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Good Cemetery
Warren, Huntington County, Indiana

Lat: 40°40'32"N, Lon: 85°25'16"W
Salamoni Twp, Sec 29

Contributed by Ellen Callahan, Jun 28, 2003, last edited May 05, 2008 [gingerabbit2@hotmail.com]. Total records = 190.

It is located in Warren, Indiana along Hwy 218, near the intersection of Grover St., the cemetery can be seen from the highway, but there is no drive from the highway to the cemetery.

There is a worn drive in the grass that leads to the cemetery from a residential area, but I am unsure if this is private property.

The cemetery was established in 1834, and the first burial was Michael Reveal in Jan 1834. Over the years most of the tombstones have been worn and damaged by age and weather, and many of the markers are gone.

This is a list of tombstone readings only which I transcribed in Dec of 2001, I did my best to read the worn stones, and recent burials have been added.

If there needs to be any corrections or additions, please contact the website or me. If you need any information or photos of any burials in this cemetery or any cemetery local to Warren, Indiana, David Daugherty has offered to help, his e-mail is: ddaugherty@daughertyinc.com

- Ellen Callahan

Back, Aaron, d. 13 Dec 1868, age 83y 5m 25d
Back, Daniel A., d. 25 Jul 1860. Age 11y 1m 15d, Son of J.A. & M.A. Back
Back, Harriet S., d. 31 Aug 1881, age 61y 5m 27d
Back, Henry, d. Aug 1865, age 20y 1m, Son of J.A. & M.A. Back
Back, John A., d. no date, age 68y? ?m ?d
Back, Julia A., d. 4 Feb 1863, age 13d, Dau of J.A. & M.A. Back
Back, Margaret E. L., d. 12 Jan 1851, age 63y 27d, Wife of Aaron Back
Back, Nelson, d. 31 Jan 18??, age 14d, Son of J.A. & M.A. Back
Baker, John, b. 7 Jul 1773, d. 28 Jul 1838, Born at Paddytown?, VA
Baker, Sarah, d. 25 Oct 1853, age 60y 5m 21d, Wife of John Baker
Barton, Moses, Co A 13 IND CAV
Beard, Adline M., d. 20 Jan 18??, age 28y 7d, Wife of John Beard
Beard, Mary, d. 17 Feb 1890, age 68y 5m 1d, Wife of Joseph Beard
Beatey, Clara E., d. no date age 24y? 5m 10d, Dau of (R.B.)? & C.
Bilbee, Isabel M., d. 11 Jan 1892, age (59 or 39)y 3m 5d
Bilbee, Joseph, d. 16 Nov 1845, age 40y
Bilbee, Margaret E., d. 11 Sep 1845, age 8y 7m ?d, Dau of J & M Bilbee
Bilbee, Margaret, d. 3 Dec 1893, age 79y 3m
Brady, Martha E., d. 1886?, age 80y
Brineman, Lewis, b. 16 May 1855, d. 4 Jul 1900
Brineman, Mariah, d. 22 Nov 1888, age 26y 1m 21d, Wife of Lewis Brineman
Brown, Catharine, d. no date, age ??, Wife of Jas. Brown
Brown, Nancy, d. 10 Jan? 18_2, age 19y 21d, Dau of J & C Brown
Brown, Oliver P., d. 5 Oct 1896, age 36y 8m 21d
Brown, Sarah Ann, d. no date, age ??, Wife of James?
Clampitt, Anna?, d. no date 1873?, age ??
Clampitt, George, d. 28 Mar 1878, age 62y 1m 4d
Clampitt, Infant, d. 21 Mar 1873, Dau of ??
Clampitt, John Hill, d. 21 Feb 1862, age 21y 1m 3d, Member of Co A? ?? REGT IND VOL, ' Died in the Service of His Country ', Son of Geo. & M. Clampitt
Clampitt, Ruth, d. 30 Oct 1858?, age 77y 3m? 27d, Wife of William Clampitt
Crum, Elizabeth, b. 1859, d. 1919, s/w George Crum
Crum, George B.D., b. 1858, d. 1916, s/w Elizabeth Crum
Dalrymple, Isaac, d. no date, age ??
Dalrymple, John, d. 7 Oct 1862, age 56y 11m 4d
Dalrymple, Judith, d. 3 Apr 1856, age 45y 8m 15d, Wife of J. Dalrymple
Dillman, Ida, d. 29 Jul (1871 or 1874), age 1y 2m 20d, Dau of G.H. & L.A., s/w Lucetta Dileman
Dillman, Lucetta A., d. 28 Mar? 1871?, age 22y? 11m 7d, Wife of G.H., s/w Ida Dileman
Eubank, Aaron, Co D 34 IND INF
Eubank, Hester A., b. 1845, d. 1881, Wife of William, s/w William Eubank
