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Hazleton (I.O.O.F.) Cemetery
White River Township, Gibson County, Indiana

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 63.

Contributor's Index:

Anthis, Bertha S., b.12 Oct 1903, d.28 May 1979, wife of Frank, [MR]
Anthis, Frank V., b.20 Oct 1899, d.17 Jan 1980, married 10 Sep 1927, [MR]
Ashby, Addie B., b.1909, d.1958, [MR]
Blanton, Betty J., 21 Aug 1927, wife of Thomas, our children-Thomas E., Joe S., Nila J., Donald E., [MR]
Blanton, Lois Jean, 2 Aug 1927, Mother, wife of Matt G., [MR]
Blanton, Matt G., 27 Nov 1923, Father, [MR]
Blanton, Ronald M., b.21 Sep 1956, d.21 Jun 1975, Son of Lois & Matt, [MR]
Blanton, Thomas N., b.8 Aug 1917, d.11 Dec 1989, Sgt, US Army, World War II, [MR]
Byrd, G. Eva, b.8 Jan 1893, d.22 Sep 1963, Mother, Wife of Overton, [MR]
Byrd, J. Mae Boyd, b.22 Jul 1913, Daughter of Overton & G. Eva, [MR]
Byrd, Overton E., b.14 Dec 1888, d.3 Dec 1968, Father, [MR]
Caniff, John A., b.11 Jan 1901, d.13 Nov 1951, Father, [MR]
Caniff, Maud Davidson, b.24 Oct 1903, d.8 Aug 1998, Mother, [MR]
Dobson, John C., b.2 Feb 1933, d.3 May 1998, CPL, US Army, Son of Julia Sullivan, [MR]
Dobson, Phyllis J., 18 Jun 1940, wife of John, [MR]
Hartman, Janice Marie, b.17 Jun 1962, d.9 Sep 1991, [MR]
Hill, Irene, b.6 Oct 1910, d.15 Mar 1989, "Nonnie", wife of Velmer, daughter of Thomas, [MR]
Hill, Mildred Fern, b.14 Dec 1932, d.17 Oct 1967, Our Daughter, daughter of Velmer, [MR]
Hill, Velmer, b.26 Apr 1905, d.2 Jul 1984, "Butch", [MR]
Johnson, Essie Faye, b.30 Nov 1930, d.24 Jan 1979,, [MR]
Krug, Mary E., 29 Jul 1916, Mom, wife of Noel, [MR]
Krug, Noel P., b.31 Aug 1916, d.3 Aug 1983, Dad, [MR]
Pugh, Jerry Lee, b.29 Oct 1958, d.28 Sep 1979, PVT, US Army, Grandson of Evelyn, [MR]
Robb, Alfred H., b.30 Nov 1856, d.25 May 1934, Father, [MR]
Robb, Dan, b.4 May 1962, d.20 Jul 1990, son of Evelyn, [MR]
Robb, Delphina, b.29 Mar 1862, d.1 Dec 1938, Mother, wife of Alfred, [MR]
Robb, Evelyn Blanche, b.27 Jan 1919, d.14 Jan 1999, daughter of Thomas, [MR]
Robb, Tim, b.21 Jun 1954, d.1 May 1996, son of Evelyn, [MR]
Sherman, Arthur C., b.19 Feb 1904, d.27 Jun 1977, Father, [MR]
Sherman, David E., b.1925, d.1929, son of David & Esther, [MR]
Sherman, David L., b.19 Sep 1883, d.22 Sep 1954, Father, [MR]
Sherman, Della, b.1907, d.1940, daughter of David & Esther, [MR]
Sherman, Dessie I., 9 Sep 1925, wife of James, [MR]
Sherman, Elbert, b.25 May 1901, d.5 May 1985, Son of David, [MR]
Sherman, Esther, b.10 Nov 1886, d.18 Nov 1976, Mother, wife of David, [MR]
Sherman, Ethel, b.21 Mar 1897, d.7 Jun 1987, Mother, wife of Jonah, [MR]
Sherman, James C., b.2 Jun 1922, married 6 Jan 1946, son of David & Esther, [MR]
Sherman, Jonah, b.21 Feb 1887, d.28 Aug 1966, Father, [MR]
Sherman, Nanie, 12 Apr 1906, wife of Elbert, [MR]
Sherman, Ola V., 17 Apr 1904, Mother, wed 1 Sep 1924, wife of Arthur, [MR]
Sherman, Robert E., b.1918, d.1994, son of David & Esther, [MR]
Stiles, Florence, b.30 Apr 1892, d.17 Dec 1968, Mother, wife of Thomas, [MR]
Stiles, Thomas E., b.5 Mar 1887, d.20 Jan 1975, Father, [MR]
Sullivan, Agnes, b.1906, 1938, wife of Ellis, [MR]
Sullivan, Bessie, 1905, Wife of Virgil, [MR]
Sullivan, Elizabeth Rose, Infants of L.F. & M. Sullivan, [MR]
Sullivan, Ellis, [MR]
Sullivan, Henry C., b.6 Feb 1879, d.21 May 1949, Husband, [MR]
Sullivan, Leota, b.1903, d.1992, Daughter of Thomas, [MR]
Sullivan, Mae Hastings, b.30 Sep 1896, d.27 Oct 1992, Wife of Henry C., [MR]
Sullivan, Margaret L., b.1876, d.1916, [MR]
Sullivan, Margaret, b.1876, 1918, Mother, Wife of Thomas, [MR]
Sullivan, Nettie P., b.1884, d.1961, Mother, [MR]
Sullivan, Norma Lee, b.13 May 1925, Wife of Leslie, [MR]
Sullivan, Sr., Leslie A., b.2 Jun 1924, d.10 Oct 1995, married 29 Jul 1944, CPL, US Army, World War II, [MR]
Sullivan, Thomas, b.1872, d.1963, Father, [MR]
Sullivan, Ulysses S., b.1868, d.1954, Father, [MR]
Sullivan, Virgil D., b.1898, d.1957, Caretaker of Hazleton Cemetery, [MR]
Sullivan, Wm Alexander, Infants of L.F. & M. Sullivan, [MR]
Tolbert, I. Bertis, b.11 May 1933, d.4 Mar 1988, [MR]
Tolbert, Linda S., 1 Aug 1938, [MR]
Warth, Edward W., b.28 Apr 1902, d.15 Jul 1972, Indiana, PVT, US Army, WWI, husband of Glendora, [MR]
Warth, Glendora S., b.18 Nov 1913, d.3 Jul 1993, [MR]
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