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Bunker Hill Burying Ground
Charlestown, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

bunker hill burying ground
Bunker Hill Burying Ground

GPS: 42.379000, -71.062055

Bunker Hill St.
Boston, MA 02129

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 499

Bunker Hill Burying Ground is owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Bunker Hill Burying Ground is Charlestown's second municipal burial place (the first was established on Phipps Street in 1630). The property lies on the site crossed by British fortifications during the Battle of Bunker Hill.

It was founded in response to Charlestown's rapid renaissance after the Revolutionary War. The town formally purchased the parcel in 1807, although it may have been used for burials as early as 1801. The burying ground was originally intended for the use of the Charlestown poor, however the presence of individual gravemarkers indicates that persons of greater means were also buried here.

The burying ground covered approximately 2.5 acres at its founding and extended on its north side to the Mystic River. A portion of the site was lost when the Prescott School was built in 1857, although there is no record of whether graves were disturbed during its construction.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

Adams, Francis
, Lot: A-85, d. 11/7/1823
Albee, Hanna, Lot: A-208, d. 9/21/1845
Aldrich, Hannah, Lot: A-121, d. 10/28/1875
Alestes, Henry, Lot: A-123, d. 10/3/1840
Allen, Alex, Lot: A-228, d. 5/1/1851
Allen, Harriet, Lot: A-228, d. 1/15/1848
Allen, Isaac, Lot: B-60, d. 7/7/1842
Andrews, Betsey, Lot: A-14, d. 1/13/1851
Andrews, James, Lot: A-14, d. 10/18/1867
Ayer, John, Lot: A-152, d. 5/25/1817
Babcock, Archibald, Lot: B-5
Bailey, Caroline A, Lot: A-321, d. 9/8/1849
Bailey, Eliza, Lot: A-321, d. 1/5/1853
Bailey, Susan, Lot: A-127
Bailey, Willie, Lot: A-127
Baldry, Samuel, Lot: A-214, d. 9/8/1842
Ballard, Ma, Lot: A-88
Ballard, Marion, Lot: A-247, d. 9/16/1844
Barker, Benjamin, Lot: A-259, d. 9/29/1846
Barker, Catherine, Lot: A-259, d. 7/14/1849
Barnett, Josiah, Lot: A-294, d. 10/3/1821
Barnett, Lydia, Lot: A-296, d. 10/13/1822
Barnett, Lydia, Lot: A-296, d. 10/13/1822
Barrell, Colburn, Lot: A-271, d. 1859
Barrell, George, Lot: A-271, d. 1889
Barrell, Mary, Lot: A-271, d. 1838
Barrell, Susan, Lot: A-271, d. 1892
Bartlett, John, Lot: A-317, d. 11/8/1833
Bartlett, John, Lot: A-317, d. 5/22/1843
Bartlette, M Abigail, Lot: A-316, d. 7/16/1851
Baxter, Rufus, Lot: A-74, d. 10/30/1812
Bibrim, Joanna, Lot: A-219, d. 4/1/1819
Bibrim, Marth, Lot: A-219, d. 4/7/2016