Eubank, Joseph, d. 22 Oct 189_, age 71y? 14d, s/w Rosanna Eubank
Eubank, Rosanna, d. 4 Oct 1911, age 88y 10m 12d, s/w Joseph Eubank
Eubank, William, b. 1845, d. 1881, s/w Hester Eubank
Ewart, Caroline, d. 11 Aug 1875, age 23y 5m 27d, Wife of Samuel Ewart
Ewart, Hannah, d. 7 Nov 1860, age 70y ?m 27d
Ewart, John C., d. 20 May 1891, age 81y 2m 12d
Ewart, Kesia, b. 1828, d. 1854
Ewart, Lucy A., d. 14 Aug 1879, age 30y 6m 22d, Wife of D.O. Ewart
Ewart, Mahlon D., d. 30 Dec 1892, age 75y 3m 17d, s/w Thallia Ewart
Ewart, Silas H., d. no date, age ??, Son of ??
Ewart, Thallia T., d. 26 Aug 1899, age 78y 4m 5d, Wife of M.D., s/w Mahlon Ewart
Farr, Eliza Ann, d. 18 Jan 18??, age 29y 8m 21d, Wife of Aaron Farr
First, Hannah Jane, d. 22 Sep 1860, age ?y 7m 19d
First, John C., d. 12 Feb 1844?, age 4y 3m 7d, Son of ? & J
Foracre, Joseph, Co C 118th IND INF
Garard, Henrietta, d. 3 Feb 1854, age 15y 29d, Dau of L & A Garard
Gephart, Elizabeth, b. 2 May 1808, d. 22 Feb 1881, Wife of George, s/w George, Mary, and William Gephart
Gephart, George, b. 14 Feb 1819, d. 13 Nov 1906, s/w Elizabeth, Mary, and William Gephart
Gephart, Mary J., b. 29 Oct 1843, d. 8 Jan 1854, Dau of G & E, s/w George, Elizabeth, and William Gephart
Gephart, William F., b. 12 Apr 1841, d. 14 Jan 1860, Son of G & E, s/w George, Elizabeth, and Mary Gephart
Good, Francis M., d. 1 Nov 1862?, age 19y 11m 6d, Son of J._. & L.
Hamilton, Ann, d. 26 Dec 1881, age 59y 10m ?d, Wife of Charles E. Hamilton
Hamilton, Charles E., d. 28 (Jan or June) 1871, age 1m? 7d, Son of J.A. & L.L.
Hamilton, Charles E., d. 7 Apr 1860, age ??
Hamilton, William, d. 16 Oct 186_, age ??, Son of C.E. & A. Hamilton
Harrold, Hannah, d. 3 May 1876, age 32y 3m 21d, Wife of Lewis Franklin
Hupp, John, d. 2 Dec 1893, age 77y 9m 22d
Hupp, Sarah, b. 1847, d. 1882
Hutsel, Infant, d. 23 Jan 1858, age 3m?, Son of J. & A. Irwin, (first name A_ala__a ?)
Hutsel, Malinda, d. 9 Oct 1865?, age 1y 1m 27d, Dau of T.J. & S Hutsel
Irwin, Alson G., d. 12 Aug 18??, age 25y 11m ?d, Husband of Sarah J. Irwin
Irwin, Arabell, d. 8 Nov 1870, age 51y? ?m 21d?, Wife of Lewis Irwin
Irwin, Asenath, d. 26 Jul 1887, age 66y 9m 16d, Wife of Jonithan, s/w Jonithan & Rosa Irwin
Irwin, Elizabeth, d. 16 Aug 1848, age 88y 8m 8d, Wife of Samuel Irwin
Irwin, J. _., Sgt Co D 34th IND INF
Irwin, James, d. 10 Mar 1839, age 37y
Irwin, Jonithan, d. 18 Apr 1894, age 77y 11m 18d, s/w Rosa M. & Asenath Irwin
Irwin, Lewis D., d. 3 Apr 185_, age 1y ?m 7d?, Son of J. & A. Irwin
Irwin, Lewis, d. 19 Nov 1877?, age _4y 5m 7d
Irwin, Rosa M., d. 12 Aug 1863, age 3m 1d, Dau of J & A Irwin, s/w Jonithan & Asenath Irwin
Irwin, William, d. no date, age ??
Jones, Esther, b. 8 Dec 1814, d. 4 Mar 1880, s/w Ezekiel Jones
Jones, Ezekiel, b. 21 Mar 1813, d. 6 Dec 1879, s/w Esther Jones
Jones, Mary M., d. 21 Feb 1859, age 21y, Wife of Daniel S. Jones
Laymon, Cyntha, d. 5 Oct 1836, age 1y 7m 2d, Dau of John and Mary Laymon, s/w Polly Laymon
Laymon, Infant, d. Dec 1856, age 14d, Dau of J & M Laymon
Laymon, James M., d. no date, age ??
Laymon, Joseph P., d. 5 Nov 1860, age 8y 8m 4d, Son of J & M Laymon
Laymon, Joseph, d. 3 Jun 1886, age 73y 10m 4d, s/w Margaret Laymon
Laymon, Margaret, d. 23 Dec 1888, age 75y 5d, s/w Joseph Laymon
Laymon, Polly Ann, d. 19 Sep 1843, age 6y, Dau of John and Mary Laymon, s/w Cyntha Laymon
Laymon, Silas J., d. 6 Jan 1861, age ??, Son of Joseph & Margaret Laymon
Laymon, Thomas C., d. 4 Jun 18??, age 3m 16d, Son of J. & M.
Lewis, Arminda T., d. 20 Sep 18??, age ??
Lieurance, ??, d. no date, age ??
