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Leedy Cemetery
Huntington County, Indiana

Dallas Twp, R8E Sec 26
Lat: 40°50'34"N, Lon: 85°35'38"W

Contributed by Ellen Callahan, Aug 04, 2002 [gingerabbit2@hotmail.com]. Total records = 130.

It is located in Dallas township at the corner of 100N and 750W, this is about one mile south of Andrews, Indiana.

Many stones are damaged and worn, and there are many unmarked graves. This is a list of only tombstone inscriptions, I went to the cemetery and did this list myself in April of 2001.

The names of people with missing or unreadable markers were recorded in 1950-1951, by Thomas H. Anson, only their death date will be mentioned. I used the older transcription to fill in the death date of worn markers.

- Ellen Callahan

???, ???, d. 1862
???, Eliza Jane, d. 21 Jul 1860, (marker in pieces)
???, Jn., Corp'l Co F 13 Reg Ind Vol, (marker broken off)
Ammerman, Abraham Albert, d. 19 Aug 1861, (marker missing or unreadable)
Ammerman, Olive, d. 20 Jul 1861, age 7d, Dau of ??
Ammerman, Sarah, d. 3 Aug 1861, age 30y 3m 27d, Wife of ??
Baker, Infant, d. 15 Oct 1859, Stillborn Dau., s/w Maria Louisa Baker
Baker, Maria Louisa, d. 14 June 1861, age 20y 9m 21d, Wife of Joseph, s/w Infant Baker
Baker, Sarah, d. 8 Sep 1863, (marker worn)
Beauchamp, Bowen A., d. 13 Apr 186_, age ??, Son of D & R, (marker worn and broken)
Beauchamp, Daniel, d. 27 Mar 1878, age 58y 3m 18d
Beauchamp, David E., d. 4 Jan 1873, age 8m 30d, Son of JS & MA
Beauchamp, Emma, d. 28 Mar 1866, age 18y 12d, Dau of D & S, s/w Sarah Beauchamp
Beauchamp, Frances M., d. 18 Dec 1861, age 3d, Son of D & S, (marker worn)
Beauchamp, Isaac, d. ??, age 18y ?m ?d, Son of ??
Beauchamp, Levi, d. 30 Dec 1862, age 30y 7m, (marker worn)
Beauchamp, Sarah E., d. 5 Mar 1855, age 3m 26d, Dau of D & S
Beauchamp, Sarah, d. 31 Jan 1865, age 38y 10m 21d, Wife of D., s/w Emma Beauchamp
Beauchamp, William, d. 11 Feb 1860, age 18y 8m 10d, Son of ??
Beeching, Leah, d. 30 Apr 1863, (marker missing or unreadable)
Bowles, G. F., Co H 75th Ind Inf
Bowles?, Sarah, d. 6 Apr 1870, age ??, Wife of David
Brading, Roberta, d. 6 Nov 1867, age 3y 9m 10d, Dau of E & MA
Braminock, Frederick G., d. 17 Oct 1862, age 6y ?m 1d
Brown, Anthony, Co K 111th Ohio Inf
Bruss, Elizabeth, d. 17? Dec? 1859?, age ??, s/w William, Hulda J., and Mary Ann Bruss
Bruss, Hulda J., d. 8 Jan 1860, age 13y 10m 7d, Dau of Wm & E, s/w Elizabeth, William, and Mary Ann Bruss
Bruss, Mary Ann, d. 6 May 1860, age 12y 1m 28d, Dau of Wm & E, s/w Elizabeth, William, and Hulda J. Bruss
Bruss, William, d. Mar 1880, age ??, s/w Elizabeth, Hulda J., and Mary Ann Bruss
Burden, Jonathan, d. 20 May 1881, age 54y
Campbell, Charity, d. 27 Jan 1861, age ??, Wife of Dr. John H. Campbell, (marker worn and broken)
Clark, George R., d. 6 Dec 1862, age ?y 10m 11d, Son of GW & J
Clawson, Isaac A., d. 4 Jan 1865, age ??, Son of ??
Clawson, John C., d. 31 Jul 1885, age 53y 8m 12d
