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Willhite Cemetery
Wingate, Montgomery County, Indiana

Lat: 40° 09' 14"N, Lon: 87° 02' 01"W
Coal Creek Twp, Sec 30

Contributed by Rich Willhite, May 13, 2001, last edited Jan 11, 2010 [willys55nut@comcast.net]. Total records = 91.

This cemetery, dated 1882 on a large iron overhead gate with the Willhite name, is just north of Wingate, Indiana. Leave Wingate to stop sign, sharp right turn about 2 miles on Old 55. Left on 750 north about 1/4 to 1/2 mile. The cemetery is on the left side of the road. These are the known burials in the Willhite Cemetery.

In 1831 President came up from Jefferson Co Indiana. In 1834 President was in Coal Creek Township, for a while. (He kept this land and went over to Walnut twp. and then came back). Have heard the older folks say that an Indian Burial Ground was here before the white man came. That would have explained so many dual burials or bones found when a grave is prepared. As recorded, a gypsy child was buried with President Willhite's permission and the date is not known. May have forgotten other names, but the burial names recorded are correct from markers, death records, diaries, Bible, word of mouth by great Aunts, Great Uncles, Uncles, Aunts, my mother, and other friends and relatives. Walter Willhite did tell of his mother, Mollie Bagby Willhite, and could not definitely point out the exact spot where she is buried. He descended from Frank Bagby, as does Capitola Smith Wills who died in 1989.

Mrs. Garnal Lee Scott, RR1 Box 168, Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933, searches, researches, and keeps records for the cemetery burials up to date. She is a silent trustee, a genealogist and constantly searching all descending lines.

The first recorded trustees were in Deed book 67, page 123, dated Jun 6, 1891. They were Henry P Willhite, Ebenezer Vanscoy, and John Harmon. It was the earliest known attempt to preserve the cemetery as the land of my great grandparents, that was passing from their Heirs. So, into their hands and future trustees comes the trust of this hallowed land. Virginia Boze Scott. Trustee, Willhite Cemetery Sep 2, 2000.

