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Ridge Cemetery
Lick Prairie Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 129.

Located in the southwest corner of Lick Prairie Precinct, in Wabash County,Illinois.

The original tombstone recordings were done by Charles Koenig, April 14, 1988. Revised in Ausust 31, 1988.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL-contact Louise Taylor [bttaylor@hotmail.com].

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at [anxie99@yahoo.com] in September-1999.

The datafile has been .TXT converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in September-1999.


b. = date of birth
d. = date of death
a. = age at death
p. = parents
h. = husband
w. = wife


ADAMSON, F.A., d.15-apr-1869, a.28y 5m 7d
BAIRD, William B., d.21-jan-186?, a.1y 9m 11d, p. f.a.& l.a.baird
BAIRD, Mattie B., d.6-sep-1861, a.10y, p. f.a.& g.a.baird
BRATTON, Amos, b.1-june-1832, d.7-mar-1873
BRATTON, Ellen P., d.5-june-1871, a.16y 9m 2d, p. a.& s. bratton
BRATTON, Herman K., d.21-dec-1885, a.6y 13d, p. r.h. & f.m. bratton
BRATTON, J.M., d.14-feb-1864, a.26y 4m, member of Co. G. 6th Ill. Cav. d.in Memphis Tenn.
BRATTON, Jersey M., d.8-mar-1868, a.2y 7m 2d, p. a.& s. bratton
BRATTON, O.H., d.10-mar-1883, a.22y 1m 5d
BRATTON, Priscilla, b.25-oct-1811, d.6-july-1842
BRATTON, Riley, b.14-oct-1831, d.14-oct-1835
BRATTON, Sarelda, b.21-june-1834, d.16-sep-1904, h. amos bratton
BRATTON, Walter A., d.15-feb-1901, a.15y 16d, p. r.h. & f.m. bratton
BRATTON, William, b.22-may-1810, d.6-mar-1844
BRATTON, William H., d.17-aug-184?, a.17m
COPELAND, Iran, b.20-oct-1857, d.8-apr-1864, a.6y 3m 18d, p. c.c. & e.h. copeland
DOSS, Eliza J., b.14-may-1842, d.11-june-1868, p. j.a.m.i.v. doss
DOSS, George W., b.12-apr-1836, d.21-nov-1857
DOSS, John M., d.1-june-1872,
DOSS, Thomas J., b.1856, d.1891
FISHER, ?, b.1837, d.1-june-1838
FISHER, Anna, d.3-may-1909, a.74y 1m 9d, h. d.h. fisher
FISHER, Bonner R., d.30-sep-1900, a.32y 8m 10d
FISHER, Edwin S., d.11-nov-1879, a.2m 18d, p. j.w. & m.a.fisher
FISHER, Harry Ulysses, d.29-dec-1888, a.10y 5m 17d, p. p.m. & m.f. fisher
FISHER, Infant Daughte, d.15-aug-1873, p. j.w. & m.a.fisher
FISHER, Infant Son, d.22-aug-1868, a.1d, p. j.w. & m.a.fisher
FISHER, John, b.15-apr-1809, d.24-mar-1898
FISHER, Mary, b.1-july-1841, d.27-dec-1899, a.58y 5m 26d, h. j. fisher
FISHER, Mary E., b.5-sep-1839, d.24-nov-1920
FISHER, Peter M., b.14-aug-1840, d.16-may, 1914
FISHER, Ursula, d.1-oct-1875, a.55y 7d, h. j. fisher
FREEMAN, Edna L., b.1884, d.1892
FREEMAN, Elizabeth, b.29-dec-1842, d.2-jan-1896, p. s. & m. freeman
FREEMAN, Ella L., b.2-dec-1854, d.15-jan-1913
FREEMAN, Paul M., d.5-dec-1898, a.2y 3m 28d, p. b.a.& m.b. freeman
