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Winchester Cemetery
Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky

625 West Lexington Ave
Winchester, KY 40392-4036
PH: (859) 744-6889

Lat: 37° 59' 50"N, Lon: 84° 11' 20"W

The Winchester Cemetery was established in 1854.

This is not a complete listing of all burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. last edited Jul 09, 2008. Total records = 110.

Contributor's Index:

Abney, Dillard, b. 15 Jul 1902, d. 10 Mar 1948, s/o Matt and Margaret Lee Abney, [BH]
Abney, Leonard, b. 1904, d. 25 Apr 1952, s/o Matt and Margaret Lee Abney, [BH]
Abney, Margaret E. (Lee), b. 26 Apr 1869, d. 18 Mar 1951, d/o David and Nancy Gray Lee, [BH]
Abney, Matison "Matt", b. Jun 1864, d. 7 Jan 1946, s/o Clemmons and Mary Ann Chaney Abney, [BH]
Adams, Amanda Jones, b. 1835, d. 12/18/1914, w/o John, [RD]
Adams, Isaac W., b. 3/13/1848, d. 2/20/1865, s/o Lewis & Sally, [RD]
Adams, John, b. 7/29/1831, d. 7/20/1895, s/o William & Sarah, [RD]
Adams, Lewis, b. 8/29/1826, d. 3/22/1880, s/o William & Sarah, [RD]
Adams, Sally Ann Oliver, b. 8/29/1826, d. 3/22/1880, w/o Lewis, [RD]
Anes, Millard, b. 22 May 1878, d. 5 Mar 1946, h/o Martha E. Lee, [BH]
Angel, Edna Cora (Anes), b. 18 Dec 1902, d. 15 Mar 1970, d/o Millard Anes, [BH]
Bell, Elma Thomas, b. 16 Sep 1891, d. 24 Aug 1984, w/o Clarence G. Bell, d/o Joseph Wesley Rupard and Sudie Jerusha (Haggard) Rupard, [PT]
Berry, Thomas J., b. 13 Dec 1900, d. 20 Mar 1986, s/o David Huls and Mary Elizabeth (Lee) Berry, [BH]
Bradley, Mary Robinson, d/o J & L, b. 11/25/1856, d. 7/27/1934, [RD]
Brookshire, James Q., b. 9/15/1849, d. 7/16/1916, [RD]
Brookshire, Talitha Johnson, b. 1/15/1854, d. 10/13/1937, w/o James, d/o Armistead & Elizabeth, [RD]
Chism, Patsye Lou, b. 26 Jun 1896, d. 18 Jun 1981, w/o Charlie Chism, d/o Joseph Wesley Rupard and Sudie Jerusha (Haggard) Rupard, [PT]
David, Jimmie Farrell, b. 12 Feb 1894, d. 20 Apr 1943, w/o R.E. David, d/o Joseph Wesley Rupard and Sudie Jerusha (Haggard) Rupard, [PT]
Day, Edwin Doyle, b. Oct 20, 1933, d. Oct 19, 2003, s/o Doyle Preston and Ruth Byrd (Noel) Day, h/o Peggy Jo Milton, [KD]
Downs, Mary Mildred, b. 16 Nov 1909, d. 11 Jan 1990, w/o Louis Downs and James Langley Horton, d/o Sudie Jerusha (Haggard) Rupard and Joseph Wesley Rupard, [PT]
Dykes, Amanda Elizabeth Brookshire, d/o James & Talitha, b. 1872, d. 4/23/1942, [RD]
Estes, Allie, b. 04/25/1884, d. 09/10/1970, [BF]
Estes, Allie, b. 12/30/1919, d. 08/14/1920, [BF]
Estes, James E., b. 06/13/1921, d. 01/29/1963, "WW II Veteran", [BF]
Estes, Pora F, b. 05/08/1886, d. 03/07/1977, [BF]
Estes, Wesley C., b. 06/12/1912, d. 06/17/1944, "Killed in invastion of France", [BF]
Finney, Georgia Anna (Highley), b. 1863, d. 13 May 1945, w/o James Finney, [BH]
Finney, James, b. 12 Feb 1857, d. 29 Dec 1926, h/o Georgia Anna Highley, [BH]
Finney, Virgil, b. 20 Nov 1900, d. 29 Nov 1981, s/o James and Georgia Finney, [BH]
Gordon, Sallie Robinson,, b. 11/10/1832, d. 12/26/1915, d/o W & E, [RD]
Haggard, Chester, b. 9/9/1890, d. 5/27/1981, h/o Lizzie E, [RD]
Haggard, Lizzie E Watts, d/o H & E, b. 3/3/1887, d. 5/3/1981, [RD]
Hall, Henry, b. 1849 Estill County, d. 1/7/1934, [RD]
Hall, John, b. 4/18/1887, d. 1/25/1969, s/o Henry & Sally, [RD]
