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Cobb's Hill Cemetery
Barnstable Village, Barnstable County, Massachusetts

cobbs hill cemetery
Cobb's Hill Cemetery

GPS: 41.701055, -70.300002

Millway Lane
Barnstable Village, MA

Published: Jun 10, 2016
Total records: 27

Cobb's Hill Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Barnstable.


Cobb's Hill Cemetery is a very old grave yard with burials from the American Revolutionary era.Total size of the cemetery stands at 0.75 acres.

Cobb's Hill is named for the Cobb family, one of the first families that settled in Barnstable. The cemetery came as a result of building a church on Cobb's Hill in 1717, as part of a newer, second parish congregation. Burials began taking place here, even before the church was erected, because parishioners urging for the new parish felt unified in their belief that Cobb's Hill was the location for their new spiritual home.

The earliest known burial here took place in 1715.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the city's database on Jun 10, 2016. The City has only records of the most recent burials here.

ANTHONY, GLADYS W., d. 8/29/1999, Lot: 006, Grave: 002
ANTHONY, ROBERT O., d. 10/28/1997, Lot: 006, Grave: 001
COBB, DAVID, d. 1/1/1994, Lot: 004, Grave: 000
COBB, DAVID, Lot: 002, Grave: 00
COBB, LUCILLE R., d. 4/14/2003, Lot: 002, Grave: 000
COBB, MATHEW, d. 4/29/1996, Lot: 002, Grave: 0
COBB, RITA, d. 1/1/1993, Lot: 003, Grave: 000
CROCKER, IRENE B (BABY), d. 2/26/1853, Lot: 001, Grave: 1
CROCKER, NATHAN, d. 1/28/1880, Lot: 001, Grave: 3
CROCKER, SUSAN D., d. 8/7/1883, Lot: 001, Grave: 2
HALL, E.FLORA HOLLWAY, d. 1/1/1941, Lot: 001, Grave: ?
HALLETT, ELSIE E., Lot: 001, Grave: 2B
HALLETT, FRANCIS, d. 2/20/1903, Lot: 001, Grave: 5
HALLETT, HAROLD MAURICE, d. 1/1/1960, Lot: 001, Grave: 004A
HALLETT, MARTHA (ADCOCK), d. 1/1/1986, Lot: 001, Grave: 005A
HALLETT, MAURICE C., d. 1/1/1949, Lot: 001, Grave: 6
HALLETT, MAURICE C.2ND, d. 1/1/1941, Lot: 001, Grave: 6A
HALLETT, ROBYN A., d. 5/22/1996, Lot: 001, Grave: 006A
HALLETT, SUSAN (CROCKER), d. 1/1/1884, Lot: 001, Grave: 4
HUNSAKER, FRANCES B., Lot: 0000, Grave: 000A
NEILL, BERNICE (HALLETT), d. 1/1/1971, Lot: 001, Grave: 1C
NEILL, BERNICE (HALLETT), d. 1/1/1971,Lot: 001
NEILL, FREDERICK S., d. 8/23/1956, Lot: 001, Grave: 1D
NEILL, PATRICIA, d. 3/18/2009, Lot: 000, Grave: 001A
NEILL, ROBERT, d. 2/13/2010, Lot: 000, Grave: 001B
TULIS, ANNE, d. 4/9/1997, Lot: 005, Grave: 2
TULIS, JOHN R., d. 3/8/1996, Lot: 005, Grave: 1

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