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Purviance Cemetery
Huntington County, Indiana

Lat: 40° 43' 18"N, Lon: 85° 30' 26"W

Contributed by Ellen Callahan, Jul 20, 2002, last edited Apr 05, 2007 [gingerabbit2@hotmail.com]. Total records = 163.

Purviance Cemetery is located on 300W about one mile south of Hwy 124, this is about two miles south of Lancaster, Indiana.

This is a list of tombstone inscriptions only. I went to the cemetery and made this list myself in April of 2001, the names of people with missing and unreadable markers were recorded in 1951-1952 by Thomas H. Anson, only their death dates will be mentioned. I used the older transcription to fill in the death date of worn markers. If you would like a photo of a certain tombstone I will be glad to e-mail a picture.
- Ellen Callahan

Abbott, Elmeda, b. 1868, d. 1894
Adams, Hugh, d. 12 Apr 1865, age 37y 10m 28d
Adams, J., no dates, (marker missing or unreadable)
Adams, James, d. 22 May 1879, age 79y 5m 4d, s/w Nancy Adams
Adams, Martha A., d. 18 Sep 1865; (marker worn)
Adams, Mary C., d. 26 Jun 1872, age 43y 5m 12d, Wife of Robert A.
Adams, Nancy Lucetta, d. 11 Sep 1856, age 2y 6m 30d, Dau of RA & MC
Adams, Nancy, d. 4 Feb 1872, age 75y, Wife of James, s/w James Adams
Adams, Robert A., d. 21 Apr 1858, age 34y 1m 4d
Anderson, Hannah, d. 16 Jan 1879, age 72y 21d, Wife of Nathan
Anderson, Nathan, d. 4 Mar 186_, ; (marker broken)
Anthony, Mary, d. 7 Feb 1868, age 74y 10m 2d, Wife of G.
Arnold, Isabella, d. 7 Mar 1876, age 26y 18d, s/w William Arnold
Arnold, Jonathan, b. 9 Feb 1815, d. 22 Sep 1855, s/w Sarah Arnold
Arnold, Sarah, b. 11 Sep 1817, d. 8 Apr 1895, s/w Jonathan Arnold
Arnold, William, d. 23 Apr 1876, age 30y 6m 1d, s/w Isabella Arnold
Baker, Rebecca, d. 22 Mar 1854, age 23y 9m 26d , Wife of John W.
Beauchamp, Fremont, d. 8 Mar 1862; (marker worn)
Brelsford, Deborah C., d. 23 Mar 1905, age 76y 9m 9d, Wife of Samuel, s/w Samuel Brelsford
Brelsford, Samuel, d. 1 May 1863, age 33y 11m, CoG 34 REG IND VOLS, ' Killed at the Battle of Grand Guff Miss ', s/w Deborah Brelsford
Buzzard, Ellen, d. 3 Mar 1856, age 35y, Wife of Jefferson
Buzzard, Ellezan, d. 19 Nov 1874, age 53y 10m 5d, Wife of Henry
Buzzard, Henry, d. 9 Sep 1878; (marker missing or unreadable)
Buzzard, James, d. 8 Apr 1872; (marker missing or unreadable)
Buzzard, Mary E., d. 3 Feb 1859; (marker missing or unreadable)
Buzzard, Rachel Ann, d. 17 Sep 1855, age 18y ?m, Dau of J & Ellen
Christman, Charlie E., d. 24 Nov 1872, age 1y 10m 24d, Son of JO & C
Cinett, Margaret, d. 22 May 1851, age 43y 24d, Wife of Seth
Clark, Effey E., d. 14 Nov 1870, age 2m 2d, Dau of GW & E
Clark, George W., b. 13 Mar 1833, d. 20 Apr 1897
Clark, Volincy J., d. 24 Sep 1862; (marker worn)
Clevenger, Lydia, d. 13 Sep 1876, age 32y 5m 20d, Wife of Henry
Cook, Edwin S., d. ??, age ??, Son of ?? & A.A.
