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Wesley Chapel Cemetery
Huntington County, Indiana

1100N and 400E
Roanoke IN

Jackson Twp, Sec 3
Lat: 40°59'23"N, Lon: 85°22'35"W

Contributed by Ellen Callahan, Jul 05, 2002 [gingerabbit2@hotmail.com]. Total records = 185.

Wesley Chapel Cemetery is located in Jackson township Section 3 at the corner of 1100N and 400E. This is north of the town of Roanoke, Indiana.

Many stones are damaged and worn, and there are unmarked graves. I went to the cemetery and did this list myself in April of 2001.

The names of the people with missing or unreadable markers were recorded in 1950-1951 by Thomas H. Anson, only their death date will be mentioned. I used the older transcription to fill in the death date of worn or broken markers.

- Ellen Callahan

???, Infant, d. 1849, (marker in pieces)
???, Maud, b. 1875, d. 1896 (no last name, next to A.C. Roberts)
Bachtel, Aaron, d. 31 Mar 1874, (marker worn)
Bachtel, Catharine, d. 16 Jul 1876, age 59y, ??m ?d
Bachtel, Daniel, d. 1 April 1860, age 66y 7m 3d
Bachtel, Emanuel, d. 4 Apr 1857, (missing or unreadable)
Bachtel, Mary A., d. 31 Mar 187?, age ??y 9m 29d
Bachtel, Samuel B., d. 17 Aug 1856, (marker broken)
Barger, Febanon, d. 15 Oct 1858, age 1 day, Son of E & MA
Bechtel, George C., b. 1878, d. 1879
Bishop, Martin, b. 17 Aug 1817, d. 1 Feb 1877
Blount, Electa Ann, d. 13 Oct 1862, age 41y 2m 15d, Wife of Joseph
Bulkley, Lucretia, b. 1853, d. 1931
Burdorn, Mary J., d. 19 Jun 1854, (missing or unreadable)
Comstock, Charles, b. 12 Oct 1807, d. 21 Jul 1850, s/w Polly Comstock
Comstock, Polly, b. 6 Feb 1813, d. 25 Jun 1872, s/w Charles Comstock
Cormany, Jacob, d. 4 Aug 1854, age 1y 4m 7d, Son of W & R
Crakes, Eliza, b. 1824, d. 1904, s/w Watson Crakes
Crakes, Ida, b. 1859, d. 1860
Crakes, Viola, b. 1853, d. 1867
Crakes, Watson, b. 1817, d. 18 Sep 1867, s/w Eliza Crakes
Decker, Mary, d. 7 Feb 1864, age 30y 4m 23d, Wife of David
Dickerhoff, Catharine, no dates, age 84y, s/w Mary Jeffries & Elizabeth & Jacob Loop
Dinius, Son, b. 24 Aug 1898, d. 16 Dec 1898, Son of JM & LE
Erick, Elisabeth, d. 25 Apr 1873, age 72y 5m 4d, Wife of P., s/w Peter Erick
Erick, Infant, no dates, (missing or unreadable)
Erick, James C., d. 4 Sep 1852, age _2y 6m 18d
Erick, Peter, d. 10 Feb 1872, age 71y 10m 3d, s/w Elisabeth Erick
Ervin, John, d. 6 Sep 1855, age 31y 8m 19d
Ferrall, W.P., b. 1870, d. 1894, ' Father '
Ferrell, Herriett, b. 1869, d. no date, ' Mother '
Fisher, Chester E., b. 1897, d. 1970, s/w Georgia Fisher
Fisher, Emanuel E., b. 1862, d. 1942, s/w Mary E. Fisher
Fisher, Georgia, b. 1901, d. 1989, s/w Chester E. Fisher
Fisher, Mary E., b. 1864, d. 1953, s/w Emanuel E. Fisher
Fisher, Solomon J., b. 1892, d. 1923
Flickinger, America V., b. 1860, d. 1891
Hackett, Mary E., d. 23 Jul 1854, age ?y 9m ?d, Dau of M & L
Hall, George W., d. 19 Jan 1854, age 33y 4m 11d
Hambleto_, _oses, b. 1801, d. 1874, (marker chipped away at name)
Hamilton, Charles E., d. 3 Jun 1863, age 9y 9m 2d, Son of D & MJ, s/w David, David G., & Henry H. Hamilton
Hamilton, David G., d. 1 Oct 1871, age 9y 8m 23d, Son of D & MJ, s/w David, Charles E., & Henry H. Hamilton
