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Meriwether Family Cemetery
Floyd County Indiana

Contributed by Sharon Pike, January 08, 2000 [spike00@lex.infi.net] Total records = 14.

Location: Georgetown Township, Section 23, Edwardsville-Galena Road behind Floyd Central High School, desecrated by construction of a subdivision. Between 25-50 graves are located here but only 2 stones remained in 1981.

This cemetery sits on the original land granted to John Meriwether in 1817 and it is mentioned in his will in 1847.

"I further will that one quarter of an acre of land be kept by my family as a burying place to include the graves now made which graveyard or burying place shall be sacredly kept as such and my no means or under any circumstances whatever be cultivated or tilled by any person or persons whatever."

John and his wife are likely buried here along with other family members

Meriwether, James P., b.Mar. 8, 1804, d.Apr. 11, 1882
Meriwether, Mary, b.June 14, 1809, d.Sept. 14, 1851
Meriwether, Eliza, b.(1853, d.(1860)
Meriwether, Hugh P., b.(1809, d.1844)
Meriwether, John M. Sr., b.(1774, d.1854)
Meriwether, Louisa, b.(1845, d.1845)
Meriwether, Lucinda, b.(1845, d.1846)
Meriwether, Mary Bell "Molly", b.(1777, d.1836)
Meriwether, Mary Bell, b.(1848, d.1849)
Meriwether, Mary Jane, b.(1811, d.1829)
Meriwether, Virginia, b.(1813, d.1830) stone once
Redfield, John M. b.(1849, d.?)
Redfield, Richard Jr., b.(1795/1800, d.1837/1840)
Scott, Elizabeth B. Meriwether Redfield, b.(1802, d.1860)

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