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Poteet Cemetery #2
Ceader Bluff Mills, Edmonson County, Kentucky

Compiled and contributed by Bobby Wayne Smith, Jul 1999 [bsmith9305@aol.com].  Total records = 16.

Bobby Wayne Smith
770 V Z Cr 1517
Grand Saline, TX  75140

This Cemetery is located on Highway 1749 on the Logsdon Road, what is known as The Ceader Bluff Mills Area, near the Wingfield Community . The Poteet and Logsdon families are buried at this Location.  This Cemetery was read by : Compiler Bobby Wayne Smith and Samuel Chester Poteet in the Summer of July 1999.  (There Are Several Unmarked Graves at this Cemetery.)  This is not a completed List of this cemetery and further work is being done to identify those who are buried here in unmarked graves.

- Bobby Wayne Smith

Davis, Nettie F., b. Jan 10, 1904 Edmonson County KY, d. Jan 10, 1904, Edmonson County KY, (daughter of W. T. and M. T. Davis).
Logsdon, Dennis, b. Feb 28, 1856, d. Nov 25, 1925, (Son of John and Elender D. Goodman Logsdon)
Logsdon, Elender D. Goodman, b. Jul 13, 1816,Grayson County KY, d. Nov 15, 1894, Edmonson, County KY, m. 1836 (wife of John Logsdon).
Logsdon, John, b. Sep 18, 1815, Grayson County KY, d. Dec 9, 1898, Edmonson County KY, (The Husband of Elender D. Goodman)
Poteet, Asberry K., b. abt.1875, Edmonson County KY, d. Nov 1882 . Edmonson County KY, (Son of John Dabner and Lou Vicey Poteet).
Poteet, Child, b. Sep 4, 1926, d. Mar 20, 1929, Marker missing upper part First Name is missing reads POTEET .
Poteet, Delphia Alton, b. Sep 4, 1926, Edmonson County KY, d. Mar 20, 1929, Edmonson County KY, (The daughter of Robert J. and Ellen S. Poteet).
Poteet, Effie Line, b. Jun 4, 1876, Edmonson County KY, d . Jun 6, 1947, Edmonson County KY, (wife of Robert Douglas Poteet, m. Sep 1, 1891, Edmonson County KY, (The daughter of William Jurdon and Neoma Sidney Poteet).
Poteet, Emaline, b. Feb 2, 1897, Edmonson County KY, d. Jun 22, 1897, Edmonson County KY, (The daughter of J. M. and M. F. Poteet).
Poteet, Ethel E., b. Oct 22, 1906, Edmonson County KY, d. Sep 22, 1923, Edmonson County KY, (daughter of Robert Douglas and Effie Line Poteet)
Poteet, John Dabner, b. May 4,1849, Warren County KY, d. Dec 31, 1910, Edmonson County KY, (Son of Joseph H. and Elizabeth Goodman Poteet)
Poteet, Lou Vicey Logsdon, b. Nov 5, 1842 Grayson County KY, d. Feb 11, 1910, (The wife of John Dabner Poteet), Married : June 1869, Edmonson County KY .
Poteet, Milla, Buried here in Unmarked Grave. (Imformation according to Family Members) (The Wife of Pleasant Poteet)
Poteet, Pleasant, b. Possibly Virginia, d. Buried here in Unmarked Grave.(Information according to Family Members.) Came from Overton County, Tennessee, to Kentucky and settled and has several Family Members in this area of Edmonson County KY. He is the Oldest Ancestor of The Poteet Families in Kentucky.
Poteet, Robert Douglas, b. Jun 17, 1872, Edmonson County, d. Jan 8, 1930, Edmonson County KY, (Son of John Dabner and Lou Vicey Poteet) .
Poteet, Unnamed Son, b. Feb 27, 1904, Edmonson County KY, d. Feb 27, 1904, Edmonson County KY, (The Son of Robert Douglas and Effie Line Poteet)

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