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Bennington Street Cemetery
East Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts

bennington street cemetery
Bennington Street Cemetery

GPS: 42.381115, -71.020833

Bennington St.
East Boston, MA 02128

Published: June 14, 2016
Total records: 727

Bennington Street Cemetery is owned and maintained by the City of Boston, MA


Bennington Street Cemetery is one of the earliest planned open spaces in the East Boston community. Founded in 1838, its physical layout and gravemarkers reflect the growth and diversity that has characterized East Boston. The landfill projects of the 1830s and the shipping-associated industries attracted countless laborers to this area. The gravestones and monuments represent their numbers and ethnic backgrounds.

Immigrant groups represented here were from Germany, Norway, Ireland, England, Scotland, and New Brunswick. One of the exceptional features of this cemetery is the number of epitaphs inscribed in a foreign language. For example, of all the legible stones, eleven have inscriptions written in German. In addition to detailing the growth of the immigrant community, the markers also recount the process of nation-building and the role East Bostonians played in it.

Local participation in the Civil War is illustrated by the thirty-seven marble markers commemorating members of the Massachusetts Infantry, Navy, Cavalry, and Artillery. In addition, there is one free-standing G.A.R. Post 23 monument and two headstones commemorating World War I veterans.

Bennington Street Cemetery has also served the East Boston community as an outdoor gathering place. By the late nineteenth century, there were only a few originally intended open spaces still in existence in East Boston. On a given Sunday afternoon, people would gather in the nicely shaded landscape of the Bennington Street Cemetery to picnic with their families, pay respects to loved ones, and enjoy the ocean breezes which came directly off the Harbor.

Cemetery Records

Records published below were acquired from the City of Boston's cemetery database on June 13, 2016.

