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Roanoke Cemetery
Huntington County, Indiana

Lat: 40° 57' 14"N, Lon: 85° 22' 33"W

Contributed by Ellen Callahan, Jul 03, 2002 [gingerabbit2@hotmail.com]. Total records = 144.

Roanoke Cemetery is located in Jackson township, on the corner of Roanoke Road and 850N, this is just outside of the town of Roanoke, Indiana.

Many of the stones are damaged and worn, and there are many unmarked graves. I went to the cemetery and did this list myself in August of 2001, the names of the people with markers unreadable or missing were recorded in 1951-1952 by Thomas H. Anson, only their death date will be mentioned. I used the older transcription to fill in the death date of worn markers.

- Ellen Callahan

Aussden, Dessy Y., d. 16 May 1880; (unreadable or missing)
Bash, Anne E., d. 28 Dec 1853, age 6y 8m 23d, Dau of H & S
Bash, Arthur J., d. 15 May 1873, age 3y 7m 26d, Son of J & E
Bash, Beltorion S., d. 2 Feb 1854, age 1y 6m 15d, Son of H & S
Bash, Jacob, b. 24 Jan 1816, d. 8 Oct 1872
Bash, Margaret, d. 18 Sep 1858, age ??, Wife of John Bash
Bashelier, George, d. 27 Jan 1872; (marker worn)
Bashelier, John S., d. 20 Sep 1864, age ??, Son of ??
Bashelier, Josephine, d. 19 Jul 1874, age 28y 3m ?d, Wife of Philip
Bitner, Margaret, d. 19 Jul 1853, age 10m 17d, Dau of ??; (marker worn)
Bochman?, Orphind?, d. 10 Feb 1877; (unreadable or missing)
Boltin, William, b. 14 Mar 1800, d. 28 Feb 1858, age 57y 10m 14d
Boyd, Calvin, b. 22 Feb 1880, d. 19 Jul 1880
Bramer, Henry, d. 13 Oct 1872, age 37y 9m 11d, Husband of Rosey Bramer
Brown, Indiana, d. ??, age ??, Dau of JM & M
Bye, Grace, d. 26 Jul 1873; (marker worn)
Bye, Mary Josephine, d. 16 Jul 1873, age ??, Wife of D.M. Bye
Bye, Ora, d. 22 May 1872; (unreadable or missing)
Chaffee, Charlie Mott, b. 14 May 1865, d. 8 Mar 1870, Son of Dr. W.C. & A.
Chaffee, Frank, d. 7 Mar 1864, age 3m 17d, Son of WC & AS, s/w Ida Chafffee
Chaffee, Ida, d. 9 Mar 1864, age ??, Dau of WC & AS, s/w Frank Chaffee
Chaffee, J.O.A., d. 19 Feb 1867, age 23y 4m 10d
Chapman, Hannah P., d. 24 Mar 1854, age 31y 5m 24d, Wife of G.W. Chapman
Chapman, Joseph, d. 28 Mar 1854, age ??
Christy, James A?to, b. 21 Apr 1861, d. 19 Feb 1863; (marker worn)
Christy, James, b. 18 June 1812, d. no date, s/w Rosannah Kirkpatrick Christy
Christy, Rosannah Kirkpatrick, b. 1 Jul 1815, d. 30 Mar 1892, age 76y 8m 29d, Wife of James P. Christy, s/w James Christy
Claas, Charles C., b. 4 Oct 1844, d. 27 Sep 1929, s/w Mary E. Class
Class, Calvin Boyd, d. 19 Jul 1880; (unreadable or missing)
Class, Cathern, b. no date, d. 1888
Class, Fredrick, b. 1823, d. 1881
Class, Howard C., b. 1889, d. 1929, s/w Matilda A. Class
Class, Mary E., b. 30 Apr 1846, d. 28 Sep 1928, Wife of Charles C., s/w Charles C. Class
Class, Matilda A., b. 1893, d. no date, s/w Howard C. Class
Class, Sarah Pearl, b. 28 Dec 1881, d. 1 Dec 1920
Colton, Ettie M., d. 3 Feb 1860, age ??, Dau of AT & MJ
Colton, Harry S., d. 17 Mar 1867, age ??, Son of AT & MJ
Colton, John E., d. 3 Oct 1863, age 10m 21d, Son of AT & MJ
Corkins, Charles H., d. 19 Mar 1869, age ?9y 11m 6d, ' Private Co ? Regt ?; (marker worn)
Corkins, William H., d. 20 May 1863, age 17y 8m 1863, ' Killed in the battle at Champion Hill. A member of Co ? 34 Reg Ind Vol ', s/w William Corkin