Clawson, Laura , d. 10 Mar 1865, age ??, Dau of I & C, (marker worn)
Clawson, Samuel, d. 13 Feb 1869, age 26y 5m 10d, (marker worn)
Clawson, Sena, d. May 1865, (marker worn)
Coss, Ann Mariah, d. 6 June 1861, (marker missing or unreadable)
Coss, James, d. 3 Oct 1878, age 52y ?m 20d
Coss, Malisa, d. 6 Feb 1866, age 1y 6m 28d, Dau of J & Y
Cox, Anna, d. 10 Jan 1886, age ??, s/w Solomon Cox
Cox, Solomon, d. 15 Feb 1875, age ??, s/w Anna Cox, (marker worn)
Crammer, Susanna H., d. 3 May 1866, (marker worn)
Davis, Charley F., d. 14 Oct 1869, age 11m 21d, Son of GW & PC
Davis, Hezekiah, d. 7 Mar 1855, (marker missing or unreadable)
Dyer, Elizabeth, d. 9 Feb 1894, age 46y 1m 8d, Wife of JG, s/w John G. Dyer
Dyer, John G., d. 25 Jul 1884, age 47y 10m 10d, s/w Elizabeth Dyer
Ellis, Allen S. M., d. 20 Nov 1872, age 27y 3m 11d, Son of ? & MA, s/w John H. Ellis
Ellis, J. M., Co F 13th Ind Inf
Ellis, James M., d. 23 Sep 1866, (marker missing or unreadable)
Ellis, John H., d. 17 May 1870, age 21y 1m 12d, Son of ? & MA, s/w Allen S.M. Ellis
Ervin, Wm, Co E 47th Ind Inf
Fooshee, Almebom? M., d. 29 May 1861, age 3y 6m ?d, Son of Wm & M
Fooshee, William S., d. 2 Aug 1861, (marker missing or unreadable)
Gawer, Hetty, d. 6 Feb 1866, s/w Sarah Wixom, (marker worn)
Hardman, Eva, d. 28 Nov 1881, age 63y 11m 4d, Wife of Joseph
Hardman, Joseph, d. 12 Feb 1881, age ??
Hart, William H., d. 26 Nov 1866, age ??
Hiers, Jno., Co F 17 Ind Inf, (marker missing or unreadble)
Hiers, Rebecca, d. 5 Oct 1864, age ??y 4m, Wife of James, (marker worn)
Hinshaw, Joseph, d. 20 Apr 1867, (marker worn)
Hinshaw, Sarah, d. 28 Apr 1878, (marker worn)
Hobble, George, b. 1808, d. 1865
Holmes, R.E., b. 15 Sep 1852, d. 2 May 1896, age 46y 7m 17d
Horn, Samuel E., d. 21 Apr 1872, age 4y 4m 12d, (marker worn)
Iden, Elizabeth, d. 4 Jul 1892, age 77y 9m 25d
Iden, Ezekiel, d. 17 Jan 1848, age 10y 1m 1d, Son of JM & E
Iden, James M., d. 15 Aug 1869, (marker worn)
Iden, John V., d. 16 Feb 1861, (marker missing or unreadable)
Iden, Jonah L., d. 2 Apr 1868, (marker worn)
Iden, Mary, d. 1 Sep 1861, (marker missing or unreadable)
Joice, Leah, d. 11 Apr 1860, age ??, Wife of John W., (marker worn)
King, Sarepta Jane, d. 11 Oct 1860, age 7y 7d, Dau of Thomas & Eliza Jane
Landes, James F., d. 16 Sep 1869, age 10y 3m 25d, Son of E & N
Lee, J. S., Co B 153rd Ind Inf
Leedy, Elizabeth A., d. 12 Jul 1870, age ??y 5m ??d, Dau of A & ?
Leedy, Francis M., d. 9 Sep 1865, (marker worn)
Leedy, Jesse C., d. 16 Nov 1861, age 3y 4m 5d, Son of Joseph & Lydia
Leedy, John, d. 27 Aug 1870, (marker missing or unreadable)
Leedy, Lydia, d. 13 Oct 1864, (marker worn)
Leedy, Samuel, d. 23 Sep 1864, age 30y ?m 5d, (marker worn)
McCaslin, John W., d. 11? May 1870, age 28y 7m 24d, (McGaslin?)
Monasmith, Nancy, b. 12 Oct 1814, d. 27 Nov 1869
Moody, Willie, d. 23 Dec 1870, age 1y 3m 3d, Son of A & JE
Moslander, Amelia, (marker broken )
Moslander, Joale, d. 1 Aug 1870, age 64y 9m 1d