Cook, Elizabeth, d. 31 Oct 1852, age 34y 3d
Cook, Infant, d. ?? Mar 1851, age ??, ? of W & E
Cook, Ira H., b. 16 Jun 1854, d. 26 May 1878
Cook, Margaret J., d. 12 Jul 1887, age 57y 2m 19d
Cook, Mary A., d. 11 Oct 1871; (marker missing or unreadable)
Cook, Nancy C., d. 7 Nov 1852; (marker worn)
Cook, R_____, no dates
Cross, James, b. 1 Apr 1841, d. 8 Sep 1879; (marker worn)
Felter, Jacob C., b. 25 Sep 1818, d. 8 Dec 1889, age 72y 3m 13d, s/w Mary R. Felter
Felter, Jasper, b. 23 Nov 1845, d. 6 Feb 1864, age 18y 2m 14d
Felter, Margaret, b. 9 Jul 1849, d. 26 Dec 1850, age 1y 5m 17d
Felter, Mary R., b. 20 Apr 1819, d. 1 Nov 1897, age 78y 6m 11d, s/w Jacob C. Felter
Forest, George W., d. ??, age ??
Forest, Nancy, d. ?? Sep 1868, age 58y 9m 5d, Wife of Hiram
Forrest, William W., d. 17 Sep 1857, age 4y 7m 13d, Son of H & ?
Garard, Infant, no dates, Son of JW & EA
Gard, Sarah E., d. 13 Oct 1875; (marker missing or unreadable)
Garretson, Franklin, b. 5 May 1854, d. 5 Jun 1860, age 6y 1m, s/w Polly, James, Margaret, Henrietta, Infant, Lucetta, & John Garretson
Garretson, Henrietta, b. 4 Mar 1850, d. 25 Jun 1894, s/w Polly, James, Margaret, Infant, Franklin, Lucetta, & John Garretson
Garretson, Infant, b. 7 Oct 1858, d. 5 Nov 1858, s/w Polly, James, Margaret, Lucetta, Franklin, Henrietta, & John Garretson
Garretson, James W., d. 12 Feb 1898, age 78y 9m 2d, s/w Polly, Margaret, Lucetta, Infant, Franklin, Henrietta, & John Garretson
Garretson, John B., d. 26 Aug 1860 ' , s/w Polly, Margaret, Lucetta, Infant, Franklin, Henrietta, & James W. Garretson
Garretson, Lucetta J., b. 6 Sep 1848, d. 26 Jul 1849, s/w Polly, James, Franklin, Henrietta, Infant, Margaret, & John Garretson
Garretson, Margaret E., b. 6 Jan 1846, d. no date, s/w Polly, James, Lucetta, Franklin, Henrietta, Infant, & John Garretson
Garretson, Polly, d. 25 Aug 1862, age 42y 5m 24d, Wife of JW, s/w James, Margaret, Lucetta, Franklin, Infant, & John Garretson
Gearard, George, d. 14 Aug 1865; (marker missing or unreadable)
Hefner, Daughter, d. 7 Feb 1852; (marker missing or unreadablr)
Hefner, Fredrick, d. 22 Sep 1854, age 75y 3m 29d
Hefner, Garret, d. 29 Apr 1881, age 74y 6m 7d, s/w Mary Magdalin Hefner
Hefner, Isaac, d. 19 Mar 1869, age 49y 4m 9d
Hefner, Isaac, d. 24 Jan 1833, age 13y 11m 28d, Son of F & N xxx 24 Jan 1855
Hefner, James, d. 13 Apr 1861, s/w John H. Hefner; (marker worn)
Hefner, John H., d. 16 Jun 1857, s/w James Hefner; (marker worn)
Hefner, M.E., d. 3 Aug 1865, age 1y 3m 29d, Dau of A & EF
Hefner, Mary M., d. 7 Feb 1852, age 6y 6m 16d, Dau of Garret & Magdalena
Hefner, Mary Magdalin, d. 29 Oct 1876, age 72y 2m 1d, s/w Garret Hefner
Hefner, Sarah, d. 1 Sep 1860; (marker missing or unreadable)
Kraig, Martha E., d. 11 Sep 1859; (marker missing or unreadable)
Little, Betsey A., d. 16 Nov 1853, age 80y, Wife of Abraham
Little, David, d. 11 May 1874, age 77y 8m 28d, s/w Margaret Little
Little, Esther S., d. 1 Oct 1851, age 39y 3m 7d
Little, Joseph, d. 15 Sep 1855, age 51y 4m 1d
Little, Margaret, d. 21 Nov 1875, age ??, s/w David Little; (marker worn)
Little, Nancy J., d. 4 Mar 1850, age 19y 3m 8d, Wife of David Little Jr
Little, Phebe, d. 15 Jan 1871, age 65y 5m 16d, Wife of Joseph
Little, Pheby, d. 2 Apr 1864, age 7m, Dau of D & ?
