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Kansas Death Records


Holy Family Cemetery
Odin, Barton County, Kansas

Contributed by Shari Koehn [meyereskoehn@gmail.com].

??, ?, Childs grave, worn stone, difficult to read digital images
??, ?, Horizontal stripes in stone, Difficult to read digital image
??, 2, Markers, name and dates lost, provided by Nicholson-Ricke (funeral home?)
??, 2, Markers, name and dates lost
??, ?, Worn stone Cross, doesn't appear to have lettering
??, ?, Worn stone bearing two capital letters, appear to be P R
??, 2, Worn stones, difficult to read digital images
??, ?, Lettering missing from much of the name plate/metal silver cross type monument
??, ?, b. 15? Jun? 1883 or 1888, d. ?? Feb 1884 or 1889, Childs grave, worn stone, can make out random lettering, difficult to read digital images
??, Albin, b. 15 Jul 1901, d. 29 Dec 1902
??, Franzes, b. 15 May 1845, d. 17 May 1918
??, Jane Maria, no dates, Marker missing dates
??, Jose?, b. 24 Jan 1842?, d. 2 Feb 1890?, Worn stone, difficult to read digital images
??, Maria, b. ?? ??? 18?6, d. ?? Dec 18??, Worn stone, difficult to read digital images
??, Stefanna Emma, no dates, Unsure if one of the names Stefanna or Emma should be a last name (separated by a cross)
Broekl, ?, "Child of Family Julius Broekl"
Dorsey, Mr., no dates
Hipp, , "Infant Children of Wm. T. & Regina Hipp"
Kehler, Infants, 3 with no dates
Werner, ?, "Kind des Franz U. Victoria Werner"
Zorn, , no dates, Hard to read digital images

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