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Dezarn Cemetery
Green County, Kentucky

Contributed by Ed Benningfield, February 24, 2000 [knobcreekboy@mindspring.com]. Total records = 76.

(Magnolia map, Section 23-L-47 Carter coordinates) The cemetery is on a hill just east of highway 61 in northern Green County. It is about one mile south of the LaRue County line. The cemetery dates back to about 1885. (Courtesy of the Green County Library)

Bloyd, Roy, b.15 April 1896, d.26 Oct. 1896, (son of H. M. & S. A.) (broken)
Bloyd, Sophia A. Dezarn, b.13 July 1878, d.9 Nov. 1896 at 17 (wife of Henry)
Carter, James G., b.21 Feb.1953, d.2 March 1953
Coy, Alma G., b.6 June 1934, d.4 Sept. 1963 (wife of Ray)
Coy, Ray, b.29 Dec. 1929, d.
Creason, Margaret, b.22 Nov. 1914, d.21 April 1960 (wife of Wilburn)
Creason, Wilburn, b.29 Aug. 1918, d.22 March 1968
Davis, Ansel, b.17 Oct. 1860, d.12 June 1934 (son of Joseph A. Davis)
Davis, Claude, b.22 June 1890, d.8 July 1890 (son of Ansel & Dama)
Davis, Didama, b.16 July 1861, d.25 Aug. 1932 (wife of Ansel) (dau. of E. A. Dezarn & Rachel H. Bell)* (Death Cert.)
Davis, Gertrude, b.22 Oct. 1884, d.13 Nov. 1901 (dau. of Ansel & Dama)
Davis, Laree, b.24 Dec. 1918, d.15 June 1978 (wife of Leonard)
Davis, Leonard, b.17 Aug. 1915, d.
Davis, Salathiel, b.6 Oct. 1882, d.10 March 1908
Davis, Thomas F., b.18 Sept. 1875, d.12 July 1959
Despain, Arthur L., b.30 May 1893, d.21 June 1893 (son of I. L. & b.L.)
Despain, Bettie L. Dezarn, b.17 Dec. 1869, d.30 Dec. 1933 (wife of Irvin)
Despain, Edward L., b.13 Dec. 1843, d.11 Jan. 1915
Despain, Irvin L., b.25 Sept. 1870, d.19 Oct. 1945
Despain, Leona, b.3 April 1893, d.?, (wife of Melvin)
Despain, Melvin, b.18 Nov. 1894, d.?
Dezarn, Augustine E., b.22 Jan. 1867, d.15 June 1885 (son of E. & R. H.)
Dezarn, Creed Hardin, b.1895, d.1977
Dezarn, David T., b.15 March 1871, d.22 Feb.1894 , (broken stone)(postmaster of Dezarn)* (NP)
Dezarn, Edmond, d.9 Feb.1891, at age 77 years * (Newspaper) no stone
Dezarn, Elisha A., b.4 Oct. 1833, d.30 March 1892
Dezarn, F. T., b.7 Jan. 1865, d.14 March 1893 (broken stone)
Dezarn, Garrett, b.1872, d.1930
Dezarn, Rachel H. Bell, b.(wife of Elisha) 28 Oct. 1839, d.4 Sept. 1923
Durbin, David, b.no dates
Fisher, Edna, b.30 Jan. 1872, d.23 April 1913 (wife of Lemuel A.)
Fisher, Lemuel Allie, b.27 April 1867, d.27 Oct. 1941* (DC) (no stone) (child of John b.Fisher & Mary Phillips)
Fisher, Lura, b.2 June 1914, d.22 Oct. 1932 (wife of L. A.)
Ford, Coy Hanson, b.11 May 1909, d.18 Feb.1958
Gabbert, Harriett, b.31 Dec. 1887, d.1 July 1923 (wife of F. G. Gabbert)
Krigbaum, Josie E., b.1 May 1884, d.5 July 1951
Lewis, Phillip & Phylis, b.5 Sept. 1959, d.5 Sept. 1959
Noe, Arthur, b.1915, d.1958
Noe, Julia A., b.23 Aug. 1891, d.13 Dec. 1972 (wife of Victor)
Noe, Nikita L., b.3 Oct. 1952, d.22 Nov. 1952
Noe, Victor H., b.8 March 1888, d.12 July 1950
Pepper, David A., b.12 July 1891, d.6 Dec. 1973
Pepper, Ethel, b.14 July 1895, d.16 Nov. 1978
Skaggs, David, b.1866, d.1933
Skaggs, Delopha, b.1882, d.1957
Skaggs, E. Joyce, b.16 Jan. 1939, d.? , (wife of Otto)
Skaggs, Everett, b.4 June 1886, d.16 May 1956
Skaggs, Jessie, b.15 July 1915, d.? , (wife of Walter)
Skaggs, Joseph, b.12 Oct. 1920, d.8 Nov. 1921 (son of E. E. & S. J.)
Skaggs, Lucy Alice, b.(wife of David) 1866, d.1931
Skaggs, Nora Lee, b.15 Oct. 1894, d.21 March 1920
Skaggs, Otto Jr., b.3 April 1934, d.17 Oct. 1977
Skaggs, Sophia, b.7 July 1892, d.?, (wife of Everett)
Skaggs, Walter, b.15 July 1912, d.25 May 1970
Thompson, Lura E., b.1891, d.1960
Underwood, Emmitt Clell, b.1932, d.1974
Underwood, Pauline Warren, b.1937, d.
Walker, Louisa F. Warren, b.11 Nov. 1877, d.23 Dec. 1963
Warren, Ada, b.10 Feb.1888, d.27 Feb.1980 (wife of Richard)
Warren, Angela D., b.17 Jan. 1973, d.19 Jan. 1973
Warren, Bee, b.1914, d.1969
Warren, Dave M., b.2 March 1872, d.16 Sept. 1945
Warren, Dotson, b.3 June 1824, d.9 June 1906
Warren, Emily Johnson, b.23 Feb.1834, d.26 June 1905 (wife of Huriah)
Warren, George, b.1885, d.1957
Warren, Hugh Huriah, b.13 April 1824, d.19 March 1918 (son of Hugh)
Warren, infant of Thomas, d.24 Oct. 1899* (NP) no stone
Warren, infant daughter of R. W. & S. M., b.27 Feb.1885, d.1 March 1885
Warren, Mattie T. Dezarn, b.15 Oct. 1875, d.26 Oct. 1896 (broken stone) (wife of J. T. Warren) (dau. of E. Dezarn)
Warren, Mella B., b.7 Oct. 1897, d.2 Jan. 1898
Warren, Parthena Skaggs, b.1 Aug. 1847, d.6 Oct. 1921 (wife of Dotson)
Warren, Patsy E., b.1942, d.1966
Warren, Richard, b.3 Feb.1876, d.19 Nov. 1957
Warren, Winnie D., b.6 Nov. 1895, d.27 June 1896
Whitlow, Stella Mae, b.10 Oct. 1907, d.23 Oct. 1977 (wife of W. T.)
Whitlow, W. T., b.13 Jan. 1907, d.?
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