Bigelon, Ann, Lot: B-59, d. 4/21/1844
Blaisdell, James, Lot: B-55, d. 5/2/1834
Blaisdell, Nancu, Lot: B-98, d. 1889
Blaisdell, Nicholas, Lot: B-55, d. 8/12/1854
Blaisdell, Ruth, Lot: B-55, d. 8/1/1833
Blalkhard, Augustus, Lot: B-11, d. 11/12/1866
Blanchard, Attalanta, Lot: A-73, d. 1/4/1850
Blanchard, Claude, Lot: A-122
Bodge, Henry, Lot: A-112, d. 3/2/1841
Bodge, Jerusha, Lot: A-112, d. 6/2/1841
Bowen, Lewis, Lot: A-58, d. 1/9/1850
Bowers, Susan, Lot: A-253, d. 7/19/1811
Bowman, Naihaniel, Lot: B-6, d. 12/12/1815
Bowning, Hannah, Lot: A-126, d. 11/27/1858
Brad, Maria, Lot: A-290, d. 2/10/1815
Bronis, J, Lot: A-264
Brown, Caroline, Lot: A-276, d. 11/6/1823
Brown, Eleanor, Lot: A-275, d. 8/4/1827
Bryant, Ebenezer, Lot: A-188, d. 12/6/1867
Bryant, Hanuah, Lot: A-188, d. 10/15/1845
Bryant, John, Lot: A-109, d. 10/8/1821
Bryant, Lucy, Lot: A-111, d. 11/21/1812
Bryant, Lucy, Lot: A-110
Bryant, Timothy, Lot: A-109, d. 11/27/1821
Burbank, Elisha, Lot: B-48, d. 2/16/1851
Burbank, Nancy, Lot: B-100, d. 9/19/1840
Burchsted, Ebenezer, Lot: A-157, d. 6/5/1809
Burlham, Charles, Lot: A-86
Burnett, James, Lot: A-297, d. 2/1/1846
Burnett, James, Lot: A-299, d. 8/11/1872
Burnett, Jane, Lot: A-300, d. 10/3/1868
Call, John, Lot: B-24, d. 4/28/1844
Call, John, Lot: B-134, d. 1/8/1847
Call, John, Lot: B-134, d. 1/8/1847
Call, William, Lot: B-135, d. 1/24/1863
Charo, G, Lot: A-108, d. 9/17/1830
Charo, Rachel, Lot: A-108, d. 8/19/1830
Chase, Sarah, Lot: B-119, d. 5/30/1846
Chubb, Abigail, Lot: B-137, d. 11/18/1834
Chubb, Abigail, Lot: B-137
Chubb, Thomas, Lot: B-137
Clapp, Harrietm, Lot: B-103, d. 10/18/1826
Clapp, Heneritta, Lot: B-103, d. 10/26/1826
Clapp, Heneritta, Lot: B-103, d. 5/11/1828
Cole, Charles, Lot: B-16
Conner, Benjamin, Lot: A-205, d. 10/23/1824
Cook, Lydia, Lot: B-40, d. 5/21/1813
Corry, Lot: A-145
Costergan, James, Lot: A-218, d. 8/22/1817
Dailey, Otis, Lot: A-127
Daniels, Adeline, Lot: B-129, d. 8/8/1816
Daniels, Mary, Lot: B-129, d. 7/21/1818
Daniels, Susan, Lot: B-129, d. 12/3/1812
Dewson, Eliza, Lot: B-1, d. 12/6/1818
Dix, George, Lot: A-78, d. 10/29/1849
Dix, Maria, Lot: A-78, d. 12/12/1838
Doame, Infant, Lot: B-35, d. 8/28/1827
Doane, Infant, Lot: B-35, d. 7/30/1829
Dodge, David, Lot: A-278, d. 2/6/1853
Dodge, David Jr, Lot: A-280, d. 7/10/1846
Dodge, Polly, Lot: A-280, d. 7/30/1846
Dunlap, John, Lot: A-257, d. 10/11/1843
E, S, Lot: A-132
Eames, Elizabeth, Lot: B-42, d. 1/21/1822
Eames, Sophia, Lot: B-43, d. 9/5/1817
Eanaes, Sarah, Lot: B-44, d. 7/20/1814
Eaton, Benjamin, Lot: A-106
Eaton, Cardline, Lot: B-18, d. 8/30/1833
Eaton, James, Lot: A-277, d. 6/17/1841
Eaton, Rachel, Lot: A-106, d. 11/11/1853