A, A
, Lot: B-81
A, E, Lot: B-81
A, Mena, Lot: C-35, d. 8/22/2016
Akis, Lot: D-65
Alexander, George, Lot: A-46, d. 12/7/1901
Allen, Alice, Lot: B-77, d. 8/11/1894
Allmand, Wasena, Lot: C-82, d. 2/18/1869
Anderson, John, Lot: B-6, d. 1/3/1888
Anderson, Ruth, Lot: A-24, d. 12/2/1899
Anderson, Thilda, Lot: B-47, d. 6/13/1891
Andrews, A, Lot: D-43
Ane, Maria, Lot: C-46
Anthony, Bert, Lot: C-93, d. 10/20/1870
Appleton, Lot: B-12
Appleton, Jacob, Lot: A-2, d. 1903
Appleton, Jacon, Lot: A-2, d. 1903
Appleton, Mary, Lot: A-2, d. 1894
B, A, Lot: D-16
Baas, Conrad, Lot: D-24, d. 4/1/1851
Baxter, George, Lot: A-43, d. 1901
Baxter, Ruth, Lot: A-43, d. 1901
Becker, Clavs, Lot: C-76, d. 2/18/1867
Berry, Lot: C-114
Berry, Elizabeth, Lot: B-17, d. 1917
Berry, Winthrop, Lot: B-17, d. 1909
Beuliah, Ann, Lot: C-29, d. 9/11/1854
Bithell, Elizabeth, Lot: A-61, d. 1902
Bithell, Marya, Lot: A-61, d. 1928
Boughton, Lot: D-86
Bowen, William, Lot: A-9, d. 1936
Boyd, Lot: B-64
Brick, Lot: C-122
Bronston, Francis, Lot: C-88
Brown, Lot: C-56
Brunton, Lillian, Lot: B-33A, d. 7/3/1890
Burnett, Wm, Lot: D-8
Burt, Lot: C-109
Buse, Jose, Lot: C-8, d. 7/1/1850
Buswell, Henry, Lot: D-94, d. 11/25/1881
Byer, Augusta, Lot: D-81, d. 1883
Byer, Rosa, Lot: D-91, d. 1917
Carter, J, Lot: B-2
Ceelmuyden, Thorvald, Lot: A-7, d. 8/29/1900
Celtic, Cross, Lot: B-94, d. 1896
Childs, Lizzie, Lot: C-92
Childs, Nellie, Lot: C-92
Churchill, J, Lot: D-66
Clark, Elizabeth, Lot: D-83, d. 1911
Clark, Isephine, Lot: D-83, d. 1882
Clark, Romulus, Lot: B-34
Close, Lot: C-100
Clouter, Hedley, Lot: A-30, d. 2/5/1900
Clouter, William, Lot: A-30, d. 1/15/1901
Clouter, William, Lot: A-58, d. 10/20/2016
Collins, Arthur, Lot: B-22, d. 1/10/1889
Cook, Lot: B-20, d. 1942
Cook, Willard, Lot: B-37, d. 8/26/1887
Coon, Lot: B-67, d. 1987
Coon, Elizabeth, Lot: B-67, d. 1895
Coon, Ellen, Lot: B-67, d. 1980
Coon, George, Lot: B-67, d. 1910
Cooper, Levi, Lot: C-97
Cordiner, G Hamilton, Lot: A-25, d. 12/20/1893
Cordiner, Geo Watt, Lot: A-25, d. 1/20/1893
Cornish, Joseph, Lot: D-97, d. 7/4/1881
Craig, T, Lot: D-57
D, G, Lot: D-36
Dahl, Alborg, Lot: B-50, d. 1897
Dahl, Elida, Lot: B-50, d. 1892
Damon, Mary Eliza, Lot: D-28, d. 8/21/1846
Damon, Sarah, Lot: D-28, d. 7/6/1862
Daniels, Alice, Lot: B-87, d. 1921
Daundry, Florenle, Lot: A-32, d. 11/12/1880
Dengreen, Charles, Lot: D-45
Dibbern, George, Lot: D-92
Dibbern, Lois, Lot: D-92
Dimond, Jno, Lot: B-14
Dittmer, Katharina, Lot: D-55, d. 8/14/1880
Dittmer, Metta, Lot: D-55, d. 3/7/1887
Dixdn, George, Lot: C-72, d. 1865
Dixdn, Sarah, Lot: C-72, d. 1895
Dixon, Lot: B-84
Dixon, George, Lot: C-72, d. 1866
Dolston, John, Lot: C-31, d. 9/21/1854
Dow, Aaron, Lot: C-53, d. December
Dow, Sarah, Lot: C-53, d. 1860
Duggan, M, Lot: A-13, d. 3/23/1899
E, E, Lot: B-81
Edge, Lot: D-27, d. 3/10/1851
Edwards, G, Lot: A-49
Ellis, Frank, Lot: B-69, d. 4/7/1920
Emery, Sarah, Lot: C-48, d. 1/25/1860
Engelhardt, Emma, Lot: A-57
Epps, Emily, Lot: A-6, d. 1898
Epps, Emily, Lot: A-6, d. 1898
Epps, Maria, Lot: A-6, d. 1878
Evams, Gedrge, Lot: B-59, d. 1918
