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New Bethel Cemetery
Bellmont Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 209.

Located east of Bellmont, in Bellmont Precint, Wabash County, IL.

The original tombstone recordings were done by Geraldine (Keneipp) Satterthwaite in January-1984.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL-contact Louise Taylor [bttaylor@hotmail.com].

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at [anxie99@yahoo.com] in September-1999.

The datafile has been .TXT converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in September-1999.

b. = date of birth
d. = date of death
a. = age at death
p.= parents
h. = husband
w. = wife

NOTE: This cemetery was vary hard to read

ALKA, John, b.26-feb-1863, d.3-nov-1906
ANDERSON, Frank, b.2-sep-1860, d.2-apr-1918
ARMSTRONG, Ida M., b.1885, d.1896, p. f.j. & p.m. armstrong
ARNOLD, Alfred, b.6-oct-1842, d.30-jan-1914
ARNOLD, Alfred, Co F. 152 Ill Inf.
ARNOLD, Bonnie May, b.4-june-1913, d.8-sep-1922, p. j.l. & e.m. arnold
ARNOLD, Harriet, b.1864
ARNOLD, Harry Ross, b.26-sep-1917, d.21-feb-1918, p. j.l. e.m. arnold
ARNOLD, Infant Daughter, b.20-dec-1907, d.22-dec-1907, p. j.l. & e.m. arnold
ARNOLD, James Thomas, b.1848, d.15-dec-1924, a.76y 6m 23d
ARNOLD, Lewis M., b.1855
ARNOLD, Lizzie, b.1855, d.1928
ARNOLD, Ray Monly, b.19-may-1893, d.23-july-1918, p. r. & h. arnold, Co. a.16th Inf -Div
ARNOLD, Robert, b.1858, d.1928
ARNOLD, Rosiland M., b.20-dec-1853, d.23-apr-1911, h. alfred arnold
ARNOLD, Saphronia D., b.1849, d.1923, h. james arnold
BALLARD, Everett, b.1882, d.1921, p. w.f. & j.a.ballard
BALLARD, Hattie M., d.5-june-1928, a.61y 2m
BALLARD, Henry E., b.1863, d.1922
BALLARD, Julia a.Garrett, b.1862, d.1928, h. w.f. ballard
BARE, Alex C., b.24-mar-1850, d.18-dec-1922
BARE, Margaret Ann, b.25-may-1843, d.11-aug-1915, h. alex bare
BARNETT, Cliftan, d.16-dec-1929, a.44y 3m 13d
BARNETT, Earl F., d.8-jan-1925, a.3y 10m 22d
BAXTER, Bessie M., b.19-apr-1889, d.25-dec-1915
BAXTER, Sarah E., b.1866, h. william baxter
BAXTER, William H., b.1864, d.1933
BELL, Buretal E., b.1905, d.1922, p. j.h. & louisa bell
BELL, Irene, b.18-sep-1858, d.28-oct-1916
BELL, J.H., b.24-oct-1865, d.23-july-1913, a.47y 8m 29d
BELL, James, b.3-sep-1830, d.12-nov-1912
BELL, Louisa, b.1865, d.1922, h. j.h. bell
BELL, Winifred E., b.10-oct-1837, d.10-aug-1908, h. james bell
BERRY, Edna Marie, b.8-nov-1901, d.11-nov-1923, h. parm berry
BERRY, Infant Daughter, d.11-nov-1923, p. parm & edna marie
BIRKLA, Infant Son, d.9-nov-1918, p. j.w. & j.m. birkla
BIRKLA, Maley Culver, b.6-nov-1895, d.16-mar-19--, h. j.w. birkla
BLANCHARD, Joseph, b.16-apr-1888, d.18-aug-1917, a.29y 4m 2d
BRIAN, Charles F., b.1877
BRIAN, Infant Daughter, d.1916
BRIAN, Matina T., b.1879, d.1925, h. charles brian
