N-58, d. 6/29/1720
Keeder, Stephen, Lot: M-76
Keettell, Anna, Lot: H-8, d. 3/25/1678
Keettell, Ester, Lot: K-81, d. 5/25/1678
Kendall, Joanna, Lot: J-238, d. 12/29/1805
Kendall, Jonathan, Lot: J-238, d. 2/15/1796
Kenney, Ebenezer, Lot: L-51, d. 9/1/1762
Kent, Anne, Lot: J-121, d. 6/15/1781
Kent, Huldah, Lot: J-50
Kent, Joseph, Lot: Q-1, d. 5/1/1753
Kent, Rebckah, Lot: Q-2, d. 4/2/1762
Kent, Samuel, Lot: Q-4, d. 3/16/1702
Kent, Samuel, Lot: Q-3, d. 12/1/1741
Ketell, Abigail, Lot: N-145, d. 1/24/1690
Ketteel, Andrew, Lot: N-136, d. 7/5/1832
Kettel, Abigail, Lot: N-110, d. 12/8/1721
Kettel, Benjamin, Lot: N-65, d. 11/21/1729
Kettel, Benjamin, Lot: N-78, d. 1745
Kettel, Esther, Lot: N-98, d. 12/19/1721
Kettel, Hannah, Lot: H-17, d. 9/15/1693
Kettel, Joanna, Lot: P-66, d. 10/21/2016
Kettel, Joseph, Lot: N-142, d. 12/1/1721
Kettel, Katharine, Lot: N-138, d. 3/9/1747
Kettel, Mary, Lot: P-62, d. 1/24/1731
Kettell, Lot: C-10
Kettell, Abigail, Lot: M-119, d. 2/10/1767
Kettell, Benjamin, Lot: N-91, d. 3/22/1738
Kettell, Benjamin, Lot: N-95, d. 10/25/1740
Kettell, David, Lot: N-149, d. 11/20/1746
Kettell, Dorrithy, Lot: H-12, d. 12/11/1710
Kettell, Ebenezer, Lot: N-96, d. 4/13/1760
Kettell, Eunice, Lot: N-140, d. 4/20/1767
Kettell, Hepzibah, Lot: N-131, d. 1/7/1807
Kettell, James, Lot: C-15, d. 4/3/1737
Kettell, John, Lot: C-9, d. 9/16/1822
Kettell, Jonathan, Lot: N-151, d. 12/18/1720
Kettell, Jonathan, Lot: N-139, d. 1/21/1764
Kettell, Jonathan, Lot: N-131, d. 9/26/1802
Kettell, Jonathan, Lot: N-133, d. 10/13/1813
Kettell, Joseph, Lot: N-144, d. 2/17/1704
Kettell, Joseph, Lot: N-112, d. 4/5/1711
Kettell, Joseph, Lot: N-90, d. 1/25/1739
Kettell, Mary, Lot: N-93
Kettell, Mercy, Lot: O-38, d. 10/17/1692
Kettell, Richard, Lot: N-137, d. 6/29/1680
Kettell, Richard, Lot: N-143
Kettell, Samuel, Lot: O-37, d. 12/20/1694
Kettell, Susanna, Lot: N-135, d. 7/22/1825
Kettell, Susanna, Lot: C-11
Kettell, William, Lot: N-157, d. 9/1/1719
Kettell, William, Lot: N-132, d. 12/17/1767
Kettell, William, Lot: N-131, d. 4/4/1806
Kettell, Willim, Lot: N-84, d. 2/19/1718
Kettle, Hannah, Lot: N-89, d. 2/18/1725
Kidder, Abigail, Lot: M-73, d. 9/20/1734
Kidder, Elizabeth, Lot: N-86, d. 2/2/1796
Kidder, Elizabeth, Lot: K-106, d. "16, 1718"
Kidder, John, Lot: M-88, d. 2/14/1747
Kidder, Jonn, Lot: M-52, d. 10/5/1764
Kidder, Mary, Lot: M-71, d. 9/17/1722
Kidder, Mary, Lot: J-117, d. 3/25/2016
Kidder, Stephen, Lot: M-78, d. 7/5/1748
King, Lot: P-85, d. 2/17/1754
King, Ebenezer, Lot: P-82, d. 9/29/1757
Knowles, Robert, Lot: L-58, d. 4/2/1703
Lamson, Caleb, Lot: N-128, d. 6/21/1724
Lamson, Caleb, Lot: N-121, d. 3/14/1757
Lamson, Caleb, Lot: N-126, d. 2/9/1760
Lamson, Elizabeth, Lot: N-124, d. 10/16/1723
Lamson, Elizabeth, Lot: N-117, d. 7/15/1794
Lamson, Hannah, Lot: N-129, d. 2/1/1734
Lamson, John, Lot: N-108, d. 7/31/1768
Lamson, Joseph, Lot: N-15, d. 8/27/1722
Lamson, Joseph, Lot: N-120, d. 4/25/1789
Lamson, Joseph, Lot: N-119, d. 9/25/1808
Lamson, Joseph, Lot: N-125, d. 1789
Lamson, Joseph, Lot: N-123, d. 1808
Lamson, Nancy, Lot: N-122, d. 3/30/1800
Lamson, Nathaniel, Lot: N-118, d. 6/15/1755
Lamson, Nathaniel, Lot: N-107, d. 5/4/1873
Lamson, Sarah, Lot: C-27, d. 10/30/1802
Lamson, Susanna, Lot: N-116, d. 11/14/1795
Lapham, Sabra, Lot: I-46, d. 8/24/1805
Larance, Abigail, Lot: N-27, d. 11/5/1713
Larkin, Catharine, Lot: F-3, d. 2/14/1761
Larkin, Ebenezer, Lot: F-51, d. 3/30/1794
Larkin, Edward, Lot: F-5, d. 12/25/1751
Larkin, Hannah, Lot: F-4, d. 1/26/1759
Larkin, Hannah, Lot: F-53, d. 10/28/1796
Larkin, Hepzibah, Lot: F-59, d. 10/15/1787
Larkin, Hepzibath, Lot: F-68, d. 10/2/1748
Larkin, Isaac, Lot: M-40, d. 7/3/1818
