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Cooksey Graveyard
Halfway, Allen County, Kentucky

Contributed by [ecayers@aol.com]. Total records = 25.

Located on the Halifax Road, ky. hwy.1332 1 1/2 miles from Hwy.231 @ Halfway, Ky.

Ayers, Edward Lynn, Sept. 20, 1834-June 28,1921
Ayers, Pasty Ann, Jan. 15,1844-Mar.21,1921 (Martha Ann Cooksey)
Boucher, Mary, w/o Jan. 12 1809-Aug.20,1896 w/o Issac
Cooksey, Lucinda S., d/o J.W. & L.S., b&d Jan.18,1882
Cooksey, Emanyel G., s/o J.W. & L.S., June 23,1876-Oct.23,1877
Cooksey, John W., s/o J.W. & L.S., Dec.13,1874 -Jan.10,1875
Cooksey, infant, d/o J.W. & L.S., b&d Oct.7,1872
Cooksey, infant, d/o J.W. & L.S., b&d Dec.14,1887 J.W.C.
Cooksey, infant, /o J.B. & A.B., June 20,1892, (F.S.) fieldstone
Cooksey, Mary, July 20, 1814-Nov. 13, 1883
Cooksey, Benjamin, b. Mar.25, 1810-Feb 8, 1883
Cooksey, Lucinda, w/o J.W., Jan. 14, 1845-Nov. 25, 1911, (d/o Issac Boucher & Mary Buchanon)
Cooksey, John W., B. Dec. 12, 1841-Aug. 18, 1902
Cooksey, infant, s/o J.B. & A.B., July 26, 1900
Cooksey, infant, s/o J.B. & A.B., Feb. 4, 1905
Cooksey, infant, s/o J.B. & A.B., April 12, 1895
Cooksey, infant, s/o J.B. & A.B., Aug.18, 1893
Oliver, Bemie A., June 4, 1905-Aug. 4, 1905
Oliver, Evert A., Aug. 27, 1896-Apr. 26, 1897
Oliver, Amber S., Aug. 12, 1910-Mar. 24, 1911
Weaver, Mary E., d/o Edward Lynn Ayers & Pasty A. Cooksey, Mar. 12, 1868-Apr. 7, 1895
Weaver, William E., June 23, 1899-Nov. 8, 1899
Weaver, infant, d/o H.T. & M.R., Dec. 24, 1892
Weaver, Fanny E., Jan. 1, 1882-Aug. 2, 1883
Willoughby, Brideler?, Oct. 5, 1883-Aug. 30, 1887

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