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Twibell North Cemetery
Harrison Township, Montpelier, Blackford County, Indiana

Submitted by Dawn Montgomery, Apr 200, last edited Oct 24, 2008 [wingsoftime@sbcglobal.net]. Total records = 155.

Original list compiled by Cecil Beeson, 1970 April 2000. The Cemetery was revisited by William and Treva Maddox's grandchildren, using the late Mr. Beeson's 1970 listing. There are 10 known burials at the bottom of the list that we were unable to locate.

??, ??, (flag pole), Row 16E
??, ??, (real stone), Row 19A
??, ??, (real stone), Row 19B
??, ??, (real stone), Row 19D
??, ??, (real stone), Row 19E
??, ??, stone, Row 14B
??, ??, stone, Row 14G
??, ??, stone, Row 14J
??, ??, stone, Row 15D
??, ??, stone, Row 17A
??, ??, stone, Row 18A
??, ??, wire burial frame, Row 02C
??, Infant, d. 15 Nov 1859, age: 12 hours, Row 10D
??, William H., son of ?, Row 16F
Abshire, Lewis, d. July 1871, age: 1y 4m, son of A. & S., Row 16A
Abshire, Rhoda, d. 21 Oct 1881, age: 17y 9m 2d, dau of A. & S., Row 16D
Abshire, Susanah, d. 22 Feb 1890, age: 60y 11m 20d, wife of Anslem Abshire, Row 16C
Baker, Jacob R., d. 01 Mar 1866, age: 1y 1m 7d, son of J.R. & S.S., emblem: Lamb, Row 13D
Bell, Levi, d. 19 Oct 1844, age: 31y 11m 5d, emblem: Finger pointing up, Row 09C
Black, Mary, d. 16 Aug 1870, age: 1y 5m 2d, dau of P.A. & J.J., Row 18B
Blount, Andrew, d. 23 Sep 1878, age: 52y 7m 15d, Row 06F
Blount, Arminity, d. 29 Sep 1848, age: 33y, wife of Thomas, Row 10F
Blount, Bertha O., d. 21 Apr 1877, age: 1y 7m 26d , dau of J.M. & N.S. Blount, emblem: Dove, Row 10E
Blount, John W., d. 27 Oct 1867, age: 29y 11m 1d, emblem: Finger pointing up, Row 05E
Blount, Mahala, d. 02 Jun 1872, age: 34y, wife of J.W. Blount, emblem: Flowers, Row 05D
Blount, Rachael, d. 09 Aug 1855, age: 56y 5m 27d, wife of John Blount, Row 06E
Blount, Thomas, d. 29 Mar 1848, age: 39y, (wife was Arminty), Row 10G
Bowman, Effa May, d. 04 April 1874, age: 3m 25d, dau of W.H. & M.A., Row 14I
Bowman, Estella, d. 30 Aug 1873, age: 14m (?) 28d, dau of W.H. & M.A., Row 14H
Bowman, Martha Jane, d. 12 Apr 1855, age: 22y 1m 26d, dau of William & Phoebe, Row 14C
Bowman, Phebe S., d. 18 Sep 1845, wife of William Bowman, Row 14D
Campbell, Alba M., d. 12 Jan 1868, age: 2m 27d, son of W. & E.J. Campbell, emblem: Lamb, Row 01A
Campbell, Margarette S., d. 07 Nov 1861, age: 7m 2d, dau of Wm A. & Eliza Jane, emblem: Lamb, Row 01B
Chandler, Sarah M., b. 02 Dec 1879, d. 17 Feb 1880, dau of A.R. & E. Chandler, Row 06D
Clark, Elizabeth (Twibell), d. 05 Feb 1872, age: 39y 7m 23d, wife of William, emblem: Willow tree, Row 09A
Clark, Emmerson, d. 07 Jun 1872, age: 5y 6m 18d, son of W. & E., emblem: Lamb, Row 09B
Duffort, Henry, d. 30 Jun 1870, age: 74y 4d, Row 07B
