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Seibert Cemetery
Village of Lancaster, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 16.

These recordings are for a small Seibert family cemetery located on private property just East of the village. The cemetery is currently over grown with small trees and need of repair. Some of the grave markers are broken and the pieces are scattered on the ground.

The following grave marker recordings were done by Brice and Anna Rae Anderson of Lancaster on 01-MAR-1976 and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula at kankula@bellsouth.net on 18-SEP-1998.

(?) / DUCAN, Anna M., Birth: 14-MAY-1864, Died: 13-JUN-1886 in Lancaster, IL, Husband: Francis R. Duncan b. 07-SEP-1857
(?) / DUNCAN, Sarah A., Died: 27-JAN-1885 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 54 years, 10 months, 12 days
Husband: Samuel Duncan b. about-1826
Note: Susan Seibert b. 1806 lived with the Ducan's
DUCAN, Benjamin A., Died: 28-FEB-1887, Age: 32 years, in Lancaster, IL, father: Benjamin A. Duncan(?) b. about-1855
DUCAN, Francis R., Birth: 07-SEP-1857, Died: 08-NOV-1917 in Lancaster, IL,
Father: Samuel Ducan b. about-1826
Mother: Sarah A. (?) b. about 1830
FRITZ / SEIBERT, Catharine A, Birth: 17-SEP-1811 in Lehigh County, PA, Died: 11-NOV-1880 in Lancaster, IL.
Husband: Jacob Seibert b.30-NOV-1811 in Berks County, PA,
Married: 26-MAR-1834 in Lancaster, IL
Father: Henry Fritz
KELSO, Ella S., Died: 29-SEP-1884 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 2 years, 3 months, 28 days, parents: Rev. S. & A. Kelso
Note: Don't know of any Seibert family connection
MARKLEY / SEIBERT, Mary Jo, Birth: 30-JUN-1835 in Berks County, PA, Died: 20-JUN-1883 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 47 years, 11 months, 20 days, Husband: Reuben Seibert b. 28-FEB-1825 in Dryville, Rockland Township, Berks County, PA
Married: 23-DEC-1849 in Lancaster, IL
SEIBERT, Catharine Amilia, Birth: 05-MAR-1861 in Lancaster, IL, Died: 02-APR-1862 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 1 year, 28 days
Father: Charles Seibert(?) b. 10-NOV-1834 in Lancaster,IL
Father: Jacob Seibert(?) b. 30-NOV-1811 in Berks County
Mother: Catherine Fritz(?) b.17-SEP-1811 in Lehigh County, PA
Mother: Elizabeth Ginther(?) b. 19-NOV-1836 in Rockland Township, Berks County, PA
SEIBERT, Charles Rudy, Birth: 22-SEP-1883 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 1 year, 8 moths, 26 days
Father: Charles Seibert b. 10-NOV-1834 in Lancaster, IL
SEIBERT, Cleve Orland, Birth: 31-JUL-1888 in Lancaster, IL, Died: 30-AUG-1889 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 1 year, 6 months, 30 days
SEIBERT, Hershell Elkanan, Birth: 15-SEP-1891 in Lancaster, IL, Died: 11-JAN-1892 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 4 months, 27 days
SEIBERT, Jacob, Birth: 30-NOV-1811 in Berks County, PA, Died:13-DEC-1862 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 51 years, 13 days, Wife: Catherine Fritz b. 17-SEP-1811 in Lehigh County, PA, Married: 26-MAR-1834 in Lancaster, IL
SEIBERT, James H., Birth: 09-AUG-1852 in Lancaster, IL, Died: 22-AUG-1852 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 13 days
SEIBERT, Joseph, Birth: 06-JUN-1889 in Lancaster, IL, Died: 06-JUN-1889 in Lancaster, IL, Parents: P/R/B. Seibert & M.E. Seibert
SEIBERT, Mary, Birth: 10-DEC-1860 in Lancaster, IL, Died: 10-AUG-1862 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 1 year, 8 months
SEIBERT, Reuben, Birth: 28-FEB-1825 in Dryville, Rockland Township, Berks County, PA, Died: 08-APR-1893 in Lancaster, IL, Age: 68 years, 1 month, 11 days, Wife Mary Jo Markley b. 30-JUN-1835 in Berks County, PA, Married: 23-DEC-1849 in Lancaster, IL
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