BRINES, Frances Lovell, b.28-jun-1914, d.8-feb-1915, p. h.l. & m. brines
BRISTOW, N., b.30-apr-1831, d.30-oct-1892
BROWN, Effie E., b.21-nov-1891, d.4-sep-?
BROWN, William E., b.4-mar-1873, d.4-mar-1904
CARTER, Howard L., b.11-oct-1908, d.1-feb-1909, p. l.c. & m.e. carter
CARTER, Lela, d.23-may-1898, p. wm. & r. carter
CLEVENGER, Leona F., b.5-jan-1910, d.11-may-1911, p. m.a.& h. clevenger
CLEVENGER, Lewis M., b.4-june-1904, d.13-nov-1911, a.7y 5m 9d
CLOYD, Sibley Everett, b.7-dec-1893, d.24-sep-1909, p. m.h.n cloyd
COALE, Mary A., b.9-feb-1863, d.26-jan-1907, h. e.e. coale
COALE, Philip A., d.18-jan-1928, a.67y 8m 8d
COALE, Rosa, b.19-mar-1884, d.7-jun-1917, h. thomas coale
COALE, Thomas, d.17-aug-188?
COALE, William F., b.1870, d.1929
COALE, William H., b.20-july-1850, d.26-july-1897
COALE, Zerilda H., b.7-may-1893, d.20-feb-1897
CORY, Francis M., d.9-mar-1888, a.51y 3m 10d
CORY, Mary E. Smith, b.1888, d.1923, h. francis cory
COUCH, Ella, b.1866, h. wade couch
COUCH, Wade, b.1861, d.1922
CRACKEL, ?, b.21-oct-1901, d.21-nov-1906, p. a.l. & m.p. crackel
CRACKEL, H.K., b.23-oct-1862, d.16-mar-1901
CRAIG, Cynthia Anna, d.21-july-1932, a.86y 3m 9d
DEISCHED, Raymond F., b.23-mar-1910, d.20-aug-1910, a.4m 28d, p. o.e. & m.a.deisched
DEPUTY, E.C., b.16-feb-1851, d.2-july-1910
DEPUTY, Frances A., d.20-mar-1850, h. e.c. deputy
DEPUTY, William, d.17-aug-1896, a.14y 2m 5d, p. e.c. & f.a.deputy
DOELL, Elizabeth, b.23-jan-1848, d.21-mar-1932, h. john doell
DOELL, John, b.15-oct-1843, d.22-sep-1905
DOELL, John H., b.25-apr-1884, d.8-apr-1902, p. j. & e. doell
DOTY, Christella Gilkison, b.8-july-1887, d.2-may-1912
EPLER, Homer, b.19-dec-1898, d.28-apr-1900, p. p.h. & l. epler
EPLER, Infant, (cnnot read dates)
EVANS, Infant Son, d.18-july-1908, a.2d, p. c.w. & l.l evans
EVANS, Robert R., d.21-jan-1933, a.72y 7m 27d
EWALD, Clarence, (n dates)
FEARHEILEY, Michael L., b.20-oct-1901, d.16-apr-1902, p. joseph & jane fearheiley
FINN, Elizabeth, d.12-sep-1900, a.12y 4m 4d
FISCHER, Edna Viola, b.1895, d.1920
FISCHER, Orra Otto, b.1889, d.1918, Co. L. 124 Inf.
FRENCH, Bascam, b.1844, d.1913, Co. K. 70 Ill Inf.
FRENCH, Bascom C., b.1874, d.1929
FRENCH, Margaret A., 184-1921, h. bascam french
FRIEND, John, Co B. 32nd Ind Inf.
FRIEND, John H., b.11-nov-1910, d.19-dec-1910, p. j. & l. friend
FRIEND, Nellie Landis, b.19-june-1887, d.18-july-1908
FRIEND, R.E. , d.30-may-1866
FRIEND, Ruth, d.15-jan-1928, a.77y 6m 19d
GILKISON, Alfred, b.11-jan-1839, d.16-may-1913, Co. a.147 Ill Inf.
GILKISON, Clarissa, b.29-nov-1838, d.23-mar-1904
GILKISON, Elizabeth C. Terry, b 0-july-1833, d.28-sep-1913, h. w.f. gilkison
GILKISON, Mary B., b.27-dec-1857, d.23-feb-1928
GILKISON, W.F., b.1-mar-1829, d.26-dec-1898
GORE, Infant Daughter, b.21-dec-1912, d.21-dec-1912, p. c.o. & d.a.gore
