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Barrett Family Cemetery
Green County, Kentucky

Contributed by Ed Benningfield, February 24, 2000 [knobcreekboy@mindspring.com]. Total records = 31.

This cemetery is about a quarter mile north of the Greensburg City Cemetery. It is in back of the old Barrett red brick house. The Barrett's were among the first settlers of the town. There are several more large stones that are too heavy to lift to read the dates. (Courtesy of the Green County Library)

Allen, Fanney M., b.April 1812, d.18 Oct. 1827
Allen, Frank Vansant, b.18 March 1867, d.8 April 1869, (son of E. P. & Minnie)
Allen, Hulda, b.24 Nov. 1812, d.6 July 1855, (wife of Wm. B.)
Allen, infant, b.10 March 1828, d.10 March 1828, son of Wm. B. & Jane P.
Allen, James Pope, b.24 Dec. 1804, d.27 Feb. 1836
Allen, Lewis Augustus, b.20 March 1848, d.July 1848, (son of W. B. & Hulda)
Allen, Walter Wilcox, b.15 May 1840, d.25 Aug. 1841, (son of W. B. & Huldah)
Allen, Willia W., b.12 June 1855, d.1856, (dau. of W. B. & Huldah)
Allen, William, b.13 Oct. 1860, d.19 Nov. 1862, (son of W. B. & M. N.)
Allen, William B., b.19 May 1803, d.22 April 1882
Arnold, Fanney, b.5 June 1799, d.13 Sept. 1827
Arnold, Nimrod H., b.17 Jan. 1759, d.15 Sept. 1827
Barrett, Elizabeth, b.10 Nov. 1761, d.8 July 1833, (wife of Francis)
Barrett, Francis, b.29 Feb. 1762, d.6 July 1833 (Both died of cholera & are buried together)
Barrett, Goodloe, b.8 June 1847, d.3 July 1848, (son of W. T. & M. D.)
Barrett, John, b.27 Nov. 1785, d.6 April 1880
Barrett, Mary W., b.6 Oct. 1799, d.8 March 1883 (Born in Albemarle Co., Va.)(wife of John)
Barrett, Virginia F., b.5 Feb. 1832, d.18 June 1834, (dau. of John & Mary)
Barrett, William B., b.25 Nov. 1796, d.4 July 1833 (Died of Cholera)
Barnett, W. R., b.29 Nov. 1796, d.9 July 1833
Bliss, Charlie, d.20 July 1856 at age 20 months(son of Josiah and Elizabeth)
Bliss, Mary Eliza, b., d.July 1, 1849, (dau. of Josiah & Elizabeth)
Fairman, Nora, b.1863, d.1905
Fairman, William Bennett, b.11 May 1812, d.9 April 1875 (stone down next to William that could be his wife because it matches)
Miller, Gibby, b.1 July 1829, d.Oct. 1839, (dau. of Wm. B. & Jane P.)
Stovall, William H., b.1822, d.11 July 1833 at age 11 years
Thornton, Anthony Y., b.12 March 1812, d.24 Oct. 1827
Thornton, Henry F., b.1 May 1810, d.9 Jan. 1832
Webster, John B., b.24 June 1866, d.21 July 1866
Wilcox, William, b.31 July 1824, d.24 Aug. 1824, (son of W. B. & Hatte)
Wood, Elizabeth, b.3 June 1818, d.17 Oct. 1820

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