FREEMAN, Wallace A., b.12-jan-1839, d.4-feb-1904
FRIEDERICH, Mary L., b.3-dec-1864
FRIEDERICH, Rachel, b.17-mar-1813, d.10-july-1865, h. nicholas friederich
GARD, Addie, b.12-mar-1861, d.24-nov-1884, a.23y 3m 12d
GARD, Albert H., d.10-mar-1874, a.15y 3m 27d, p. w. & e. gard
GARD, Alice, d.28-mar-1860, a.3y 6m 24d, p. w. & e. gard
GARD, Alonzo, d.8-jan-1864, a.2y 7m 23d, p. w. & e. gard
GARD, Benjami, Co I 66 Ill. Inf.
GARD, Benjamin F., b.2-apr-1805, d.17-aug-1860
GARD, Boyde, b.19-oct-1882, d.30-sep-1888, a.5y 11m 11d, p. b. & f.h. gard
GARD, Edward, b.8-aug-1870, d.(unreadable), p. g. & e. gard
GARD, Electa, b.1844, d.1924, h. green gard
GARD, Ellen, b.1835, d.1928, mother
GARD, Francis H., b.9-jan-1850, d.24-may-1899, a.49y 4m 15d, h. benjamin gard
GARD, Franklin, b.10-oct-1840, d.18-feb-1847, p. b.f. gard
GARD, Green, b.1838, d.1922
GARD, Infant Son, d.22-aug-1855, a.1d, p. w. & e. gard
GARD, Jairus, b.4-june-1825, d.6-july-1837, p. b.f. gard
GARD, Mary, h.B.F. Gard, d.3-jan-1855, a.48y 5m 17d, h. b.f. gard
GARD, Oscar T., d.12-dec-1878, a.2y 4m 10d, p. b. & f.h. gard
GARD, Rachel, d.5-aug-1872, a.31y 1m , h. benjamin gard
GARD, W, b.1833, d.1918, father
GARD, Welrose, d.16-sep-1872, a.10m 16d, p. b. & r. gard
GREATHOUSE, Carroll, b.19-aug-1833, d.28-sep-1858
GREATHOUSE, Dorothy, d.3-apr-1871, a.72y 5m 21d, h. elias greathouse
GREATHOUSE, Elias, b.26-june-1801, d.15-may-1852
GREATHOUSE, George, b.16-feb-1865, d.11-nov-1886
GREATHOUSE, James, b.10-dec-1825, d.21-nov-1848
GREATHOUSE, Louisa J., b.8-aug-1826, d.22-nov-1847
GREATHOUSE, Mary H., b.7-sep-1833, d.9-may-1881, a.50y 6m 2d, h. p.g. greathouse
GREATHOUSE, P.G., b.16-feb-1828, d.11-sep-1899, a.71y 7m 25d
GREATHOUSE, Stella M., d.23-jan-1902, a.22y 5m 12d, h. clement greathouse
GREATHOUSE, William B., b.5-apr-1823, d.13-feb-1899, a.75y 10m 8d
HILL, Cordilia, d.21-apr-1873, a.39y 9m 5d, h. e.m. hill
HILL, E.M., uneadable-may be a military marker
KENNARD, Amanda Ellen, d.26-may-1876, a.18y 2m, p. r. & s.j. kennard
KENNARD, Amos, d.21-feb-1879, a.23y 5m 29d
LOCKWOOD, L.D., d.2-aug-1858, a.31y m 9d
LOCKWOOD, Guy C., d.23-dec-1844, a.48y
MC GREGOR, Eliza, b.25-july-1855, d.11-feb-1902, h. george mc gregor
MC GREGOR, George H., b.5-may-1842, d.26-nov-1912
MC GREGOR, OPAL, b.31-may-1900, d.16-nov-1900, p. c.h. & s.e. mc gregor
MILLER, Fredrick, d.9-apr-1855, a.54y 4m 12d
MILLER, Horace S., CoI 66 Ill. Inf.
MILLER, James E., d.10-june-1853, a.27y 5m 17d
MILLER, Sidney, Co F. 91st Ind.Inf. (In row 16 also)
NEWMAN, Elizabeth Orhilla, b.?-nov-1820, d.28-sep-1858, h. j.t. newman
NEWMAN, Victor, d.22-july-1862, a.3m 6d, p. j.t. & m.m. newman
RIGG, Rosa M., b.10-june-1884, d.17-aug-1885, p. j.g. & m.a.rigg