Corkins, William, d. 22 Jan 1879, age 61y 10d, s/w Wm H. Corkins
Dinius, Daniel W., d. 10 Aug 1853, age 1y 1m 10d, Son of A & C
Dinius, John, d. Apr ??
Douglass, Anna E., d. 11 Jul 1875, age 31y 9m 21d, Wife of S.L., s/w Edwin M. Douglass
Douglass, Edwin M., d. 10 Oct 1862, age 2m 9d, Son of SL & AE, s/w Anna E. Douglass
Dunbar?, Wilson E., d. 27 Oct 1815; (unreadable or missing)
Dustman, Anna E., d. 31 May 1875, age 23y 3m 18d, Wife of Rev ?? Dustman
Ellsworth, C.T., b. 1848, d. 1881
Erb, Daisy, b. 1875, d. 1877
Erb, Emanuel, b. 1830, d. 1880
Erb, John, d. 19 Jan 1872; (unreadable or missing)
Erb, Nancy, d. 10 Dec 1876; (unreadable or missing)
Fell, Henry, b. 21 Mar 1834, d. 29 Jul 1853, s/w Louis Fell
Fell, Louis, b. 21 Sep 1832, d. 28 Jul 1853, s/w Henry Fell
Fry, Edward H., d. 23 Feb 1864, age 17y 5m 14d, Son of T.J. & S.M.
Gregory, Evelina Banta, d. 8 June 1868, age 44y, Dau of J.M , s/w Mrs. J.M. Gregory
Gregory, Mrs J.M., d. 11 Feb 1872, age 76y 6m, s/w Evelina Banta
Grim, Roy, d. 11 Jan 1873; (marker worn)
Gustin, Charles, d. 19 Sep 1881; (unreadable or missing)
Hammond, Infant, d. 13 May 1854, age ??, Dau of ??
Hatfield, Cathern, b. 1838, d. 1869
Hays, May, d. 5 Jan 1880, age ??, Dau of RC & EJ, s/w W. Ozor Hays
Hays, W. Ozor, d. 22 ?? 188?, age ??y 9d, Son of RC & EJ, s/w May Hays
Hendry, Elizabeth, d. 8 Jan 1873, s/w William Hendry; (marker worn)
Hendry, Jno., Co D 82ND IND INF
Hendry, William, b. 9 Sep 1820, d. 25 Apr 1901, s/w Elizabeth Hendry
Hilton, Rebecca, d. 1 Feb 1876, age 52y 9m 24d, Wife of R. Hilton
Jent, Elizabeth, d. 23 Jul 1874; (unreadable or missing)
Johnson, Francis, d. 23 Oct 1893, age 72y 10m 24d, Wife of Henry A., s/w Henry A. Johnson
Johnson, Henry A., d. 19 Mar 1883, age 61y 2m 2d, s/w Francis Johnson
Johnson, Jacob A., d. 8 Apr 1882, age 29y 6m 25d, Son of HA & F
Johnson, Son of A & E, d. 8 Apr 1882; (unreadable or missing)
Johnson, Thomas S., b. 24 Dec 1845, d. 13 Oct 1898
Johnson, William H., d. 2 Mar 1864, age ??, Son of HA & F
Korn, Geo., Co C. 38TH Ohio Inf
Lee, ??? Susan, d. 16 Oct 1865; (unreadable or missing)
Lee, George M., d. 26 Feb 1861, age ??
Lee, Jesse, Co B 153RD IND INF
Mahon, Archibald, d. 3 June 1855, age 45y 16d, s/w Cordelia & Mahala Dodge Mahon
Mahon, Cordelia, d. 12 Oct 1839, age 1y 6m 24d, s/w Archibald & Mahala Dodge Mahon
Mahon, Mahala Dodge, d. 16 Nov 1858, age 42y 11m 5d, Wife of A., s/w Archibald & Cordelia Mahon
Mahon, Monroe C., d. 21 Feb 1871, age 47y 7m 19d
McFarren, Infant, d. 1904, Son of Leslie & Della
Meech, Loyd N., b. 8 Dec 1839 Ohio, d. 28 Oct 1867, Captain
Myers, Flora Ellen, d. 27 Dec 1874, age 5m 24d, Dau of J & M
Myers, Joseph, b. 1840, d. 1911
Myers, Mary E., d. 26 Feb 1875, age ??, Wife of Joseph Myers
Paigh, Infant, b. 8 Feb 1896, d. 8 Feb 1896; (marker worn)
Reed, Nehemiah, d. 19 June 1869; (marker obstructed)
Richart, Anna, d. 28 Sep 1859, age ??y 2m 26d, Dau of ??, s/w Harry Richart
Richart, G.B., d. 18 Jul 1875, age 53y ?m 18d
Richart, Harry, d. 7 Sep 1859, age 12 days, Son of ?? & SB, s/w Anna Richart
Riley, Ella, d. 16 Dec 1871, age 24y 6m 19d, Dau of HL & MA
Roberts, Catharine, d. 27 Aug 1882, age 80y 5m 10d, Wife of D. Roberts