- Rich Willhite

Bagby, Mary C. (Mollie), b. d. 1889, Indiana, Wife of Voorhees W Willhite, Dau of Frank Bagby, Mother of Walter W Willhite, Row 5
Brimberry, Alta Arnetta Willhite, b. 3-25-1883, d. 5/26/1926, Mother, Wife of Leonard Daniel Brimberry, Row 4
Brimberry, Etta E Smith, b. 6/12/1905, d. 10/9/1985, Wife of Lloyd D. Brimberry, Row 4
Brimberry, Ezra Franklin, b. 11/15/1913, d. 8/4/1968, WWII Veteran, Son of Leonard and Alta, Row 4
Brimberry, Leah Ellen, b. 12/13/1919, d. 11/26/1940, Bones of infant found 1800's, buried deeper, Row 4
Brimberry, Leonard Daniel, b. 1884, d. 3/1/1946, Row 4
Brimberry, Leonard Samuel, b. 12/26/1924, d. 8/15/1951, WWII Veteran, Row 4
Brimberry, Lloyd Daniel, b. 5/13/1905, d. 11/23/1957, Hus of Etta E Smith, Row 4
Brimberry, Mabel Agnes, b. 3/18/1911, d. 8/1/1974, Dau of Leonard and Alta Brimberry, Row 4
Burnett, Mary, Currently living, space reserved, Row 2
Fowler, Mary Emily, b. 6-3-1856 Montgomery Co Indiana, d. 11/5/1908, Marion Co. Indiana, Wife of John H Willhite, Row 3
Gypsy child, d. late 1800s, Row 4
Harper, Everett, b. 3-21-1887, d. 8/9/1956, Husband of Mattie E Willhite, Row 5
Harper, Mattie Evelyn, b. 10-12-1889 Montgomery Co. Indiana, Old P H Willhite Cabin, d. 1/4/1946, Dau. Of John & Mary Fowler Willhite, Wife of E. Harper, Row 5
Harper, McNorton-Byrd, Louise L, b. 3/13/1913, d. 1/25/1955, dau of Everett and Matie Harper, Row 5
Harper, Ronald Eugene, no dates, Son of Bernice Harper, Row 5
Hogue, Odella May Brown, b. 5/14/1929 d. (02/05/2003), Row 1
Johnson, Drusilla, b. 8-6-1865 Wingate IN, d. 11/30/1902, 2nd Wife of Harvey T Willhite, Row 1
Knee, Dorthy Mae, d. 1930's, Row 2
Knee, Mary Catherine, no dates,
McBride, Effie May, b. 8-31-1881 Montgomery Co. Indiana, Old P.H. Willhite cabin, d. 8/22/1965, Dau of John H & Mary Fowler Willhite, Wife of F. B. McBride, Row 4
Mcbride, Freeman Barney, b. 8-3-1881, d. 11/29/1962, Husband of Effie May Willhite, Row 4
McNorton, Evelyn Ann, no dates, Dau. Of Floyd & Louise L Harper McNorton, Row 5
Mears, Bertha, b. 8/19/1912, d. 9/1/1913, Infant, Dau of James & Elsie Willhite Mears, Row 1
Mears, Elsie Willhite, b. 8-19-1892, d. 12/31/1976, Wife of James F Mears, Cremated, Valpraiso, IN., Ashes scattered in N. IN., Row 1
Mitchell, Ada Lillian Andrews, b. 2/27/1906, d. 1/25/1969, Wife of William M. Mitchell, Row 2
Mitchell, Carl Franklin, b. 3/25/1910, d. 10/28/1957, Hus. Of Mary Burnett &Sarah Kern, Row 2
Mitchell, Clarence A, b. 8-22-1873, d. 4-2-1874, Son of Jonathan & Nannie Wilson Mitchell, Row 4
Mitchell, Daisy Laurine, b. 10-17-1896, d. 10/22/1971, Wife of Edgar Hall Willhite, Row 3
Mitchell, Emerson Leon, b. 4/10/1903, d. 4/23/1905, Son of William Wallace Mitchell, Row 2
Mitchell, Mary Elizabeth Willhite, b. 9-2-1838 Walnut Twp, Montgomery Co. Ind, d. 7/27/1910, Montgomery Co. Ind, Wife of William D Mitchell, Row 2
Mitchell, Mary Zelma, b. 8-1876, d. 1884, Dau of Jonathan & Nannie Wilson Mitchell, Row 2
Mitchell, President Alexander, b. 1-8-1875, d. 5/4/1912, Son of William D Mitchell, Row 2
Mitchell, Richard Lee, b. 7/4/1938, d. 5/31/1985, Buried in front, by main gate west. Son of Mary & Carl Mitchell, Row2
Mitchell, Sarah Kern, b. 2-22-1882, d. 4/16/1961, Wife of William Wallace Mitchell, Row 2
Mitchell, Sarah, b. 1868, d. 1896, Dau of Wm. D &f Mary E Willhite Mitchell, Wife of Morris Ogden, Row 2
Mitchell, Stanley Oren, b. 8/15/1907, d. 2/11/1988, Son of William W. Mitchell, Row 2
Mitchell, Virgil Dennis, b. 6-10-1898, d. 5-4-1899, Son of President Mitchell, Row 2
Mitchell, William D, b. 10-26-1839 Indiana, d. 3-29-1880, Indiana, Hus of Mary E Willhite, Row 2
Mitchell, William Morris, b. 9/27/1901, d. 5/6/1970, Hus. Of Ada L Andrews, Row 2
Mitchell, William Wallace, b. 12-7-1879 Indiana, d. 6/15/1947, Hus. Of Sarah Kern, Row 2
Murdock, Jack Lee, d. 9/15/1932, Son of Louise Harper & Jack Murdock, Row 5
Nesbit, Rhoda Ann, b. 8-19-1875 Montgomery Co. Indiana, d. 12/14/1905, Wife of Wm Nesbit, Dau of Harvey T and Elvira Johnson Willhite, Row 1
Plunkett, Sarah, b. 2-6-1815 Shelby Co, d. 2-26-1887 Montgomery, Dau of Wm Plunkett, Wife of President Hall Willhite Kentucky Co. Indiana, Row 3
Shafer, Lucinda J Stonebraker Keern, b. 1/5/1915, d. no date, Mother of Sarah Keern Mitchell, Row 2
Vanscoy, Anna, d. 1880, Row 1
Vanscoy, Catherine Lowery, d. 1884, Row 1
Vanscoy, Ebineazer, d. 1897, Row 1
Vanscoy, Hiram, d. 1889, Row 1
Vanscoy, Lester, d. 1888, Row 1
Vanscoy, William, d. 1892, Row 1
Walker, Bonnie Jean, d. c.1930, Dau of Helen Knee, Row 2
Walker, Nancy N, d. 3/2/1935, Row 2