Larkin, Isaad, Lot: F-27, d. 12/3/1797
Larkin, John, Lot: F-2, d. 12/10/1721
Larkin, John, Lot: F-17, d. 5/20/1788
Larkin, Joseph, Lot: E-117, d. 4/6/1765
Larkin, Katy, Lot: F-1, d. 4/6/1778
Larkin, Lydia, Lot: E-118, d. 4/18/1719
Larkin, Mary, Lot: F-2, d. 3/19/1751
Larkin, Mary, Lot: M-39, d. 9/13/1793
Larkin, Polly, Lot: F-58, d. 4/16/1786
Larkin, Samuel, Lot: F-60, d. 3/5/1758
Larkin, Samuel, Lot: F-61
Larkin, Thomas, Lot: J-97, d. 12/6/1677
Larrance, Nicholas, Lot: N-26, d. 2/28/1710
Lawrence, Anna, Lot: E-3
Lawrence, Daniel, Lot: E-15
Lawrence, Daniel, Lot: E-18
Lawrence, Elizabeth, Lot: J-206, d. 11/26/1738
Lawrence, Hannah, Lot: E-4
Leathers, William, Lot: M-97, d. 10/13/1797
Lee, Elizabeth, Lot: C-48, d. 12/1/1741
Lee, Frances, Lot: C-48, d. 12/1/1741
Lee, Francis, Lot: C-49, d. 11/6/1764
Lee, Magaret, Lot: C-48, d. 12/1/1741
Lee, Mary, Lot: C-48, d. 10/7/1748
Lee, Rebekah, Lot: J-158, d. 1/10/1692
Lee, Sarah, Lot: C-48, d. 12/1/1741
Lemmon, Jonathan, Lot: B-53, d. 7/16/1724
Lewes, Hannah, Lot: E-105
Lewis, Ebenezer, Lot: C-42, d. 1/4/1817
Lewis, Joseph, Lot: F-64, d. 8/20/1761
Long, Deborah, Lot: J-145, d. 2/28/1678
Long, Elizabeth, Lot: J-168, d. 7/22/1678
Long, Elizabeth, Lot: J-105, d. 3/29/1687
Long, Joan, Lot: J-179, d. 1/19/1691
Long, John, Lot: I-47, d. 7/20/1684
Long, Mary, Lot: I-45, d. 8/1/1681
Long, Sarah, Lot: L-48, d. 7/3/1674
Long, Zechariah, Lot: I-44, d. 3/28/1688
Lord, Alice, Lot: J-258, d. 8/11/1721
Lord, Elizabeth, Lot: J-256, d. 3/26/1746
Lord, Hannah, Lot: J-255, d. 11/18/1751
Lord, Nathaniel, Lot: J-248, d. 2/13/1706
Lord, Richard, Lot: J-247, d. 6/29/2016
Lord, Samuel, Lot: L-52, d. 5/27/1696
Lord, Thomas, Lot: J-259, d. 6/4/1713
Lord, Thomas, Lot: J-57
Lord, Thomas, Lot: J-72
Lothrop, Angelina, Lot: K-60A, d. 1/4/1893
Lowden, James, Lot: N-59, d. 1/6/1740
Lowden, Mary, Lot: N-56, d. 10/6/1683
Lowden, Richard, Lot: N-55, d. 7/12/1700
Lowden, Samuel, Lot: N-57, d. 9/1/1682
Loyd, Hannah, Lot: C-17, d. 7/16/1699
Ludkin, An, Lot: O-53, d. 10/1/1680
Ludkin, Aron, Lot: O-54, d. 3/26/1694
Luke, George, Lot: J-154, d. 4/11/1691
Lunde, Thomas, Lot: H-93
Mallet, Hannah, Lot: C-69, d. 6/20/1810
Mallett, Ann, Lot: C-67, d. 12/29/1810
Mallett, John, Lot: C-68, d. 1/31/1722
Manfir, Hephzibah, Lot: J-101, d. 2/10/1793
Manning, William, Lot: P-61, d. 1/18/1762
Mardlen, Sarah, Lot: M-10, d. 5/9/1752
Marshal, Mary, Lot: L-73, d. 7/15/1678
Martin, Elizabeth, Lot: N-28, d. 1/7/1772
Martin, Richard, Lot: N-38, d. 11/2/1694
Mason, Elizabeth, Lot: O-55, d. 2/12/1755
Mason, Experance, Lot: O-68, d. 11/18/1733
Mason, Rebekah, Lot: O-56, d. 1/10/1747
Mcdaniel, Elizabeth, Lot: J-155, d. 10/20/1766
Mcdaniel, Timothy, Lot: J-160, d. 11/10/1766
Meguedy, Abia, Lot: N-54, d. 3/22/1702
Meluen, Hannah, Lot: J-87, d. 5/27/1696
Menlonnon, Augustus, Lot: Q-8, d. 2/14/1810
Miller, Abigail, Lot: H-43, d. 1/22/1765
Miller, Elizabeth, Lot: H-67, d. 6/29/1799
Miller, Hannah, Lot: J-13, d. 2/11/1796
Miller, Hannah, Lot: H-45, d. 12/11/2016
Miller, Hezeki, Lot: E-21, d. 6/9/1818
Miller, John, Lot: H-42, d. 8/17/1769
Miller, Joseph, Lot: G-5
Miller, Marg, Lot: I-48
Miller, Mary, Lot: H-47, d. 3/31/1763
Miller, Richard, Lot: H-48, d. 8/8/1755
Miller, Richard, Lot: H-68, d. 7/4/1797
Miller, Sarah, Lot: H-30, d. 10/2/1759
Miller, Sarah, Lot: H-46, d. 6/28/1764
Miller, Stephen, Lot: H-35, d. 2/8/1791
Minors, Lot: M-60
Mirick, Benjamin, Lot: M-67, d. 3/7/1813
Mirick, John, Lot: M-69, d. 7/9/1817
Mirick, Martha, Lot: M-68, d. 9/16/1817
Mirick, Mary, Lot: M-70, d. 10/5/1765
Mitchell, Alexander, Lot: E-90
Mitchell, Anna, Lot: E-1, d. 1/28/1848
Mitchell, Bela, Lot: E-14, d. 11/5/1797
Mitchell, Eliza, Lot: K-58, d. 6/9/1853
