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Ben F Goodin Cemetery
Carter Branch, Bell County, Kentucky

Lat: 36° 47' 50"N, Lon: 83° 45' 11"W

From US 25 E exit onto Kentucky State Route 92 north of Pineville. Follow Ky Rt 92 for approx 4 mi, go past E. Jellico. Turn right on road just before Carter Branch. Cemetery is located behind the home of J.T. Bingham.

Contributed by Wayne Carter, May 18, 2001 [wyncrtr@home.com]. Total records = 37.

Not accepting new burials, some areas of cemetery are overgrown.

Bingham, Cordia Goodin, b. 07/12/1878, d. 03/31/1943
Bingham, Evie, no dates
Bingham, James Tom, b. 03/30/1905, d. 08/04/1983
Bingham, Mary Blevins, b. 07/27/1923, d. 05/31/1988
Bingham, Jiney M., b. 1901, d. 1907
Carter, Dempsey King, b. 06/13/1852, d. 06/03/1903
Carter, Solomon David,, no dates, 9th Ky Inf. Co. K
Goodin, Benjamin F., b. 10/01/1897, d. 07/21/1988
Goodin, Ester, b. 12/30/1927, d. 09/14/1931
Goodin, Florence, b. 12/06/1889, d. 03/04/1892
Goodin, Grant, b. 02/09/1875, d. 05/07/1900
Goodin, Ishmael, b. 1925, d. 1994
Goodin, John F., b. 1857, d. 1936
Goodin, Lissie Petrey, b. 04/02/1893, d. 08/02/1957
Goodin, Maynard, b. 12/16/1899, d. 09/20/1932
Goodin, N. Ellen, b. 1862, d. 1947
Goodin, Oscar, b. 10/05/1933, d. 10/18/1979
Goodin, Sarah, b. 03/25/1876, d. 05/22/1902
Goodin, Sil, b. 04/16/1885, d. 02/02/1973
Goodin, Solomon,, no dates
Goodin, Susie, b. 01/04/1906, d. 01/25/1987
Goodin, Eula Reed, b. 12/27/1927, d. 09/14/1974
Hing, Wong Ngok, b. 05/10/1921, d. 07/15/1979
Hoskins, John, no dates
Needles, Abram James, b. 1847, d. 12/15/1915
Needles, Arie, b. 02/18/1897, d. 03/16/1897
Needles, Clarence, b. 11/10/1929, d. 11/19/1930
Needles, John A., no dates
Needles, John H., b. 09/16/1894, d. 08/11/1895
Needles, Mary J., b. 10/21/1869, d. 03/01/1898
Needles, William Joseph, b. 12/11/1892, d. 04/13/1943
Partin, O. Lowell, b. 05/23/1920, d. 11/04/1923
Partin, Joseph, no dates
Rhoades, Jasper L., b. 10/20/1894, d. 07/21/1923
Rhoades, Kenneth, b. 04/01/1918 , d. ?
Rhodes, Dorthy Lena, b. 03/16/1924, d. 12/27/1924
Twigs, John, no dates
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