Marshell, Jacob, d. 6 May 1844, age 80y 6m ?d
Marshell, Lydia, d. 20 Aug 1865, age 2y 5m 10d, Dau of S & MC
Marshell, Margaret, d. 19 Nov 1879, age 91y 3m 1d, Wife of Thomas
Marshell, Mary C., d. 24 Sep 1874, age 38y 11m 14d, Wife of Samuel
Marshell, Samuel, d. 20 May 1874, age 1m 23d, Son of S & MC
Marshell, Samuel, b. 1 Feb 1812, d. 23 Jan 1898, age 85y 11m 22d
Marshell, Thomas, d. 1 Sep 1855, age 1y 1m 15d, Son of S & ??
Marshell, Verna, d. 7 Aug 1883, age 1m 1d, Dau of JH & AD
McCarty, Eliza, d. 19 Feb 1846, Wife of John; (marker broken)
Mendenhall, Frances, d. 23 Sep 1865, age 74y 10m 4d
Mendenhall, Linza, d. 26 Jun 1879, age 59y 11m, s/w Tamar Mendenhall
Mendenhall, Mary, d. 28 Mar 1864; (marker worn)
Mendenhall, Tamar, d. 11 Aug 1895, age 74y 3d, Wife of Linza, s/w Linza Mendenhall
Miller, James H., d. ???; (marker worn)
Miller, John R., d. 21 Jan 18??, age 3y 15d, Son of T & NM
Mitchell, Elijah, d. 19 Apr 1872, age 46y 6m 2d
Mitchell, Elizabeth, d. 3 Feb 1872, age 43y 11m 17d
Mitchell, Infant, d. 10 Dec 1857, age 1d, Son of E & E
Mitchell, Mary J., d. 9 Apr 1858, Dau of E & E; (marker worn)
Mitchell, Sarah M., d. 27 May 1869, age 2m 5d, Dau of E & E
Morton, William T., d. 9 Jan 1850; (marker broken)
Osborn, William, d. 15 Sep 1879; (marker worn)
Penland, Henrietta, d. 25 Jun 1894, age 44y 3m 22d, Wife of Hiram A.
Penland, Hiram A., d. 25 Jun 1894; (marker missing or unreadable)
Priddy, Elisabeth, d. 25 Feb 186?, Wife of Thomas
Priddy, Thomas, d. 20 Jun 1860, age 75y 11m
Purviance, Elizabeth, d. 17 Jan 1863, age 63y 8m, Wife of L.W.