Mitehell, Sufanna, Lot: E-75, d. 12/29/1716
Moarton, Anna, Lot: J-195, d. 12/26/1690
Moore, Katherine, Lot: E-37, d. 6/21/1794
More, Elizabeth, Lot: J-118, d. 9/15/1674
More, James, Lot: L-41
More, Rebckah, Lot: I-21, d. 1/3/1732
Morris, Marcy, Lot: P-30, d. 7/9/1754
Mosely, Elizabeth, Lot: P-86, d. 6/17/1758
Moses, Richard, Lot: K-59, d. 6/12/1851
Moufel, Benjamin, Lot: H-99, d. 12/17/1721
Moufel, Mary, Lot: H-92, d. 8/31/1720
Moufel, Sarah, Lot: H-97, d. 1/15/1721
Mould, Edward, Lot: O-66, d. 7/1/1696
Mould, Mary, Lot: Q-5, d. 11/1/1690
Mould, Samuel, Lot: M-75, d. 12/26/1697
Mousel, Elizabeth, Lot: N-114, d. 8/16/1685
Mousel, Hannah, Lot: L-12, d. 7/23/1723
Mousel, Ralph, Lot: H-58, d. 4/17/2016
Mousel, Ralph, Lot: H-41
Mousel, Thomas, Lot: H-96, d. 4/16/1713
Mousell, Anna, Lot: H-95, d. 8/25/1742
Mousell, Joanna, Lot: L-11, d. 10/2/1745
Mousell, John, Lot: N-113, d. 2/1/1703
Mousell, Joseph, Lot: H-98, d. 6/20/1730
Mousell, Ralph, Lot: H-94, d. 12/7/1717
Myrick, Edward, Lot: M-66, d. 9/8/1745
Myrick, Nathaniel, Lot: M-66, d. 5/30/1744
Newcomb, Anna, Lot: O-26, d. 2/26/1692
Newcomb, Michael, Lot: O-26
Newell, Abigail, Lot: J-153, d. 9/6/1703
Newell, Abigail, Lot: E-56, d. 4/24/1787
Newell, Andrew, Lot: E-65, d. 3/11/1739
Newell, Andrew, Lot: F-71, d. June
Newell, Andrew, Lot: D-1
Newell, Anne, Lot: E-48, d. February
Newell, Eliphalet, Lot: E-54, d. 7/13/1713
Newell, Eliphalet, Lot: E-67, d. 12/12/1752
Newell, Hannah, Lot: J-125, d. 12/10/1704
Newell, Hannah, Lot: E-57
Newell, John, Lot: J-125, d. 10/15/1704
Newell, John, Lot: E-49, d. 12/31/1721
Newell, John, Lot: E-58
Newell, Joseph, Lot: J-8, d. 4/25/1709
Newell, Margaret, Lot: H-6, d. 12/7/1689
Newell, Mary, Lot: J-10, d. 5/2/1683
Newell, Mary, Lot: J-95, d. September
Newell, Richard, Lot: N-23, d. 4/7/1738
Newell, Sarah, Lot: E-50, d. December
Newell, Timothy, Lot: M-47, d. 9/13/1801
Newhall, Elizabeth, Lot: K-75, d. 4/17/1830
Newhall, Josiah, Lot: K-80, d. 1/9/1800
Newhall, William, Lot: K-75, d. 1/1/1806
Nickoals, Caleb, Lot: J-11, d. 12/18/1721
Nickoals, James, Lot: J-82
Nickolls, Sarah, Lot: L-49, d. 9/13/1678
Nutting, Mary, Lot: E-7, d. 9/17/1795
Odin, John, Lot: I-61, d. 2/15/1757
Odin, Margaret, Lot: J-104, d. 5/4/1749
Oliver, Elizabeth, Lot: O-34, d. 5/14/1808
Oliver, Sarah, Lot: O-34, d. 10/13/1820
Oliver, Sarah, Lot: O-34, d. 11/4/1825
Oliver, William, Lot: O-34, d. 9/7/1820
Ozbon, Mary, Lot: K-104, d. 1/13/1706
Ozborn, Ephraim, Lot: C-76, d. 8/26/1734
Padey, William, Lot: J-211, d. 4/1/1682
Pain, Edward, Lot: J-234, d. 3/13/1691
Paine, Mary, Lot: O-45, d. 12/1/1764
Parce, Benjamin, Lot: Q-47, d. 12/17/1710
Parkar, Mary, Lot: E-83, d. 8/18/1733
Parker, Ann, Lot: F-86
Parker, Anne, Lot: F-76, d. 3/31/1745
Parker, Daniel, Lot: F-19, d. 10/18/1697
Parker, Grace, Lot: F-35, d. 11/7/1754
Parker, Hannah, Lot: J-128, d. January
Parker, Isaac, Lot: F-34
Parker, John, Lot: F-20, d. 9/24/1723
Parker, John, Lot: F-72
Patten, William, Lot: O-01, d. 8/1/1711
Payen, Abigail, Lot: J-235, d. 2/25/1688
Peachaa, Robenson, Lot: J-188
Peatfild, Amy, Lot: M-79, d. 4/15/1691
Peirce, Benjamin, Lot: Q-50, d. 9/21/1715
Peirce, Benjamin, Lot: Q-49, d. 2/2/1735
Peirce, Bunjamin, Lot: Q-48, d. 4/11/1716
Peirce, George, Lot: K-116, d. 10/1/1716
Peirce, Jerameel, Lot: Q-53
Peirce, John, Lot: K-115, d. 9/28/1716
Peirce, Jonathan, Lot: K-103, d. 7/4/1722
Peirce, Sarah, Lot: K-117, d. 7/1/1709
Peirce, Sarah, Lot: Q-51, d. 5/20/1812
Peland, Lot: J-191
Pell, Thomas, Lot: F-55
Penney, John, Lot: J-14, d. 1/22/1749
Penney, Sarah, Lot: J-12, d. 1/18/1753
Penney, Tamizian, Lot: F-29, d. 12/3/1710
Penniman, Hannah, Lot: H-34, d. 8/22/1814
Penny, Lot: A-4, d. 1858
Perry, Charles, Lot: K-6
