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New Lancaster (Harrison) Cemetery
Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 87.

Located on the West side of the Village of Lancaster, Wabash County, IL.

The original typed (somewhat difficult to read) tombstone recordings were done by _____________.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL-contact Louise Taylor [bttaylor@hotmail.com].

These recordings have been .TXT file converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula at kankula@bellsouth.net in Nov-1998.

There are numerous small unmarked tombstones that are located near larger ones. It is assumed that these tombstones represent the infants or young children of a nearby mother.


a. = age at time of death
b. = date of birth
c. = child
d. = date of death
da. = daughter
f. = father
gf. = grandfather
gm. = grandmother
h. = husband
i. = infant
m. = mother
n. = notes
p. = parents
s. = son
w. = wife

ABEL, Christenher C., b.11-oct-1855, d.25-feb-1918.
ABEL, Enech W., b.1875, d.1927, w. sophie b..
ABEL, Mary M., b.2-feb-1858.
ABEL, Sophie B., b.1875, h. enech w. abel.
ADAMS, Emma, d.24-nov-????, a.30-3-28.
BEAL, Jacquline Levejs, d.31-mar-1927, a.0-7-4.
BERNINGER?, Ames, b.1844, d.1927.
BEYER, Hester, d.9-jul-1933, a.90-4-17.
BEYER, James, d.16-nov-1924, a.61-11-11.
BRINE, Bessie L., b.1905.
BRIES, Obed, b.12-may-1908, d.7-apr-1849, a.58-11-5, w. nan.
BRINES, Nan, b.21-jan-1929, d.9-sep-1851, a.77-4-13, h. obed bries.
BRINES, Raymond O., b.1901, d.1928.
BRINES, Samuel H., b.1852, d.12-feb-1922, a.69-?-13, w. sophia c..
BRINES, Sophia C., b.1856, h. samuel h. brines.
CRUM, Leon Mack, b.21-oct-1914, d.25-may-1923, p. f.e. & eswie j. crum.
DAVIS, Gladys, d.26-jun-1931, a.22-8-9.
DOREY, Eliza, d.6-sep-1933, a.76-7-1.
DORNEY, Thelma Irene, d.3-sep-1931, a.0-3-0.
DUCAN, Charles H., b.1863, d.1913.
FERNOFF, ?, d.26-aug-1912, s of p. w.a.& nema fernoff.
FERNOFF, Della Ida, d.6-feb-1922, a.32-?-20.
FERNOFF, George A., b.28-feb-1836, d.7-sep-1912, w. susan.
FERNOFF, Infant, d.26-oct-1910, p. l. & d.i. fernoff.
FERNOFF, Jesie N., b.4-nov-1893, d.6-dec-1914
FERNOFF, John, b.9-nov-1851, d.11-nov-1914, w. josephine e..
FERNOFF, Josephine E., b.10-mar-1854, h. john fernoff.
FERNOFF, Susan ?., b.1852, d.1924, h. william h. fernoff.
FERNOFF, Susan, b.8-feb-1839, d.8-apr-1918, h. george a.fernoff.
FERNOFF, William H., b.1842, w. susan.
FRY, Jaunite, d.24-feb-1927, 0-0-5.
GEHRET, Charles, d.10-may-1930, a.36-8-7.
GUISEWITE, Benjamin, b.13-dec-1834, d.17-mar-1917.
GUISEWITE, Ida E., b.1866, d.1931, h. william r. guisewite.
GUISEWITE, Mary Ann, b.3-jan-1844, d.3-sep-1912.
GUISEWITE, William R., b.1863, w. ida e..
HARRISON, Emily O., b.18-apr-1831, d.13-jan-1908, h. george n. harrison.
HARRISON, George N., d.1-apr-1903, a.76-9-3, w. emily o..
HARRISON, John, d.18-mar-1838, a.44-4-1, w. n. harrison.
HARRISON, Lois, d.27-aug-1846, a.10-4-6, d.of p. j. & m. harrison.
HARRISON, Mary, b.7-oct-1864, 19-oct-1865, p. g.n. & e.o. harrison.