Evams, Gertrude, Lot: C-73, d. 10/26/1877
Evams, Gertrude, Lot: C-73, d. 10/26/1877
Evans, C, Lot: C-63
Evans, Elizabeth, Lot: B-59, d. 1892
Evans, Geokge, Lot: B-59, d. 1893
Evans, William, Lot: C-73, d. 10/27/1877
Evans, William, Lot: D-71, d. 7/17/1878
Ewing, Mary, Lot: A-53, d. 7/5/1855
Fahrenholz, Eliesa, Lot: C-58, d. 6/4/1879
Fence, Harmenny, Lot: C-5
Fenno, John, Lot: C-113, d. 4/2/1877
Fernald, Joseph, Lot: D-21
Fervald, J Brackett, Lot: A-56, d. 6/23/1867
Fervald, J Brackett, Lot: A-56, d. 6/23/1867
Fett, Johan, Lot: C-119, d. 11/2/1828
Fitzgerald, Annie, Lot: B-79, d. 10/8/1948
Fitzgerald, Thomas E, Lot: B-79, d. 10/1/1895
Folland, Irene, Lot: A-38, d. 2/9/1899
Foss, E, Lot: C-79
Foss, Geo, Lot: D-77
G, H, Lot: C-105, d. 8/6/1873
G, S, Lot: D-38
Gaires, Maccolm, Lot: B-74, d. 1894
Gallagher, Hinnie, Lot: D-14, d. 4/7/1882
Gallagher, James, Lot: B-39, d. 1932
Gallagher, Jane, Lot: D-114, d. 4/24/1891
Gates, George, Lot: D-53, d. October
Geldard, Harold, Lot: B-94, d. 1893
Giles, James, Lot: C-66
Gooby, Age, Lot: B-41, d. 10/21/1918
Goodearl, Alfred, Lot: D-90
Greening, Margett, Lot: A-50A, d. 7/20/1905
Gwinn, James, Lot: C-43, d. 8/3/1857
H, A, Lot: A-44
H, M, Lot: D-35
Haddon, Mary, Lot: D-30, d. 10/19/1850
Hadfield, Ann, Lot: C-45, d. 7/22/1858
Hansen, Lot: D-50, d. 1923
Hargta, John, Lot: C-27, d. 7/18/2016
Harmon, William, Lot: B-31, d. 10/18/1889
Harnum, Cardline, Lot: C-111, d. 7/28/1876
Harnum, Emma, Lot: C-111, d. 5/21/1871
Harnum, Georee, Lot: C-111, d. 8/8/1884
Harnum, Martha, Lot: C-111, d. 2/18/1882
Harnum, William, Lot: C-111, d. 2/2/1877
Hart, Lot: B-3, d. 1886
Hassold, A, Lot: C-17, d. 1852
Hedges, William, Lot: C-110, d. 1/24/1876
Hellinwell, Eliza, Lot: A-55, d. 1903
Herrstrom, Katarina, Lot: A-36, d. 2/2/1900
Hesenius, John, Lot: A-17, d. 6/5/1899
Hildebrand, R, Lot: D-74, d. 2/2/1980
Hill, Joseph, Lot: C-118
Hodges, James, Lot: D-61, d. 2/25/1881
Hodgkins, Lot: B-89
Hodgkins, Lot: C-50
Hodgkins, Irene, Lot: A-20, d. 1917
Hodgkins, Josephine, Lot: A-65, d. 4/8/1914
Hodgkins, Josephine, Lot: B-95, d. 4/8/1914
Hodgkins, Wendell, Lot: A-20, d. 1905
Hoerle, C, Lot: C-116
Hoffman, George, Lot: A-21, d. 1899
Hoffman, John, Lot: A-21, d. 1901
Hofmann, George, Lot: C-107, d. 3/11/1881
Holland, Lot: B-36
Hollohan, James, Lot: D-85, d. 5/5/1905
Holmes, William, Lot: A-11
Holst, Augusta, Lot: A-3, d. 1898
Horgley, Thomas, Lot: D-76, d. 4/19/1879
Howard, A, Lot: C-99
Howatson, John, Lot: C-18, d. 4/23/1853
Howe, Abigail, Lot: C-16, d. 11/8/1852
Howe, E, Lot: C-38, d. 4/11/1836
Hucy, Lot: B-1
Innis, Willie, Lot: D-49, d. 5/9/1885
J, G, Lot: B-83
Jackson, Lot: C-115
Jackson, Elizabeth, Lot: A-52, d. 1904
Jackson, Elizabeth, Lot: A-52, d. 1913
James, Henry, Lot: C-37, d. 11/2/1833
Jay, Corretter, Lot: D-52, d. 12/15/1866
John, Wilson, Lot: C-37, d. 11/12/1853
Johnson, Annies, Lot: A-60, d. 1908
Johnson, Britta, Lot: B-27, d. 2/14/1890
Johnson, Ella, Lot: C-90, d. 1/19/2016
Johnson, Henry, Lot: D-70, d. 12/28/1879
Johnson, Martin, Lot: A-60, d. 1902
Johnson, Samuel, Lot: D-32, d. 4/1/1858