Perry, Charles, Lot: K-7
Pharus, James, Lot: K-118, d. 6/20/1686
Phillips, Abigail, Lot: K-65, d. 11/12/1718
Phillips, Alice, Lot: N-25, d. "16, 1755"
Phillips, Anna, Lot: N-63, d. 7/5/1717
Phillips, Eleazer, Lot: N-4, d. "29, 1709"
Phillips, Elizabeth, Lot: N-61, d. 9/2/1713
Phillips, Elizabeth, Lot: P-19, d. 3/6/1761
Phillips, Frances, Lot: N-22, d. 6/4/1726
Phillips, Henry, Lot: K-54, d. 1/11/1680
Phillips, John, Lot: H-102, d. 3/20/1725
Phillips, John, Lot: N-21, d. 5/23/1740
Phillips, Jonathan, Lot: K-99, d. 1/2/1722
Phillips, Joseph, Lot: K-64, d. 9/14/1713
Phillips, Lucia, Lot: H-72, d. 2/15/1778
Phillips, Lydia, Lot: K-30
Phillips, Mary, Lot: N-7, d. 4/30/1755
Phillips, Nathanael, Lot: K-55, d. 8/6/1688
Phillips, Nathaniel, Lot: K-51, d. 1/25/1719
Phillips, Samuel, Lot: K-31, d. 12/14/1721
Phillips, Timothy, Lot: N-6, d. 7/1/1711
Phillips, Timothy, Lot: N-24, d. 3/12/1745
Phillips, Timothy, Lot: N-5
Phipps, Bethiah, Lot: K-76, d. 10/23/1799
Phipps, Elizabeth, Lot: K-85, d. 8/7/1817
Phipps, Jean, Lot: K-69
Phipps, Joseph, Lot: K-101, d. 10/3/1722
Phipps, Joseph, Lot: K-87, d. 6/27/1795
Phipps, Joseph, Lot: K-89, d. 3/10/1818
Phipps, Joseph, Lot: K-92, d. 5/15/1842
Phipps, Mary, Lot: O-36, d. 12/21/1729
Phipps, Mary, Lot: K-93, d. 3/14/1847
Phipps, Mary, Lot: K-77
Phipps, Polley, Lot: K-90, d. 10/29/1802
Phipps, Polley, Lot: K-66
Phipps, Samuel, Lot: K-88, d. 2/11/1730
Phipps, Samuel, Lot: K-45, d. 6/14/1748
Phipps, Samuel, Lot: K-91, d. 10/26/1810
Phipps, Sarah, Lot: K-90, d. 10/19/1802
Phipps, Sarah, Lot: K-66
Phipps, Solomon, Lot: K-68, d. 7/25/1671
Phipps, Solomon, Lot: K-61, d. 2/17/1822
Phipps, Solomon Jr, Lot: K-62, d. 9/26/1821
Phipps, William, Lot: K-84, d. 2/10/1827
Phipps, William, Lot: K-60, d. 5/19/1854
Pierce, Elizabeth, Lot: Q-53A, d. 12/6/2016
Pierce, Mary, Lot: K-113
Pierce, Rebecca, Lot: Q-54, d. 3/4/1757
Pierce, Thomas, Lot: K-98, d. 4/1/1693
Pitcher, Lydia, Lot: E-06, d. 1/13/1741
Polly, Harris, Lot: E-31, d. 7/30/1796
Poor, Eunice, Lot: J-84, d. 1/10/1817
Porter, Sarah, Lot: P-29, d. 6/18/1829
Powers, Thomas, Lot: M-96, d. 2/12/1759
Pratt, Abigail, Lot: Q-30, d. 1806
Pratt, Harrott, Lot: C-91, d. 8/8/1801
Pratt, Ma, Lot: C-91
Pratt, Phineas, Lot: I-39, d. 4/19/1680
Prentiss, Thomas, Lot: B-50A, d. 10/5/1817
Price, Hannah, Lot: E-62, d. 10/11/1689
Price, Hannah, Lot: N-64, d. 12/15/1718
Price, John, Lot: N-141, d. 10/7/1710
Putnam, Betsey, Lot: M-53, d. 3/5/1866
Rand, Alice, Lot: F-43, d. 1691
Rand, Alphonso, Lot: M-41, d. 4/7/1840
Rand, Ann, Lot: F-37, d. 12/13/2016
Rand, Caleb, Lot: P-60, d. 5/21/1743
Rand, Ebenezar, Lot: P-72, d. 10/1/1711
Rand, Ebenezer, Lot: P-88, d. 7/11/1743
Rand, Ebenezer, Lot: P-87, d. 11/18/2016
Rand, Edmond, Lot: F-44, d. 8/31/1683
Rand, Edward, Lot: J-6, d. 4/11/1749
Rand, Edward, Lot: J-242, d. 1747
Rand, Ehemiah, Lot: F-39, d. 9/13/1734
Rand, Elizabeth, Lot: J-144, d. 4/3/1718
Rand, Elizabeth, Lot: F-14, d. 11/17/1756
Rand, Frances, Lot: Q-45, d. 9/30/1745
Rand, Hannah, Lot: P-90, d. 8/15/1753
Rand, Isaac, Lot: G-58
Rand, Johm, Lot: F-22, d. 9/8/1712
Rand, John, Lot: F-28, d. 1/28/1721
Rand, John, Lot: E-111, d. 5/11/1736
Rand, John, Lot: F-32, d. 9/24/1737
Rand, Jonathan, Lot: J-16, d. 8/16/1760
Rand, Margaret, Lot: F-15, d. 1/16/1753
Rand, Maria, Lot: M-41, d. 6/15/1832
Rand, Mary, Lot: J-13, d. 11/13/1747
Rand, Mary, Lot: E-109, d. 9/29/1757
Rand, Mary, Lot: H-36, d. 6/1/1808
Rand, Mehetabel, Lot: F-23, d. 1/11/1717
Rand, Mehetable, Lot: F-31, d. 3/25/1727
Rand, Mildrad, Lot: P-73, d. 11/26/1718
Rand, Mildred, Lot: P-70
Rand, Nathaniel, Lot: P-91, d. 9/9/1795
Rand, Nehemiah, Lot: J-19, d. 11/20/1759
Rand, Octavus, Lot: M-41, d. 5/30/1832