Lieurance, Clary E., b. 26 Nov 1863, d. 2 Sep 1865, Child of J. & R.J., s/w Rebecca, Eunice, William, Earl, Esther, James, & Infant Dau Lieurance
Lieurance, David, d. 15 Feb 1894, age 63y 10m 10d, s/w Matilda Lieurance
Lieurance, Earl E., b. 12 Jul 1884, d. 12 Aug 1885, Son of J. & E.A., s/w Rebecca, Eunice, William, James, Esther, Clary, & Infant Dau Lieurance
Lieurance, Esther M., b. 4 Nov 1865, d. 2 Oct 1884, Dau of J. & R.J., s/w Rebecca, Eunice, William, Earl, James, Clary, & Infant Dau Lieurance
Lieurance, Eunice A., b. 20 Jan 1853, d. 16 Jun 1893, Wife of James, s/w Rebecca, James, William, Earl, Esther, Clary, & Infant Dau Lieurance
Lieurance, Infant, d. 12 Jun 1878, Dau of J. & R.J. Lieurance, s/w Rebecca, Eunice, William, Earl, Esther, & Clary Lieurance
Lieurance, James, b. 30 Apr 1837, d. 9 Mar 1895, s/w Rebecca, Eunice, William, Earl, Esther, Clary, & Infant Dau Lieurance
Lieurance, Matilda, d. 6 Dec 1919, age 82y 8m 22d, Wife of David, s/w David Lieurance
Lieurance, Rebecca J., b. 13 May 1841, d. 12 Jun 1878, Wife of James, s/w James, Eunice, William, Earl, Esther, Clary, & Infant Dau Lieurance
Lieurance, William L., b. 17 Aug 1874, d. 2 Apr 1891, Son of J. & R.J., s/w Rebecca, Eunice, James, Earl, Esther, Clary, & Infant Dau Lieurance
Mann, Elizabeth, b. 11 May 1792?, d. 19 Jun 18??, Born at ??, Wife of Samuel
Martin, Deloss, b. 8 Aug 1833, d. 27 Oct 1899
Martin, Francis A., d. 24 Sep 18??, age 1y 7m 14d, Son of E.W. & ?? Martin
Martin, Kate E., b. 18 Jan 1878, d. 10 Nov 1878, Dau of E.W. & L.M. Martin
Martin, Noah, d. 31 Dec? 186_, age ?y 3m 14d, Son of ? & L.
Martin, Rosa L., b. 17 Aug 1868, d. 12 Apr 1880, Dau of E.W. & L.M. Martin
Martin, Ruben A., d. no date, age ??, Son of ??
McChord, David, d. 21 Sep 1864, age 17y 10m 1d, Co ? ? REGT IND VOL, Son of J.J. & M.
McChord, Infant, d. 13 Jun 1849, Dau of J.J. & M.
McChord, Lydia, d. 18 Aug 1851, age 7y 5m, Dau of J.J. & M.
McCord, John J., d. 16 Nov 1875, age 57y 8m 24d, s/w Margaret McCord
McCord, Margaret, d. 9 Apr 1897, age 78y 7m, Wife of John J., s/w John McCord
McGrew, Elizabeth, d. no date age ??, Wife of Noah McGrew
McGrew, Lydia York Pribble, b. 1811, d. 14 Jul 1903, age 91y 10m, ' Wife of E.M. Pribble and later of Noah McGrew ', s/w Enoch Pribble
McKee, Isaac, d. no date, age ??
McKee, James, d. 8 Nov 1891, age 83y 5m 11d, s/w Levina McKee
McKee, Levina, d. 29 Oct 1875, age 61y 16d, Wife of James, s/w James McKee
Miller, Infant, b. 6 Aug 1845, d. 6 Aug 1845, Son of Harrison & Elizabeth Miller
Milton, Franklin, d. 3 Jan 188?, age 10m 27d
Mitchell, Emaline, d. 12 Aug 1839, age 8y 7m 6d, Dau of Fleming & Malinda Mitchell
Mitchell, Fleming, d. 6 Jul 1880, age 78y 3m 10d
Mitchell, Malinda, d. 2 Apr 1848, age 52y 1m 9d, Wife of Fleming Mitchell
Mitchell, Nellie M., d. no date, age 2y 3m? 12d, Dau of E.P. & E.A. Mitchell
Morrison, Andrew, d. 20 Oct 1876, age 60y 29d, s/w Elizabeth Smith
Morrison, Calvin, d. 2 Feb 18_2, age ??, ' Died in ?? Kentucky ', Son of L & M Morrison
Morrison, Charles L., d. 15 Jul 1890, age 19y 21d, Son of Samuel & ??
Morrison, Easter E., d. 1 May 186_, age 22y 1m ?d, Wife of Andrew D., s/w Jeanette Morrison
Morrison, Jeanette, no dates, no age, Dau of A & E.E., s/w Easter Morrison
Morrison, Leander, d. 13 Feb 1881, age 74y 3m 6d, s/w Nancy & Matilda Morrison
Morrison, Matilda, d. 25 Aug 1902, age 86y 5m 18d, Wife of Leander, s/w Matilda & Leander Morrison
Morrison, Milton, d. 28 Oct 186_, age 23y 7m 25d
Morrison, Nancy, d. 30 May 1916, age 77y 6m 16d, s/w Matilda & Leander Morrison
Oliver, Abraham, d. no date, age ??