Duffort, Margaret, d. 19 Aug 1864, age: 60y 6m 17d, wife of H. Duffort, Row 07B
Duffort, William J., d. 09 Nov 1873, age: 37y 5m 20d, Row 07D
Evers, Mary, d. 13 Jan 1864, age: 65y 11m 28d, wife of David, emblem: Finger pointing up, Row 10C
Foland, Myrtle, d. 05 Oct 1876, age: 1 day, dau of C.E. & M.J. Foland, "Dear little Myrtle gone to rest to dwell with saints forever blessed", emblem: Flowers?, Row 09D
Foreman, Alonzo, b. 07 Mar 1859, d. 31 Aug 1864, s/w Children of Wm. & C. (McGeath) Foreman, Row 04G
Foreman, Columbia A., b. 17 Nov 1850, d. 18 Aug 1851, Row 04Gb
Foreman, Infant Daughter, d. 15 Aug 1865, Row 04Gd
Foreman, Rachel M., b. 19 Mar 1852, d. 31 Jan 1873, Row 04Ge
Foreman, Stephen, b. 31 Aug 1853, d. 05 May 1865, Row 04Gc
Foreman, William, b. 30 Oct 1825, d. 24 Mar 1875, Co. I 34th Ind. Vol. Inf, Row 03H
Forney, Christian, d. 13 Jun 1870, age: 71y 1m, emblem: Hands shaking, Row 13G
Forney, Mary Browning (?), b. 19 Jan 1803, d. 15 Jun 1884, age: 81y 4m 26d, "Gams forever. Married to William lIams (?), who was b. March 6, 1794, d. Nov 6, 1844, age 50y 8m, married to G.S. Forney, Sept 26, 1847 who was b. May 13, 1799, d. June 18, 1870, age 71y 1m 5d", Row 13F
Gale, Albert D., d. 10 Sep 1870, age: 10m 24d, son of J.H. & Sarah A. (Job H. and Sarah (Barnes)), emblem: Lamb, Row 13C
Gale, Allen J., d. 12 Aug 1870, son of ?, Row 14E
Gale, Kitty Ann, d. 05 Nov 1858, age: 17y 3m 20d, wife of Job, Row 13E
Goodin, Asa, d. 14 Sep 1857, age: 70y 3m 2d, Row 07L
Goodin, Emma, d. 15 Oct 1870, age: 2y 7m 23d, dau of J.D. & N.E., emblem: Lamb, Row 07H
Goodin, Infant, b. 02 Aug 1874, d. 28 Oct 1874, dau of J.D. & Ollie, Row 07G
Goodin, J.B., d. 25 Mar 1864, age: 5d, son of J.S. & L.A., "Suffer little Children And forbid them not to cume unto me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven", Row 09E
Goodin, James D., d. (13 Jun 1918 ?), age: ?y ?m 21d, son of S.J. & E. Goodin, Row 07J
Goodin, Margaret, d. 20 Dec 1870, age: 78y 8m 11d, wife of Asa Goodin, "And I heard a voice from heaven Saying unti me _____ Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord ___ henceforth yea sayth the Spirit that they may rest from their labours and their ____ do follow them.", Row 07K
Goodin, Martha, d. 22 Aug 1857, age: 8 hrs, dau of J.S & L.A., Row 09F
Goodin, Matilda, d. 27 Mar 1857, age: 3y 8m 7d, dau of J.S & L.A., Row 09G
Goodin, Nancy E. (Twibell), d. 06 Feb 1873, age: 32y 6m 8d, wife of J.D. Goodin, emblem: "3 shells, large tulip in oval", Row 07I
Grove, Martha, d. 18 Oct 1856, age: 20y 10m 4d, wife of A.J. Grov, "dau of Jos. & M.E. Lanning", Row 12B
Grove, Mary C., d. 11 Feb 1870, age: 35y 11m 11d, wife of John Grove, "(readable - buried below ground)", Row 12A
Hart, John W., d. 29 Feb 1896, age: 93y 10m 16d, s/w Margaret, Row 08A