Hamilton, David, d. 20 May 1870, age 49y, s/w Charles E., David G., & Henry H. Hamilton
Hamilton, Henry H., d. 21 Mar 1861, age 2y 11m 2d, Son of D & MJ, s/w David, David G., & Charles E. Hamilton
Hamilton, James, d. 27 Oct 185?, age 1y 1m 26d, Son of D & MJ
Heller, Amos J., d. 12 Sep 1905, age 78y 5m 9d, s/w Nancy Heller
Heller, Nancy, d. 21 Nov 1894, age 65y 5m 9d, Wife of Amos, s/w Amos J. Heller
Highlands, Clara J., d. 20 Feb 1893, age 45y 10m 23d, s/w Nathan & Malinda J. Highlands
Highlands, Malinda J., d. 27 May 1888, age 59y 11m 21d, Wife of Nathan, s/w Nathan & Clara Highlands
Highlands, Nathan, d. 27 Jun 1889, age 73y 4m, s/w Malinda J. & Clara Highlands
Hoffmire, Lucy Ann, d. 2 Nov 1855, age 17y 9m 6d
Huffman, Abram C., b. 4 Mar 1846, d. 15 Dec 1927, Co D 137 IND VOL INF, s/w Auroroa B. Huffman
Huffman, Ann, d. 23 Aug 1874, age 51y 11m 15d, s/w John & Mary E. Huffman
Huffman, Aurora B., b. 19 Feb 1850, d. 28 Jan 1923, s/w Abram C. Huffman
Huffman, Elizabeth, b. 19 Mar 1819, d. 28 Jul 1894, Wife of William, s/w William Huffman
Huffman, John, d. 21 Aug 1862, age 43y 6m 20d, s/w Ann & Mary E. Huffman
Huffman, Mary E., d. 27 Feb 1864, age 1y 1m 13d, Dau of J & A, s/w John & Ann Huffman
Huffman, William, d. 24 Sep 1871, age 47y, s/w Elizabeth Huffman
Hux, Edna M., b. 19 Jan 1909, d. 18 Jul 1909, Dau of E & M
Jeffries, Lovina, b. 27 Mar 1835, d. 28 Oct 1904
Jeffries, Mary, b. 5 Feb 1850, d. 12 Dec 1885, Wife of J.T., s/w Catharine Dickerhoff & Elizabeth & Jacob Loop
John, David M., b. 20 Oct 1821, d. 26 Mar 1861, s/w Susanah John
John, David M., d. 26 Mar 1861, (marker worn)
John, Edwin M. Stanten, d. 15 Nov 1872, age 8y 3m 5d, Son of Oliver & Sarah A. John
John, Lewis Allen, d. 26 Feb 1854, age ??, Son of DM & Susanna
John, Susanah, b. 20 Aug 1823, d. 9 Nov 1905, s/w Lewis Allen John
Loop, Elizabeth, b. 7 Mar 1804, d. 14 Jun 1880, Wife of J. Loop, s/w Jacob Loop, Mary Jeffries, & Catharine Dickerhoff
Loop, Jacob, b. 1 Jan 1800, d. 25 Oct 1872, s/w Elizabeth Loop, Mary Jeffries, & Catharine Dickerhoff
McKinley, Adam, d. 1 Sep 1893, age 77y 5m 23d, s/w Isabel & Cynthia Ann McKinley
McKinley, Anna, d. 23 Apr 1931, age 71y 10m 15d
McKinley, Cynthia Ann, d. 2 Jul 1854, age 9y 10m 2d, Dau of A & I, s/w Adam & Isabel McKinley
McKinley, Isabel, d. 21 Aug 1893, age 77y 6m 2d, s/w Adam & Cynthia Ann McKinley
McNamara, Arthur, d. 23 Mar 1871, (missing or unreadable)
McNamara, Charles, b. 1889, d. 1896, Son of EE & NE
McNamara, Rebecca, d. 24 May 185?, age 9y 6m 15d, Dau of ??
McNamara, Sarah M., d. 24 Oct 1876, age 27y 9m 12d, Wife of Wm J. McNamara
McNamara, Susanna, b. 25 Sep 1811, d. 13 Jan 1890
McNamara, Vernon, d. 26 Jan 1866, age 2m 20d, Son of WJ & SM
McNamara, William J., b. 18 Feb 1839, d. 21 Sep 1906
McNamara, William, b. 8 Jan 1805, d. 10 Dec 1868
Miller, Elizabeth L., b. 1854, d. 1875
Miller, John, d. 3 Jul 1862, (marker worn)
Miller, Joseph L., b. 1820, d. 1903
Miller, Mary, d. 20 Jul 1873, age ??, Wife of John
Miller, Ruth H., d. 4 Jun 1887, age 66y 9m 15d, Wife of Joseph Miller
Morgan, Waty, d. 7 Nov 1855, age ??, Wife of Samuel Morgan