Eaton, Sally, Lot: A-106
Eaton, Sarah, Lot: A-106
Edmands, Sarah, Lot: A-131, d. 7/8/1841
Edwards, Cornelia, Lot: B-91, d. 4/28/1844
Eliott, Albert, Lot: A-61, d. 11/27/1845
Eliott, Juliet, Lot: A-61, d. 5/8/1847
Eliott, Lucinda, Lot: A-61, d. 12/4/1845
Emerson, Daniel, Lot: A-204, d. 10/5/1823
Emery, Harriet, Lot: A-319, d. 3/16/1843
Ettinger, Elizabeth, Lot: A-7, d. 4/28/1858
Evller, Eliza, Lot: A-269, d. 4/30/1846
F, Lot: B-83, d. 11/29/1818
Fallen, Lot: A-126A
Fenno, Tempe, Lot: B-116
Fife, Abiah, Lot: B-69, d. 1/9/1839
Fisk, Frederick, Lot: A-318, d. 7/3/1873
Fisk, Mary, Lot: A-318, d. 11/18/1849
Fletcher, Catherine, Lot: A-67, d. 9/27/1829
Fletcher, R, Lot: A-66
Fletcher, Robert, Lot: A-67, d. 7/26/1825
Flint, Phoebe, Lot: A-295, d. 8/31/1825
Folsom, George, Lot: A-185, d. 8/24/1827
Freeman, Lot: A-187
French, Saban, Lot: A-322, d. 9/10/1827
Fuller, David, Lot: A-76, d. 7/31/1809
Fuller, Mary, Lot: A-76, d. 9/10/1809
Fuller, William, Lot: A-76, d. 7/10/1809
Fuzzard, Henry, Lot: A-271, d. 1859
Fuzzard, Susan, Lot: A-271, d. 1857
Fy, Mary, Lot: A-107, d. 6/1/1892
G, A, Lot: A-55
Gage, Betsey, Lot: A-130
Gage, George, Lot: A-180, d. 6/20/1839
Gage, Isaac, Lot: A-179, d. 7/11/1822
Gage, Mary, Lot: A-179, d. 3/24/1813
Gallagher, Ason, Lot: B-71, d. 6/21/1849
Gammell, John, Lot: B-113, d. 10/1/1863
Ganite, Posts, Lot: A-298
Gayland, Oeorge, Lot: B-82
Gents, Lot: A-94
Gibson, Charles, Lot: A-54, d. 4/14/1852
Gibson, Robert, Lot: A-240, d. April
Girson, Abby, Lot: A-54, d. 7/21/1850
Goodnow, George, Lot: B-57, d. 9/23/1844
Gould, M Elizabeth, Lot: B-104, d. 4/21/1817
Granite, Posts, Lot: A-302
Graves, Amy, Lot: A-173, d. 9/12/1847
Gross, Mary, Lot: A-323, d. 1893
Hadley, Henry, Lot: A-41, d. 16
Hamilton, Louis, Lot: A-16, d. 2/5/1852
Harrington, Catherine, Lot: B-77, d. 9/28/1856
Harrington, William, Lot: B-77, d. 3/17/1852
Harris, James, Lot: A-5, d. 1852
Harris, Nancy, Lot: A-5, d. 1886
Hart, Martha, Lot: A-284
Hart, Martha, Lot: A-284
Hatch, Amien, Lot: A-17, d. 2/1/1895
Hatch, Effa, Lot: A-17
Hay, Sarah, Lot: A-100
Hayden, Lot: B-93, d. 9/7/2016
Hayden, Franles, Lot: B-92, d. 5/7/1852
Hayden, Mary A, Lot: B-92, d. 8/21/1811
Haynes, Betsey, Lot: A-116, d. 7/1/1835
Haynes, Deborah, Lot: A-116, d. 3/15/1869
Haynes, Eliza, Lot: A-117, d. 10/15/1851
Haynes, Joseph, Lot: A-117, d. 12/31/1874
Haynes, Susan, Lot: A-202, d. 9/25/1819
Hazding, James, Lot: B-23, d. 6/9/1813
Heston, Harriet, Lot: A-115, d. 4/2/1852
Higgins, James, Lot: B-39, d. 9/8/1841
Higgins, Otis, Lot: A-242, d. 7/28/1816
Hillchrist, Emiline, Lot: A-40
Hitchings, Elizabeth, Lot: A-310, d. 8/28/1870
