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Walnut Cemetery
Crawford County, Kansas

Contributed by Michelle Detwiler, March 15, 2000 [mdetwilr@tx3.com]. Total records = 78.

(Coverdale), Lodicia, b.1845-1926, Wife, Walnut 17
(Coverdale), Samuel R., b.1847-1903, Husband, Walnut 17
(Coverdale?), Father, (h) with mother, Walnut 17
(Coverdale?), Mother, shared with father, Walnut 17
Archer, Catherine E., wife of E. Archer died Aug 22 1896, aged 74 yrs 9 mos 11 dys.(s)
Archer, Evans, died July 9 1873, aged 52 yrs 25 dys.(n) Our parents here lie underground, The dearest friends we ever found, But through the Lord's unbounded love, We hope to meet in realms above.(w) Walnut 9
Arthur Lee Rose, b.July 28 1896, d.Feb 11 1897, Precious darling he has left us, Left us yes forever more, Walnut 9
Ashley, Emma F., died Jan 24 1885, aged 9 yrs & 9 mos, We loved her Malaby, Walnut 12
Bever, Aaron, b.1848-1920, (*G inside diamond shape), Walnut 12
Bever, Jennie C., b.1848-1944 (Cut stone mausoleum about 7' high)
Boyle, Aaron, b..Dec 28 1829, d.Nov 19 1888, Co. C. 142 Ohio Vol. Inft., Walnut 17
Broughton, Ann E., b.Aug 28 1854, d.Aug 4 1893, Walnut 17
Broughton, Wm. b.Mar 25 1844, d.Jan 8 1924, Father, Walnut 17
Culbertson, Alta Myrl, dau of H. G. & L. E., died July 17 1894, aged 3 mos & 11 ds, Budded on earth to bloom in heaven, Walnut 17
Culbertson, Father Hugh G., b.Mar 26 1857, d.June 15 1930, Walnut 17
Culbertson, Mother Laura E., b.Aug 9 1857, d.Feb 25 1923, Walnut 17
Edwards, Atlanta, b.May 17 1865 June 1 1929, (v), Walnut 17
Edwards, Jesse L., b.Apr 15 1882, d.Apr 15 1886, son of J. A. & A. Edwards, Asleep in Jesus(dove design), Walnut 17
Edwards, John A., b.May 19 1857 Apr 16 1932, (v), Walnut 17
Edwards, Verl M., b.Sep 15 1903 Apr 7 1921 At rest, Walnut 17
Gauck, Walter August, b.1903-1911, son of Henry & Elrose, (lamb atop), Walnut 12
Grable, Ella L., b.Sept 18 1872, d.Apr 17 1937, George Grable & Ella Von Stein were married July 11 1895
Grable, George A., b.Apr 12 1864, d.Dec 12 1948, Walnut 9
Gregory, Fannie Arthur, wife of N. B., Passed into the spiritual world, Feb 2 1884, Walnut 12 aged 50 yrs 2 ms & 17 dy., Not here but risen Her most enduring monument, Was a noble life on earth well spent, Enshrined in the hearts of her friends.
Gregory, Lizzie, b.Oct 11 1870, d.Jan 5 1892 aged 21 ys 2ms, 24 ds, wife of W. E., A loving wife with children dear, In silence lies sleeping here, Great is the loss that I sustain, But hope in heaven to meet again., A kind and affectionate wife & loving mother. (ftst: Lizzie), Walnut 17
Hazen, Amanda, b.Aug 3 1874 May 7 1918, Gone but not forgotten., wife of L. Hazen
Hazen, L. b.Jan 14 1867, d.June 18 1938, Walnut 12
Hazen, Richard E., b.Jan 18 1939, d.Aug 29 1971, (v), Walnut 12
Hazen, Verda Jean, b.1934-1936, Burris-Wall, (m.m.m.), Walnut 12
Heatwole, Anna May, b.1871-1966, Mother (h), Walnut 17
Heatwole, Dixie, b.1898-1938 (h), Walnut 17
Heatwole, Frank C., b.1900-1940 (h), Walnut 17
Heatwole, Gladys, b.1892-1909 (h), Walnut 17
Heatwole, Milo H., b.1869-1940, Father (h), Walnut 17
Hill, Margaret, d.Jan 26 1887, aged 76 y 9 m, Rest mother rest in quiet sleep., While friends in sorrow o'er thee weep., Walnut 17
Howe, Robert M., b.Mar 5 1875 died July 1 1884, son of W.E. & Eliza, With prospects bright and budding fair Just rising unto bloom, Death came in an untimely hour And snatched him to the tomb.Walnut 9
Jaynes, Anie E., died July 27 1890, aged 55 yrs 9 mos & 29 dys., Mother, wife of Halbert (fallen), Walnut 9
Jaynes, Halbert, died Apr 5 1887, aged 51 yrs 23 dys., We will gather home in the morning, At the sound of the great jubilee., What a gathering that will be., Walnut 9
Kennedy, Annaborn, b.Aug 11 1865, d.Oct 13 1883, dau. Of J. V. & Margaret, (small round shaft with clasped hands design) Walnut 12
Lambert, Rix Beloe Oe, born at Moffat Scotland May 14 1847, died at Walnut Station Kan July 31 1876 (dealer....Ft. Scott Kan) Walnut 9
Long, Syreptia A., b.1864-1914 (stone on Heatwold lot, matches other hdsts(h), Walnut 17
Malaby, Abbie, b.1854-19--, Walnut 12
Malaby, John H., b.1852-1928, Here rests a Woodman of the World, Walnut 12
