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Montana Cemetery
Jewell County, Kansas

From US Hwy 36, turn north on KS Hwy 14, go north 9 miles, east less than 1/2 mile on north side of road.

Lat: 39°54'55"N, Lat: 98°06'30"W

Cemetery is not privately owned, it is owned by Cemetery Board. Was established in the 1870's. Last burial in the 1930's.

Contributed by Janet Elkins, Jul 08, 2001 [joeljan@ruraltel.net]. Total records = 53.

Allard, Bennie E, b. 11 Sep 1885, d. 4 Jun 1886, 8mo, 24ds, Gone but not forgotten, s/w Chancey L Taylor
Ballard, Elizabeth, d. ? Mar 1879, 2yr, 7mo, 18ds, Dearest Children, thou has left us, and thy loss we deeply feel. But tis God that has bereft us. He can all our sorrows heal, s/w Elvina - c/o M & I Ballard
Ballard, Elvina, d. ? Mar 1879, 5yr, 6mo, 8ds, s/w Elizabeeth - c/o M & I Ballard
Bard, Mahala, b. 17 Sep 1820, d. 16 Jan 1886, Follow me, Rest, mother, now thy ? For God has called her home. May we prepare to follow thee, while yet on earth we roam.
Bowles, W A, d. 28 Sep 1878, 14ys, 9mo, 16ds, s/o WA & LS Bowles
Brown, Sophia, d. 9 Dec 1881, 55yr, 1mo, 6ds, My bible, w/o James R. Brown
Bruner, M Jane, d. 16 Jul 1880, 38yr, 9ds, w/o WH Bruner
Caven, M H, d. 28 Jan 1883, 73yr, Blessed are the dead which die in the lord, s/w Sarah C.
Caven, Sarah, d. ?, w/o MH Caven s/w MH Caven
Darcy, Margaret, b. 1802, d. 1885, Mother
Duncanson, George R, d. 17 Feb 1893, 43yr, 3mo, 7ds
Duncanson, Martha, d. 3 Sep 1887, 66yr, 3mo, 21ds, w/o ZK Duncanson s/w Zebina
Duncanson, Zebina K, b. May 18, 1823, d. 11 Feb 1893, Our Father, s/w Martha
France, Hannah, b. Aug. 4, 1812, d. 8 Feb 1899, Mother At Rest, He giveth his beloved sleep, w/o Jesse
Gandy, Belle R, b. 1836, d. 1883
Haecker, Ella, d. 26 Oct 1889, 4yr, 2mo, 26ds, Suffer little children to come unto me, d/o Wm. & S.J.
Hamill, Elizabeth, b. 7 Oct 1798, d. 12 Nov 1890, A precious one from me has gone. A voice I loved is still. A place is vacant in my home, which never can be filled.
Headrick , ???rtha, d. 4 Jul 1881, 2yr, 2mo, 26ds, Our little bud for earth to fair has gone to heaven to blossom there, c/o ? & SL Headrick
Hoskinson, Margaret Lilian, d. 4 Jun 1881, 3yr, 2mo, 23ds
Hoskinson, Rose Belle, d. 17 Aug 1880, 7yr, 5mo, 10ds, d/o WN & DE
Jones, Rolond P, d. 12 Sep 1880, 9mo, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven
Lewis, Mary E, b. 15 Dec 1873, d. 6 Mar 1878, Not lost but gone before where we shall meet to part no more, d/o JG & NA Lewis
Lough, Joanna, d. 30 Apr 1880, 31yr, 5mo, 18ds, We have to ?eel again, w/o GW Lough
McBride, Alexander, b. 1820, d. 1894, I'vd loved him
McRoberts, Charles Winn, d. 1 Oct 1887, 63yr, 3mo, 21ds
Peer, Effie M, b. 1864, d. 1885, s/w Henry M.
Peer, Henry M, b. 1851, d. 1933, s/w Effie M.
Rice, Cassie, d. 23 Jul 1889, 33yr, 2mo, 22ds, Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God, w/o O.L.
Ritterbush, Henry M, d. 19 Jan 1881, 83yr, 3mo, 9ds, Because he has set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him. I will set him on high because he hath known my name."" , This stone replaced the original stone in 1992. His wife Angelina is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery at Springfield, Illinois."
Sharp, Mary E, b. 6 Sep 1843, d. 10 Sep 1903, Entered unto eternal rest, w/o M.B.
Sharp, Oliver, d. ?, Co. D 46th Ohio N.G.
Sill, Charles F, d. 11 Jan 1890, 22yr, 4mo, 24ds, Here we lay our burden down. Change the cross, into the crown, s/w Samuel
Sill, S. J, no dates, Co. E 62nd Ohio Inf.
Sill, Samuel ?, d. 14 Nov 1889, 51yr, 8mo, 6ds, s/w Charles F.
Sterett, Willie H, d. 26 Oct 1887, 16yr, 5mo, 18ds, s/o DB & SI Sterett
Taylor, Chancey L, d. 6 Oct 1885, 1yr, 4mo, 14ds, s/w Bennie E. Allard.
Tibbets, John C, d. 27 Mar 1887, 55yr, 5mo, 3ds, Dear is the spot where Christians sleep, And sweet the strains that angels pour, O why should we in anguish weep. They are not lost, but gone before.
Tibbets, Martha W, b. 13 Oct 1834, d. 22 Oct 1905, Asleep in Jesus, Blessed are the dead that die in the lord, w/o JC Tibbets
Tibbets, Minnie, d. 4 Jan 1879, 3yr, 3mo, 13ds, d/o JC & MW Tibbets
Tibbets, Pearl E, d. 1 May 1890, 10yr, 10mo, 1d
Vader, Lola A, d. 29 May 1890, 18yr, 2mo, 12ds, d/o J & M.E.
VanNorman, Eliza, d. 10 Mar 1890, 72yr, 11mo, 25ds, Sleep, Mother, sleep in peasful rest
VanNorman, Susannah Irbywinn, b. 1845, d. 1878
Westcott, Charles J, d. 6 Oct 1876, 7mo, 1dy, Earth has one ???, s/o Oliver & Mary
Wilde, Chase F, b. 4 Dec 1880, d. 30 Nov 1884, s/o U & M, s/w Martha Wilde
Wilde, Lodema E, d. 11 Jul 1884, 30yr, 6mo, 6ds, Rest in Peace, w/o Alfred Wilde
Wilde, Martha, b. 15 Oct 1846, d. 10 Sep 1891, We loved him, w/o Urban s/w Chase F. Wilde
Wilson, George B, d. 19 Feb 1879, 1yr, 7mo, 27ds, The like the flower has passed away, w/o C & MP
Wilson, Mary E, d. 2 Dec 1879, 36yr, 7mo, 21ds, w/o Adley C. Wilson
Wilson, Rosetta I, d. 4 Jan 1879, 11yr, 11mo, 20ds, d/o AC & ME Wilson
Wyscaver, Birthy E, d. 11 Aug 1888, 10 mo, s/w Lorence & Birty
Wyscaver, Birty L, d. 11 Aug 1888, 10 mo, s/w Lorence & Birthy
Wyscaver, Lorence L, d. 9 Dec 1889, s/w Birty & Birthy

Misc family stone and footstones:
Collins, Only thing on stone
R.J.W, Initials only on stone
I.L.M, Initials only on stone
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