Hitchings, Mary Ann, Lot: A-310, d. 8/17/1870
Hole, Eli, Lot: A-83, d. 6/25/1851
Holmes, Gustavus, Lot: A-114, d. 9/1/1807
Holmes, Mary, Lot: A-114, d. 8/15/1807
Horn, Euzabeth, Lot: B-102, d. 4/13/1827
Horn, Samuel, Lot: B-102, d. 2/24/1827
Hovey, Abijah, Lot: A-263, d. 5/4/1811
Huichinson, Anna, Lot: A-50, d. 9/17/1850
Hurd, Joseph, Lot: B-4, d. 10/30/1842
Hutchins, Camilla, Lot: A-27, d. 11/18/1857
Hutchinson, Hannah, Lot: A-50, d. 11/1/1857
Illes, Lot: A-262
Isham, Francis, Lot: A-56, d. 6/17/1850
James, Eliza, Lot: B-22, d. 10/31/1841
Janes, Lot: A-249
Janes, Elihu, Lot: A-245, d. 9/2/1812
Janes, Emileyann, Lot: A-244, d. 3/7/1838
Janes, Francis, Lot: A-246, d. 3/14/1838
Jenkins, James, Lot: A-3, d. 8/4/1852
Johnson, Harriat, Lot: A-84, d. 2/8/1819
Jones, Ruth, Lot: A-220, d. 5/25/1829
Jones, Ruth, Lot: A-221
Kelty, Matthew, Lot: B-65
Kenah, James, Lot: A-233
Kendrick, Martha, Lot: A-305, d. 2/12/1865
Kendrick, Samuel, Lot: A-306, d. 11/2/1827
Kent, William, Lot: A-77, d. 2/29/1840
Keohan, Sarah, Lot: B-160, d. 4/25/1865
Knight, Oliver, Lot: A-4, d. 8/10/1867
Knight, Theoeotia, Lot: A-4, d. 1/1/1857
Leach, Aghsah, Lot: B-146, d. 4/24/1881
Leach, Edward, Lot: B-146, d. 4/18/2016
Leighton, Dobe, Lot: A-8, d. 2/8/1853
Leland, Lot: B-165
Leland, Joseph, Lot: B-166, d. 3/9/1853
Lincdln, Warren, Lot: B-34, d. 7/8/1835
Littlefield, Charles, Lot: B-50, d. 9/4/1849
Low, Capt David, Lot: B-47, d. 7/21/1830
Low, Danid, Lot: B-47, d. 8/8/1831
Low, Daniel, Lot: B-45, d. 10/18/1817
Low, Lydia, Lot: B-46, d. 3/12/1820
Lydston, Lot: B-127
Lynch, C, Lot: B-58, d. 10/7/1812
Mait, James, Lot: A-36, d. 4/9/1851
Mann, H, Lot: A-106
Marple, David, Lot: B-132, d. 3/11/1866
Marple, Samuel, Lot: B-133, d. 10/7/1827
Maynard, Jason, Lot: A-51, d. 9/8/1850
Maynard, Mercy, Lot: A-51, d. 10/16/1868
Mcauslan, Ann, Lot: A-147
Mcauslan, Joseph, Lot: A-147
Mears, Emmily, Lot: B-10, d. 4/22/1831
Mears, Martha, Lot: B-143, d. 3/19/1846
Mellen, Charlotte, Lot: B-51, d. 8/9/1827
Middieton, John, Lot: A-12, d. 2/1/1870
Middieton, John, Lot: A-12
Middieton, Mary, Lot: A-12, d. 2/1/1870
Middileton, Robert, Lot: A-12, d. 5/25/2016
Middleton, Robert, Lot: A-12, d. 5/25/2016
Middleton, Thomas, Lot: A-12, d. 8/16/1852
Miller, David, Lot: B-140, d. 11/6/1813
Miller, Harvey, Lot: A-314, d. 3/21/1852
Mitchell, James, Lot: A-163, d. 7/7/1807
Mitchell, Lewis, Lot: A-281, d. 5/30/1862
Mitchell, Sarah, Lot: A-281, d. 6/30/1859
Mixter, Betsy, Lot: A-255, d. 12/19/1854
Mixter, Joshua, Lot: A-255, d. 11/30/1842
Mixter, Phineas, Lot: A-255, d. 4/30/1846
Morley, Ali, Lot: A-129, d. 3/28/1890
Morley, Alie, Lot: A-129, d. 3/28/1890
Morly, David, Lot: A-59, d. 1/1/1850
