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Saint Severin Cemetery
Buckeye Township, Ellis County, Kansas

Lat: 39° 01' 25"N, Lon: 99° 15' 35"W
Buckeye Twp, T12N R17W Sec 7

contributed by Jackie Simmer Langholz, Aug 13, 1999 [langholz@ruraltel.net].  Total records = 75.

To reach cemetery take Hwy. 183 N. of Hays, Turn east on Severin Road, go 3 miles to 280th Ave., turn north, go approx. 1/2 mile. 

I walked and read this cemetery in Aug of 1999.

- Jackie Slimmer Langholz

Dinkel, Joseph G., b. 10/04/1882, d. 07/09/1955
Dinkel, Josephine, b. 02/06/1879, d. 11/14/1951
Dreiling, A. F., no dates, (located on top of stone) (following names on front) Helen Albert John Frances
Dreiling, Frances, d. 08/10/1925, d/o Mick & Mary, s/by Vernon, Kenneth, Marvin and Irene
Dreiling, Irene, b. 10/12/1927, d. 10/13/1927 , d/o Mick & Mary, s/by Vernon, Kenneth, Marvin and Frances
Dreiling, Kenneth, d. 05/07/1950, d/o Mick & Mary, s/by Vernon, Frances, Marvin and Irene
Dreiling, Marvin, b. 05/08/1938, d. 02/02/1939, d/o Mick & Mary, s/by Vernon, Kenneth, Frances and Irene
Dreiling, Vernon, d. 09/14/1948, d/o Mick & Mary, s/by Frances, Kenneth, Marvin and Irene
Favreau, PFC Leo A., b. 05/05/1915 Lawrence, Mass, d. 10/12/1950 Severin, KS
Gonzales, Ricky Robert, b. 11/26/1969, d. 06/27/1984 , son of Al & Mary Karlin
Herman, Alexander, b. 1869, d. 1947, Father, s/w Elizabeth
Herman, Elizabeth, b. 1875, d. 1958, Mother, s/w Alexander
Herman, Maria Anna, b. 12/26/1909, d. 07/04/1917
Herman, Patricia Ann, b. 07/20/1942, d. 05/10/1943
Herman, Ralph, b. 12/18/1911, d. 02/10/1956 KS CPL US Army WWII BSM & OLO
Karlin, Alfred K., b. 06/03/1930, d. , s/w Georgia, married 05/15/1951
Karlin, Alois E., b. 02/09/1874, d. 11/04/1953 (Father), s/by Anna, Cyrilla J and Clara F
Karlin, Anna, b. 03/03/1873, d. 03/12/1933 (Mother), s/by Cyrilla J, Aloise E and Clara F
Karlin, Celestin, b. 06/23/1902, d. 09/20/1985, s/w Josephine E
Karlin, Clara F., b. 04/03/1913, d. 10/27/1943 (Daughter), s/by Anna, Aloise E and Cyrilla J
Karlin, Cyrilla J, d. 01/30/1908, (Daughter), s/by Anna, Aloise E and Clara F
Karlin, Felix, b. 10/19/1905, d. 02/15/1975, s/w Fidelia Staab
Karlin, Fidelia Staab, b. 05/24/1913, d. , s/w Felix
Karlin, Georgia, b. 11/22/1932, d. 05/27/1978, s/w Alfred K, married 05/15/1951
Karlin, Joe E., b. 03/06/1910, d. 11/05/1994, s/w Marcella S
Karlin, Joseph, no dates
Karlin, Josephine, b. E., b. 04/26/1907, d. 04/26/1984, s/w Celestin
Karlin, Lawrence (Larry), b. 09/01/1940, d. 05/161998, s/w Sharon M Schmaltz, married 08/31/1968
Karlin, Leo E., b. 09/01/1898, d. 02/12/1955
Karlin, Marcella S., b. 01/13/1912, d. 02/24/1995, s/w Joe E, Parents of Ronald, Phyllis, George, Cynthia, David, Suella
Karlin, Martha, b. 08/15/1902, d. 05/09/1985
Karlin, Ronald Joseph Frances Clare, b. (no dates)
Karlin, Sharon M. Schmaltz, b. 06/20/1948, d. , s/w Lawrence, married 08/31/1968
