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Warren Breland Cemetery
Franklinton, Washington Parish, Louisiana

Corner of Hwy 424 & Hwy 1070
Pine Community, LA

Contributed by Brenda Breland Thomas, Mar 10, 2001 [bthomas1969@aol.com].
Total records = 32.

A complete read of Warren Breland Cemetery by Brenda Thomas, 2001.
Barber, Janie B., b. 6 Mar 1921, d. 9 Jan 1991, w/o Brister Barber, d/o Abner Eliza Breland and Montoria Cooper Breland
Breland Albert Latamore, b. 13 Sep 1902, d. 26 Feb 1975, h/o Jessie Lee Breland
Breland, Abner Eliza, b. 12 Jan 1895, d. 9 May 1943, h/o Montoria Coopeer Breland
Breland, Arnold E., b. 28 Mar 1923, d. 18 Nov 1980, s/o Abner Eliza Breland & Montoria Cooper Breland, h/o L. Kathryn Breland
Breland, Infant, d. Sep 1948, s/o Willie Breland and Ona Faye Thomas Breland
Breland, Jessie Lee, b. 4 Jul 1908, d. 28 Mar 1970, w/o Albert Latamore Breland
Breland, L. Kathryn, b. 12 Jun 1927, d. no date, w/o Arnold E. Breland
Breland, Martha Betsy Jones, b. 16 Mar 1867, d. 23 Jul 1941, w/o Warren W. Breland
Breland, Montoria Cooper, b. 10 Jul 1897, d 29 Jul 1987, w/o Abner Eliza Breland
Breland, Warren W., Jr., 22 Apr 1937, Corp. 12 Field Arty 2nd Div
Breland, Warren W., b. 29 Oct 1867, d. 19 Feb 1950, h/o Martha Betsy Jones Breland
Breland, Willie A., b. 21 Sep 1927, d. 21 Nov 1974, h/o OnaFaye Thomas Breland, s/o Abner Breland and Montoria Cooper Breland
Gianelloni, Robert S., b. 15 Jul 1964, d. 24 Feb 1984
Gianelloni, Ronald J., b. 25 Dec 1944, d. 1 Feb 1993, s/o Robert Gianelloni and Katie Lou Gianelloni
Gunulfsen, Gudmund, b. 8 May 1889, d. 22 Jun 1962, h/o Lena Breland
Gunulfsen, Warren (Junior), b. 4 Jan 1933, d. 18 Sep 1988, U.S. Army, Korea, w/o Bernice Gunulfsen
Haag, Herman, b. 9 Aug 1910, d. 23 Jan 1982 "Father"
Haag, James Davis Carr (Jimmy), b. 20 Sep 1957, 27 Jul 1976, son, s/o Herman Haag
Pace, Davis, b. 20 Sep 1897, d. 6 Nov 1967, h/o Vergie Breland Pace
Pace, Judy Carol, b. 11 May 1949, d. 24 May 1949
Pace, Virgie Breland, b. 3 Aug 1890, d. 7 Jan 1977, w/o Davis Pace
Pace, Warren J., d. 4 Jan 1941, LA PVT H2S MIL POLICE CO 4 DIV
Payne, Burley E., b. 9 Sep 1921, d. 2 May 1922, w/o Willis and Ella Phaney Breland Payne
Payne, Ella (Phaney) Breland, b. 30 Sep 1896, d. 23 Feb 1962, "Mother", 2nd w/o Willis Payne, d/o Warren W. and Betsy Jones Breland
Payne, Infant, 23 Aug 1920, ch/o Willis and Ella P. Breland Payne
Payne, William Ray, b. 1 Mar 1926, d. 13 Oct 1978, h/o Laura Entrekin, w/o Willis and Ella P. Breland Payne
Rawls, Billy J., b. 30 Nov 1932, d. 22 Feb 1987, h/o Ruby N. Rawls
Rawls, Lula Breland, b. Feb 1889, d. 19 May 1957, w/o William F. Rawls, d/o Warren W. Breland and Martha Betsy Jones Breland
Rawls, Ruby N., b. 16 Oct 1937, d. no date, w/o Billy Jean Rawls
Rawls, William F., b. Aug 1889, d. Jul 1944, h/o Lula B. Rawls
Weihermiller, Louise Breland, b. 12 Nov 1896, d. 5 Mar 1980, w/o Rudy Weihermiller, d/o Warren W. and Martha Betsy Jones Breland
Weihermiller, Rudy (Rudolph), b. 21 Jun 1895, d. 30 Sep 1960, h/o Louise Breland Weihermiller
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