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Pilcher Cemetery
Huntington County, Indiana

Lat: 40° 47' 25"N, Lon: 85° 33' 55"W
Section 13, Polk Township

Contributed by Ellen Callahan, Jul 20, 2002, last edited May 05, 2008 [gingerabbit2@hotmail.com]. Total records = 70.

Pilcher Cemetery is located on 600W just south of 250S, in Polk Township, Huntington County IN.

Pilcher cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the county. The first known burial was a young daughter in the Fisher family in 1836, and the last known burial was Charles Ewing in 1901.

This is a list of tombstone inscriptions only, I went to the cemetery and did this list myself in April of 2001, and have pictures of the tombstones. The names of people with markers missing or unreadable were recorded in an earlier transcription, only their date death will be mentioned. I used the older transcription to fill in the death date of worn markers.

- Ellen Callahan

Bailey, Infant, b. 11 Sep 1876, d. 11 Sep 1876, Son of JB & MC
Baker, Nancy J., d. 20 Nov 1853, (marker worn & broken)
Bare, Anna Maria, no dates, Dau of ? & EA
Bare, Elizabeth, d. 1 Oct 1858, (marker missing or unreadable)
Bare, Infant, d. 1 Sep 1858, (marker missing or unreadable)
Bare, Isaac, d. 22 Feb 1881, age 63y 5m 5d
Bare, Sarah E., d. 28 Aug 1864, (marker missing or unreadable)
Bare, William, d. 26 Aug 1854, age 1m ??d, Son of ??
Blossom, Eva Cedate, d. 17 Sep 1856, age 1y 6m 20d, Dau of ??
Blossom, Samuel, d. 3 ??? 18??, age ??, Son of ??
Chenoweth, Walker M., d. 21 Jul 1865, age 1y 2m, (marker worn)
Dunkin, Esther, d. 10 Mar 1858, age 30y? 11d, Wife of John
Ewing, Charles B., d. 15 Jan 1901, age 27y 8m 17d
Ewing, Lydia S., no dates
Fisher, Elizabeth, d. 30 May 1859, age 24y 5m 16d, Dau of ?? & Elizabeth
Fisher, Flora E., d. 29 Jan 1870, age 3m 14d, s/w Matilda & Hannah Fisher
Fisher, Hannah M., d. 29 Jun 1876, age 37y 8m 25d, Wife of D., s/w Matilda & Flora Fisher
Fisher, Infant, no dates, Son of JW & MFisher, Infant, no dates, Son of JD & L
Fisher, Mary E., d. 5 Sep 1856, (marker missing or unreadable)
Fisher, Matilda A., d. 12 Jan 1885, age 11y 10m, s/w Hannah & Flora Fisher xx 6y 2m 12d
Fisher, William, d. 17 Nov 1871, age 31y 10m 21d
Gardner, Anna, d. 15 Jun 1857, age 36y 8m ?d, Wife of Barlatt Y. Gardner
Gardner, Holly, d. 3 Aug 1863, (marker worn)
Gorden, Sarah, b. 5 Mar 1798, d. 5 Aug 1876
Harris, Benjamin F., d. 2 May 1863, (marker missing or unreadable)
Harris, Infant, d. 20 Dec 1862, (marker missing or unreadable)
Harris, Susan, d. 11 May 1863, (marker missing or unreadable)
Hauser, Emily, d. 18 Aug 1862, age 20y 7d, Wife of I.T., (marker has date broken off)
Houser, Samuel Lelander, d. 11 Mar 1862, (marker missing or unreadable)
Hull, Newkirk, d. 14 Jun 1870, age ??y 10m 16d, (marker worn)
Huston, William R., d. Nov 1880, age abt 50 yrs
Killen, Rebecca J., d. 6 Nov 1870, age 42y 1m 3d, Wife of John
Manford, James M., d. 13 Sep 1860, age 3y 1m 7d, Son of David & Sarah Jane
McIntire, Arnold W., d. 21 Sep 1866, (marker missing or unreadable)
McIntire, Sarah E., d. 7 Sep 1862, (marker missing or unreadable)
Peterson, Sanford V., d. 25 Jun 1869, (marker missing or unreadable)
Peterson, William O., d. 17 May 1869, (marker missing or unreadable)
Pilcher, Elizabeth J., d. 29 Sep 1854, age 5y 9m 22d, Dau of ?? & Matilda
Pilcher, Matilda, d. 25 Jul 1852, age 34y, Wife of JW
Pilcher, Nancy, d. 30 Oct 1849, age 39y, Wife of N.
Pilcher, Susanna, d. 21 Jul 1853, age 31y Wife of N.
Presler, Eliza P., d. 12 Jan 1854, age 6y 2m 12d, Dau of J & C
Presler, John H., d. 23 Mar 1847, age 11m 16d, Son of ??
Presler, Marcus D., d. 26 Dec 1853, age 1y 6m ??d, Son of ??
Shelly, Sarah, d. 4 Jun 1853, age 28y 2m 19d, Wife of Lewis
Snider, John B., d. 21 Sep 1873, (marker missing or unreadable)
Steel, Hester A., d. 17 Aug 1866, age 7y 11m 4d, Dau of (C or G) & J
Thomas, James A., d. 4 Apr 1849, (marker missing or unreadable)
Turner, Clark, d. 20 Jun 1850, age 17y? 6m 16d, Son of J & Z
Turner, Mary, d. 5 Sep 18??, age 1y 3m ??d, Dau of JP & PB
Turner?, Jonathan, no dates
Vost, Cyrus H., d. 23 Sep 1860, (marker missing or unreadable)
Vost, Martha A., d. 25 Dec 1865, age ??, Dau of Wm & MA, (marker worn and broken off)
Vost, William H., d. 30 Jul 186?, (marker missing or unreadable)
Vost, William, d. 1 Jan 1866, (marker missing or unreadable)
Watson, Anna, d. 13 Sep 1854, age 1y 7m 14d, Dau of WC & E
Watson, Charles, d. 4 Oct 1854, age 34y 8m 10d
Watson, Hariat L., no dates, (marker missing or unreadable)
Watson, Hester, d. 10 Oct 1850, age 2y 1m, Dau of Wm C & E
Watson, James, d. 14 Oct 1854, (marker missing or unreadable)
Watson, John H., d. 15 Feb 1856, (marker missing or unreadable)
Watson, William C., d. 3 Jun 1864, age 47y 1m 3d
Wise, David M., d. Jul 1854, (marker worn)
Wise, Henry, d. 6 Sep 1864, age 1y 4m 9d, Son of ?? & ME
Woodley, Elizabeth, d. 27 Jul 1879, age 71y 7m, ' Born in North Carolina, Died in Huntington County '
Woodley, William, d. 25 Oct 1882, age 71y 4m 16d
Wright, Infant, d. 20 Jun 1895, Child of Wm & Rosa Bell, s/w Rosa Bell Wright
Wright, Rosa Bell, d. 20 Jun 1895, Wife of William, s/w Infant Wright
Zook, Daniel H., no dates
Zook, Martin L., d. 12 Mar 1880, age 60y 3m 3d
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