Lang, Clem W., b. 12/19/1919, d. 04/21/1995, s/w Mary Ann, m. 10/29/1946, PFC US Army WWII
Lang, Mary Ann, b. 04/13/1924, d. 11/30/1996, s/w Clem W, married 10/29/1946, children, Sametta, Curtis, Jackie, Harvey, Willie
Meis, Robert, b. 03/27/1910, d. 06/20/1939
Miller, Barbara, b. 09/21/1895, d. 11/07/1973 (Mother)
Miller, Patrick J., b. 02/02/1923, d. 01/18/1991, s/w Pauline, Parents of Paulette & Patrick Jr.
Miller, Pauline, b. 09/26/1931, d. , s/w Patrick J
Miller, Peter J., b. 05/03/1888, d. 05/19/1946
Miller, Roy Dean, b. 08/23/1957, d. 08/26/1957 (Baby), son of Norbert & Mary Miller
Mother Rosa, b. 12/17/1897, d. 09/09/1922
Pfannenstiel, Mildred Karlin, b. 08/24/1931, d. 02/19/1975
Schmeidler, Anna, b. 04/21/1895, d. 11/18/1970 , s/w August
Schmeidler, August, b. 04/01/1890, d. 02/20/1953, s/w Anna
Schmeidler, Catherine, b. 07/15/1897, d. 07/20/1975 (Mother), s/w Emil
Schmeidler, Elizabeth, b. 09/07/1892, d. 11/25/1969 (Mother), s/w Frank Jr
Schmeidler, Emil, b. 01/19/1889, d. 08/15/1933 (Father), s/w Catherine
Schmeidler, Francis Jerome, b. 07/26/1948, d. 11/21/1948, Our beloved son
Schmeidler, Frank Jr., b. 12/24/1887, d. 01/28/1960 (Father), s/w Elizabeth
Schmeidler, Isadore M., b. 09/03/1922, d. 06/05/1993 (Issy), s/w Vernetta
Schmeidler, Jerome, b. 01/19/1924, d. 02/22/1977, s/w Pauline
Schmeidler, Joseph E., b. 07/07/1914, d. 01/12/1984
Schmeidler, Marcellus V., 11/04/1917
Schmeidler, Marcellus V., b. 09/04/1916, d. 01/21/1917, Son of Emil & Catherine
Schmeidler, Pauline, b. 05/20/1922, d. , s/w Jerome
Schmeidler, Vernetta, b. 04/06/1927, d. 03/05/1994 (Betty) , s/w Isadore M
Schmeidler, Wendeline, b. 05/02/1921, d. 07/29/1925
Staab, Amelia, b. 01/31/1884, d. 11/26/1959, s/w Jacob J
Staab, Gerald D., b. 07/17/1941, d. 07/18/1941
Staab, Jacob J., b. 10/26/1884, d. 04/26/1947, s/w Amelia
Staab, James E., b. 11/16/1924, d. 12/19/1954
Walter, Miriam Lavonne, b. 11/23/1931, d. 01/27/1939
Walter, Miriam, b. 11/23/1931, d. 01/27/1939, Daughter, s/w Monica and Rita Mae
Walter, Monica, b. 03/15/1893, d. 07/26/1932, Mother, s/w Miriam and Rita Mae
Walter, Rita Mae, b. 05/06/1926, d. 07/27/1932
Walter, Rita Mae, b. 05/06/1926, d. 07/27/1932, Daughter, s/w Monica and Miriam
Walters, Adam J., b. 12/25/1892, d. 09/02/1969 (Father), s/w Anna
Walters, Anna, b. 05/10/1896, d. 06/24/1996 (Mother), s/w Adam J
Walters, Ernest J., b. 12/22/1918, d. 03/29/1956 (Father), s/w Leona CKS. SGT 1505 Base Unit AAF WWII

Walters, Leona C., b. 12/21/1920, d. , (Mother), s/w Ernest J
Walters, Lucida, b. 12/07/1917, d. 12/12/1917, s/w Scholastica and Mary Esther
Walters, Mary Esther, b. 05/26/1922, d. 12/05/1922, s/w Lucida and Scholastica
Walters, Scholastica, b. 03/17/1910, d. 12/12/1910, s/w Lucida and Mary Esther
Wiedeman, Shane Arden, b. 12/13/1972, d. 01/29/1973, Son of Jerry & Dianne Wiedeman
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