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Agudath Achim Cemetery
Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky

Contributed by Alan Murray[ssg-murray@webtv.net]. Total records = 42.

Agudath Achim Cemetery
Located between 2737 and 2801 Preston Highway in Louisville, KY

There were more burials in the cemetery that were not recorded due to they being more recent.

(H) Stands for Hebrew writing on the stone.

Altman, Baby, No date
Bachman, Abram, b.1851, d.1931 (H)
Bachman, Tobia, d.July 7 1915 Age 60 Years
Baron, Gruna Sarah, d.Apr 8 1933 Age 77 (H)
Baron, Simon, b.Aug 15 1856, d.Nov 11 1918 (H)
Braginskaya, Anna Brage, b.1829, d.1914 (H)
Dashoff, Bertha, d.Jan 6 1931 (Mother) (H)
Dashoff, David, d.Mar 24 1846 (Father) (H)
Debrovy, Belle, b.1853, d.1908 (H)
Fehr, Bessie, b.Mar 8 1868 Feb 8 1950 (Mother) (H)
Feinberg, Ben, b.1889, d.1931 (H)
Feinberg, Harry, b.June 15 1890, d.Aug 14 1914 (H)
Feinberg, Nathan, d.Jan 7 1938 (Father) (H)
Feinberg, Rebecca, d.Feb 20 1938 (Mother) (H)
Feinberg, Sarah, d.June 9 1928 (Mother) (H)
Flumbaum, Raphael, b.1903, d.1938 (Son) (H)
Fromholtz, Regenia, b.1847, d.1923
Fromholtz, Samuel, d.Sept 9 1906 Aged 90 Years (H)
Getzel, Borugh, d.Feb 9 1914 (H)
Gordy, Hirsh, b.1820, d.1906
Greenwald, b.1861, d.1929 (All Hebrew)
Grubstein, Louis, b.1869, d.1917 (H)
Jacobson, Abraham, b.1858, d.1906
Lebby, William, d.March 25 1919 Age 6 Years, beloved son of Joseph & Rosa (H)
Lerner, Harry, d.Aug 23 1918 (H)
Linker, Kalman, b.1860, d.1934 (H)
Linker, Rose, b.1877, d.1966 (H)
Mandel, David, d.Feb 13 1926 (H)
Mandel, Eva, b.May 15 1871, d.Apr 9 1926 (H)
Mandel, Freda, b.Died Mar 5 1922 (H)
Mandel, Ruth, b.1920, d.1923 (H)
Michaels, J., b.Oct 1 1875 Mar 19 1908
Pollock, Samuel B., b.1874, d.1934 (Father)(H)
Pollock, Yetta, b.1879, d.1950 (Mother)(H)
Potosky, Goldie, b.1893, d.1918 (H)
Rosenthal, Jacob, b.1864, d.1917 (Father) (H)
Speevack, Alex, d.Mar 17 1935 (H)
Speevack, Annie, d.Jan 21 1934 (H)
Speevack, Bernard, d.Dec 15 1929 (H)
Vine, Bluma, b.March 1 1939 (Mother) (H)
Wolder, Hannah S., b.1856, d.1930 (Wife)(H)
Wolder, Max M., b.1854, d.28 (Husband) (H)
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