GRAVES, Elizabeth, b.18-oct-1849, d.12-apr-1915, h. w.a.graves
GRAY, James A., d.1930, p. j.r. & l.j. gray
GROFF, Cecil Glen, b.16-may-1896, d.1-sep-1897
GROFF, Infant Daughter, (n dates)
GROFF, Infant Son, d.5-july-1910, p. l.e. & flora groff
GROFF, Maude, b.1900-
GROFF, Winnie, b.9-sep-1888, d.15-oct-1909
HARPER, Barbara E., d.23-nov-1861, h. lewis w. harper
HARPER, Lewis W., b.21-feb-1860, d.30-aug-1919, a.50y 6m 9d
HAWKINS, Bessie, b.1902, d.1926, p. j. & t. hawkins
HILGEMAN, Edward, b.1877, d.1932
HILGEMAN, Maude, b.1880
HILL, Isabell Anna, b.23-june-1861, d.spring 1941, h. martin hill
HILL, Martin F., b.25-aug-1859, d.5-feb-1918
HILL, Morris, b.1833, d.1907, Co. G. 48th Ill Inf.
HILL, Oliver Harlin, b.10-dec-1887, d.13-may-1918, p. m.f. & i.a.hill
HILL, Raymond B., b.7-mar-1902, d.26-feb-1909, p. r.m. & l.o. hill
HILL, Sarah E., b.1850
JOOCHINS, Emma A., b.20-aug-1861, d.24-feb-1922, h. justus joochins
JOOCHINS, George, b.1864
JOOCHINS, Infant Son, d.16-jan-1919, p. w.w. & f. joochins
JOOCHINS, Justus, b.23-oct-1851, d.9-mar-1923
JOOCHINS, Leo Max, b.12-may-1921, d.2-jan-1922
JOOCHINS, Mary A., b.1863, d.1921
KNOWLES, Clyde A., b.11-mar-1885, d.4-dec-1919
KNOWLES, Grace, b.4-aug-1891, h. clyde knowles
KROM, George, b.23-dec-1923
KROM, J?, a.28d
LOVELLETT, Grace, b.1887, d.1921, h. jesse lovellett
MARX, Sylvia A., b.28-dec-1908, d.22-mar-1910, p. f.o. & d.m. marx
MAYFIELD, George W., d.5-nov-1901, a.29y 8m 11d
MAYFIELD, James, Co I. Ind Inf., b. 29-jun-1844, d.7-oct-1906
MAYFIELD, Pearl, d.28-june-1897, a.2m 9d, p. g.w. & a.m. mayfield
MEYER, Helen, b.28-may-1894, d.16-may-1916, p. h.a.& k.e. meyer
MILLS, Eliza J., b.1863, d.1917, h. madison mills
MILLS, Inez, (n dates)
MILLS, Madison W., b.1847, Co. G. 28 Ill Inf.
MOON, Carroll F., b.1903, d.1910, p. w.b. & etta moon
MOON, Etta O., b.1877, d.1922
PARMENTER, B. Rex, b.15-sep-1915, d.3-dec-1918, p. dr. b. & e. parmenter
PARMENTER, Margaret Jean, d.21-feb-1923, a.2y 9d
PARMENTER, W. Frank, d.31-aug-1932, a.60y 3m 6d
PARSON, Margaret Ann, b.1928, d.1930, p. r.h. & f.e. parson
PETERS, ?, d.13-apr-1922, a.20y 11m 12d
PETERS, Blanch B., b.27-july-1907, d.12-oct-1907, p. t.w. & e.e. peters
PETERS, Daniel Herman, b.10-may-1895, d.15-june-1923
PETERS, Elizabeth, b.1850, d.1930
PETERS, Eunice, b.12-apr-1876, d.5-feb-1913, p. t.w. peters
PETERS, John, b.1844, d.1899
POOL, Doris Jean, d.17-nov-1921, p. f. & d.pool
RAVENSTEIN, George H., b.14-oct-1908, d.6-jan-1909
RIGG, Benjamin, b.24-dec-1834, d.9-nov-1906
RIGG, Catharine, d.?-jan-????, a.33y 17d
RIGG, Clifford T., d.9-jan-1931, a.56y 2m 18d
RIGG, Daisey E., b.10-july-1881, d.8-july-1916, p. r.w. & r.a.rigg
RIGG, Eliza J., b.2-mar-1835, d.9-sep-1897, h. benjamin rigg
RIGG, Elizabeth McCleary, b.12-nov-1806, d.10-apr-1900, a.93y 4m 28d
RIGG, J.H., b.6-dec-1846, d.21-nov-1918
