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Sandidge Cemetery
Green County, Kentucky

Contributed by Ed Benningfield, February 24, 2000 [knobcreekboy@mindspring.com]. Total records = 43.

This cemetery is located between Liletown and Newt. The burying ground was about 300 yards west of the house on the Sandidge plantation "Wilson Hill". The house no longer stands. (Courtesy of the Green County Library)

Beard, Chrissie, b.1883, d.1925
Beard, Ella, b.1913, d.1915
Beard, Lemuel, b.1916, d.1918
Beard, Paul, b.1923, d.1931
Beard, Willie, b.1886, d.1932
Bell, John W., b.17 Dec. 1848, d.30 July 1902
Goalder, James, b.1850, d.1856
Goalder, John A., b.1852, d.1855
Goalder, Luann, b.12 Dec. 1838, d.13 Sept. 1889
Goalder, M. P., b.16 April 1882, d.13 Sept. 1882
Higgason, Johnny, b.27 March 1820, d.11 Sept. 1857
Higgason, Lucy, b.1 Jan. 1800, d.21 Dec. 1855
Higgason, Suprey, b.22 Nov. 1789, d.19 Feb. 1858
Jeffries, Loyd, b.16 Nov. 1927, d.16 Nov. 1927
McKinney, Clistie, b.1903, d.1903
McKinney, Eliza, b.1876, d.1913
McKinney, Leslie U., b.16 June 1874, d.4 Feb. 1950
McKinney, Louella, b.1871, d.1894
McKinney, Maggie N., b.6 June 1878, d.5 April 1952
McKinney, Martha J., b.4 Feb. 1849, d.3 Nov. 1918
McKinney, Phineas, b.1909, d.1909
McKinney, W. W., b.1872, d.1963
Mills, Geneva May, b.11 May 1915, d.12 Jan. 1920
Mills, Tommy, b.11 May 1902, d.19 Nov. 1910
Pruitt, Austin S., b.1908, d.1909
Sandidge, Brice, b.15 June 1844, d.27 July 1847
Sandidge, Capt. John, b.25 Nov. 1760, d.27 July 1832
Sandidge, Elizabeth (Graves), b.14 Feb. 1720, d.6 Jan. 1826
Sandidge, Elizabeth, d.7 June 1867 at age 20 years, 3 months (wife of Pleasant)
Sandidge, Gen. Pleasant, b.19 Oct. 1791, d.3 July 1849 (57 years, 8 mo., 15 days)
Sandidge, Mary, b.1762, d.March 1824
Sandidge, T. G., b.24 July 1835, d.27 July 1861
Whitlock, Amanda C., b.16 Feb. 1818, d.29 April 1893
Whitlock, B. R. (Benjamin), b.22 July 1811, d.10 Nov. 1886
Whitlock, B. V. (N), b.1863, d.1914
Whitlock, Evlen, b.1907, d.1914
Whitlock, Francis M., b.28 Nov. 1854, d.2 May 1900
Whitlock, Garland N., b.1921, d.1928
Whitlock, Irene, b.1909, d.1909
Whitlock, Lou E., b.6 Dec. 1863, d.8 March 1945 (wife of Francis)
Whitlock, Ogden, b.7 June 1921, d.1 Oct. 1923
Whitlock, Ortellar, b.3 Nov. 1922, d.1 Oct. 1923
Whitlock, Tony, b.1887, d.1956
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