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Henry DeSpain Cemetery
Green County, Kentucky

Contributed by Ed Benningfield [knobcreekboy@mindspring.com]. Total records = 97.

Henry DeSpain Cemetery
Green County, Kentucky

The cemetery is located near Wards, about two miles west of Hwy. 210 on the Larue-Green County line. On Hibernia map, Section 12-L-47 Carter coordinates. The cemetery is well kept and dates back to about 1880.

Davis, Arthur L., b.14 July 1906, d.9 Nov. 1957
Davis, Bessie, b.4 May 1901, d.? (wife of Arthur)
Despain, Alice, b.6 June 1867, d.?, (wife of Marshall)
Despain, Anthony M., b.12 Dec. 1887, d.26 Sept. 1960
Despain, B. F., b.1886, d.1902
Despain, Daniel, b.1884, d.1889
Despain, Emless A., b.1862, d.1935
Despain, Ezeakel, b.1896, d.1974
Despain, George W., b.1866, d.1939
Despain, James, b.18__, d.1920
Despain, John Henry, b.23 Feb. 1884, d.22 Sept. 1930* at age 64 years, 6 months (DC) (years don't add up) (stone has death date of 20 Sept. 1930)(son of Lewis Despain & Mandy Edwards)
Despain, Joseph, b.11 Sept. 1829, d.19 March 1908
Despain, J.T., b.1855, d.1898
Despain, Lewis, b.1842, d.1938
Despain, Mandy J. Edwards, b.4 May 1851, d.17 June 1918, (wife of Lewis)
Despain, Marshall, b.3 Nov. 1857, d.13 April 1932
Despain, Mary E., b.20 Aug. 1856, d.1 April 1932 (wife of William H.)
Despain, Missouri A., b.22 Dec. 1871, d.14 Dec. 1882
Despain, Nannie, b.18__, d.1902, (wife of James)
Despain, Sallie, b.1 Sept. 1834, d.?, (wife of Joseph)
Despain, Sarah F., b.1854, d.1942(wife of J. T.)
Despain, Sophia Ann, b.1889, d.1890
Despain, Sudie Salsman, b.20 April 1884, d.3 May 1959(wife of J. H. Despain)
Despain, William H., b.12 Dec. 1852, d.3 April 1929
Etherton, Harrett A., b.16 Sept. 1858, d.9 June 1902 (wife of Milton)
Etherton, Howard R., b.18 May 1909, d.29 July 1909
Etherton, Milton P., b.5 Nov. 1856, d.17 April 1891
Graham, James Robert, b.10 May 1920, d.10 May 1920
Howell, Rev. Joe R., b.26 April 1922, d.?
Howell, Vernie E., b.5 May 1920, d.14 Feb. 1970 (wife of Joe)
Jaggers, Onza Thompson, b.1910, d.1939 (wife of S. B. Jaggers)
Jaggers, Pauline L., b.1932, d.1932
Perce, John P., b.24 July 1851, d.11 Jan. 1917
Pierce, Andrew J., b.29 Sept. 1876, d.15 June 1899
Pierce, Joe T., b.16 Aug. 1879, d.1 Nov. 1902
Pierce, Milton, b.15 April 1848, d.19 Sept. 1919
Pierce, Rosie E., b.23 April 1874, d.3 Feb. 1901 (dau. of Milton)
Pierce, Susan, b.15 Sept. 1857, d.1 Feb. 1945
Pierce, Willie E., b.23 Nov. 1881, d.7 Feb. 1971
Purvis, Virgie Lee, b.2 Dec. 1918, d.8 Jan. 1919
Skaggs, Bessie Alice, b.8 Jan. 1912, d.13 July 1968
Skaggs, B. G., b.27 Nov. 19_2, d.
Skaggs, Bertha Lee, b.29 Oct. 1902, d.23 March 1932* (DC) no stone (dau. of R. A. Warren & Lindy Despain)
Skaggs, Claud O., b.18 May 1937, d.?, (Pvt. 1st Class 6 Inf. 5 Div.)
