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Alford Cemetery
Greenfield, Hancock County, Indiana

Lat: 39° 50' 53"N, Lon: 85° 47' 28"W
Green Twp, R7E Sec 7

Contributed by Colleen Harrison, Jul 08, 2007, Last edited Jul 04, 2009 [cjharrison@iquest.net]. Total records = 28.

From I-70 in Greenfield take State Road #9 north about a half mile. Turn left or west onto 300 North and continue, turning right or north onto 50 East Road. The cemetery will be on the left or west side of the road after about a half mile.

This burial site was established as a family cemetery in the 1850s and continued until about 1899, judging from the burial list. The cemetery is named for Logan Alford who owned the land when he was buried there in 1887.

The cemetery was neglected for many years and is currently being restored by the Cemetery Commission of Hanford County. More information may be attained by contacting Hancock County Cemetery Commission, Greenfield, Indiana, 46140.

Information compiled by tombstone inscription and contains all visible burials, which I completed on Jul 07, 2007.

- Colleen Harrison

Alford, Andrew, b. 1816, d. 18 Feb 1872, age: 56y
Alford, Eliza, b. 1810, d. 12 Mar 1855, age: 45y 3m 5d
Alford, James R., b. 8 May 1795, d. 8 Aug 1870, age: 75y 3m
Alford, James Y., b. 11 Apr 1847, d. 6 May 1851, age: 4y 25d, s/o James R. and Tobitha Alford
Alford, Logan E., b. 15 Aug 1811, d. 15 Jan 1887, age: 75y 5m
Alford, Matlida, b. 4 Apr 1816, d. 9 Jul 1856, age: 40y 3m 5d, w/o L.E. Alford
Alford, Tabitha (Tobitha), b. 26 Sep 1814, d. 22 Jan 1899, age: 84y 3m 27d, w/o J.R. Alford
Alford, Thomas E., b. 14 Feb 1846, d. 29 May 1887, age:, s/o James R. and Tobitha Alford
Burk, Margaret, b. 1 Nov 1846, d. 25 Mar 1877, age: 30y 6m 24d, w/o Joseph Burk
Chappell, J. A., no dates, Co. B 2nd Ind. Cav.
Chappell, Lewis W., b. 21 May 1819, d. 4 Aug 1897, age: 78y 2m 14d, Mother & Father
Chappell, Sophia, no dates, Mother & Father, w/o L.W. Chappell
Chappell, Thomas B., b. 19 Nov 1866, d. 15 Mar 1868, age: 1y 3m 25d, s/o E and G Chappell
Chapple, Howard L., b. 8 Jan 1878, d. 18 Jan 1879, age: 1y 10m, s/o GR and E Chapple
Chapple, Mary E., b. 22 Aug 1876, d. 23 Aug 1876, age: 1d, d/o GR and E Chapple
Cox, Infant, b. 3 Aug 1902, d. 18 Oct 1902, s/o Jesse W and Vina Cox
Danner, Fredrick, b. 30 Apr 1815, d. 20 Feb 1874, age: 58y 9m 21d, Stone carver, J.B. Chappell, Greenfield, IN
Danner, Sarah, b. 27 Mar 1818, d. 18 Apr 1884, age: 66y 22d, w/o F. Danner
Eakes, Isiah, b. 16 Mar 1841, d. 16 May 1841, age: 2m, s/o Jediah and Mary Eakes
Hudson, Aldruoamorous, b. 30 Mar 1842, d. 12 Dec 1852, age: 8m 12d, s/o George and Eleniler Hudson
Kepler, Margaret, d. 7 Oct 1867, w/o of (?) Kepler
McCorkell, R. B., no dates, Co. F 147th Ind Inf
Smith, Clara B., b. 10 Mar 1871, d. 12 Sep 1871, age: 6m 2d, d/o William and MA Smith
Smith, Mary A., b. 16 May 1852, d. 5 May 1877, age: 24y 11m 19d, w/o William Smith
Swope, George G., b. 7 Nov 1829, d. 20 Apr 1860, age: 30y 5m 3d
Swope, Joseph H., b. 8 Jun 1840, d. 11 Aug 1878, age: 38y 3m 27d
Tibbets, Alvin, b. 8 Jan 1832, d. 22 Aug 1864, age: 32y 7m 14d, Co. K 51 Reg. Ind. V.I. (Vol Inf)
Tibbets, Robert, b. 26 May 1844, d. 31 Aug 1889, age: 45y 3m 5d, h/o Martha A. Tibbets
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