Rand, Persis, Lot: F-79
Rand, Rebecca, Lot: F-18, d. 1/14/1698
Rand, Robert, Lot: P-92, d. 6/17/1678
Rand, Robert, Lot: N-160, d. 6/17/2016
Rand, Samuel, Lot: J-5, d. 10/3/1768
Rand, Sarah, Lot: J-68, d. 9/3/1695
Rand, Sarah, Lot: F-54, d. 6/26/1699
Rand, Sarah, Lot: J-14, d. 5/11/1738
Rand, Sarah, Lot: P-83, d. 3/23/1759
Rand, Sarah, Lot: J-81, d. 4/24/1802
Rand, Sarah, Lot: J-18
Rand, Sarah, Lot: Q-55
Rand, Thomas, Lot: F-50, d. 8/4/1683
Rand, Thomas, Lot: J-68, d. 10/31/1695
Rand, Thomas, Lot: F-30, d. 10/28/1722
Rand, Thomas, Lot: H-37, d. 11/10/1817
Rand, William, Lot: F-77
Rand, Zechariah, Lot: P-71
Randalls, Richard, Lot: O-19, d. 1/11/1719
Rano, Sarah, Lot: E-110, d. 4/6/1739
Rayner, Abigail, Lot: L-77, d. 10/25/1694
Rayner, Abigail, Lot: L-74, d. 5/17/1714
Rayner, Elizabeth, Lot: L-78, d. 4/10/1703
Rayner, Elizabeth, Lot: L-76, d. 1/25/1708
Rayner, Elizabeth, Lot: L-28, d. 4/21/1754
Rayner, Elizabeth, Lot: M-93, d. 7/3/1797
Rayner, James, Lot: M-93, d. 2/11/1793
Rayner, John, Lot: L-71, d. 8/17/1761
Rayner, John, Lot: L-68
Rayner, Katherine, Lot: L-75, d. 12/22/1682
Raynor, Abigail, Lot: L-8, d. 11/17/1764
Reed, Elizabeth, Lot: N-92, d. 3/12/1728
Reed, Elizabeth, Lot: C-30, d. 5/2/1801
Reed, Elizabeth, Lot: C-12, d. 9/1/1803
Reed, Elizabeth, Lot: C-18
Reed, Mary, Lot: E-116, d. 4/7/1745
Richardson, Henry, Lot: M-38, d. 10/29/1836
Richardson, Nathan, Lot: C-87
Rk, Matthew, Lot: P-93, d. 8/9/1798
Roach, Benighton, Lot: F-40, d. September
Robbins, Tabitha, Lot: C-58, d. 1/8/1809
Robbins, Thomas, Lot: C-60, d. 8/27/1821
Robinson, Sarah, Lot: M-77, d. 3/20/1694
Robinson, Sarah, Lot: M-77, d. 3/20/1694
Rolland, John, Lot: J-245
Rous, Elizabeth, Lot: J-213, d. 1/26/2016
Rous, Mary, Lot: J-213, d. 11/1/1714
Rous, Ruth, Lot: J-198, d. 6/5/1719
Rous, Ruth, Lot: J-214, d. 2/7/1722
Rous, William, Lot: J-214, d. 1/7/1721
Row, Elias, Lot: L-40, d. 1/18/1686
Row, Elias, Lot: L-42
Row, Rebekah, Lot: L-43, d. 2/24/1680
Row, Rebekah, Lot: L-44
Rowse, Faithful, Lot: N-18, d. 5/18/1664
Ruck, Anna, Lot: K-100, d. 2/2/1706
Ruck, Thomas, Lot: K-53, d. 10/25/1706
Russell, Abigail, Lot: L-36, d. 5/4/1709
Russell, Andrew, Lot: Q-17, d. 1/29/1814
Russell, Daniel, Lot: L-37, d. 1/4/2016
Russell, James, Lot: L-35, d. 10/1/1640
Russell, James, Lot: B-53A, d. 4/24/1798
Russell, James, Lot: B-53A, d. 4/24/1798
Russell, Maud, Lot: L-34, d. 1652
Russell, Rebekah, Lot: L-24, d. 7/13/1712
Russell, Richard, Lot: L-66
Ryall, John, Lot: E-92
Ryall, Mary, Lot: F-42
Ryall, Sarah, Lot: K-105, d. 1728
Salsbury, Elizabeth, Lot: J-193, d. 11/18/1708
Salter, Malachi, Lot: Q-20
Sandstone, Base, Lot: J-187
Sarah, John, Lot: I-1, d. 1806
Sawyer, Thompson, Lot: A-2
Scammell, Alexander, Lot: C-90, d. 5/18/1744
Scottow, Abigail, Lot: H-55, d. 4/4/1733
Scottow, Sarah, Lot: H-56
Screech, Mary, Lot: M-81, d. 2/18/1740
Screech, Nicholas, Lot: M-89, d. 10/31/1740
Screech, Robart, Lot: M-81, d. 3/20/1740
Screech, Robert, Lot: M-86, d. 12/18/1730
Sheaff, Mary, Lot: K-71, d. 11/11/1748
Shed, Sarah, Lot: H-2, d. 10/3/1802
Sheff, Anne, Lot: J-243, d. 11/17/1720
Sheff, Mary, Lot: K-74, d. 1/11/1720
Sheff, William, Lot: K-72, d. 9/25/1741
Sheff, William, Lot: K-56
Sheff, William, Lot: K-73
Sheoff, Elizabeth, Lot: I-53, d. 6/26/1748
Sherman, James, Lot: J-141, d. 6/10/1729
Sherman, Rebeckah, Lot: I-24, d. January
Sherman, Timothy, Lot: I-29, d. 4/3/1710
Simins, Edward, Lot: H-25, d. 12/9/1721
Simonds, Nathan, Lot: Q-44, d. 8/11/1796
Simpson, Mary, Lot: C-53, d. 9/10/1835
Skinner, Hannah, Lot: J-25, d. 8/30/1804
Skinner, John, Lot: J-25, d. 1/12/1806
Skinner, John, Lot: K-1
Skinner, John, Lot: K-1
Skinner, Josiah, Lot: J-26, d. 10/16/1803