Purviance, Elizabeth, d. 27 Dec 1855, Wife of James; (marker worn)
Purviance, Esther, d. 2 May 1874; (marker worn)
Purviance, George, d. 26 Sep 1857, age 32y 6m 11d, Son of LW & E
Purviance, George, d. 26 Sep 1857, age 32y 6m 11d, Son of L_ & E
Purviance, J. M., Co C 153 IND INF
Purviance, James, d. 20 Oct 1848, age 72y 14d
Purviance, Lewis W., d. 10 May 1874; (marker worn)
Purviance, Minnie A., d. 3 Jul 1871; (marker missing or unreadable)
Purviance, Rolla___, d. 29? Sep 1857; (marker missing or unreadable)
Purviance, William, d. 21 Jan 1849; (marker worn)
Richardson, Cora, d. 25 ??? 1876, age 2m 1d
Richardson, David M., b. 1852, d. 1932, s/w Virginia C. Richardson
Richardson, Elizabeth, b. 17 Oct 1839, d. 11 Jul 1880, s/w Samuel M. Richardson
Richardson, George, d. 6 Oct 1865; (marker worn)
Richardson, Ross, d. 6 Jun 1876; (marker missing or unreadable)
Richardson, Samuel M., b. 22 Feb 1840, d. 15 Feb 1910, s/w Elizabeth Richardson
Richardson, Virginia C., b. 1852, d. 1922, s/w David M. Richardson
Richwine, Samuel, d. 16? Mar 1857, age 56y 5m 18d
Roush, Hannah J., d. 1 Aug 1877; (marker missing or unreadable)
Ruse, Aaron D., d. 26 Sep 1878, age 29y 4d
Ruse, Agnes L., d. 25 Aug 1879, age 36y 8m 28d, Wife of A.D., s/w Alma D. Ruse
Ruse, Alma D., d. 13 Mar 1877, age 15d, Dau of AD & AL, s/w Agnes L. Ruse
Sanger, Catharine A., d. 16 Dec 1887, age 70y 5d, Wife of O.W., s/w O.W. Sanger
Sanger, Joseph Edwin, d. 28 Apr 1860, age 5m, Son of Oliver & Catharine
Sanger, O. W., d. 22 Jul 1904, age 87y 4m 5d, s/w Catharine A. Sanger
Scott, John W., d. 3 Mar 1863; (marker missing or unreadable)
Scott, Mary, d. 29 Dec 1855; (marker missing or unreadable)
Scott, Sarah L., d. 8 Mar 1864, age 1y 11m 8d, Dau of J & J
Sharp, Benjamin, d. 9 Nov 1872, age 7m 28d, Son of ??
Shull, Orestes W., d. 14 Aug 1873; (marker missing or unreadable)
Simons, Wilson S., d. 24 Mar 1844, age 6m 11d, Son of Wm & AM
Snyder, Levi, no dates, Co A 13th IND CAV
Snyder, Volentine, d. 15 Feb 1879, age 18y 1m 22d
Stiles, George, d. 8 Oct 1865, age ??
Stiles, Isaiah, d. 1 Sep 1863; (marker worn)
Trammel, James A., d. 16 Feb 1878, age 71y 3m 29d, s/w Mary M. Trammel
Trammel, Mary M., d. 17 Oct 1877, age 68y 6m 29d, s/w James A. Trammel
Wagner, Sarah J., d. 16 Aug 1866, age 54y 5m 6d
Wagner, Sarah, d. 11 Jul 1857, age 80y ?m ?d, Wife of Martin
Wasson, Jane, b. 5 Aug 1810, d. 14 Mar 1872, Wife of Samuel
Wasson, Samuel, b. 18 Oct 1807, d. 16 Aug 1864, age 56y 9m 28d
Waters, Margaret, d. 22 Mar 1874, age ??, Wife of JL
Welker, Adam, no dates, Co H 101 IND Inf
Wesco, George W., d. 29 Feb 1861, Son of W & M
Wesco, Henry L., b. 1847, d. 1923
Wesco, Mary Magdalene, d. 11 Apr 1894, age 71y 5m 28d, Wife of Wm, s/w William Wesco
Wesco, Sarah J., d. 21 Jul 1873, age ??, Dau of W & M
Wesco, William, d. 8 Feb 1899, age 84y 6m 8d, s/w Mary Magdalene Wesco
Williams, Elizabeth A., d. 22 Sep 1865; (marker worn)
Williams, Mary J., d. 20 Nov 1867; (marker worn)
Williams, Nancy, d. 21 Feb 1863, age 57y 1m 22d, s/w William D. Williams
Williams, Viteriah, d. 3 Oct 1882, age 47y 8m ?d, Dau of WD & N
Williams, William D., d. 30 Apr 1880, age 86y 3m 26d, s/w Nancy Williams
Wilmore, Julia A., d. 14 May 1891, age 46y 24d, Wife of Rev A.C.
Young, Elizabeth, d. 2 Feb 1875, age ??, Wife of ET
Young, Infant, d. 28 Jan 1875, ?? of ET & E
Young, Rachel E., d. 13 Nov 1855; (marker worn)

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