Hall, Minor, b. 3/27/1882, d. 2/3/1967, s/o Henry & Sally, [RD]
Hall, Sally Johnson, b. 1/1851, d. 5/2/1936, w/o Henry, d/o Armistead & Elizabeth, [RD]
Hill, Leona, 03/08/1929, Radel Newport FH, [BF]
Hill, Millard F., 07/19/1940, Scobee/Bartlett FH, [BF]
Hill, Sallie Jane, 07/15/1953, Scobee Funeral Home, [BF]
Hill, Vica, 02/16/1954, Scobee Funeral Home, [BF]
Hill, Wade, 03/10/1936, Scobee/Bartlett FH, [BF]
Hogan, Eliza J Bradenburg, b. 2/1846, d. 5/2/1927, w/o John, [RD]
Hogan, John T, b. 3/1846, d. 1/24/1930, s/o William & Mary, [RD]
Horton, James Langley, b. 0ct 18, 1896, d. Dec 17, 1983, h/o Mary Mildred (Rupard) Horton, s/o Florence Sewell and Millard Fillmore Horton, [PT]
Johnson, Allen W., b. 1910, d. 8/9/1983, s/o Armistead & Lizzie, [RD]
Johnson, Armistead Claud, b. 5/26/1880, d. 4/4/1963, s/o Armistead & Mary, [RD]
Johnson, Clyde J, b. 7/14/1890, d. 3/27/1947, s/o James & Eunice, [RD]
Johnson, Eunice McGuire, b. 1/8/1872, d. 12/27/1948, w/o James, [RD]
Johnson, James Milton, b. 2/17/1855, d. 9/18/1936, s/o Armistead & Elizabeth, [RD]
Johnson, Lizzie Fisher, b. 8/4/1883, d. 4/10/1967, w/o Armistead C., [RD]
Jones, Eliza J. Adams, b. 7/18/1829, d. 2/26/1919, w/o William, d/o William & Sarah, [RD]
Jones, William C Sr., b. 5/8/1829, d. 7/17/1899, [RD]
Kindred, John, b. 12/26/1854, d. 5/26/1924, [RD]
Kindred, Sarah Watts, b. 12/3/1853, d. 3/12/1936, w/o John, d/o William & Sally A, [RD]
Lykins, Mary Louellen, b. 6 Jun 1863, d. 8 Dec. 1940, w/o James Thomas Nickell, d/o David Jesse Lykins and Dianna (Kelley)Lykins, [PT]
Martin, Mary Annette, b. 6/18/1898, d. 6/6/1940, w/o John Creason Martin, dau. of Dan and Florence Pethel Price, [MR]
Milton, Peggy Jo, b. Oct 14, 1938, d. Oct 26, 1997, w/o Edwin Doyle Day, d/o Joseph C. and Thelma Louise (Potts) Milton, [KD
Nickell, James Thomas, d. 17 Dec 1941 in Morgan Co., KY, s/o Andrew and Emma (Pieratt) Nickell, [PT]
Oliver, Pearl S. Reese, d/o John & LouAnn, b. 3/15/1882, d. 10/5/1970, [RD]
Parker, Frances "Pinkie" (Anes), b. 31 Jan 1898, d. Nov 1981, w/o Walter C. Parker, [BH]
Parker, Walter C., b. 24 Jul 1910, d. 22 Sep 1977, h/o Frances Anes, [BH]
Patterson, Louisa (Lee), b. 1866, d. 1911, [BH]
Patterson, Robert H., b. 9 Sep 1868, d. 6 Jul 1930, h/o Louisa Lee, [BH]
Pethel, Florence, b. 5/30/1879, d. 8/24/1953, w/o Dan Price, d/o Solomon Pethel and Lydia Ann Rinard Pethel, [MR]
Planck, Ishmael, b. 15 Oct 1904, d. Jun 1987, h/o Josie Lewis (Rupard) Planck, s/o Sabina (Brookshire)and James Planck, [PT]
Planck, Josie, b. 4 Aug 1904, d. 1 Sep 1987, w/o Ishmael Planck, d/o Joseph Wesley Rupard and Sudie Jerusha (Haggard) Rupard, [PT]
Price, Dan, b. 1876, d. 6/12/1943, h/o Florence Pethel Price, s/o John and Mary Denny Price, [MR]
Puckett, Dennis Ray, b. 7 Sep 1962, d. 18 Jun 1983, g/s Owen and Mollie (Hall) Puckett, [BH]
Puckett, Mollie Burl (Hall), b. 29 Aug 1893, d. 11 Jun 1985, w/o Owen Puckett, d/o Mahlon and Mariam M. (Lee) Hall, [BH]
Puckett, Owen, b. 11 Jun 1891, d. 22 Nov 1986, h/o Mollie Burl Hall, [BH]
Puckett, Phillip Wayne, b. 5 Jan 1942, d. 27 Dec 1944, g/s Owen and Mollie (Hall) Puckett, [BH]
Ragland, Mary Raker,b. 8/5/1855, d. 10/13/1932, [RD]
Ragland, William T., b. 12/3/1853, d. 4/11/1920, h/o Mary, [RD]
Ratliff-Hedger, Lillie May (Lee), b. 24 Apr 1896, d. 10 Sep 1972, d/o John and Martha Pendleton Lee, [BH]