Moulton, Mary, Lot: A-30, d. 10/6/1851
Murphey, James, Lot: A-251, d. 12/11/1845
Nason, Moses, Lot: B-137
Ne, Lot: A-33, d. 1855
Noonan, Thomas, Lot: B-160, d. July
Norcross, Alfred, Lot: A-140, d. 9/1/1851
Norcross, Menzar, Lot: A-140, d. May
Norcross, Sarah, Lot: A-140, d. 8/16/1847
Norcross, William, Lot: A-140, d. November
Norton, Lymans, Lot: B-32, d. 7/28/1850
Orner, Frepeick, Lot: B-67, d. 9/10/1836
P, E, Lot: A-312
Page, Eliza, Lot: A-133, d. 3/14/1832
Parker, Challoac, Lot: A-237, d. 9/20/1813
Parker, Farweu, Lot: A-237, d. 1/25/1813
Parker, George, Lot: A-237, d. 2/29/1812
Parker, Olive, Lot: A-236, d. 12/22/1837
Parker, Rarwell, Lot: A-237, d. 1/25/1813
Pasco, Aa, Lot: B-156, d. 1/9/1881
Peirce, Emerline, Lot: B-145, d. 10/17/1861
Peirce, Lydia, Lot: A-273, d. 1/31/1817
Peirce, Salem, Lot: B-145, d. 7/29/1831
Penniman, E M, Lot: A-311
Perkins, George, Lot: A-44
Philbrick, David, Lot: A-307, d. 7/5/1825
Philbrick, Hannahg, Lot: A-308, d. 9/13/1823
Philbrick, Joh N, Lot: A-309, d. 2/28/1825
Pierce, Wm, Lot: B-14
Pilsbury, Abigail, Lot: A-320, d. 8/13/1852
Pilsbury, Beby Whittier, Lot: A-320, d. 9/8/1837
Pilsbury, Marya, Lot: A-320, d. 12/12/1837
Pilsbury, Silas, Lot: A-320, d. 3/2/1838
Potter, Aaron, Lot: B-164, d. 4/8/1853
Proctor, John, Lot: A-49, d. 11/10/1850
R, Cath, Lot: B-130, d. 11/8/2016
Ramond, Francis, Lot: A-176, d. 6/14/1827
Ramond, Frank, Lot: A-176, d. 6/6/1841
Ramond, Frank, Lot: A-176, d. 6/6/1843
Ramond, John, Lot: A-176, d. 7/19/1853
Ramond, Sarah, Lot: A-176, d. 8/6/1841
Rand, Mary, Lot: A-162, d. 6/17/1827
Randall, George, Lot: A-189, d. 12/15/1832
Reddish, Sarah, Lot: B-88, d. 12/7/1844
Remick, Hannah, Lot: B-54, d. 9/6/1821
Remick, Hannah, Lot: B-54, d. 9/6/1821
Richardson, Mary, Lot: A-294, d. 3/1/1818
Richardson, Mary, Lot: A-69, d. 3/18/1855
Richardson, Willard, Lot: A-69, d. 5/1/1821
Richardson, William, Lot: A-294, d. 5/15/1838
Riley, Wan, Lot: A-232
Riley, Williams, Lot: A-232
Robie, Herbert, Lot: B-152, d. 9/23/1833
Robinson, Frederick, Lot: B-94, d. 2/17/1813
Roundy, Annae, Lot: B-68, d. 9/23/1853
Roundy, Emma, Lot: B-68, d. 1/11/1855
Rse, Silas, Lot: A-203, d. 12/9/1814
Rugg, Margaret, Lot: B-28, d. 7/27/1815
Rugg, Samuel, Lot: B-28, d. 5/27/1841
Russell, Emerson, Lot: A-287, d. 11/14/1845
Russell, Mary, Lot: A-272, d. 8/25/1816
Russell, Mary, Lot: A-272, d. 6/1/1817
Russell, Sarah, Lot: A-272, d. 8/9/1818
Sa, Francis, Lot: A-99, d. 1/26/1840
Safford, Elizabeth, Lot: A-213, d. 10/13/1814
Safford, Elizabeth, Lot: A-213, d. 10/13/1814
Sanborn, Hannah, Lot: A-39, d. 1855
Sanborn, Noah, Lot: A-39, d. 1851
Sanderson, Harry, Lot: A-222, d. 8/16/1849
