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Rosebank Cemetery
Mulberry, Crawford County, Kansas

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 47.

Contributor's Index:

Mooney, Lawrence, b. 1880, d. 1961, h/o Lula Mae, [CF]
Mooney, Lula Mae (Goss),
b. 1884, d. 1910, w/o Lawrence, [CF]
Mooney, Mary (Wilson),
b. Apr 11 1883, d. Sep 16 1961, [CF]
Mooney, Thomas,
b. Nov 24 1881, d. Dec 17 1967, h/o Mary, [CF]
Nelson, Maud L. (Zinn),
b. 1893, d 1920, [RJ]
Perkins, John C, b. 1865, d 1949, ssw/Sarah E. Perkins, [RJ]
Perkins, Katy (Zinn), b. Jan 1870, d. 15 Nov 1951, ssw/Robert Erve Perkins, [RJ]
Perkins, Mary J. Perkins, b. 1874, d 1903, ssw/Alice I. Sheets, [RJ]
Perkins, Robert Erve, b. Feb 1869, d 1921, ssw/Katy Perkins, [RJ]
Perkins, Sarah E, b. 1874, d 1922, ssw/John C. Perkins, [RJ]
Ryder, John Thomas, d. 1956, [JH]
Sheets, Alice I, b. 1868, d 1889, ssw/Mary J. Perkins
Showers, Julia Ann (Zinn), ssw/William L. Showers, [RJ]
Showers, William L. Showers, ssw Julia Ann Showers, [RJ]
Wagner, Agnes Alice Hammett, b. 1861 Peoria, Ill, d. 1946 Pittsburg, Kansas, w/o Charles, [KB]
Wagner, Charles Henry Watts, b. 1856 Ill, d. 1942 Pittsburgh KS, [KB]
Wagner, Jesse, b. 23 Jan 1825 Germany, d. Apr 2, 1895, [KB]
Wagner, S., b. 02 Apr 1895, d. 03 Apr 1895, [KB]
Zinn Infant, b/d 1896, [RJ]
Zinn, Frank M, b. 1864, d 1942, ssw/Sarah Zinn, [RJ]
Zinn, George E, b. 30 Apr 1862, d 28 Feb 1937, ssw/Mary S. Zinn, [RJ]
Zinn, Glenn A, b. 10 May 1910, d 15 May 1966, [RJ]
Zinn, Hazel, b. 1908, d 1909, [RJ]
Zinn, Howard F., ssw/Nadine Zinn, [RJ]
Zinn, Joel Williamson, b. ca 1861, d 1928, ssw/Ruth Ella Zinn, [RJ]
Zinn, Mable, b. 1894, d 1898, [RJ]
Zinn, Mary S, b. 18 Jul 1868, d 04 Oct 1931, ssw/George E. Zinn, [RJ]
Zinn, Nadine, b. 1907, d 1945, ssw/Howard F. Zinn, [RJ]
Zinn, Ruth Ella (Cole), b. 1867, d 1955, ssw/Joel Williamson Zinn, [RJ]
Zinn, Sarah, b. 1871, ssw/Frank M. Zinn, [RJ]

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