Hart, Margaret, d. 06 Mar 1862, age: 58y, wife of John W., s/w John, Row 08A
Hoskins, George A., d. 15 Jun 1871, age: 1y 1m, son of B & M Hoskins, "The child sleeps in Jesus", emblem: Lamb, Row 06B
Huddlestun, George A., d. 14 Aug 1868, age: 1y 3m 22d, son of W.S. & M. Huddlestun, "Sleep on sweet baby, and take thy rest. God called thee home, He thought it best.", emblem: Lamb, Row 06C
Huggans, Hester Ann, d. 25 Nov 1873, age: 42y 6m 15d, wife of Otho, Row 14A
Huggins, Abijah, d. 14 Jan 1883, age: 82y 6m 20d, Row 19K
Huggins, Genette, d. 09 Sept 1875, age: 10m 19d, dau of A.M. & E., Row 19J
Huggins, Sarah (Twibell), d. 26 Jan 1883, age: 82y 1m 3d, wife of A. Huggins, Row 19K
Hughs, (infant), d. 01 Apr 1884, infant dau of J.W. & Sarah Hughs, Row 20A
Jarrett, Jonas, d. 19 Mar 1855, age: 61y 3m 3d, Row 05C
Jarrett, Thomas, d. 16 May 1862, age: 17y 5m 9d, son of Jonas & Basheba, "was killed in the battle of Champion Hills, Miss.", emblem: Open Bible, Row 05C
Lacey, d. 07 Feb 1870, son of M. & A. Lacey, "Gon to a better land", Row 18C
Lancaster, ?, ??? of N. & M., Row 11C
Lancaster, George, d. 20 Aug 1854, age: 2y 9m 19d, son of John & Ruth, Row 11H
Lancaster, Infant, d. 30 Jun 1879, dau of N. & M., Row 11D
Lancaster, John W., d. 09 Apr 1863, age: 21y 11m, Civil War Soldier, emblem: Flag & shield?, Row 11G
Lancaster, Lewis, d. 16 Sep 1858, age: 4y 4m 14d, son of John & Ruth, emblem: Lamb, Row 11E
Lancaster, Martha A., d. 03 Jun 1854, age: 10y 10m, dau of J. & R., Row 11I
Lanning, Margaret, d. 10 May 1861, age: 22y 8m 6d, dau of Jas. & M.E., Row 13A
Leonard, Charles O., d. 29 Aug 1870, age: 1y 3m 10d, son of J.F. & M.A., Row 19C
Lowry, Ida B., d. 10 Nov 1865, age: 1y, dau of J. & E., Row 16G
Maddox, Michael, d. 10 Sep 1845, age: 72y, Row 01C
McCullick, Henry, d. 10 Oct 1863, age: 68y 10m 10d, Row 02J
McCullick, Infant, b. 08 Apr 1843, d. 08 Apr 1843, a son of Henry & Martha, Row 02G
McCullick, Infant, b. Jan 1836, a son of Henry & Martha, Row 02E
McCullick, Jane, d. 26 Sep 1846, age: 83y, widow of Henry Sr., Row 02H
McCullick, Jasper, d. 12 Sept 1852, age: 1y 3d, son of H.C. & E., Row 02L
McCullick, Lewis, d. 12 Jul 1840, age: 1y 8d, a son of Henry & Martha, Row 02F
McCullick, Martha (Twibell), d. 27 Feb 1847, age: 43y, wife of Henry McCullick, Row 02I
McCullick, Martha, d. 04 May 1854, age: 4y 5m, dau of E. McCullick, Row 02D
McCullick, Wiley, d. 17 Nov 1857, age: 7m 10d, son of H.C. & E., Row 02K
McGeath, Lewis, d. 12 Oct 1872, age: 67y 5m 27d, Row 04E
McGeath, Mary M., d. 09 Jul 1867, age: 20y 7m 11d, wife of John, Row 08C
McGeath, Rachel (Twibell), d. 02 Mar 1879, age: 77y 1m 1d, wife of Lewis, Row 04D
McGeath, Rachel, d. 17 Mar 1866, age: 2m 10d, dau of Thomas J. & Jane, back side of this stone reads: Infant dau b. 2-20-1874 d. 2-23-1874, Row 04A