Reese, John D, b. 1/1856, d. 4/25/1934, h/o Lou Ann, [RD]
Reese, Lou Ann Robinson, b. 8/18/1865, d. 3/8/1920, d/o J & L, [RD]
Robinson, Charles Chase, b. 3/19/1863, d. 3/22/1916, s/o J & L, [RD]
Robinson, Emily, b. 5/1/1799, d. 11/1/1876, w/o William, [RD]
Robinson, Hubbard T, b. 5/14/1868, d. 8/24/1903, s/o J & L, [RD]
Robinson, John, b. 4/1/1826, d. 9/29/1895, s/o William & Emily, [RD]
Robinson, Lucinda Lawrence, b. 1827, d. 8/10/1882, w/o John, [RD]
Robinson, Peyton, b. 1/11/1828, d. 3/15/1915, s/o William & Emily, [RD]
Robinson, Sarah, b. May 19, 1858, d. 2/3/1883, d/o J & L, [RD]
Rupard, Joseph Wesley, b. 10 Mar 1866, d. 17 Dec 1922, s/o Isaac and Martha "Pattie" (Kindred) Rupard, [PT]
Rupard, Mattie Lee, b. 9 Dec 1902, d. 18 Apr 1970, d/o Joseph Wesley Rupard and Sudie Jerusha (Haggard) Rupard, Single, [PT]
Rupard, Sudie Jerusha, b. 11 Dec 1869, d. 27 Apr 1920, w/o Joseph Wesley Rupard, d/o William Z. Haggard and Fannie Hedges)Haggard., [PT]
Rupard, William Z., b. 20 Sep 1906, d.3 Jul 1907, s/o Joseph Wesley Rupard and Sudie Jerusha (Haggard) Rupard, [PT]
Rupard, Willie Mae, b. 25 Jan 1900, d. 11 Nov 1904, d/o Joseph Wesley Rupard and Sudie Jerusha (Haggard) Rupard, [PT]
Shearer, Grace Lena, b. 1 Apr 1898, d. 28 Aug 1979, w/o Benjamin Mathew Shearer, Sr., d/o Joseph Wesley Rupard and Sudie Jerusha (Haggard) Rupard, [PT]
Smith, Scott Gregory, b. 31 May 1981, d. 16 Jul 2000, s/o Greg & Lisa Smith, [GS]
Smith, Shane Tyler, b. 23 Jan 1995, d. 23 Jan 1995, s/o Greg And Gail Smith, [GS]
Sousley, J.D., b. 4/10/1875, d. 6/6/1957, [RD]
Sousley, Lillie Johnson, b. 8/23/1879, d. 8/25/1947, w/o JD, d/o James & Nannie, [RD]
Swope, John W., b. 24 Jul 1859, d. 17 Feb 1938, h/o Talitha Ann Tuttle, [BH]
Swope, Mollie B. (Tuttle), b. 3 Jan 1851, d. 20 Aug 1900, w/o John W. Swope, s/o Talitha Tuttle Swope, [BH]
Swope, Talitha Ann (Tuttle), b. 1867, d. 27 Nov 1940, w/o John W. Swope, [BH]
Swope, Talitha Mildred, b. 1917, d. 10 Apr 1931, d/o Charles J. Swope, [BH]
Todd, Seagle, b. 8/31/1916, d. 2/25/2002, bur. 2/27/2002, h/o Polly Dean (Turley) Todd, s/o Alta Catherine (Fox) Todd and Charlie Todd, [PT]
Tubbs, Glenn, b. 1885, d. 14 Mar 1936, s/o Thomas and Sarah Ann Conner Tubbs, [BH]
Turley, Burnett, 4 Jul 1907, d. 6 Sep 1976, h/o Ada West, s/o Jeremiah Dean Turley and Ida Peebles, [PT]
Turley, Burnett, b. 4 Jul 1907, d. 6 Sep 1976, h/o Ada West, s/o Jeremiah Dean Turley and Ida Peebles, [PT]
Turley, Burton Leon, b. 6 Nov. 1901, d. 2 Nov 1978, h/o Alma Hall, s/o Jeremiah Dean Turley and Ida (Peebles) Turley, [PT]
Turley, James Henry, b. 29 Sep 1892, d. 07 Mar 1972, h/o Dropha Dale (Nickell) Turley, s/o Jeremiah Dean Turley and Katie Frances (Hall)Turley, [PT]
Turley, Jessie Estes, b. 06/13/1908, d. 03/04/1974, [BF]
Turley, Lloyd Douglas, b. 4 Mar 1946, d. 30 May 1947, s/o Lloyd Eugene and Clara (Bush) Turley, [PT]
Watts, Edward Combs, b. 5/26/1882, d. 8/14/1957, s/o Howard & Emma, [RD]
Watts, Emma Robinson, b. 11/20/1859, d. 12/1/1944, d/o J & L, [RD]
Watts, Howard R., b. 5/28/1857, d. 9/7/1944, h/o Emma, [RD]
Watts, Sally A Adams, b. 6/8/1825, d. 1/6/1917,w/o William, d/o William & Sarah, [RD]
Watts, William R., b. 5/25/1825, d. 2/8/1902, s/o John & Nancy, [RD]
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