Jones, Margrett, Lot: A-42, d. 6/3/1901
Joslyn, Rachel, Lot: C-86, d. 1869
Jqnes, I, Lot: D-59
Keen, Nancy, Lot: C-59, d. 12/18/1862
Keen, Shadrach, Lot: C-55, d. 4/11/1862
Kehoe, Mary, Lot: D-42, d. 10/31/2016
Kelley, James, Lot: C-36, d. 9/19/1833
Kennely, Lot: B-42, d. 1890
Kierstead, Ida, Lot: B-15
Knight, G, Lot: C-96
Koch, Philip, Lot: D-51, d. 7/23/1871
Lamont, Alexander, Lot: C-10, d. 8/17/1850
Larsen, Edwin, Lot: S-28, d. 1890
Laundry, Florenle, Lot: A-32, d. 11/12/1880
Lebaron, Katie, Lot: D-62, d. 12/30/1880
Leet, Fdwin, Lot: B-96, d. 3/14/1897
Leiman, Maria, Lot: A-50, d. 1902
Levis, John, Lot: B-63, d. 1894
Lindsay, John, Lot: C-21, d. 7/29/1853
Londholn, Lot: B-53
Long, Lot: B-92
Lord, Sophia, Lot: A-63, d. 3/1/1865
Lowell, H, Lot: C-60
Lyman, W, Lot: C-74
Mac Callum, George, Lot: A-47, d. 1902
Mac Callum, Isabella, Lot: A-47, d. 1909
Macleod, Samuel, Lot: D-89, d. 9/7/1853
Madock, Thomas, Lot: A-16, d. 4/1/1873
Mangles, Lot: C-33
Mann, Maula, Lot: C-29, d. 9/11/1854
Marshall, Lot: B-88
Marston, E, Lot: B-35
Mayberry, Lot: C-78
Mc Geehan, Lizzie, Lot: B-46
Mcconnell, Carl, Lot: B-71, d. 10/1/1894
Mcdonald, Jennet, Lot: D-93, d. 6/14/1885
Mcdonald, Jessie, Lot: D-93, d. 3/17/1886
Mcelman, Laura, Lot: A-42, d. 11/11/1901
Mcgee, Lot: B-33
Mcintire, Lot: D-60
Mcintire, William, Lot: D-41, d. 10/14/1860
Mckay, Lot: D-17, d. 12/11/1851
Mckay, Anne, Lot: C-87, d. 3/3/1869
Mckay, William, Lot: C-87, d. 11/18/1883
Mckean, Mary, Lot: A-27, d. 1/24/1901
Mclean, Duncan, Lot: C-9, d. 7/4/1850
Mcninch, David, Lot: C-19, d. 12/20/1856
Mcphail, Katie, Lot: D-63, d. 7/29/1877
Mcphail, Phebe, Lot: D-63, d. 6/29/1877
Merrill, Lot: C-102
Miller, G, Lot: A-18
Miller, James, Lot: C-49, d. 2/1/1860
Milnes, Mary, Lot: D-49, d. 7/15/1887
Minet, Frank, Lot: C-104, d. 5/30/1873
Minet, Frank, Lot: C-104, d. 4/14/1890
Minet, Henryctta, Lot: C-104, d. 2/2/1879
Mugridge, Louise, Lot: B-26, d. 5/7/1980
Muir, Harriet, Lot: C-26, d. 4/29/1854
Murray, J, Lot: B-68
Mutter, J, Lot: B-86
Nelson, Harry, Lot: B-90, d. 1897
Nettie, Lot: D-73
Newell, George, Lot: A-22, d. 10/7/1899
Nichols, Bernice, Lot: A-10, d. 4/6/1899
Nichols, Joseph, Lot: A-10, d. 10/17/1898
Nilson, Brita, Lot: B-45, d. 8/20/1890
Noble, Lot: C-106A
Nut, Peter, Lot: D-68
Olcupp, Robit, Lot: C-24
Oliver, Lot: C-94
Olson, Eva, Lot: B-65, d. 1895
Page, Gwendoline, Lot: A-40, d. 11/21/1900
Paine, Lot: B-13, d. 1923
Paterson, Jane, Lot: A-12, d. 1899
Patterson, Victoria, Lot: C-91, d. 10/16/2016
Penn, George, Lot: C-98, d. 4/18/1888
Peterson, Lot: B-21
Peterson, Christian, Lot: C-67
Petri, Louise, Lot: C-57, d. 7/13/1866
Petri, Wlhelmina, Lot: C-57, d. 7/11/1866
Pilster, Anna, Lot: C-83
Rae, Elizabeth, Lot: C-28
Randall, Thomas, Lot: A-64, d. 1903
Ransey, Lot: B-82
Rawlison, Lillian, Lot: B-98, d. 1897
Reddick, Francis, Lot: B-11, d. 12/4/1886
Redstone, Jane, Lot: C-106, d. 10/12/1873
Robbins, Sarah, Lot: C-20, d. 7/1/1819
Rodger, Alexander, Lot: A-19, d. 1907
Rodger, James, Lot: A-19, d. 1904
Rothwell, William, Lot: A-48, d. 9/23/1917
Rush, Edith, Lot: A-35, d. 1896
