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Wilson Cemetery
Smith, Harlan County, Kentucky

Lat: 36° 41' 42"N, Lon: 83° 29' 47"W

Contributed by Lee Roy Hamlin, Jan 26, 2001 [dudenlou@kih.net]. Total records = 32.

This cemetery is located about 14 miles west of Cawood, KY. On Hwy. 987. You have to take a road to your right off 987 up on the Stone mountain for just a short distance.

This cemetery cannot be reached by car easily. The rows start at the entrance to the cemetery. It appears to be a family cemetery, and is in fair condition.

- Lee Roy Hamlin
Brummett, Carr, (No dates readable, Row 2-59
Combs, Fannie, b. Aug 1919, d. 11 Aug 1960 (Frances Ellen Wilson) Wife of Roscoe Combs) (D/o John Jackson and Emily (Thomas) Wilson (First Husband was Charlie Jones), Row 3-49
Combs, Roscoe, b. 1894, d. 1963 (Second Husband of Fannie Ellen Wilson), Row 3-48
Eads, Betty, b. 1811, d. 28 May 1897, Row 4-43
Hensley, David, (No date on stone, John Wilson's family bible says he was born 29 Mar 1914) S/o Dewy and Charlotte "Lottie" (Wilson) Hensley Infant, Row 2-54
Jones, Polly, b. 11 Nov 1830, d. 11 Nov 1896, Row 8-36
Jones, Willard, (Twin of Frances Ellen Wilson and first husband Charlie Jones) died at birth, Row 3-50
Jones, Willie (Twin of Frances Ellen Wilson and first husband Charlie Jones) died at birth, Row 3-50
Long, Mary Jane (Wilson), b. 20 Apr 1897, d. 16 May 1980, Row 9-23
Long, Sarah E. J., b. 26 Mar 1907, d. 08 Jun 1907, Baby, (D/o VA and Nancy Long) (all this is on tombstone), Row 6-39
Napier, Charlie, b. 05 Jan. 1862, d. 03 Jul 1922 (Husband of Sarah Elizabeth (Jones) Napier, Row 11-10
Napier, Sarah Elizabeth (Jones), b. 11 Sept. 1873, d. 05 Nov 1961 (Wife of Charlie Napier), Row 11-9
Nelson, Aromer Nelson, b. 25 Oct 1943, d. 28 May 1944, Row 13-2
Nelson, John D. Nelson, b. 31 Aug. 1897, d. 09 Jun 1967 [husband of Sally Napier, daughter of Charlie and Sarah Elizabeth Jones Napier], Row 13-3
Nelson, John Wayman, b. 01 Mar 1959, d. 03 Mar 1959, Row 13-1
Wilson, (Albert) Dudley, b. 1851, d. 28 Sept 1910 (Husband of Mary Ann (Lee) Wilson) ( Father of John Jackson and William Harvey Wilson, Row 2-56
Wilson, ??, Believed to be ?? Wilson, Row 12-8
Wilson, Arthur, Believed to be Arthur Wilson (S/o Daniel and Maude Roark Wilson), Row 12-6
Wilson, Charlie, b. 17 Mar. 1899, d. 15 Jun 1906 (S/o John Jackson and Emily (Thomas) Wilson, Row 2-58
Wilson, Charlotte (Jones), b. 15 Dec 1873, d. 11 Mar 1907 (wife of William Harvey Wilson), Row 9-22
Wilson, Child, Known to be child of Frances Ellen Wilson and Charlie Jones, Row 3-51
Wilson, Ellie, b. 1884, d. 1899, Row 8-35
Wilson, Emily, b. 26 Oct 1880, d. 27 May 1933 (Wife of John Jackson Wilson), Row 2-53
Wilson, Henry C., b. 04 Apr 1900, d. 26 Jan 1905, Row 4-46
Wilson, John Jackson, b. 07 Aug. 1876, d. 12 Dec 1966 (Husband of Emily (Thomas) Wilson) (S/o Albert Dudley and Mary Ann (Lee) Wilson), Row 2-51
Wilson, Mary Ann (Lee), b. 16 Jul 1839, d. 07 Jul 1937 (Wife of Albert Dudley Wilson), Mother of John Jackson and William Harvey Wilson, Row 2-55
Wilson, Mary, b. 29 Jan 1910 D. 13 Mar 1910 ( D/o John Jackson and Emily (Thomas) Wilson, Row 2-57
Wilson, Otto, Believed to be Otto Wilson (S/o Daniel and Maude Roark Wilson), Row 12-7
Wilson, Preston, b. 1855 d, 1918 (Husband of Rachel? And S/o Louisa Wilson), Row 8-32
Wilson, W. Harvey (William Harvey), b. 04 Jun. 1874, d. 26 Sept 1947 (Husband of Charlotte Jones) (S/o Dudley and Mary Ann (Lee) Wilson, Row 9-21
Wilson, W. J. W, b. 12 Aug 1905 (Not sure if this date is birth, death or both), Row 4-44
Wilson, Willied, b. 27 Jun. 1893, d. 13 Oct 1909, Row 4-47

26 unknown markers and/or field stones
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