Roberts, Delilah A., b. 1857, d. 1929, s/w James A. Roberts
Roberts, Ezekiel S., d. 19 Jan 1893, age 51y 7d
Roberts, James A., b. 1847, d. 1922, s/w Delilah A. Roberts
Robinett, Florence E., d. 18 Sep 1858, age 9m 10d, Dau of ??
Robison, Emanuel J., b. 1862, d. 1881, s/w James S., Sarah M., & Louisa J. Robison
Robison, James S., b. 1829, d. 1896, s/w Sarah M., Louisa J., & Emanuel J. Robison
Robison, Lorenzo A., b. 1861, d. 1917
Robison, Louisa J., b. 1858, d. 1875, s/w James S., Sarah M., & Emanuel J. Robison
Robison, Mrs., Nov 1858
Robison, Sarah M., b. 1828, d. 1899, Wife of James S., s/w James S., Louisa J., & Emanuel J. Robison
Rockwell, Horace, b. 1811, d. 9 Jan 1877, age 6_y 6m 3d, s/w Orrinda Rockewll
Rockwell, Orrinda, d. 10 Feb 1877, age ??, Wife of Horace, s/w Horace Rockwell
Rogers, Catharine, b. 20 Sep 1835, d. 7 Apr 186?, Wife of J.H., s/w John H. Rogers
Rogers, John H., b. 13 Aug 1835, d. 15 Mar 1868?, s/w Catharine Rogers
Ross, C.W., Co B 153RD IND INF
Ross, Charles D., d. 24 Feb 18??, age ??, Son of W & M
Schneider, Phillip, d. 23 June 1857, age ??, Son of ??
Seaman, Jessie Bell, d. 6 Aug 1873; (unreadable or missing)
Sholty, J.H., d. 27 Feb 1872; (marker worn)
Sigler, Elizabeth, b. 1818, d. 1892, s/w Owen D. Sigler
Sigler, Owen D., d. 22 Aug 1878, age 55y 9d, s/w Elizabeth Sigler
Slusser, Willie, d. 9 Apr 1887, age 1y 10m 28d, Son of JB & MM
Smith, Adam, b. 1842, d. 1913
Smith, Albert J., d. 26 Dec 1870; (marker worn)
Smith, Elisabeth, d. 5 Oct 1886, age 42y 8m 29d, Dau of A & F Johnson, Wife of Andrew Smith
Smith, Emery, d. 25 Mar 1870, age 27y 3m 1d
Smith, Henry S., d. 12 Mar 1889, age 71y 7m 16d, s/w Sarah Smith
Smith, Jennie, d. 17 Jul 1877; (marker worn)
Smith, Sarah, b. 29 June 1825, d. 9 Mar 1912, Wife of Wm, s/w William Smith
Smith, Sarah, d. 19 Mar 1864, age 46y 3m 24d, Wife of H.S., s/w Henry S. Smith
Smith, William, d. 5 Nov 1873, age 51y 5m 11d, s/w Sarah Smith
Sours, Edith Inis, b. 27 Mar 1866, d. 7 Oct 1873; (marker worn)
Sours, William, d. ?? Jan 1866, age 1y 1m ?d, Son of ? & M
Strock, Benjamin J., d. 21 Jul 1882, age 77y 11m 25d, s/w Margaret Strock
Strock, Frankie, d. 24 Dec 1881; (marker worn)
Strock, Margaret, d. 26 Jul 1885, age 77y 6m 8d, Wife of B.J., s/w Benjamin F. Strock
Tait, Lucy, d. 8 Oct 1891, age 51y 7m 6d, s/w William Tait
Tait, William, d. 24 May 1881, age 53y 7m 6d, s/w Lucy Tait
Tait, William, d. ??, age ??, Son of ??
Thorp, Catharine, d. 6 Apr 185?, age ??, Wife of Wm B. Thorp
Trammel, Eugene H., b. 21 Dec 1910, d. 11 May 1920, age 9y 4m 15d
VanBecker, Eliza J., d. 12 Apr 1867, age 42y 1m 1d, Wife of L.D., s/w Lorenzo D. VanBecker
VanBecker, Lorenzo D., d. 25 Mar 1873, age 49y, s/w Eliza J. VanBecker
Viberg, Eliza A., d. 25 Nov 1846, age 2y 6m 21d, Dau of CH & M
Viberg, Mary E., d. 28 Feb 1852, age 12y 8m 20d, Dau of CH & M
Ward, Eliza, d. 15 Oct 1864, age 64y 7d, Wife of John A. Ward
Welch, Charlie, d. Dec ??; (marker worn)
Welker, Susan A., d. 19 Dec 1880, age 53y, Wife of Thomas Welker
Wesel, Jacob F., d. 3 Mar 186?, age ??
Williams, Ernest O., d. 7 Feb 1888, age 1y 5m 23d, Son of GA & AM

??, Ida,
no dates
??, Margaret A.,
no dates
?? Hortsbauber?
or Mortsbauber?, Delia, d. 30 Jan 1864; (unreadable or missing)
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