RISLEY, Henry E., b.16-dec-1858, d.1-nov-1894, a.35y 10m 15d
RISLEY, Pina R., b.22-may-1862, d.9-oct-1894, a.32y 6m 12d
ROFF, Virgil A., b.14-may-1889, d.29-nov-1895, p. p.a.& f.g. roff
SAPP, Edwin C., d.28-aug-1860, a.11y 6m 2d, p. j.j. & s.j. sapp
SAPP, James J., b.22-june-1835, d.15-sep-1906
SAPP, Samatha J., b.10-apr-1836, d.28-june-1912
SLOAN, Francis Ethie, d.24-sep-1862, a.7m 4d, p. f.m. & a.c. sloan
STEWART, Eva R., b.7-jan-1881, d.2-mar-1908, a.22y 2ma2d, h. e.e. srewart
STUM, John J., d.28-feb-1891, a.18y 13d, p. b.b. & m. stum
THRALL, Aaron O., b.18-feb-1846, d.12-aug-1858, p. j.p. & m.j. thrall
THRALL, Charlotte M., b.14-nov-1842, d.12-aug-1858, p. j.p. & m.j. thrall
THRALL, Eliphas R., b.12-june-1835, d.6-sep-1857 in Memphis TN
THRALL, Infant Son, p.J.P. & M.J. Thrall
THRALL, Infant Son, p.J.P. & M.J. Thrall
THRALL, Joel P., d.24-nov-1872, a.50y 4m 13d
THRALL, Lewis J., b.5-aug-1849, d.14-jan-1858, p. j.p. & m.j. thrall
THRALL, Margaret, b.8-feb-1799, d.26-apr-1845, h. oliver thrall
THRALL, Mary J., b.21-feb-1824, d.19-sep-1858, h. j.p. thrall
THRALL, Oliver A., b.29-july-1796, d.15-aug-1858
TUEL, Susan A., uneadable dates
WHITE, Franklin L., Co. C 115 Il. Inf.
WHYDE, Edith, b.1894, d.1899
WHYDE, Elbert C., d.20-sep-1876, a.1y 6m 11d, p. j.j. & m.e. whyde
WHYDE, Henry , b.1891, d.1892
WHYDE, Infant Son, d.25-aug-1871, p. J.J. & M.E. Whyde
WHYDE, John H., d.1-may-1878, a.64y 1m 26d
WHYDE, John J., d.25-mar-1881
WHYDE, Logan G., d.17-oct-1876, a.4y 10m 28d, p. s.p. & s.j. whyde
WHYDE, Margaret, d.22-dec-1882, h. nicholas whyde
WHYDE, Mary, b.18-dec-1827, d.1-july-1863, h. j.m. whyde
WHYDE, Mary E., d.21-oct-1875, a.3y 2m 1d, p. s.p. & s.j. whyde
WHYDE, Matilda J., d.5-sep-1852, a.4m 16d, p. j.h. & r.s. whyde
WHYDE, Nicholas, b.1-jan-1807, d.5-may-1894, a.87y 1m 5d
WHYDE, Rachel S., d.23-aug-1852, a.28y 5m 16d, h. john whyde
WOOD, Livonia, d.31-mar-1873, a.46y 8m 28d, p. j. & c. wood, h. sidney miller

ROW 1 East end, South to North
F.A.A. (Footstone for grave otherwise unmarked)

ROW 6 (Unreadable "temporary" iron marker)
P.B., (foot marker)
W.H.B., (foot marker-childs grave)

W.B., (foot marker)

ROW 10
4 unidentified graves

NOTE: Henry Bratton told Charles Koenig of a hanging that once took place under the large oak tree that stands on the east end of the cemetery. It seems one luckless young man raped a local women and was found by vigilantes who strung him up to a limb on the north side of that old oak. After leaving him hang for a couple of days, they returned and reportedly buried him where he fell when they cut him down. Henry learned of this story from Roy Craig, who lives nearby.

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