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Simond Cemetery
Mt. Carmel Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 58.

Located north of Mt. Carmel, near Simond School, in Mt. Carmel Precinct, Wabash County, IL.

The original tombstone recordings were done by ???

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL-contact Louise Taylor [bttaylor@hotmail.com].

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at [anxie99@yahoo.com] in September-1999.

The datafile has been .TXT converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in September-1999.

b. = date of birth
d. = date of death
a. = age at death
p. = parents
h. = husband
w. = wife

FRY, Thomas, b.18-july-1794, d.7-apr-1866
HARVEY, Edwin B., d.29-july-1861, a.0y 7m 24d, p. D.S. & L.a.Harvey
HILLIS, Amy, d.2-mar-1880, a.32y 4m 24d, h. H.d.Hillis
LEGIER, Amos, b.8-nov-1827, d.31-july-1856, p. G. & S.W. Legier
LEGIER, Ellen, b.18-jan-1838, d.15-nov-1888, p. G. & S.W. Legier
LEGIER, George, d.27-may-1878, a.73y 11m 13d
LEGIER, Lydia, d.31-dec-1883, a.68y 0m 7d, h. George Legier
LEGIER, Susan W., b.31-july-1800, d.22-feb-1868, h. George
MUNCEY, Joseph, b.17-june-1860, d.jan ?
MUNCEY, Susannah, b.30-apr-1814, d.10-dec-1861, a.47y 7m 10d, h. G.W. Muncey
REEL, Ben James F., d.17-july-1859, a.14y 6m 23d, p. M.S. & N. Reel
REEL, Frand G., d.20-sep-1868, a.1y 10m 8d, p. D.S. & M. Reel
REEL, Infant daughter, d.8-dec-1850, p. M.S. & E.J. Reel
REEL, Infant daughter, d.5-june-1856, p. M.S. & E.J. Reel
REEL, Infant son, d.12-jan-1853, p. M.S. & E.J. Reel
REEL, Jacob, d.3-nov-1861, Camp Buttler, Illinois, a.24y 3m 5d, Company a.48th Regiment Illinois
REEL, Manuel S., d.24-july-1884, a.84y 1m 15d
REEL, Nancy Y., d.12-apr-1849, a.42y 11m 18d, h. Manuel S. Reel
RIDGWAY, Jane, d.2-nov-1848, a.25y 7m, 1d, p. R. & S. Ridgway
RIDGWAY, Richard, d.16-oct-1853, a.62y 9m 0d
RIDGWAY, Sarah, d.16-nov-1848, a.64y 2m 0d, h. Richard Ridgway
RITTENBURG, Ida M. , d.26-jan-1874, a.11y ?m ?d, p. D.L. & M.C. Rittenburg
SIMONDS, Abe, b.1-aug-1865, d.4-oct-1867
SIMONDS, Clara I., d.3-mar-1869, a.16y 4m 17d, p. d.& S.M. Simonds
SIMONDS, Cyrus G. , b.2-july-1847, d.30-oct-1849
SIMONDS, David, d.12-feb-1889, a.78y 0m 11d
SIMONDS, Edward, b.8-nov-1832, d.11-nov-1833
SIMONDS, Elijah, d.15-oct-1833, a.29y
SIMONDS, Helen, d.12-sep-1895, a.46y 9m 0d
SIMONDS, James, b.27-june-1868, d.1-oct-1873
SIMONDS, Lydia Sr., d.27-apr-1847, a.78y 3m 8d
SIMONDS, Mary, b.7-mar-1830
SIMONDS, Mary, b.7-feb-1827, d.16-mar-1910
SIMONDS, Naython S., b.9-feb-1853, d.6-sep-1855
SIMONDS, Polly, d.20-june-1876, a.72y 4m 4d, h. Stephen Simonds
SIMONDS, Rachael, d.16-nov-1862, a.16y 11m 4d, p. d.& S.M. Simonds
SIMONDS, Sarah a., d.27-sep-1843, a.17y 10m 17d, p. S. & P. Simonds
SIMONDS, Sarah M., d.23-sep-1861, a.39y 3m 9d, h. David Simonds
SIMONDS, Stephen, d.8-jan-1862, a.65y
SIMONDS, Susanah, d.17-apr-1830, a.1y 1m 3d, p. S. & P. Simonds
SIMONDS, Willa, b.29-sep-1854, d.30-oct-1856
SIMONDS, William, b.25-oct-1825, d.26-jan-1904
SIMONDS, William, d.30-nov-1829, a.26y 11m 0d
SIMONDS, William L., d.5-sep-1874, a.1y 7m 20d, p. J.E. and N.G. Simonds
SPITLER, Edmund R., d.1-sep-1859, a.17y 11m 15d, p. d.& E. Spitler
SPITLER, Richard, d.16-aug-1845, a.3y 2m 12d, p. d.& E. Spitler
SPITLER, William B., d.25-mar-1870, a.21y 7m 11d
STONE, Eunice, d.20-aug-1868, a.2y 3m 14d, p. E. & a.Stone
STONE, Hester, Descendent of old Scottish Clan in Scotland
STONE, Katy, d.?-jan-1871?, a.1y 1m 14d, p. T. & H. Stone
STONE, Maria, d.30-aug-1847, a.5y 4m 28d, p. W. & C. Stone
STONE, Murty, d.29-june-1862, a.1y 0m 14d, p. T. & H. Stone
STONE, William , d.18-oct-1847, a.54y
STONE, Willie, d.18-dec-1875, a.15y 7m 12d, p. T. & H. Stone
TOWNSEND, James Sr. , d.7-feb-1853, a.63y
TOWNSEND, Mary, d.27-feb-1853, a.19y, p. J. & E. Townsend
YOUNG, Henry, d.15-dec-1864, a.70y
YOUNG, Edward, b.8-oct-1824, d.20-mar-1849
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