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King-Hussey Cemetery
Peabody, Essex County, Massachusetts

GPS: 42.527575, -70.952116

Contributed by Jeff Labuz, Jul, 12, 2000 [92fnx7i001@sneakemail.com]. Total records = 22.

King-Hussey Cemetery
Summit Street
Peabody Massachusetts

Transcribed 14 March 2000, by Jeff Labuz. The modern sign at the cemetery entrance reads as follows:

Peabody Historic Graveyard Coalition, 1821, King-Hussey Cemetery. sponsored by Holden Oil

Goodrich, Abby K., d. 30 Mar 1872, age 26y 11m 28d, w/o Charles F. (no maiden name; not found in LDS; probably Abagail King), s/by Abby K Goodrich, Row 3
Goodrich, Abby, d. 28 Jul 1872, age 4m 1d, d/o Charles F. and Abby K. Goodrich, s/by Abby King, Row 3
Holden, Annie K., b. 30 May 1838, d. 26 Apr 1889, w/o Charles Holden(no maiden name; LDS says Eliza Ann King Hussey), s/w Mrs King and Mary Radin, 4th row
Hussey, Betsey K., d. 12 Jun 1885, age 86y 7m 12d, (no maiden name; LDS says Betsey King), Row 3
Hussey, John, d. 12 Mar 1843, age 2y, s/o Joseph and Betsey K. Hussey, Row 3
Hussey, Nathan K.,d. 15 Feb 1869, age 32y 10m, Row 3
Hutchingson, Rebecca K., b. 30 Jul 1820, d. d. 28 Mar 1888, (no maiden name; LDS says Rebecca Hutchinson King)(Sam's name is spelled "Hutchingson" but Becky is identified as "w/o Samuel Hutchinson".)Row 2, s/w Samuel her husb.
Hutchingson, Samuel b. 2 May 1814 (LDS says 6 Nov 1814 and 28 Nov 1814), d. 17 Jun 18?1 , (1891 or 1881; not found in LDS)Row 2, s/w Rebecca his wife
King, Amos, d. 3 Feb 1860, age 6da, Row 2, s/by Rebecca
King, Amos, d. 28 Apr 1831, age 80, h/o & s/by Mary, Row 1
King, Daniel Jr., d. 21 Feb 1845, age 52, Row 1, s/w wife Lucy
King, Lucy, (no maiden name; LDS says Lucy Andrews), d. 6 Dec 1850, age 46, Row 1, s/w Daniel her husb.
King, Maj. Amos, d. 12 Mar 1869, age 81y 9d, row 1, h/o and s/w Rebecca
King, Mary, d. 14 Aug 1843, age 83, (no maiden name; LDS says Mary Marsh), w/o & s/by Amos, Row 1
King, Mrs. Abagail, d. 23 Apr 1860, age ?4y 5m (24y, 74y, or other; not found in LDS) (no maiden name; not found in LDS; mystery woman), s/w Annie Holden & Mary Raddin, 4th row
King, Nathan H., d. 7 Jun 1829, age 27, Row 1
King, Rebecca, (no maiden name; LDS says Rebecca Hutchinson), d. 27 Aug 1821, age 2?y (24y or 21y; LDS confirms 24y), Row 1, w/o & s/w Amos
King, Rebecca, d. 31 Jul 1842, age 13da, Row 2, s/by Amos
King, Zachariah Jr., d. 10 Jun 1832, age 42, Row 1
N.H.K. no dates, s/by Z.K., Row 2
Raddin, Mary, d. 11 Jun 1871, age 87y 3m, widow of Benjamin (no maiden name; LDS says Mary King), s/w Mrs King & Annie Holden, 4th row
Z.K., no dates, s/by N.H.K., Row 2

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