Sanderson, Harry, Lot: A-222, d. 8/16/1849
Savage, Maria, Lot: A-30
Seaman, Josephine, Lot: A-15, d. 7/28/1914
Seaman, William, Lot: A-15, d. 7/28/1914
Seavey, Simeon, Lot: A-172, d. 12/12/1853
Shannon, Mary, Lot: B-27, d. 4/7/1816
Shapley, Nancys, Lot: A-10
Simonds, Hannah, Lot: B-123, d. 3/24/1831
Sisson, Bert, Lot: B-41, d. 7/1/1832
Sisson, Mary, Lot: B-41, d. 7/13/2016
Skeats, John, Lot: B-78, d. 12/7/1818
Smith, David, Lot: A-89, d. 10/9/1849
Smith, Experience, Lot: A-90, d. 12/25/1822
Smith, Ingants, Lot: A-90, d. 8/5/1825
Smith, John, Lot: A-102, d. 11/30/1823
Smith, Mary, Lot: A-91, d. 10/21/1807
Smith, Zenus, Lot: A-91, d. 4/30/1808
Smith, Zenus, Lot: A-91, d. 10/2/1811
Snow, Joseph, Lot: A-128
Snow, Susan, Lot: A-271, d. 1847
Sole, Eliza, Lot: A-70, d. 7/10/1819
Sole, John, Lot: A-70, d. 11/2/1819
Sole, William, Lot: A-71, d. 9/13/1817
Spafford, Ots, Lot: A-243, d. 9/9/1848
Spear, Abraham, Lot: A-288, d. 2/1/1847
Spear, Mary, Lot: A-323, d. 12/31/1876
Spinney, Mary, Lot: A-65, d. 10/12/1836
Sprague, John, Lot: A-159, d. 7/31/1822
Stearns, Cyrus, Lot: B-111, d. 3/23/1846
Stevens, Benjamin, Lot: A-26, d. 5/31/1892
Stevens, Eugene, Lot: A-6, d. 1/22/1852
Stinehari, Dudley, Lot: A-28, d. 10/31/1851
Stone, Tabitha, Lot: A-24, d. 2/16/1852
Summers, Thomas, Lot: A-303, d. 8/13/1873
Sunkew, Lot: A-149
Tewksbury, Louisa, Lot: A-68, d. 8/22/1858
Thayer, Henry, Lot: A-258, d. 12/1/1856
Thayer, Margaret, Lot: A-289, d. 5/19/1833
Thayer, Martha, Lot: A-258, d. 7/3/1850
Thurlow, George, Lot: B-109, d. 7/21/1822
Till, Mary, Lot: B-122, d. 1/17/1856
Trask, Elizabeth, Lot: A-209, d. 8/18/1822
Trask, Isaac, Lot: A-209, d. 1/27/1822
Tufts, Charlet, Lot: A-256
Tufts, Daniel, Lot: A-256
Tufts, Daniel, Lot: A-256
Tufts, Martha, Lot: A-256
Turner, Barnabas, Lot: B-163, d. 7/17/1831
Turner, James, Lot: B-114
Turner, Laban, Lot: A-118, d. 7/7/1840
Turner, Ruth, Lot: A-118, d. 8/7/1851
Turner, Sarah, Lot: B-163, d. 12/11/1867
Tuttle, James, Lot: A-97, d. 12/15/1851
Tuttle, Lydia, Lot: A-97, d. 3/28/1849
Underwood, Phineas, Lot: A-121, d. 4/29/1831
Vanvoorhis, Betsey, Lot: A-174
Waitt, Israel, Lot: A-210, d. 11/19/1837
Waitt, Marrtha, Lot: A-210, d. 3/29/1837
Waitt, Mary, Lot: A-210, d. 5/25/1856
Warren, Catherine, Lot: B-101, d. 8/23/1817
Watkinson, James, Lot: A-13, d. 12/22/1855
Watkinson, Richard, Lot: A-13, d. 2/9/1850
Watrinson, George, Lot: A-13, d. 2/18/1850
Watts, Lot: A-52
Watts, Richard, Lot: A-52, d. 5/7/1856
Watts, Sarah, Lot: A-52, d. 9/1/1850
Webster, Lot: B-158
Webster, Asa, Lot: A-135
Webster, Betsey, Lot: A-137, d. 11/2/1847
Webster, Catherine, Lot: A-137, d. 8/7/1880