Skaggs, C. W., b.20 April 1948, d.?
Skaggs, Edd, b.5 Jan. 1890, d.16 Aug. 1977
Skaggs, Effie, b.28 Feb. 1910, d.17 Oct. 1910
Skaggs, H. T., b.26 Aug. 1936, d.?
Skaggs, Marvin, b.2 May 1905, d.13 May 1971
Skaggs, P. M., b.25 July 1941, d.?
Skaggs, Turl Ross, b.25 June 1924, d.28 June 1928
Skaggs, Zilpha, b.(wife of Edd) 20 Feb. 1894, d.9 June 1972
Thompson, Aberham, b.14 March 1871, d.3 Jan. 1939
Thompson, Alice, b.30 Nov. 1869, d.29 Sept. 1916
Thompson, Alta, b.1915, d.1944
Thompson, Annie Elizabeth, b.1887, d.1925
Thompson, Bertha, b.1899, d.1899
Thompson, Cordellia, b.29 May 1869, ?, (wife of Aberham)
Thompson, Eleen, b.1901, d.1948
Thompson, Elijah J., b.20 Jan. 1880, d.17 Nov. 1951
Thompson, Gerald Vernon, b.9 July 1941, d.31 July 1952
Thompson, Jeptha, b.19 April 1897, d.19 Feb. 1975
Thompson, John W., b.1863, d.1936
Thompson, Joseph Theodore, b.22 March 1928, d.29 March 1958
Thompson, Levella Gene, b.9 Feb. 1931, d.11 Dec. 1935
Thompson, Louis D., b.5 May 1912, d.19 Aug. 1912
Thompson, Lucy C., b.23 Dec. 1908, d.?
Thompson, McKinley, b.1897, d.1980
Thompson, Robert Earl, b.13 March 1951, d.16 Feb. 1952
Thompson, Roosevelt J., b.21 Oct. 1904, d.3 May 1975
Thompson, Rosa Lee Despain, b.22 May 1879, d.27 July 1962(wife of Elijah)
Thompson, Sam, b.1882, d.1924
Thompson, Sheri Le, b.25 June 1955, d.25 June 1955
Thompson, Thomas J., b.18 Feb. 1842, d.1 Sept. 1904
Thompson, Thomas L., b.24 April 1935, d.24 April 1935
Thompson, Zula, b.1882, d.1909 (wife of John W.)
Underwood, Carleen, b.20 Jan. 1957, d.30 Jan. 1957
Warren, Andy, b.11 Feb. 1901, d.?
Warren, Bettie S., b.14 March 1892, d.1 March 1956(wife of Neal)
Warren, Claude E., b.24 May 1914, d.22 Sept. 1935
Warren, Didama, b.31 March 1848, d.1 Oct. 1941 (wife of Frank)
Warren, Dorothy R., b.1924, d.1945
Warren, Eliza, b.12 Dec. 1842, d.1 May 1926 (wife of John T.)
Warren, Flossie, b.25 Sept. 1894, d.28 May 1929 (wife of L. R. Warren)
Warren, Hugh, b.16 June 1851, d.8 Dec. 1913
Warren, Jesse R., b.28 May 1887, d.5 July 1959
Warren, John R., b.1868, d.1935
Warren, John T., b.7 June 1846, d.12 Nov. 1920
Warren, Lillie A., b.18 Feb. 1892, d.23 April 1972 (wife of Andy)
Warren, L.R., b.15 April 1895, d.?
Warren, Lyda, b.17 Oct. 1853, d.12 Jan. 1919 (wife of Hugh)
Warren, Malinda A., b.15 April 1865, d.28 Aug. 1938 (wife of Richard)
Warren, Mary G. Despain, b.11 Aug. 1889, d.30 May 1926 (wife of Jesse)
Warren, Melvin, b.10 June 1918, d.27 June 1918
Warren, Neal T., b.15 April 1889, d.27 Sept. 1960
Warren, Richard A., b.9 Oct. 1863, d.3 Nov. 1939
Warren, William Frank, b.27 Dec. 1852, d.4 Sept. 1923 (son of William Warren & Bettie Salsman)* (DC) (death cert. Gives 17 Sept. as date)
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