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Smiley Cemetery
Crawford County, Kansas

Lat: 37° 33' 01"N, Lon: 94° 38' 57"W

Contributed by Carol Brooks, Apr 08, 2000 [sbrooks@ckt.net]. Total records = 52.

To reach Smiley Cemetery drive 1 mile west of Mulberry KS then turn south for 1/2 miles and the cemetery will be on the right or west side of the road.

This cemetery has several unmarked graves. The cemetery records burned in a fire, so no way to find out who the unmarked graves are.

- Carol Brooks

Adams, Robert, 11/29/1895, age 77yr
Bridges, Jessie B., b. 6/17/1809, d. 11/09/1887
Champ, J. W., b. 12/20/1887, d. 6/1891
Copenhaven, Charley, b. 2/26/1882, d. 11/22/1884, son of J.D.& E.
Edenfield, John E., d. 9/11/1872, age 12yrs 11mo, son of J.M. & N.
Evans, George, b. 1884, d. 1920
Evans, Grover, b. 1894, d. 1921
Evans, Laura, b. 7/22/1890, d. 9/25/1934
Foster, Frank, b. 1886, d. 1937
Foster, Lillie, b. 4/10/1887, d. 2/12/1914
Harmon, Lee Owen, 3/03/1906
Herman, William W., d. 7/01/1891, age 2yrs. 1mo 14da., son of J.W. & V
Holt, Reuben, b. 2/24/1877, d. 6/14/18?? badly worn
Hopper, Alber, d. 7/02/1908, age 1yr 4mo 11da, son of J.W. & N.
Hopper, John, b. 1879, d. 1905
Lehman, Ellis F. b. 1862, d. 1940
Lehman, Rachel b. 1866, d. 1946
Mcfall, John R. b. 3/17/1888, d. 6/19/1900
Riley, Martha A. b. 4/10/1895, d. 8/12/1914
Russell, Andrew J. b. 1/23/1850, d. 4/25/1892
Russell, Jessie infant of A.J .& N.
Russell, Nannie b. 3/28/1858, d. 10/03/1902
Russell, Virgy infant of A.J. & N.
Smiley, Albert, b. 1838, d. 1906
Smiley, Alice P., b. 2/06/1904, d. 11/25/1905,daug of A. & I.M.
Smiley, Arthur, b. 12/03/1870, d. 12/13/1935, father
Smiley, Baby, no date, s/w Porter, Maude, Florence, Cliff & Porter Jr
Smiley, Clifford, no date, s/w Porter, Maude, Florence, Baby & Porter Jr
Smiley, Florence, no date, s/w Porter, Maude, Baby, Cliff & Porter Jr
Smiley, Ida M., b. 7/19/1877, d. 7/12/1957,mother
Smiley, Margaret, b. 6/13/1807, d. 7/01/1881
Smiley, Maude Ellen, b. 6/10/1882, d. 3/16/1922, no date, s/w Porter, Baby, Florence, Cliff & Porter Jr
Smiley, Nancy M., b. 6/19/1901, d. 7/12/1902,daug. of A. & I.M.
Smiley, Nancy, b. 1843, d. 1897
Smiley, Phillip O., b. 9/17/1865, d. 7/05/1871, son of A. & N.
Smiley, Phillip, b. 10/31/1836, d. 2/17/1873
Smiley, Porter Jr, no date, s/w Porter, Maude, Florence, Cliff & Baby
Smiley, Porter b. 1/21/1874, d. 2/21/1953, no date, s/w Baby, Maude, Florence, Cliff & Porter Jr
Smiley, Robert P, b. 4/04/1806, d. 11/19/1876
Smiley, Sidney Dean, b. 8/11/1895, d. 10/18/1895, daug of C.M. & O.J.
Terrill, Fanny (Totman), b. 1872, d. 1948
Terrill, W. H., b. 1862, d. 1931
Tipton, Willie, b. 10/11/1880, d. 1/17/1881, son of J. & R.J.
Totman, Clara E., b. 3/26/1895, d. 8/2/1899, daug. of G. & H.J.
Totman, Ellen Jane (McKee), b. 2/13/1864, d. 3/14/1908, wife of Henry
Totman, Frank, b. 1872, d. 1935
Totman, George Monroe, b. 1856, d. 1945, broken stone
Totman, Harriet Jane, b. 1868, d. 1939
Totman, Henry, b. 1830 (Ohio), d. 8/05/1874, (ummarked grave)
Totman, Johnathan, b. 5/25/1854 (Ohio), d. 11/1924, (unmarked grave)
Totman, Leona B., b. 4/10/1900, d. 7/20/1902, daug. of G. & H.J.
Vanhoozer, Henry, 1/18/1895, age 9mo 8da, son of W.H. & A.M.
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