HARRISON, William, d.14-sep-1829, a.1-2-15, p. j. & n. harrison.
HINDERLEITER, Charles I., b.1868, d.16-sep-1931, a.63-6-4, p. d.f. & m.i. hinderleiter.
HINDERLEITER, Daniel F., b.6-sep-1838, d.16-jul-1922.
HINDERLEITER, Mary J., b.25-apr-1843, d.26-sep-1913.
JOHNSON, Marie (Mc Jilten), b.8-feb-1928, d.5-apr-1849.
KENEJNN?, Mary E., b.1885, h. ottis w. kenejnn.
KENEJNN?, Ottis W., b.1881, d.1916, w. mary e..
KNIGHT, Nancy, d.25-mar-1875, a.77-4-6, h. g.b. knight.
KNOORR?, Elmer William, d.30-aug-1928, a.30-1-6.
LOCKE, David H., b.26-apr-1852, d.24-jun-1914, w. sarah.
LOCKE, Sarah, b.23-oct-1854, d.25-apr-1913, h. david h. locke.
MESIER, R. Lee, b.1884, d.1919.
NEIKIRK, Charles J., b.12-jul-1876, w. minnie m...
NEIKIRK, John K., b.1889, d.1929.
NEIKIRK, Lemuel P., b.1853, d.1920, w. mary e..
NEIKIRK, Mary E., b.1858, h. lemuel p. neikirk.
NEIKIRK, Mary C., b.11-jun-1904, d.20-jan-1910, p. c.j. & m.m. neikirk.
NEIKIRK, Minnie M., b.11-sep-1884, d.2-jul-1911, h. charles j. neikirk
NOLAND?, William A., d.22-jul-1929, a.84-0-2.
ORES?, Infant, d.11-oct-????, a.0-0-0.
PUTMAN, Emma J., d.2-nov-1905, p. s.k. & s.k. putnam
PUTNAM, Simeon K., d.21-nov-1925, a.58-11-?.
REID, Dr George W., b.1860, d.1925.
REID, Herschel H., b.11-nov-1890, d.26-jan-1891, p. g.w. & m.h. reid.
REID, Infant, b.3-feb-1899, d.7-feb-1899, d.of p. g.w. & m.h. reid.
SCHENERT, Mary E., b.1879, d.1931, h. eli schenert.
SCHWARTZ, Caroline, b.20-may-1847, d.10-oct-1932.
SCHWARTZ, J?. H., b.8-mar-1876, w. mary e..
SCHWARTZ, Mary E, b.18-feb-1879, d.20-apr-1913, h. j?.h. schwartz.
SCHWARTZ, William, b.15-sep-1842, d.4-feb-1919.
SEIBERT, Arleigh L., b.14-apr-1908, d.8-sep-1914, p. george l. & l.l. seibert.
SEIBERT, Daniel G., b.18-sep-1842 in lancaster pa, d.1925 in lancaster il; w. elizabeth reiber-(2494)
n. (2014)., f. jacob seibert, b. 30-nov-1811 in berks county pa, d., 23-dec-1863 in lancaster il, n. (2009)., m. catharina fritz, b. 17-sep-1811 in lehigh county pa,, d.11-nov-1880 in lancaster il, n. (2010)., gf. solomon seibert, b. 1778 in berks county pa, d., 27-jul-1852 in wabash county il, n. (2018); gm. anna maria scheirer. B. 1779 in berks county pa, d., 27-jul-1835 in lancaster il, n. (2472).
SEIBERT, Elizabeth, b.1847, d.1917, h. daniel g. seibert, nee reiber, n. (2494).
SEIBERT, Virginia Irlene, b.1925, d.1925, p. earl g. & bessie m. seibert.
STEPHENS, Clara Maye, b.7-nov-1884, h. william f. stephens.
STEPHENS, Paul J., b.10-jul-1907, d.10-apr-1923, p. w.f. & c.m. stephens.
STEPHENS, William F., b.9-dec-1873, d.19-dec-1932, w. clara maye.
STICE?, Vohn, d.25-apr-1923, a.57-4-0.
STOLTZ, John Adam, d.22-may-1926, a.52-4-13.
STORCKMAN, August, b.1859, d.1928.
STORCKMAN, George H., b.1-aug-1866
STORCKMAN, Mary A., b.28-aug-1867, d.7-apr-1920.
STOVENS, Edward W., b.1861, d.1928.
STREICH, Mary Catherian, d.26-feb-1927, a.0-3-3.
Von VLEET, Mary, b.26-aug-1830, d.1-nov-1920, a.90-2-5, h. jan van vleet.
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