Oliver, John A., d. 27 Dec 1852, age 10m 23d, Son of A & O Oliver
Oliver, Olive, d. 19 Jul 1854?, age 33y? 2m 5d, Wife of Abraham
Payne, Ruth E., d. 13 Feb 1891, age 33y 5m 14d, Wife of D.E. Payne
Poling, Hester, b. 7 Apr 1786, d. 14 June (1862 or 1867)
Poling, Margaret, b. 22 Apr 1822, d. 26 Jun 1875, Wife of Silas, s/w Silas Poling
Poling, Silas, b. 7 Apr 1823, d. 2 Jun 1906, s/w Margaret Poling
Pribble, Enoch, d. 18 May 1840, age 32y 5m 18d, ' Enoch Morgan Pribble 1807-1840 of Ohio, Great-Great-Grandson of immigrant Thomas Pribble, arrived in Salomonie twp 1835.'s/w Lydia Pribble McGrew
Priddy, James W., d. 2 Jun 1881, age 59y? 10m 29d, s/w Lydia Priddy
Priddy, Lydia E., d. 17 Oct 1889, age 88y 8m 29d, Wife of J.W., s/w James Priddy
Reed, Clarisa J.?, d. 14 Oct 1856, age 31y 6m 9d, Wife of Isaiah Reed
Reed, Mary A., d. 22 Aug 1861, 6y 9m 22d, Dau of ?. & C. Reed
Reveal, Michael, d. 20 Jan 1834, age 34y 1m 17d, Son of Wm & M. Reveal
Richards, Elizabeth W., d. no date, age ??, ?? of Lewis, (half - buried)
Ruble, John W., d. no date, age ??
Ruse, Jesse, b. 2 Mar 1806, d. 15 Aug 1871
Ruse, Mary R., b. 29 Apr 1809, d. 15 May 1858, Wife of Jesse Ruse
Ruse, Ruth Jane, b. 28 Jun 1828, d. 1 Jul 1883, Wife of Jesse Ruse
Shimeall, William P., b. 21 May 1875, d. 11 Sep 1891
Shull, Infant, d. 13 Oct 1851, age 17d, Son of John & Lydia
Shull, Infant, d. 2_ Nov 1840, age 3d, Son of John & Lydia
Shull, John, d. no date, age ??, s/w Lydia Shull
Shull, Lydia, d. no date, age ??, Wife of John, s/w John Shull
Shull, Samuel, d. 17 Sep 1840, age 1y 8m 2d, Son of John & Lydia
Slater, Jno., Co C 153rd IND INF
Smith, Elizabeth, d. 25 May 1900, age 81y 11m21d, ' Wife of Andrew Morrison and later Cyrus Smith ', s/w Andrew Morrison
Stuart, James, d. 28 Aug 1838, age 60y
Stuart, John A., d. 21 Apr 1849?, age 1y 21d
Swaim, Addison, b. 27 Apr 1819, d. 30 Aug 1895
Swaim, Christopher C., d. 9 Aug 1841, age 13y 11m 8d
Swaim, Christopher, b. 24 Dec 1774, d. 3 Jul 1851, age 76y 6m 9d, ' A Native of Randolp Co. N.C., 2 years a subject of the British Crown ' ,s/w Rebecca Swaim
Swaim, Elizabeth, d. 17 Sep 1874, age 79y 3m 7d, Wife of John H. Swaim
Swaim, Nancy, d. 5 Sep 1865, age 66y 6m 8d, Wife of Simeon W. Swaim
Swaim, Rebecca, d. Nov 1851, age 74y, s/w Christopher Swaim
Swaim, Simeon A., d. 25 Apr 1861?, age ??, Son of Samuel H. & ?? Swaim
Swaim, Simeon W., d. 10 May 1848, age 49y 1m 22d
Swaim, Simeon, d. 28 Aug 1854, age 31y 28d
Swift, Rosa, d. 20 Jan 1893, age 21y ?m 9d, Wife of W.A. Swift
Thrailkill, Mary A., d. 8 Dec 1890, age 56y 3m 28d, Wife of Silas
Towns, Nellie, d. 15 Jan 18??, age ??, Dau of ??
Ware, Margaret L., d. 11 Mar 1886, age 18y? 2m 27d, Wife of L.M. Ware
Welch, John W., b. 1813, d. 1895
Welch, Lola Luella, d. no date, age 3y 7d, Dau of (A.S.)? & ? Welch
Werley, Isaac, d. 5 Jul 1872?, age 11d, Son of H. & M.M., s/w Margaret & John Werley
Werley, John W., d. no date Oct 1870, age ??, Son of H. & M.M., s/w Margaret & Isaac Werley
Werley, Margaret M., d. 31 May 187_, age 23y 1m ?d, Wife of ??, s/w Isaac & John Werley
Wiley, Andrew, d. 11 Jan 1872, age 56y 1m 26d
Wiley, Dora, d. 23 Jun 1897, age 21y 4m 23d
Wiley, Harriet, d. 17 Mar 1855, age 30y 7m 16d, Wife of Andrew Wiley
Wiley, Letitia, d. 29 Jul 1886, age 29y 7m 5d
Wiley, Marshall J., d. 27 Feb 1857, age 4y 2m 15d, Son of A & H Wiley
Wilmore, Lawrence E., d. 8 Oct 1870, age ?y 5m 16d, Son of L & N, s/w Levi and Nancy Wilmore
Wilmore, Levi, d. 13 Sep 1877, age 53y 2m, s/w Nancy and Lawrence Wilmore
Wilmore, Nancy J., d. 4 Feb 1890, age 59y 1m 20d, s/w Levi and Lawrence Wilmore