Mulkins, Anna, b. 30 Sep 1852, d. 14 Jun 1882, Wife of JW
Mulkins, Cornelius, d. 23 Dec 1908, age 66y 5m 19d
Mulkins, Elenor, b. 25 Dec 1815, d. 4 Aug 1892
Mulkins, Hattie D., b. 1857, d. no date, s/w Isaac C. & Henry W. Mulkins
Mulkins, Henry W., b. 1883, d. 1892, s/w Isaac C. & Hattie D. Mulkins
Mulkins, Henry, b. 27 Feb 1817, d. 16 Feb 1856
Mulkins, Infant, no dates, Dau of H & E
Mulkins, Isaac C., b. 1846, d. 1912, s/w Hattie D. & Henry W. Mulkins
Nanna, Charles, d. 5 Aug 1868, age 6y 10m 22d, Son of ??, (marker worn)
Nanna, Etta, d. 22 ??? 1860, age 19 days, (marker worn and in pieces)
Nanna, Lucinda, d. 27 Jul 1856, (missing or unreadable)
Nanna, Mary E., d. 15 Mar 1859, age ??, Dau of H & LJ
Nanna, Willie, d. 10 Apr 1868, age 24d, Son of H & LJ
Peacock, John, d. 25 Jan 1862, (marker broken off)
Pixler, Sarah A., d. 15 Sep 1858, age 10m 15d, Dau of ??
Putnam, Andrew M., d. 24 Aug 1851, age 12y 3m, Son of SC & ME
Putnam, Malissa E., d. 20 Dec 1849, age 29y 8m 4d, Wife of SC
Putt, Royal C., d. 7 Aug 1879, 1m 12d, Son of ?? & LE
Rice, Lyman L., d. 7 Aug 1856, age ??, Son of ?H & LB, (marker worn)
Richards, Calvin, d. 13 Nov 1858, age 13y 26d, Son of ??
Richards, Magdalena, d. 11 Dec 1852, age 34y 6m 3d, Wife of Warner
Richards, Polina A., d. 20 May 1877, (marker worn)
Rickey, Elizabeth A., d. 2 Jul 1851, age 10y 2m 8d, Dau of J & J
Roberts, A.C., b. 1838, d. 1906
Roberts, Arther, d. 23 Feb 1881, age 1y 2d, s/w Luella & E.E. Sibert Roberts
Roberts, E.E. Siberts, d. 9 Jul 1880, age ??, Wife of A.C. Roberts, s/w Arther & Luella Roberts
Roberts, Luella, d. 21 Jan 1885, age 18y 1m 11d, Dau of AC & EE, s/w Arther & E.E. Sibert Roberts
Roberts, Phebe, d. 16 Nov 1866, age 64y 9m 20d, Wife of Isaac
Robinett, Elmira, b. 1831, d. 1917, s/w Nathan W. Robinett
Robinett, Nathan W., b. 27 Aug 1814, d. 5 Dec 1873
Ross, Belinda, d. 22 Oct 1855, age 33y 5m 12d, Dau of Benjamin & Anna
Salts, Lucy S. R., d. 11 Sep 1860, age ??, Dau of PH & LR
Salts, Lucy, d. 9 Sep 1885, age 70y 7m 9d, Wife of Paul H. Salts
Salts, Paul H., d. 24 Apr 1888, age 76y 2m 11d
Salts, Perrin, d. 26 Aug 1855, age ??
Schlichter, Mary, d. 8 Nov 1866, age 56y 4m 19d, Wife of Mathias, s/w Mathias Schlichter
Schlichter, Mathias, d. 21 Oct 1890, age 90y 1d, s/w Mary Schlichter
Shaffner, Franklin, d. 14 Aug 1865, age 22y 14d, Son of ??
Shank, Carey L., d. 28 Sep 1866, age 1y 10m 12d, Son of WH & LM, s/w Clarence E. Shank
Shank, Clarence E., d. 29 Mar 1861, age 1y 8m 5d, Son of WH & LM, s/w Carey L. Shank, (marker worn)
Shoffner, Charles E., d. 6 Aug 1880, age 5m 18d, Son of DC & MJ, s/w Melissa J. Shoffner
Shoffner, David, d. 8 Nov 1896, (missing or unreadable)
Shoffner, Della, d. 30 Jul 1883, age 3m 8d, Dau of E & C, s/w Elizabeth W. Shoffner
Shoffner, Elias, d. 7 Sep 1860, age 9y 9m 3d, Son of David & Hannah B.
Shoffner, Elizabeth W., d. 13 Jul 1883, age 27y 11m 7d, Wife of C., s/w Della
Shoffner, Francis M., d. 8 Oct 1861, age 8m 6d, Children of David & Hannah B., s/w Sarah A. Shoffner
Shoffner, Hannah B., d. 2 Oct 1889, age 70y 9m 3d, Wife of David