Skinner, Zachariah, Lot: L-61
Smith, Anna, Lot: M-80, d. 4/10/1746
Smith, Daniel, Lot: C-24, d. 3/17/1707
Smith, James, Lot: M-44, d. 9/18/1678
Smith, Joseph, Lot: K-5
Smith, Katharine, Lot: M-99, d. April
Smith, Prudence, Lot: F-48, d. 9/9/1796
Smith, Sarah, Lot: H-77, d. 8/8/1711
Smith, William, Lot: H-74, d. 6/3/1730
Snow, Abraham, Lot: E-100, d. 3/9/1772
Snow, Mary, Lot: E-19, d. 3/16/1809
Snow, Mary, Lot: E-101
Snow, Welthan, Lot: P-44, d. 4/11/1702
Soeley, Benjamin, Lot: M-8, d. 12/27/1688
Soley, Lot: R-10
Somers, Annah, Lot: E-32
Souther, Mary, Lot: J-2, d. 7/26/1825
Souther, Sarah, Lot: J-83, d. 12/25/1804
Sprague, Abigail, Lot: I-32
Sprague, David, Lot: I-7, d. 12/26/1747
Sprague, Edmond, Lot: I-33, d. 3/5/1718
Sprague, Elizabeth, Lot: L-3, d. 4/5/1759
Sprague, John, Lot: I-2, d. 2/28/1739
Spring, Robert, Lot: N-105, d. 1/9/1720
Stanton, Robert, Lot: K-124, d. 9/24/1764
Stetson, David, Lot: O-13, d. 10/20/1795
Stevens, Chrles, Lot: J-189, d. 10/13/1837
Stevens, Elizabeth, Lot: J-199
Stevens, John, Lot: O-28, d. 10/27/1706
Stevens, Mary, Lot: J-190, d. 8/27/2016
Stevens, Sally, Lot: K-130, d. 1/7/1816
Stevens, William, Lot: O-27, d. 6/5/1702
Stevens, William, Lot: O-25, d. 8/11/2016
Stewart, Hannah, Lot: J-207, d. 7/21/1675
Stimpson, Elizabeth, Lot: M-9, d. 8/31/1747
Stimpson, John, Lot: M-42, d. 9/24/1727
Stimpson, Joseph, Lot: M-18, d. 3/28/1752
Stimson, Andrew, Lot: J-237, d. 12/14/1721
Stimson, Benjamin, Lot: J-236, d. 12/11/1721
Stitson, William, Lot: C-63, d. 4/11/1691
Stone, Abigail, Lot: K-111
Stone, Daniel, Lot: C-61, d. 3/13/1718
Stone, Jacob, Lot: H-86, d. 12/12/1720
Stone, Jacob, Lot: C-40, d. 11/20/1746
Stone, Mary, Lot: E-42
Storer, Patience, Lot: Q-37, d. 7/8/1691
Storer, Rebekah, Lot: Q-36, d. 6/29/1710
Story, Sarah, Lot: J-186
Story, Susanna, Lot: J-186, d. 8/29/1711
Stower, Hannah, Lot: E-119, d. 2/3/1698
Stower, Richard, Lot: F-7, d. 7/10/1693
Stratton, Mary, Lot: F-36, d. 12/31/1723
Summes, Martha, Lot: H-50, d. 9/30/1767
Susann, Lot: J-40
Susannah, Lot: E-54, d. 12/19/1827
Sutten, Mary, Lot: P-15, d. 10/5/2016
Sutten, Richard, Lot: P-35, d. 10/2/1722
Sutten, Richard, Lot: P-36, d. 5/28/1736
Sutten, Susanna, Lot: P-16, d. 6/9/1744
Swan, Jofiah, Lot: J-114, d. 7/17/1710
Sweeter, William, Lot: J-217, d. 2/5/1722
Sweetser, Benjamin, Lot: M-17, d. 7/22/1718
Sweetser, Hannah, Lot: J-200, d. 8/16/1725
Sweetser, Richard, Lot: P-50, d. 2/28/1801
Sweetser, Samuel, Lot: J-63, d. 9/13/1740
Sweetser, Seth, Lot: M-34, d. 5/21/1662
Sweetser, William, Lot: P-63, d. 9/23/1799
Symme, Caleb, Lot: G-4
Symmes, Lot: H-54, d. 1/17/1753
Symmes, Abigail, Lot: H-51, d. 7/15/1759
Symmes, Caleb, Lot: H-51, d. 10/14/1761
Symmes, Elizabeth, Lot: H-49, d. 11/9/1773
Symmes, Grace, Lot: H-52, d. 3/9/1746
Symmes, Grace, Lot: H-44, d. 10/8/1762
Symmes, Martha, Lot: L-2, d. 6/19/1733
Symmes, Martha, Lot: H-53, d. 9/3/1745
Symmes, Martha, Lot: L-18
Symmes, S, Lot: A-5, d. 1824
Symmes, Thomas, Lot: H-38
Symmes, Thoms, Lot: H-39
Symmes, Timothy, Lot: H-40, d. 7/4/1678
Tapley, Mary, Lot: M-98, d. 8/31/1731
Tarball, Susanna, Lot: O-17, d. 1/5/1690
Taylor, Margare, Lot: E-39
Taylor, Rachel, Lot: E-38A, d. 6/24/2016
Taylor, Thomas, Lot: E-40
Tedd, Joshua, Lot: L-47, d. 9/15/1678
Teel, Abigail, Lot: J-192, d. 5/21/1717
Teel, Caleb, Lot: F-63, d. 3/8/1748
Thomas, Eliott, Lot: C-52, d. 9/21/1798
Thomas, John, Lot: O-69, d. 11/6/1806
Thompson, Joseph, Lot: N-52, d. 4/5/1782
Thompson, Nancy, Lot: C-59
Tibbetts, Ruth, Lot: C-51, d. 8/20/1781
Tirlington, Abigail, Lot: J-208, d. 5/10/1721
Tirlington, Anne, Lot: M-92, d. 8/18/1720
Tompson, William, Lot: L-93, d. 7/6/1762
Tooker, John, Lot: O-14, d. 2/10/1719