??, ??, d. 20 ?? 1840, age 1y 4m 7d, (name is broken off)
??, ??, d. 3 Sep 18??, age 75y, (broken piece of marker)
??, ??, d. 5 Feb 1880, age ??, Wife of John, (Hupp?)
??, ??, d. no date Oct 1880, age 1y ?m 11d
??, ??, d. no date, age 1y 5m 11d, (marker broken, name gone)
??, Asenith A., d. no date, age 2_y 6m? ?d, Wife of Henry?, (Stroup?)
??, Clara L., d. no date, age ??, Dau of ??
??, Clara, d. no date, age ??, Wife of ??, (Coles?)
??, Ephriam W., d. 3 Sep 18??, age ??, Son of ??
??, George, d. no date, age ??, (Lake?)
??, James, d. no date, ?y 11m ?d
??, Jonathan, d. no date, age ??
??, Lucy J., d. ? Nov 18??, age 18y 10m 22d, Dau of ??
??, Mary, d. 2_ ?? 185_, age ??, Dau of Wm & ?, (Coy?)
??, Mary?, d. no date, age ??
??, Mary?, d. no date, age ??, (Henderson?)
??, Sarah, d. no date, age ??
??, Sarah, d. no date, age ??, (Crum ?)
??, Susan, d. 27 Feb 1864?, age 35y, Wife of (J.M.)?, (_odson?)
??, Vanda? J., d. no date age ??, Dau of ??
??, William, d. no date, age ??
Hupp, ??, d. no date, age ??
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