Rush, Harold, Lot: A-35, d. 1896
Samuel, A, Lot: C-84, d. 8/8/1868
Samuel, Alfred, Lot: C-84, d. 10/2/1871
Schluas, Nellie, Lot: B-70, d. 10/6/1891
Schroeder, Adolph, Lot: D-69, d. 11/18/1881
Schroeder, Katy, Lot: D-69, d. 11/11/1881
Schwaar, Johanna, Lot: C-52, d. 5/6/1860
Scott, Fraucis, Lot: C-108, d. 1880
Scott, George, Lot: B-55
Scott, Jane, Lot: A-37, d. 6/8/1974
Scott, Margaret, Lot: B-55
Scott, William, Lot: C-108, d. 1892
Seaward, Lot: D-56
Seelen, Minna, Lot: C-62
Shaffer, Estella, Lot: D-82, d. 1/5/1883
Shaffer, Herman, Lot: D-80, d. 3/11/1883
Shaw, Albert, Lot: B-61, d. 1893
Shaw, Elizabeth, Lot: B-61, d. 1903
Shaw, Horace, Lot: B-61, d. 1943
Shellhouse, Elizabeth, Lot: C-121, d. 1887
Shellhouse, Henry, Lot: C-121, d. 1880
Sister, Claus, Lot: D-15
Skerrett, Mary, Lot: C-22, d. 3/20/1851
Smith, Lot: D-64, d. 1920
Smith, Lot: D-67, d. 1920
Smith, Alebert, Lot: D-75, d. 8/30/1883
Smith, E, Lot: B-35
Smith, George, Lot: B-7, d. 5/30/1887
Smith, Lillian, Lot: D-75, d. 7/7/1878
Spinney, Abigail, Lot: D-26, d. 1/31/1833
Starke, Johan, Lot: C-77, d. 2/17/1867
Starks, Henry, Lot: B-32, d. 9/1/1889
Stibolt, Robert, Lot: B-90, d. 1909
Stockdale, Janet, Lot: A-28, d. 1902
Stockdale, Nathaniel, Lot: A-28, d. 1900
Stretton, H, Lot: A-59
Swanson, George, Lot: A-1, d. 10/21/1917
T, A, Lot: D-18
T, A, Lot: D-34
Taylor, Betsey, Lot: B-29, d. 1/2/1890
Taylor, Malcolm, Lot: D-22, d. 9/8/1851
Taylor, Rebecca, Lot: B-44, d. 1886
Taylor, Robert, Lot: A-41, d. 6/15/1901
Tedfdrd, Jane, Lot: C-68, d. 6/27/2016
Tedford, Alva, Lot: C-69, d. 6/27/1867
Thompson, Amos, Lot: D-29, d. 4/1/1831
Thompson, Arthur, Lot: B-87, d. 1935
Thompson, Lewis, Lot: B-43, d. 1891
Titzerald, Thomas E Sr, Lot: B-79, d. 2/22/1912
Torry, John, Lot: C-47, d. 4/23/1859
Tupper, Dora, Lot: D-37, d. 10/1/1854
Turner, Margaret, Lot: C-65, d. 4/16/1861
Vandalinga, Lot: D-84
Visco, Antunio, Lot: A-45, d. 1902
Walker, Elizabeth, Lot: C-7
Wallace, Lot: C-42
Walter, Lot: C-95
Walther, Fred, Lot: C-117, d. 12/2/1881
Walther, Minnie, Lot: C-117, d. 4/7/1878
Walther, Peter, Lot: B-24, d. 7/5/1888
Ward, Mary, Lot: C-11, d. 11/1/1851
Watt, Lot: B-19
Wentworth, Frederick, Lot: D-13, d. 7/20/1851
Wenzell, Jacob, Lot: D-25, d. 1/11/1833
West, Lot: B-4, d. 1918
West, William, Lot: B-10
White, Charles, Lot: C-103
Wiegand, Maria, Lot: C-89, d. 8/22/1869
Williams, Ernest, Lot: A-23, d. 6/4/1900
Williamson, Mabel, Lot: A-4, d. 1898
Wilson, Charles, Lot: A-15, d. 1899
Wilson, Emma, Lot: A-15, d. 1913
Wing, C, Lot: C-112
Witite, Ellen, Lot: C-103, d. 6/30/1873
Wolfe, Mary, Lot: C-85, d. 12/9/1869
Wood, Lot: B-80
Wood, David, Lot: D-87, d. 8/26/1898
Wood, David, Lot: D-87, d. 10/14/1918
Yonssen, Willie, Lot: B-38, d. 1895

Unidentified Graves

Granite, Slab
, Lot: B-5
Granite, Slab, Lot: B-62
Granite, Slabs, Lot: B-78

Illegible, Lot: D-58, d. 9/29/2016
Illegible, Lot: D-10, d. 11/2/2016
Illegible, Lot: D-23
Illegible, Lot: C-15
Illegible, Lot: C-81
Illegible, Lot: D-19
Illegible, Lot: D-33
Illegible, Lot: D-47
Illegible, Lot: D-67

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