Townfend, Phebe, Lot: F-33
Townsend, David, Lot: C-28, d. 11/8/1800
Townsend, Mable, Lot: C-26, d. 12/28/1845
Townsend, Mary, Lot: C-27, d. 7/5/1822
Townsend, Mary, Lot: C-29, d. 5/14/2016
Townsend, Ruth, Lot: C-27, d. 3/8/1825
Townsend, Samuel, Lot: C-27, d. 3/9/1815
Townsend, Samuel, Lot: C-27, d. 5/10/1815
Treadway, Josiah, Lot: I-23, d. 1/15/1732
Treworgia, Joseph, Lot: F-57
Trombal, James, Lot: K-109, d. 1712
Trow, Eleazer, Lot: N-40, d. 1/5/1722
Trumbal, James, Lot: E-25, d. 11/5/1769
Trumbal, John, Lot: E-26, d. 7/27/1693
Trumball, Richard, Lot: E-24, d. 5/24/1782
Trumball, Samuell, Lot: E-38, d. 12/17/1706
Tucker, John, Lot: L-13, d. 1732
Tuffts, William, Lot: F-38, d. 10/18/1712
Tufts, Lot: P-6, d. 8/28/1772
Tufts, Aaron, Lot: P-5, d. 10/29/1773
Tufts, Abigail, Lot: P-12
Tufts, Amos, Lot: P-14, d. 7/10/1800
Tufts, Anne, Lot: P-1, d. 2/7/1813
Tufts, Gilbert, Lot: G-63, d. 7/1/1865
Tufts, Mary, Lot: F-47, d. 12/15/1715
Tufts, Mary, Lot: Q-41, d. 6/15/1808
Tufts, Nathaniel, Lot: F-49, d. 8/27/1741
Tufts, Peter, Lot: P-3, d. 12/5/1776
Tufts, Peter, Lot: P-2, d. 3/4/1791
Tufts, Samuel, Lot: Q-39, d. 10/12/1807
Tufts, Susanna, Lot: P-7
Tufts, William, Lot: P-11, d. 8/5/1793
Turner, James, Lot: H-22, d. 1/25/1704
Turner, John, Lot: G-3
Turner, John, Lot: G-3
Tyler, Susan, Lot: O-71, d. 12/12/1825
Vestis, Sarah, Lot: L-14, d. 6/12/1713
Vyburt, Lot: C-86, d. 12/9/1721
W, Joseph, Lot: J-47
Wade, Mary, Lot: I-14, d. 11/9/1716
Waffe, Alice, Lot: I-43, d. 5/12/1723
Wait, David, Lot: J-227, d. 11/3/1764
Waite, John, Lot: N-10, d. 4/14/1690
Waite, John, Lot: N-30, d. 12/18/1721
Waite, Lydia, Lot: H-91, d. 2/21/1700
Waite, Ruth, Lot: N-29, d. 12/2/1721
Waite, Ruth, Lot: K-36, d. 3/16/2016
Waker, Ana, Lot: C-47, d. February
Waldo, Hannah, Lot: O-48, d. 12/25/1704
Waldo, William, Lot: O-63
Walker, Lot: G-2
Walker, Edward, Lot: K-135, d. 5/17/1833
Ward, Margaret, Lot: J-71, d. 3/4/1735
Ward, Robert, Lot: J-70, d. 2/1/1730
Ward, Samuel, Lot: L-1
Ward, Thomas, Lot: J-64, d. 3/1/1739
Warren, Abigail, Lot: K-132, d. 5/1/1858
Warren, Amos, Lot: K-131
Warren, Henry, Lot: K-131
Warren, Isaac, Lot: K-131
Waters, Daniel, Lot: M-121, d. 3/26/1816
Waters, Stephen, Lot: E-108, d. 12/13/1719
Wayte, Rebeckah, Lot: J-226, d. 12/27/1750
Webb, Abigail, Lot: M-1, d. 1/4/1747
Webb, Frances, Lot: J-197, d. 9/20/1725
Webb, Frances, Lot: J-252, d. 7/12/1730
Webb, Mary, Lot: J-209, d. 1738
Webb, Samuel, Lot: M-2, d. 10/10/1739
Welch, Rachel, Lot: C-94, d. 10/7/1819
Welch, William, Lot: C-94, d. 8/29/1819
Welch, William, Lot: C-94, d. 3/7/1823
Welfh, Elizabeth, Lot: H-27
Welsh, Charles, Lot: C-95, d. 2/21/1841
Welsh, Ezra, Lot: C-95, d. 6/4/1839
Welsh, Jacob, Lot: C-81, d. 8/30/1749
Welsh, Mary, Lot: C-44, d. 12/14/1825
Welsh, Rachel, Lot: C-95, d. 6/1/1820
Welsh, Stephen, Lot: C-93, d. 10/3/1803
Welsh, Thomas, Lot: H-82, d. 6/15/1703
Welsh, Thomas, Lot: C-66, d. 2/14/1743
Welsh, Thomas, Lot: C-82, d. 8/16/1755
Welsh, Thomas, Lot: C-46, d. 8/23/1770
Welson, Abigail, Lot: C-65, d. 3/25/1749
Welsted, Mehetabell, Lot: L-67, d. July
Whight, Elizabeth, Lot: K-32, d. 8/2/1708
White, Joseph, Lot: C-13, d. 3/1/2016
White, Mary, Lot: N-62, d. 6/23/1710
White, Obadiah, Lot: M-120, d. 12/1/1819
White, Rebeckah, Lot: K-43, d. 1/17/1722
White, Sarah, Lot: K-44
White, Thomas, Lot: K-67, d. 9/30/1716
Whiting, Mary, Lot: L-19, d. 5/25/1804
Whittemore, Abigail, Lot: J-44
Whittemore, Jabez, Lot: J-43, d. 8/21/1772
Whittemore, Joseph, Lot: J-39, d. 11/27/1790
Whittemore, Joseph, Lot: J-37, d. 1/13/1814
Whittemore, Joseph, Lot: J-46
Whittemore, Mehetabel, Lot: J-48
Whittemore, Pelatiah, Lot: J-49, d. 10/21/2016
Whittemore, Susanna, Lot: J-45