Webster, Eben, Lot: A-137, d. 3/20/1826
Webster, Mary, Lot: A-135, d. 4/2/1822
Webster, Sara, Lot: A-136, d. 7/25/1817
Welch, Tansom, Lot: B-105, d. 3/15/2016
Wheeler, Isaac, Lot: B-38, d. 8/22/2016
Wheeler, Sally, Lot: B-38, d. 8/13/1817
White, John, Lot: B-17, d. 12/10/1840
Whitin, Gedrge, Lot: B-15, d. 7/5/1817
Whitmore, James, Lot: A-206, d. 11/5/1825
Will, Henry, Lot: B-36, d. 3/23/1812
Williams, Boardman, Lot: A-217, d. 2/5/1815
Williams, Boardman, Lot: A-217, d. 10/21/1822
Williams, Deborah, Lot: A-217, d. 11/10/1810
Williams, Georce, Lot: B-120, d. 9/26/1886
Williams, Harriet, Lot: A-216, d. 1898
Williams, Jessie, Lot: B-120, d. 10/2/1888
Williams, Johu W, Lot: B-120, d. 7/2/1874
Williams, Thomas, Lot: B-120, d. 9/11/1889
Wills, Helene, Lot: B-20, d. 4/1/1852
Wills, Johnw, Lot: B-20, d. 11/13/1819
Winslow, George, Lot: A-181, d. 11/21/1817
Wood, Ann, Lot: A-292, d. 8/22/1814
Wood, Clarra, Lot: B-164, d. 6/26/1856
Wood, George, Lot: A-235, d. 9/24/1842
Wood, William, Lot: A-291, d. 8/24/1840

Illegible Tombstones

, Lot: A-271A, d. 9/15/2016
Illegible, Lot: A-62, d. 10/10/2016
Illegible, Lot: A-104
Illegible, Lot: A-105
Illegible, Lot: A-11
Illegible, Lot: A-120
Illegible, Lot: A-124
Illegible, Lot: A-125
Illegible, Lot: A-134
Illegible, Lot: A-138
Illegible, Lot: A-139
Illegible, Lot: A-142
Illegible, Lot: A-148
Illegible, Lot: A-151
Illegible, Lot: A-154
Illegible, Lot: A-155
Illegible, Lot: A-156
Illegible, Lot: A-164
Illegible, Lot: A-165
Illegible, Lot: A-166
Illegible, Lot: A-167
Illegible, Lot: A-168
Illegible, Lot: A-170
Illegible, Lot: A-171
Illegible, Lot: A-177
Illegible, Lot: A-178
Illegible, Lot: A-18
Illegible, Lot: A-181A
Illegible, Lot: A-183
Illegible, Lot: A-183A
Illegible, Lot: A-19
Illegible, Lot: A-190
Illegible, Lot: A-191
Illegible, Lot: A-192
Illegible, Lot: A-193
Illegible, Lot: A-194
Illegible, Lot: A-195
Illegible, Lot: A-196
Illegible, Lot: A-197
Illegible, Lot: A-198
Illegible, Lot: A-199
Illegible, Lot: A-2
Illegible, Lot: A-20
Illegible, Lot: A-200
Illegible, Lot: A-201
Illegible, Lot: A-21
Illegible, Lot: A-22
Illegible, Lot: A-23
Illegible, Lot: A-244A
Illegible, Lot: A-265
Illegible, Lot: A-266
Illegible, Lot: A-29
Illegible, Lot: A-31
Illegible, Lot: A-32
Illegible, Lot: A-34
Illegible, Lot: A-43
Illegible, Lot: A-45
Illegible, Lot: A-46
Illegible, Lot: A-57
Illegible, Lot: A-60
Illegible, Lot: A-72
Illegible, Lot: A-79
Illegible, Lot: A-81
Illegible, Lot: A-82
Illegible, Lot: A-9
Illegible, Lot: A-92
Illegible, Lot: A-93
Illegible, Lot: A-95
Illegible, Lot: A-96
Illegible, Lot: A-98
Illegible, Obelisk, Lot: A-64

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