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McCleary Bluff Cemetery
Coffee Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 44.

Located in the Coffee Precinct, Wabash County, IL.

The original tombstone recordings were done by Ruth Spencer and Dorothy Jane Mowatt on April 22, 1966.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL-contact Louise Taylor [bttaylor@hotmail.com].

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at [anxie99@yahoo.com] in November-1999.

The datafile has been .TXT converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in November-1999.

b. = date of birth
d. = date of death
a. = age at death
p. = parents
h. = husband
w. = wife

BAIRD, Eliza, b.1835, d.1856
BAIRD, Eliza, d.7-jan-1856, a.20y 9m, p. s. & n. baird
BAIRD, Elizabeth, h.thomas baird
BAIRD, John M., b.1839, d.1857
BAIRD, John P., b.1844, d.1864, co. g. 48th reg. Ill inf.
BAIRD, Mary a.Ellis, b.1812, d.1852, h. ralph c. baird
BAIRD, Ralph C., b.1796, d.1859
BAIRD, Ralph Jr., b.1835, d.1856
BAIRD, Samuel, b.1807, d.1844
BAIRD, Samuel, d.25-feb-1844, a.39y
BAIRD, Thomas W., b.1836, d.1855
BAIRD, Thomas, 186
BAIRD, Thomas, b.1828, d.1858
BALLARD, John, b.8-jan-1857, d.19-aug-1857, a.7m 1d, p. jas. m. & mary ballard
BALLARD, Mary J., b.1833, d.1857
BRUCE, Nancy, b.1817, d.1865
CARLTON, Isaac, b.3-oct-1857, d.24-oct-1858, p. j.g. & clara carlton
CARLTON, Isabella McCleary, b.1793, d.1843
CARLTON, Isabella, b.4-nov-1793, d.4-feb-1843, a.49y 3m 1d, h. james g. carlton
CARLTON, James G., co e. 63rd ill inf
CARLTON, James Glenn, b.1830, d.1866, co. e. 63rd ill inf
DENHAM, John M., b.1810, d.1856
DENHAM, Rachel B., b.1817, d.1865
DENHAM, William W., b.1823, d.1870
DENHAM,James, b.1782, d.1855, war of 1812
GLENN, Margaret, b.1775, d.1844, h. john mccleary
GRAY, Margaret B., b.1823, d.1845
HEWET, Rebecca A., b.1844, d.1856
HUNTER, Isabella G., b.1863, d.1857
McCLEARY, John, b.1767, d.1837
McCLEARY, Rebecca, b.1838, d.1855
PHAR, Eliphalet N., b.1812, d.1864
PHAR, Ephraim, 186, pioneer
PHAR, Nancy, h.ephraim phar
PHAR, Samuel, b.1818, d.1856
PHAR, Sarah McCleary, b.1812, d.1865
TRUSCOTT, Charles W., b.1842, d.1862, co. e. 40th ill inf vol.
TRUSCOTT, Charles W., d.6-apr-1862, a.18y 8m 24d, p. geo & margaret truscott, co e 40th ill inf vol
TRUSCOTT, Margaret McCleary, b.1808, d.1844
TRUSCOTT, Margaret, d.12-dec-1844, a.36y, h. george truscott
TRUSCOTT, Mary, b.1838, d.1870, h. dr. truscott
TRUSCOTT, Mary, d.4-nov-1870, a.31y 10m 25d, h. dr. j. truscott
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