Whittemore, Thomas, Lot: J-42, d. 4/7/1773
Whttemore, Joseph, Lot: J-38
Wier, Edward, Lot: M-54, d. 5/3/1693
Wier, Elizabeth, Lot: L-65, d. 1/20/1689
Wilcox, Sarah, Lot: N-3, d. 7/31/1754
Wiley, Eliza, Lot: E-72, d. 1/31/1823
Wiley, Elizabeth, Lot: E-73, d. 10/15/1801
Wiley, Hannah, Lot: F-13
Wiley, John, Lot: E-77, d. 7/17/1792
Wiley, John, Lot: E-73, d. 10/10/1801
Wiley, Mary, Lot: E-82, d. 4/21/1815
Wiley, Rebecca, Lot: E-71, d. 10/17/1827
Wiley, Sarah, Lot: E-77, d. 10/25/1792
Wiley, Sarah, Lot: E-72, d. 9/26/1821
Wiley, Stephen, Lot: E-70, d. 12/11/1846
Wiley, William, Lot: E-85, d. 1/22/1805
Wiley, William, Lot: E-84, d. 5/21/1827
William, Hopping, Lot: M-91, d. 10/13/1748
William, Hopping, Lot: M-91, d. 4/21/1750
Williams, Thomas, Lot: P-49, d. 10/26/1748
Williams, William, Lot: Q-40, d. 10/12/1798
Willson, Joseph, Lot: J-183, d. 4/22/1724
Willson, Paul, Lot: O-9, d. 6/1/1714
Willson, Thankfull, Lot: J-12, d. 8/31/1733
Wilson, Edward, Lot: O-52, d. 12/31/1670
Wilson, Hannah, Lot: Q-52
Wilson, John, Lot: O-29, d. 3/1/1697
Wilson, Mary, Lot: O-52, d. 4/13/1696
Wilson, Mary, Lot: O-8, d. 4/26/1716
Wilson, Sarah, Lot: E-69
Wilson, William, Lot: O-7, d. 10/4/1690
Winchester, Lydia, Lot: P-55
Winchester, Winlbur, Lot: P-54, d. 9/1/1863
Winslow, Isaac, Lot: L-25, d. 8/24/2016
Witt, George, Lot: O-72, d. 25
Wood, Lot: P-80, d. 2/22/1759
Wood, Abial, Lot: J-103, d. 4/14/1713
Wood, Abigail, Lot: P-77, d. 6/18/1731
Wood, Bridge, Lot: E-59, d. 12/9/1754
Wood, David, Lot: B-55, d. 1762
Wood, James, Lot: P-79, d. 4/9/1748
Wood, Joseph, Lot: I-54, d. 2/28/1725
Wood, Joseph, Lot: I-36, d. 6/13/1736
Wood, Josiah, Lot: E-51, d. 9/11/1737
Wood, Josiah, Lot: E-60, d. 3/25/1753
Wood, Lydia, Lot: I-27, d. 9/17/1681
Wood, Lydia, Lot: I-3, d. 11/25/1712
Wood, Mary, Lot: I-56, d. 4/2/1713
Wood, Mary, Lot: E-63, d. 4/19/1739
Wood, Ruth, Lot: I-8, d. 9/19/1753
Wood, Samuel, Lot: I-6, d. 10/14/1711
Wood, Samuel, Lot: I-13, d. 12/8/1721
Wood, Susanna, Lot: J-102, d. 11/14/1741
Woodwell, Benjamin, Lot: M-100
Worthen, Lewis, Lot: E-8, d. 4/26/2016
Wyer, Lot: B-56, d. 4/4/1784
Wyer, Edward, Lot: M-63, d. 6/25/1752
Wyer, Eleanor, Lot: B-56, d. 12/1/1747
Wyer, Eleazar, Lot: M-49, d. 3/5/1800
Wyer, Joseph, Lot: L-86, d. 10/2/1741
Wyer, Margaret, Lot: M-48, d. 6/30/1787
Wyer, Nathaniel, Lot: M-59, d. 7/9/1752
Wyer, Robert, Lot: M-62, d. 11/7/1709
Wyer, Ruth, Lot: M-43, d. 12/26/1742
Wyer, Sarah, Lot: M-56, d. 7/2/1752
Wyer, Sarah, Lot: M-55, d. 10/14/1755
Wyer, Sarah, Lot: M-33, d. June
Wyer, William, Lot: M-32, d. 2/17/1709
Wyer, William, Lot: B-56, d. 2/1/1749
Wyer, William, Lot: M-46, d. 5/20/1786
Wyer, William, Lot: M-58
Wyman, Nehemiah, Lot: C-3, d. 1/1/1820

Unidentified Graves

, Lot: E-98, d. 11/1/1712
Illegible, Lot: E-33, d. 9/9/1799
Illegible, Lot: C-4B, d. 7/28/1987
Illegible, Lot: F-9, d. 6/27/2016
Illegible, Lot: E-16, d. 12/26/2016
Illegible, Lot: C-31
Illegible, Lot: C-3A
Illegible, Lot: E-35
Illegible, Lot: E-85A
Illegible, Lot: I-62
Illegible, Lot: C-35
Illegible, Lot: C-4
Illegible, Lot: C-43
Illegible, Lot: C-4A
Illegible, Lot: C-5
Illegible, Lot: C-75
Illegible, Lot: F-10
Illegible, Lot: F-11
Illegible, Lot: F-12
Illegible, Lot: F-46
Illegible, Lot: F-52
Illegible, Lot: F-8
Illegible, Lot: F-85
Illegible, Lot: H-15
Illegible, Lot: H-64
Illegible, Lot: H-65
Illegible, Lot: H-66
Illegible, Lot: H-70
Illegible, Lot: K-133
Illegible, Lot: K-134
Illegible, Lot: N-134
Illegible, Lot: O-22
Illegible, Lot: O-67
Illegible, Lot: Q-13
Illegible, Lot: Q-15
Illegible, Lot: Q-16
Illegible, Lot: Q-21
Illegible, Lot: Q-38
Illegible, Lot: Q-42
Illegible, Lot: Q-6

Slab, Lot: H-103

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