Markham, Archey H., b.Feb 7 1835, d.Oct 25 1911 Co. H. 2 Ill. Cavl., Walnut 9
Mattison, Lois, died Sept 30 1872, in the 73rd yr of her age. wife of Robert Matterson (clasped hands design) Walnut 9
Mattison, Robert, b.July 13 1798, d.Aug 22 1883, (clasped hands design) There is no death, What seems so is transition, This mortal breath Is but a suburb to the field elysian, Whose portal we call death., Walnut 9
Mayberry, Amanda P., b.1859-1930, (dbl h) Mother, Walnut 17
Mayberry, Arthur, died April 16 1895, son of C. V. & A. P. Mayberry, aged 16 yrs 4 mos & 25 ds. 'A precious one from us is gone, The voice we loved is stilled, A vacant place is in our home, Which never can be filled., In my Father's house are many mansions., Gone Home', Walnut 17
Mayberry, Charles V., b.1854-1936, Father, Walnut 17
Mitchell, Myrtle A., b.1890-1970, Walnut 12, (h)
Moore, Ezra B., b.May 6 1821, d.Oct 2 1895, His toils are past, His work is done He fought the fight the victory won., Walnut 12 Moore
Moore, Nancy, b.Sept 15 1824, d.July 22 1887, wife of E. B., Asleep in Jesus! Blessed sleep. From which none ever wakes to weep. A calm and undisturbed repose Unbroken by the last of foes., In loving remembrance of, Walnut 12
Moore, William H., b.1855-1933, Walnut 12
Page, Albert, b.1902-1971, W. D. Smith Funeral Home, (m.m.m.), Walnut 12
Page, Archibald M., b.Sept 3 1875, d.Nov 25 1950, Walnut 9
Page, Charles N., d.Feb 8 1900, aged 73 ys 9 ms, Co G. 129 Ill. Vol. Inf., In my Father's house are many mansions, Walnut 17
Page, Elizabeth, b.Apr 12 1831, d.June 1 1902, Mother Page, Walnut 17
Page, Etta L., b.July 29 1875, d.Mar 5 1962, Walnut 9
Page, Eurana, b.Mar 20 1809, d.June 26, 1888, Mother, In my father's house are many mansions, Walnut 9
Page, James Albert, b.July 24 1902 Mar 3 1971, Father, Walnut 12
Page, John R., d.July 12 1885, aged 41 ys 2 ms & 21 ds., Farewell my wife and children all, From you a father Christ doth call, Mourn not for me it is vain, To call me to your sight again. (dealer: I.W. Moody, Ft. Scott), Walnut 9
Page, Rebecca, b.Jan 28 1847, d.Feb 22 1927, wife of John R. Page, In my father's house are many mansions, Mother, Walnut 9
Parker, Rebecca A., b.1848-1933 Teeple Service, (h), Walnut 12
Preston, Della W., b.1869-1884 (w), Walnut 12
Preston, Della W., b.June 5 1869, d.May 1 1884, dau of R. W. & K. A., Sleep, loved one, in thy lowly bed Beneath the green turf damp and chill. For blessed are the early dead Whisper sweet voices soft and still. At rest(dealer: I.W. Moody Ft. Scott Ks.), Walnut 12
Preston, Gaddie A., b.1849-1905 (s), Walnut 12
Preston, R. W., b.1845-1915 (e), Walnut 12
Price, Rachel, wife of Wm. H. of Clear Spring LaGrange Co. Indiana, died June 27 1879, aged 51 yrs 11 mos & 9 ds., She was a kind and affectionate wife, a fond mother and a friend to all.(fallen), Walnut 12
Rose, Glennie L., dau of E. L. & S. V. Rose, died Feb 12 1888, aged 5 yrs 3 ms 10 ds.(s)(w) Adieu our household darlings, You have passed from life away. Your dear angelic forms have gone To mingle with the clay.(2 lambs atop, drapery & tassels design) s/w Johney, Walnut 9
Rose, Johney E., son of E. L. & S. V. died Mar 26 1888, aged 1 yr 4 ms 26 ds.,(n)(w), Walnut 9 Adieu our household darlings You have passed from life away. Your dear angelic forms have gone To mingle with the clay.(2 lambs atop, drapery & tassels design) s/w Glennie, Walnut 9
Rose, Sarah V., died Feb 18 1894, aged 32 y 7 m 6 d, Free from all cares and pain Asleep my body lies, Until the final trumpet, Calls the dead to Christ (book atop) (fallen) A precious one is gone., wife of E. L. Rose, Walnut 9
Shellhorn, Earl W., b.1890-1941, Walnut 17
Sheperd, Malissa A., b.Feb 21 1841, d.Jan 24 1918, aged 77 y 10 m 29 d., Walnut 9
Shirem, Infant, son of J. A. & V. M. Shirem...(eroded)(leaning on above stone; dove design)
Shireman, Darling Heny P., d.Dec (28?) 1877, son of Isaac V. & America J., aged 10 mos & 7 dys.(dove design)
Shireman, S. H., b.June 14 1840, d.Nov 3 1889, Co. C. 28 Ill. Vol. Inft, (GAR stake), Walnut 12
Wampler, Geo. W., b.1857-1919, Father
Wampler, Minnie F., b.1866-1924, Mother, Walnut 12

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