Moslander, Joseph, d. 7 Oct 1864, age 15y 9m 23d, Son of J & D
Murray, Infant Son, d. 18 Oct 1869, (marker missing or unreadable)
Murray, Rosid? E., d. 4 Jan 1873, (marker missing or unreadable)
Myers, Lydia, d. 20 Oct 1861, age 9y 9m 15d, Dau of E & S
Orey, W. G., d. 2 Aug 1860, (marker worn)
Parker, Ethel M., d. 22 Apr 1881?, age 1y 14d, Dau of JM & MC
Paty, Jno., Co D 84 Ind Inf
Paty, Mary, b. 25 Aug 1824, d. 16 June 1913
Plum, John, d. 25 Oct 1860, age 9m 3d, Son of G & E
Presler, Mary P., d. 11 Apr 1867, (marker missing or unreadable)
Rasy, Caroline, no dates, Wife of George, s/w Emely Rasy
Rasy, Emely, d. 10 Jan 1871, age ??, Wife of George, s/w Caroline Rasy, (marker worn)
Richards, Ella S., d. ??, (marker missing or unreadable)
Richards, Marget J., d. 5 Sep 1864, Dau of ??, (marker worn)
Richards, Rosanna, d. 7 Feb 1864, age ??, s/w Wm B. Richards, (marker worn)
Richards, Sarah A., d. 21 Jan 1863, (marker worn)
Richards, William B., d. 7 Feb. 1864, age ??, s/w Rosanna Richards, (marker worn)
Schermerhorn, John D., d. 27 Oct 1871, age 61y 6m 25d, s/w Mary & William H. Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, Mary J., d. 23 Aug 1861, age 17y ?m ?d, Wife of ??, (marker worn)
Schermerhorn, Mary, d. 23 Nov 1883, age 79y 2m 1d, Wife of John D., s/w John D. & William H. Schermerhorn
Schermerhorn, William H., d. 22 Nov 1860, age 24y 8m 15d, Son of JD & ME, s/w Mary & John D. Schermerhorn
Sholl, William Henry, d. 28 Apr 1861, age ??, Son of Jonas & Catherine, (marker worn)
Shroyer, Nancy?, d. 9 Oct 1855, (marker missing or unreadable)
Shroyer, Sarah E., d. 2 Sep 1864, (marker missing or unreadable)
Shroyer, William H., d. 19 Feb 1863, (marker missing or unreadable)
Small, James B., d. 22 Mar 1863, age 41y 1m 4d
Small, Matilda, d. 17 Jan 1880, (marker missing or unreadable)
Small, Sarah J., d. 7 June 1878, (marker worn)
Snider, Phebe, d. 31 Mar 1862, (marker missing or unreadable)
Snowden, Elijah, Co E 47th Ind Inf
Stanton, Alice E., d. 26 Sep 1861, age 7y 3m 1d, Dau of J & M, (marker worn)
Stevens, Mary, d. 9 Feb 1876, age 70y 1m 15d, Wife of Samuel
Stouder, Anna C., d. 2 Jan 1886, age 5y 8m 17d, Dau of John & Mary, s/w Rosetta Stouder
Stouder, Rosetta, d. 31 Aug 1878, age 1y 7m 2d, Dau of John & Mary, s/w Anna C. Stouder
Stouder, Sarah, b. 17 Jan 1822, d. 15 June 1892, (marker missing or unreadable)
Taylor, Elizabeth, d. 17 Jan 1865, age 65y 1m 5d, (marker worn)
Thalls, Blanch S., d. 1 Sep 1870, (marker missing or unreadable)
Wharton, G. S., d. 7 Nov 1876, age 21y
William, J. P., d. 19 Jul 1860, (marker missing or unreadable)
Wire, Elizabeth I., d. 8 Feb 1866, age 6m 25d, Dau of JW & SA
Witter, Samuel, d. 16 Oct 1866, age 80y 9m 28d
Wixom, Sarah C., d. 18 Mar 1869, age ??, Dau of S & R, s/w Hetty Gawer, (marker worn)
Zintsmaster, John, d. 16 Feb 1865, age 29y 14d
Zintzmaster, Jno., Co H 75th Ind Inf
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