Shoffner, Melissa J., d. 22 Apr 1880, age 30y 10m 22d, Wife of David C., s/w Charles E. Shoffner
Shoffner, Sarah A., d. 25 Sep 1853, age 8m 14d, Children of David & Hannah B., s/w Francis M. Shoffner
Shofner, Phebe, d. 12 Dec 1863, age 72y 11m 11d, Wife of Jacob
Sibert, David A., d. 9 Mar 1874, age 63y ??d
Slater, Filoty J. Moon, d. 10 May 1873, age 23y 7m 11d, Wife of William
Slichter, Willie, d. 23 Oct 1873, age 3y 3m 6d, Son of WH & EE
Smith, Amanda, d. 23 Aug 1891, age 61y 7m 10d, Wife of J.R., s/w John R. Smith
Smith, Elizabeth C., d. 1 Oct 1868, age ??, Dau of ??
Smith, Emma E., d. 18 Jul 1854, age 28y 5m 18d, Wife of George
Smith, John G., d. 28 Jan 1864, age 14y 9d, Son of SH & MJ
Smith, John R., b. 1855, d. 1922
Smith, John R., d. 23 May 1888, age 62y 11m 28d, s/w Amanda Smith
Smith, John W., d. 3 Feb 1854, age 1y ?m 23d, Son of J & S
Smith, Lillia, b. 1867, d. 1898
Smith, Maggie D., d. 30 Sep 1867, age 3y 5m 2d, Dau of SH & MJ, s/w Samuel H. & Mary J. Smith
Smith, Margaret T., d. 26 Oct 1853, age ?? Wife of John
Smith, Mary Helen, 21 Dec 1915, (missing or unreadable)
Smith, Mary J., d. 19 Dec 1900, age 74y 3m 14d, Wife of Samuel H., s/w Samuel H. & Maggied D. Smith
Smith, Milty S., d. 14 Jun 1860, age 1 or 4m 30d, Son of SH & MJ
Smith, Newton Wesley, d. 1932, (missing or unreadable)
Smith, Samuel H., d. 31 Mar 1881, age 60y 8m 11d, s/w Maggie D., & Mary J. Smith
Stanter, David, d. 29 Jun 1872, (missing or unreadable)
Swaidner, Altha A., b. 14 Mar 1889, d. 5 Jan 1897
Swaidner, Burton A., b. 27 Jul 1880, d. 9 Nov 1881
Swaidner, Manuel C., b. 1839, d. 1921
Swaidner, Marie E., b. 27 Jan 1871, d. 15 Aug 1873
Swaidner, Mary E., b. 1848, d. 1930
Tait, Wealthy, d. 20 Aug 1854, Wife of Hugh
Tait, William, d. 15 Mar 1843, (Missing or unreadable)
Thorn, Isaac C. A., b. 1864, d. 1912
Thorn, Margaret, d. 28 Jun? 1874, age ??y 10m 26d, Wife of Jacob
Thrasher, Elias, d. 17 Mar 1850, age 15y 11m 16d, Son of E & E
Thrasher, Elias, d. 5 Jan 1877, age 84y 3m 10d, s/w Elizabeth Thrasher
Thrasher, Elizabeth, d. 1 Dec 1875, age 83y 8m 13d, s/w Elias Thrasher
Thrasher, George W., b. 1861, d. 1936
Thrasher, Infant, d. 26 Feb 1856, (missing or unreadable)
Thrasher, Nancy, d. 24 Aug 1907, (missing or unreadable)
Thrasher, Rufus W., d. 15 Sep 1857, age ??
Thrasher, Samuel H., d. 17 Jan 1879, (missing or unreadable)
Torrence, William, d. 23 Jun 1899, age 80y 3m 13d
Twining, Bertha E., d. 26 Sep 1865, age 3m 13d, Dau of DC & SG
Twining, Dewitt C., d. 25 Dec 1904, age 80y 3m 2d, s/w Susanah Twining
Twining, Estella G., d. 8 Oct 1898, age 49y, Dau of DC & SG
Twining, Franklin L., d. 24 Sep 1864, (marker in pieces)
Twining, Leonard M., d. 13 Aug 1868, age 6m 24d, Son of DC & SG
Twining, Susanah, d. 5 Jun 1884, age 56y 7m 10d, Wife of D.C., s/w Dewitt C. Twining
Voorhees, Mary, d. 18 May 1849, age 22y 5m 19d
Wade, Charles E., d. 18 Nov 1872, age 2y 11m 9d, Son of T & ?
Wade, Elsie M., b. 1890, d. 1902
Walker, Anne Ermina, d. 13 Jan 1853, age 2y 5m 3d, Dau of ?? & MD
Wirts, W. E., d. 1880, (marker worn)
Worden, Ezra B., d. 12 Mar 1859, age 25y 2m 20d, Son of Barns & Betsy A.
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