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Boles Cemetery
Wellsford, Kiowa County, Kansas

Lat: 37° 33' 54"N, Lon: 99° 00' 52"W
Wellsford Twp R16W Sec 36

Contributed by Linda Brower, Feb 02, 2006 [ltbrower@yahoo.com]. Total records = 69.

To reach cemetery from Wellsford, go one mile east on Highway 54 to the Pratt-Kiowa county line, and approximately 3 1/2 miles south. It is on the west side of the road.

The Boles Cemetery is on land donated by S.P. Boles in 1885. It is kept mowed and some stones have been replaced, some are just cement with names engraved in them.

Tom Brower and I visited and did this complete listing of all stones in place on Jan 20, 2004.

- Linda Brower

??, d. 1-6-1890
Anderson, baby, no dates
Anderson, infant daughter, b. 1 Apr 1904, d. 4 Apr 1904, s/w infant daughter Anderson
Anderson, infant daughter, b. 20 Jan 1903, d. 23 Jan 1903, children of I.G. & G.M. Anderson, s/w infant daughter Anderson
Barr, baby, no dates
Boles, Charles F., b. 25 Mar 1881, d. 15 Feb 1885, son of S.P. & E. Boles
Boles, Elizabeth, b. 1822 d. 1895, "his wife" "Mother" "The Arch of Life is Broken" "Gone But Still Remembered", s/w S.P. Boles
Boles, infant, d. 21 Jan 1891, "Our Darling" "Safe at Home", daughter of J.G. & G.E. Boles
Boles, S. P., b. 1817 d. 1898, "Father", s/w Elizabeth Boles
Brink, ??, no dates
Brink, George E., b. 14 Mar 1884, d. 16 Oct 1901, "It was Christ's way", son of A.T. & F.A. Brink
Burns, Mary C., d. 17 Mar 1889 age 49y 3d, wife of J.H., s/w R.L. Burns
Burns, R. L., d. 20 Jan 1904, aged 30 years
Burton (?), Frank, b. 1879 d. 1892
Burton, Andrew J., b.1848, d. 1914
Burton, infant, d. 1899, baby of W.W. & Mary Burton
Burton, Martha J., b.1849, d. 1915
Butcher, Eugene, d. 24 Dec 1906, 2 mos., son of W.P. & F.M. Butcher
Cook, Elizabeth A., b. 14 Dec 1835, d. 11 Nov 1915, s/w John Cook
Cook, John, b. 30 Jun 1837, d. 7 Oct 1926, s/w Elizabeth A. Cook
Enoch, baby, no dates
Farmer, Everett, b. ?? Hancock co., Illinois, d. 9 Jul 1881, aged 3y 3m 9d, "Gone to Rest", son of Eli & Clare Farmer
Farmer, Susan E., b. 26 Nov 1823 Carrol co, Virginia, d. 23 Nov 1885, s/w Everett Farmer
Fox, Abraham J., d. 13 Oct 1891, 73y 6m 27d, "Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep From which ....ever wake to weep"
Frye, Mrs. ??, no dates
Gillmore, Harriett E., b. 1880, d. 1892, "Mother"
Green, Lottie, d. 9 Jun 1889, aged 11m 3d, "Free from all temptation, No more need of watchful care", daughter of W.M. & C.M. Green,
Hagins, Jane M., d. 15 Dec 1886, aged 64 years, wife of J. Hagins
Hannan, Vicki Beth, b. 17 Feb 1952, d. 27 Mar 1996
Hardy, ??, b. 26 Jun 1914, d. 9 Jul 1914, daughter of Eld. J.R. & Gussie Hardy
Hardy, James B., d. 6 Jan 1937, "Father", s/w Wilabour Hardy
Hardy, Mary S., d. 5 Feb 1894, 26y 11d, "There's a world above where parting is
Hardy, Unknown, no dates, daughter of J.B. & W.J. Hardy, "In My Father's House are many mansions"
Hardy, Wilabour, b. 27 Nov 1839, d. 25 May 1923, "Mother", s/w James B. Hardy
Harris, Elizabeth, b. 16 Oct 1856, d. 11 Oct 1919, "Mother", s/w Tillman H. Harris
Harris, Tillman H., b. 13 Jun 1850, d. 4 Jan, "Father", s/w Elizabeth Harris
Hendricks, Willie, no dates, s/w Charles Perdue
LaFever, baby, no dates
Lathom, Amanda M., d. 28 Oct 1902, aged 51y 11m 21d, "Our Mother we loved her" "Blessed are the dead which ___ Lord henceforth", wife of J.I.
Lathom, Jonathan Ivy, d. 21 Sep 1892, 12y 9m 14d, son of J.I. & A.M.
Lees, Jessie E., d. 6 Jul 1902, 14y 1m 29d, daughter of Jonathan & Mary J. Lees
Machesney, infant, d. 17 Feb, daughter of Don & Verda Machesney
Matthews, Maude E., b. 21 Nov 1884, d. 10 Mar 1888
McClellan, Mother and baby, no dates
Miller, Robert, d. 1885
Monroe, Josephine M., b. 12 Mar 1845, d. 3 Apr 1913, 65y 21d, "Mother", wife of John
Moss, baby, no dates
Mull, baby, no dates
Perdue, Charles, no dates, s/w Willie Hendricks
Ragan, Nancy MacDonald, b. 14 Sep 1820, d. 24 Oct 1901, "Our mother" "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection"
Roll, baby, no dates
Roll, Charlotte, b. 20 Apr 1848, d. 18 Jan 1902, "In my Father's house are many mansions", wife of T.J., s/w J.W. Roll
Roll, J. W., b. 6 Feb 1800 (?), d. 6 Jan 1890 (?), s/w Charlotte Roll
Samuelson, Emma, b.1863, d. 1890
Scotton, Hazel (Beard), b. 10 Nov 1892, ?? Apr 1917, s/w twin sons
Scotton, twin sons, no dates, s/w Hazel (Beard) Scotton
Shaw, James C., b.1864, d. 1902, "Son", s/w Sarah E. Shaw
Shaw, Sarah E., b. 1837, d. 1885, "Mother", s/w James C. Shaw
Shaw, Sarah E., d. 18 Jul 1885, aged 48y, wife of Daniel
Sherman, Earnest O., b. 23 Jul 1871, d. 25 Nov 1890, "At rest" "Not ___ blest thought, but gone before Where we shall meet To part no more", son of O.A. & M.E. Sherman
Slief, Katharine, 13 Mar 1916
Starkey, Alice, b. 1883, d. 1890, "Daughter", s/w Mary E. Starkey
Starkey, Mary E., b. 1858, d. 1889, "Mother", wife of George Starkey, s/w Alice Starkey
Starns, Roy, b. 1892, d. 1894, son of M.J. & L. Starns
Suckey, baby, no dates
Tryon, Marjory E., b. 1916, d. 1916
Van Camp, Roy, no dates, 16y of age
Vnosdal, Mrs. ??, no dates
Wiltshire, Anna, b 28 Mar 1852, d. 17 May 1920, "Gone But Not Forgotten", wife of George J. Wiltshire

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