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Hawes Burying Ground & Union Cemetery
South Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

hawes burying ground union cemetery
Hawes Burying Ground

GPS: 42.334151, -71.034525

Between E. 5th and Emerson Streets
South Boston, MA 02107

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 123

Hawes Burying Ground & Union Cemetery are owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Hawes Burying Ground and Union Cemetery are two adjacent cemeteries in South Boston.. When South Boston was incorporated within the City of Boston in 1804, a proviso was made which stated three lots of land should be set aside for public use: a public market place, a school house and a burial ground. In 1816, John Hawes, a large land owner in the area, donated a small lot of land to be used as a public burial ground. The Board of Health sanctioned its use as a burial ground in March 1821, although it was used for burials prior to this time.

Union cemetery was the last cemetery to be laid out in South Boston and is the smallest in the district. It was originally a privately owned burial site. The gravestones date from 1845 to 1886. The City of Boston took over the Union Cemetery in the twentieth century.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

Armstrong, John
, Lot: A-71, d. 9/26/1845
B, R, Lot: A-78
Blake, Clarissa, Lot: B-29
Blake, Henry, Lot: B-29
Blake, Samuel, Lot: B-29
Burke, Amelia, Lot: B-17
Burke, Edward, Lot: B-17
Burnham, Lydia, Lot: A-42, d. 1/23/1841
Butler, Ann, Lot: B-22
Crafts, Lot: B-4
Crispin, Lot: B-15
Crooker, Abbey, Lot: A-9, d. 12/1/1839
Croston, J, Lot: A-14
D, G, Lot: A-62
Dailey, George, Lot: A-51, d. 9/23/1850
Deluce, John, Lot: A-2, d. 1822
Deluce, John, Lot: A2
Farnham, Hannah, Lot: B-27, d. 2/17/1869
Farnham, Thomas, Lot: B-24, d. 3/11/1845
G, E, Lot: A-73
G, N, Lot: A-75
Gibson, Henry, Lot: A-10
Goodspeed, Nancy, Lot: A-74, d. 2/8/1848
H, A, Lot: A-63
Hammond, Benjamin, Lot: A-31
Hammond, Betsey, Lot: A-31
Hammond, Betsey, Lot: A-32
Hammond, Frederick, Lot: A-31
Hammond, Sarah, Lot: A-31
Herrick, J, Lot: B-2
Johns, William, Lot: A-21, d. 10/8/1857
K, E, Lot: A-58A
K, H, Lot: A-20
K, H, Lot: A-58A
K, J, Lot: A-58A
Kennedy, Cyrus, Lot: A-13, d. 1/22/1853
Kennedy, Pike, Lot: B-7
Kent, Ann, Lot: A-27, d. 5/13/1829
Kent, Hannah, Lot: A-28, d. 11/26/1838
Kirkpatrick, Janet, Lot: A1a, d. 9/13/1847
Kirkpatrick, Janet, Lot: A-1A, d. 9/13/1897
L, E, Lot: A-24
L, J, Lot: A-24
Lapham, Benjamin, Lot: A-17, d. 7/4/1843
Lapham, Mary, Lot: A-17, d. 4/14/1856
Leeds, Sam, Lot: B-5
Lennan, Hale, Lot: A-50, d. 9/19/1850
Lennan, Sarah, Lot: A-50, d. 7/4/1850
Linton, Emma, Lot: A-23, d. 9/28/1849
Linton, John, Lot: A-23
Lord, Susan, Lot: B-22, d. 11/18/1845
M, E, Lot: A-36
M, M, Lot: A-11A
M, S, Lot: A-16
Murray, Robert, Lot: A-30
Ohara, John, Lot: B-20
Ohara, Joseph, Lot: B-20, d. 5/28/1816
P, W, Lot: A-66
Page, Elizabeth, Lot: A-26
Page, Jane, Lot: A-26
Page, Jonathan, Lot: A-26
Page, Rachel, Lot: A-26
Page, William, Lot: A-26
Pierce, Elizabeth, Lot: A-25
Pop, John, Lot: A-64, d. 10/13/1824
Read, Bridget, Lot: B-19, d. 12/22/1866
Read, George, Lot: B-19
Read, Thomas, Lot: B-19, d. 9/21/1870
Russel, Luther, Lot: A1
Russell, Luther, Lot: A-1
Sandstone Base, Lot: A-53
Simpson, Daniel, Lot: B-30, d. 7/28/1886
Simpson, Harriet, Lot: B-30, d. 6/28/1871
Simpson, Lauten, Lot: B-9
Smalley, Lyman, Lot: B-8
Smith, Elizabeth, Lot: A-17, d. 5/9/1858
Spooner, John, Lot: A-67, d. 9/10/1817
Stebbins, Lot: B-10
Stimpson, Andrew, Lot: A-34, d. 4/30/1841
Sweetlin, Hawes, Lot: B-3
T, C, Lot: A-79
T, S, Lot: A-79
T, T, Lot: B-25
Taxon, Henry, Lot: B-6
Taxon, Mccollough, Lot: B-6
Thayer, Benjamin, Lot: A-59, d. 5/26/1841
Thayer, Catherine, Lot: A-59, d. 11/27/1847
Thompson, Lot: B-18
Tildens, Wellington, Lot: B-13
Tomb, Lot: B-1
W, S, Lot: B-26
Whitcomb, Eli, Lot: A-40, d. 10/10/1822
Whitemore, David, Lot: A-45, d. 11/13/1817
Williams, Bay, Lot: A-6
Williams, Fogg, Lot: A-6
Wilson, William, Lot: A-30, d. 8/17/1844
Woodbury, Mirelia, Lot: A-82

Unidentified Graves

Illegible, Lot: A-11
Illegible, Lot: A-12A
Illegible, Lot: A-26A
Illegible, Lot: A-47A
Illegible, Lot: A-55
Illegible, Lot: A-58
Illegible, Lot: A-60
Illegible, Lot: A-69
Illegible, Lot: A-72
Illegible, Lot: A-77
Illegible, Lot: A-81
Illegible, Lot: A-83
Illegible Obelisk, Lot: A-49

Base, Lot: A-12
Base, Lot: A-18
Base, Lot: A-52
Base, Lot: A-68

Missing, Lot: A-44, d. 3/5/1856
Missing, Lot: A-65, d. 8/22/2016
Missing, Lot: A-70, d. 9/23/2016
Missing, Lot: A-15
Missing, Lot: A-22
Missing, Lot: A-41
Missing, Lot: A-48
Missing, Lot: A-8
Mostly Missing, Lot: A-7

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