RIGG, J.P., b.22-may-1849, d.3-dec-1928
RIGG, John Howard, b.11-oct-1866, d.9-apr-1904, a.37y 5m 29d
RIGG, Laura D., b.27-sep-1858, d.22-apr-1900, h. h.c. rigg
RIGG, Mary A., b.18-dec-1889, d.7-mar-1899, p. h.c. & l.e. rigg
RIGG, Myrtle, b.4-june-1870, d.8-dec-1897, h. c.a.rigg
RIGG, Rachel A., d.26-nov-1932, a.70y 11m 6d
RIGG, Robert T., b.28-jan-1877, d.1-july-192-
RIGG, Robert W., d.20-nov-1932, a.77y 9m 12d
RIGG, Sarah, a.79y
RIGG, Stanley M., b.23-feb-1894, d.1-aug-1896, p. r.w. & r.a.rigg
RISLEY, James F., b.1845
RISLEY, Vestia S., b.1855, d.1922, h. james f. risley
ROSE, Mary A., b.1840, d.1924
SAWYER, Cleo Belle, d.18-june-1905, a.3m 21d, p. j.l. & l.s. sawyer
SCHALFER, Catherine E., b.5-jan-1863, d.4-ma-1901, h. theodore schalfer
SEATH, Alfred W., b.1849, d.30-may-1933, a.83y 7m
SEATH, Cynthia A., b.1854, d.1929
SEATH, Herschel Alfred, b.1915, d.1916
SEATH, James W., b.13-jan-1888, d.14-feb-1912, p. a.w. & c.a.seath
SEILER, Mary A., b.10-oct-1877, d.22-aug-1914, h. p.a.seiler
SHEARLY, Ada, d.23-mar-1928, a.60y 8m 15d
SHOOK, Harvey, Co K. Inf Ill.
SLICKENMYER, James Henry, d.?-jan-1926, a.14y
SLICKENMYER, Lizzie, d.21-feb-1930, a.46y 7m 24d
STANNINGER, Maria, b.3-sep-1889, d.20-apr-1910, a.11y 7m 17d, p. j.w. & d.m. stanninger
STITES, C. Arthur, b.1896, d.1897
STITES, Florence A., b.1876, d.1927
STITES, Gustavas, b.1863, d.1927
STITES, Joseph W., b.1912, d.1914
STITES, Julia M., b.1885, d.1905
TANQUERY, Mary L., d.12-sep-1930, a.75y 10m 8d
TANQUERY, Rosa May, d.10-aug-1897, a.1y 1m, p. a.f. & m.l. tanquery
TANQUERY, Reuben C., b.15-sep-1827, d.28-feb-1905, Co. J. 242 Ill Inf.
TIGG (Rigg?), Clifford T., d.9-jan-1931, a.56y 2m 18d
TRUSCOTT, Robert, (n dates)
WALLACE, Helen B., d.10-nov-1929, a.3m 6d
WEIR, ?, d.23-july-1920
WEIR, Daniel, d.7-dec-????
WEIR, John Sherman, d.2-june-1932, a.61y 7m 28d
WEIR, Mary J., b.22-mar-1868, d.14-dec-1907, h. allen weir
WEIR, Victoria N., b.1870, d.1928
WEISENBERGER, George, b.12-oct-1842, d.15-jan-1911
WEISENBERGER, Margaret, d.4-sep-1842, h. george weisenberger
WILDER, Harry R., b.3-nov-1905, d.12-jan-1919, p. m.f. & m.e. wilder
WILLIAMS, Eugene L., b.13-sep-1905, d.10-aug-1905, p. j.w. & v.b. williams
WILLIAMS, Mary J., (n dates)
WILLIAMS, R.S., (n dates)
WIRTH, Francis Wllwn, d.26-mar-1933, a.79y 11m 26d
WISEMAN, Julianna Z., b.30-july-1833, d.2-mar-1915, h. abraham wiseman
WOODS, Albe R., b.7-jan-1881, d.21-oct-1904, h. j.f. woods jr.
WOODS, Harriet, b.22-sep-1841, d.11-june-1918
WOODS, Iris, b.17-aug-1910, d.1-dec-1910, p. j.f. & m.l. woods
WOODS, John, b.22-sep-1835, d.30-july-1917
WOODS, John, b.6-mar-1909, d.24-sep-1910, p. j.f. & m.l. woods
WOODWARD, Albina, d.11-aug-1931, a.44y 8m 10d
YOUNG, William H., Co C. 136 Ill Inf.
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