Walker, Sarah Catherine, b. 12-22-1845, d. no date, Dau of Pres. H. & Sarah Plunkitt Willhite, Wife of Thomas Walker, Row 2
Willard, Mattie Alice Knee, b. 5/29/1903, d. 1/17/1974, Wife of Walter Willard, Row 2
Willhite, Alviry (Elvira) Johnson, b. 7-4-1853 Kentucky, d. 4-14-1883, Wingate IN, 1st wife if Harvey T Willhite, Row 1
Willhite, Arminta P, b. 1-8-1834 Walnut Twp. Montgomery Co. IN, d. after 1850 bef. 1860,, Dau of Pres. H. & Sarah Plunkitt, Row 3
Willhite, Charles A, no dates, Son of Wm. & Susan Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, Dale Floyd, b. 2/23/1922, d. 4/29/1923, Son of Edgar H & Daisy Mitchell Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, Edgar Hall, b. 10-10-1887 Coal Creek Twp. Montgomery Co. Indiana. Old Pres. H Willhite cabin, d. 9/7/1952, Hus of Daisy Mitchell, Row 3
Willhite, Elmer Lloyd, b. 1-21-1892 Coal Creek Twp. Montgomery Co. Indiana. Old Pres. H Willhite cabin, d. 3/13/1907, Son of John and Mary Fowler Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, Flora J, b. 1-6-1867, d. 5-27-1870, Montgomery Co. Indiana, Dau of James M & Louise Wilson Willhite, Row 4
Willhite, Geraldine Ann, no dates, 2nd wife of John Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, Harry Eugene, b. 10/24/1929, d. 11/21/1929, Son of Walter W & Matie A Willhite, Row 2
Willhite, Harvey Taylor, b. 11-18-1847 Walnut Twp. Montgomery Co. Indiana, d. 3-1933/ Burial on March 30, 1933 Gary, Indiana, Hus of Elvira & Drusilla Johnson, Row 1
Willhite, Helen Keller, b. 5/27/1924, d. 3/22/1992, Wife of Noel Eugene Willhite, Row 1
Willhite, Homer Harvey, b. 8/23/1916, d. 1/15/1984, Son of Luther Omer & Zelma Jones Willhite, Row 1
Willhite, Jesse President, b. 11-26-1885 Coal Creek Twp. Montgomery Co. Indiana. Old Pres. H Willhite cabin, d. 7/12/1908, Son of John & Mary Fowler Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, John Hall, b. 3-29-1856 Coal Creek Twp. Montgomery Co. Indiana. Old Pres. H Willhite cabin, d. 2/18/1924, Veedersburg, Indiana, Hus of Mary Fowler, Row 3
Willhite, John Kenneth, b. 8/22/1915, d. 7/12/1977, Hus of Erma Parker & Geraldine ?, Row 3
Willhite, Louise Samarius Wilson, b. 1-17-1844 Putnam Co. Indiana, d. 5-13-1872, Indiana, Wife of James M. Willhite, Row 4
Willhite, Luther Omer, b. 1-8-1896 Wingate, Indiana, d. 9/18/1958, Same grave as Ebineazer Vanscoy, Row 1
Willhite, Mahala, b. 3-30-1854 Montgomery Co. Indiana, d. 2-24-1892, Dau of, Row 3
Willhite, Moyna Arlene, b. 11/26/1926, d. 1926, Dau of Edgar and Daisy Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, Noah Sylvester, b. 12-4-1886 Wingate, Indiana, 12-11-1886Wingate, Indiana, Son of Harvey T. and Elvira Willhite, Row 1
Willhite, Noel Eugene, d. 7/7/1924, Hus of Helen, Son of Edgar & Daisy Willhite, Row 1
Willhite, Orthaniel, b. 1868 Indiana, d., Indiana, Wm's brother, Son of P.H. & Sarah A Batteral Willhite, Row 5
Willhite, Pamela Jean, b. 10/29/1953, d. 2/23/2000, Dau of Noel E & Helen Willhite, Row 1
Willhite, Patsy O, b. 12-15-1831, d. after 1840 before 1850, Dau of Pres. H. & Sarah Plunkit Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, President Hall, b. 10-3-1809 Shelby Co. Kentucky, d. 12-20-1882, Montgomery Co. Indiana, Hus of Sarah Plunkitt, Son of Achilles & Mary Hall Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, President Hall, b. 4-8-1869, d. 10-6-1870, Indiana, Son of James M and Louise Wilson Willhite, Row 4
Willhite, President Thomas, b. 1-24-1873, d. 10-28-1886, Son of Harvey T. Willhite & Elvira Johnson, Row 1
Willhite, Richard Lee, b. 8/20/1935, d. 5/17/1982, Son of Walter W. & Matie A Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, Robert Lee, b. 8/20/1935, d. 5-17-1982 Indiana, bur. 5-20-1982, Row 3
Willhite, Ronald Eugene, b. 3/22/1948, d. 9/2/1949, Son of Noel & Helen Willhite, Row 1
Willhite, Samuel Frank, b. 1/31/1927, d. 10/3/1928, Son of Walter Willard & Mattie Willhite, Row 2
Willhite, Sarah Eliza, b. 3-8-1871 Indiana, d. 5-28-1872, Indiana, Dau of Harvey T. & Elvira Johnson Willhite, Row 1
Willhite, Walter Willard, b. 8-21-1886 Montgomery Co. Indiana by Doc. Olin, d. 6/5/1970, Hus of Mattie Alice Knee, Row 2
Willhite, William Tenny, b. 11-22-1850 Montgomery Co. Indiana, d. 2-24-1892 New Richmond, Indiana, Hus of Susan Raisor, Son of Pres. H. & Sarah Plunkitt Willhite, Row 3
Willhite, William, b. 1870 Indiana, d. Indiana, Hus of Susan ?, Son of Henry P. H. & Susan Batteral Willhite, Row 5
Willhite, Zelma Jones, b. 5-18-1898, d. 9/9/1965, Wife of Luther O Willhite, Same grave as Catherine Lowery Vanscoy, Row 1


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