McGowan, William, d. 10 Aug 1866, age: 25y 5m 26d, emblem: Open Bible, Row 07E
Miller, Margaret, d. 24 Oct 1870, age: 94y 9m 1d, Row 07A
Millikan, William, d. 30 Sep 1854, son of A. & S.A., Alfred & Sarah Ann (Brotherton) Millikan. Alfred was a son of Samuel & Clarissa (Keen) Millikan.� Alfred was also a younger brother to Jacob S. Millikan who married Sarah Ann Shields., Row 11K
Perry, Isaac, d. 04 Aug 1860, age: 30y 9m 4d, Row 04B
Ratliff, Curtis H., d. 08 Oct 1873, age: 3y 10m 20d, dau of H.P. & S.E. Ratliff, emblem: Lamb, Row 05B
Ratliff, Martha R., d. 17 May 1873, age: 6m 28d, dau of H.P. & S.E. Ratliff, emblem: Lamb, Row 05A
Rhine, Daniel D., d. 28 Feb 1862, age: 1y 11m 28d, son of John & Sarah Rhine, emblem: Lamb, Row 03C
Rhine, Infant, d. 07 Oct 1855, son of John & Sarah Rhine, emblem: Tulip, Row 03F
Rhine, John Treubdore, d. 27 Jul 1872, age: 5y 5m 9d, son of Isack & M., "Suffer little children to come unto me, For of such is the kingdom of heaven.", emblem: Lamb, Row 11F
Rhine, John, d. 24 Sept 1863, age: 4m 3d, son of J. & S. Rhine, emblem: Dove, Row 03E
Rhine, Little Aggie, b. 10 Nov 1869, d. 09 Mar 1871, dau of J. & E.J. Rhine, "Peaceful be thy silent slumber Peaceful in the grave so low", emblem: (can't see clearly), Row 03D
Rhine, Sarah (Twibell), b. 31 Oct 1836, d. 03 Jul 1863, age: 27y 8m 4d, wife of John Rhine, "A faithful friend a Mother dear loveing wife lies buried here In love she lived in peace she died Her life was asked but God denied", emblem: Rose(?), Row 03G
Shields, Harvey R., d. 30 Jan 1866, age: 1y 6m 10d, son of B. & S., emblem: Lamb, Row 10A
Shields, John W., d. 05 Feb 1869, age: 24y 10m 10d, son of W. & P., emblem: Finger pointing up, Row 08B
Sills, John W., d. 01 Jul 1867, age: 1m 11d, son of W. & N.A. Sills, Row 02B
Simonton, Thomas, d. 04 Jul 1863, age: 64y 11d, Seth's father. Married Elizabeth (Oswalt)., emblem: Finger pointing up, Row 13B
Sleppy, George, d. 1871, (died) in the 79th year of his life, Row 19H
Sleppy, John, d. 15 Oct 1885, age: 62y 3m 8d, Row 19I
Sleppy, Mary Ann, d. 13 Mar 1874, dau of J. & T., Row 19F
Sleppy, Mary, d. 01 Dec 1875, age: 72y 10m 13d, Row 19G
Smith, Amanda, d. 24 May 1874, age: 27y 4m 2d, wife of T. Smith, emblem: Finger pointing up, Row 07F
Spaulding, Abigail, d. 09 May 1874, age: 30y 9m 9d, wife of Henry C., Row 17B
Stewart, Jane (McGeath), d. 24 Sep 1854, age: 19y 10m 1d, wife of Edwin J., Row 04C
Tate, Elizabeth (Beeson), d. 21 Nov 1869, age: 31y 6m 28d, wife of Lemuel, "I heard them bid this world adieu, I saw them on the rolling billow, I ___ ___ off home appeard in (new) While yet they pressed a dying pillow.", Row 14K
Tate, Infant, child of L. & E. Tate, Row 11J
Tate, Sarah J. (Williams), d. 15 Aug 1860, age: 28y 2m 22d, wife of Lemuel, Row 14K
Tweedy, J.D., Co. I 34th Ind. Inf., Row 15A
Twibell, David, d. 13 Aug 1855, age: 62y 10m 9d, Row 11B
Twibell, Elizabeth (Currier), b. 29 Apr 1771, d. 16 Jul 1849, age: 77y 2m 17d, wife of John Twibell, Row 03I
Twibell, Ida Bell, d. 15 Oct 1864, age: 1y 8m 16d, dau of J.J & A., "Father ? ? But gone before Where we shall meet (last line buried)", emblem: Flower, Row 01D
Twibell, John J., d. 27 Feb 1868, age: 37y 5m 17d, "? ? Wife and children all ? ? a father Christ doth call ? ? tis in vain ? ? ? ? again", emblem: hand holding flowers, Row 01F
Twibell, John, b. 14 Mar 1760, d. 21 Jul 1853, age: 93y 4m 7d, Pennsylvania 4 PA Regt Revolutionary War, "This is a newer stone. The old stone is there, broken in two pieces. Needs repaired.", Row 03J
Twibell, Josiah G., d. 03 Nov 1862, age: 1y 4m 5d, son of T.S. & H. Twibell, Row 06A
Twibell, Josiah, d. 27 Jan 1871, age: 67y 5m 17d, "(unreadable)", emblem: Masonic, Row 03B
Twibell, Lucinda (Wilson), b. 19 May 1834, d. 03 Sep 1859, age: 25y 3m 14d, wife of John J. Twibell, "The father calls his work done ? ? weep for the dear one gone", emblem: Willow Tree, Row 01E
Twibell, Margaret (Yoho), d. 24 Jun 1864, age: 67y 1m 4d, wife of David, Row 11A
Twibell, Mary (Sharpneck), d. 06 Sep 1843, age: 34y 7m 18d, wife of Josiah Twibell, emblem: finger on open Bible, Row 03A
Twibell, Nancy B., d. 04 Oct 1869, age: 3y 24d, dau of W. & M. H., "Our angel nancy gone to rest To be with god in heaven Oh may we all be good like her And strive to be forgiven", Row 16B
Ward, George P. & Rebecca S., d. 13 Aug 1851, age: 13d, son & dau of J. & M., Row 13H
Ward, James P., age: 20y 5m, Row 14F
Webster, Harvey, Co. I 34th Ind. Inf., Row 02A
Wilson, Daniel H., d. 29 Nov 1863, age: 2y 4m 23d, son of J. & M., Row 15C
Wilson, Joseph, d. 22 Jan 1891, age: 78y 3m 26d, Row 17C
Wilson, Martha, d. 26 May 1858, age: 1m 15d, dau of J. & M., Row 15E
Wood, Amanda J., d. 21 Jul 1857, age: 8y 4m 10d, dau of R. & J., Row 08D
Wood, Hannah, d. 15 Sep 1872, age: 50y, wife of Samuel, Row 10B
Wright, Charley W., d. 17 Sep 1867, age: 10m 19d, son of J. & H., Row 15B

Known burials, but was not able to locate gravesites:

Huggans, Elmira, d. 17 Sept 1867, dau of O. & M.
Lowry, H., d. 05 Mar 1871, age: 9� hrs, dau of J. & E.
Perry, Osborn, d. 08 Jul 1876, son of Isaac and Bathsheba
Praim, d. 16 Sep 1867, age: 1y 1d, a dau of F.M. & M.
Praim, George W., d. 19 Aug 1871, age: 8m 27d
Sasse, Elma May, d. 20 Aug 1870, age: 5y 9m 12d, dau of Wm. R. & L.A.
Twibell, Catherine, b. 1835, d. Abt. 1851, dau of David and Margaret
Twibell, Rachel, b. 1825, d. Abt. 1850, dau of David and Margaret
Wiley, d. 17 Nov 1859, age: 12 hrs, infant of J.C. & J.
Wood, James O., d. 08 Aug 1864, age: 21y 7m 26d, Civil War Soldier

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