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Lick Prairie Cemetery
Lick Prairie Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Lat: 38° 29' 11"N, Lon: 87° 54' 43"W
Lick Prairie Prescinct, R11E Sec 25

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula, Feb 15, 2000 [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 318.

South 1/4 mile off County Road 1850N and on west side of County Road 400E, in the northern part of the precinct.

The original tombstone recording were done by B.J. Walters in the 1930's.
These tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL, contact Louise Taylor.

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain in Nov of 1999.

The datafile has been .txt converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in October-1999.

a = age at death
b = date of birth
d = date of death
p = parents
h = husband
w = wife

ALES, Charley, b.16-nov-1890, d.14-june-1901, p. w.f. & m.j. ales
ALES, Pearl D., d.18-apr-1903, a.18y 2m, p. w.t. & m.j. ales
ALES, William T., b.28-apr-1855, d.17-apr-1913
ARMSTRONG, Abigail, b.21-june-1826, d.7-sep-1900, a.74y 2m 16d, h. john armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Abner, d.7-jan-1930
ARMSTRONG, Catharine, b.21-nov-1824, d.13-mar-1872, h. t. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Edward M., b.12-july-1861, d.30-july-1904
ARMSTRONG, Ellen, d.4-sep-1866, a.1y 10m 28d
ARMSTRONG, Emma May, p.t. & l.c. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Ephraim d.Jr., b.12-dec-1859, d.13-apr-1883, a.25y 4m 1d
ARMSTRONG, Ephraim D., d.24-aug-1873, a.79y 5m 15d
ARMSTRONG, Harry J., b.4-oct-1889, d.9-nov-1918, p. e.m. & m.a.armstrong, pt. C. b. 103 inf
ARMSTRONG, Hattie E., b.30-jan-1865, d.19-may-1926
ARMSTRONG, Herman, b.15-july-1891, d.26-june-1892, p. e.m. & m.n. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Infant Daughter, d.31-oct-1839, a.2m, p. e.d.& r. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Infant Daughters, d.feb-1875, p. t. & l.c. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Infant Daughters, d.jan-1876, p. t. & l.c. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Infant Son, d.5-july-1854, p. e.d.& s.j. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, John J., b.20-may-1893, d.22-july-1893, p. e.m. & m.n. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, John, d.27-apr-1876, a.49y 11m 15d
ARMSTRONG, Lucy C., d.25-mar-1876, a.26y, h. s. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Maria A., d.27-feb-1861, a.1y 5m 14d, p. e.d.& s.j. armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Mary E., b.23-july-1896, d.8-july-1897, p. e.m. & mary armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Moses N., b.1-feb-1863
ARMSTRONG, Ruth, d.10-nov-1848, a.48y
ARMSTRONG, Sarah E., b.25-jan-1848, d.3-oct-1853, a.5y 9m 23d, p. george w. & rhina armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Sarah J., b.19-june-1824, d.23-july-1884, a.60y 1m 4d, h. ephraim armstrong
ARMSTRONG, Thomas, b.29-apr-1819, d.28-oct-1895, a.76y 11m 1d
ARMSTRONG, Timothy, b.22-july-1830, d.10-aug-1832
BAIRD, Charles H., b.20-jan-1872, d.7-sep=1872, p. a.f. & l. baird
BAIRD, Cora May, b.22-dec-1868, d.?-nov-1875, p. a.f. & l. baird
BAIRD, Infant Son, b.& d.3-feb-1870, p. a.f. & l. baird
BAIRD, Lucinda, d.9-oct-1865, a.53y 2m
BAIRD, Mary A., d.7-july-1869, a.30y 11m 2d, h. a.baird
BAIRD, Romel, d.15-mar-1876, a.21y, p. w.s. & s. baird
BAIRD, Samuel, d.25-dec-1857, a.47y 3m 4d
BAIRD, Sarah, b.17-mar-1832, d.31-jan-1881, a.48y 10m 14d, h. wm. s. baird
BAIRD, William S., d.3-sep-1865, a.36y 19d
BAIRD, Zermah, b.1-apr-1863, d.2-jan-1882, a.18y ?m 1d, p. w.s. & sarah wood baird
BANKS, Ella E., b.24-dec-1872, d.30-may-1904, a.31y 3m 6d, h. t.f. banks
BANKS, Thomas, b.6-feb-1871, d.15-feb-1899, a.28y 9d
BECKHAM, Alice B., b.1875, d.1958
BLAKNEY William A., d.28-sep-1915, a.72y 6m 3d
BLAKNEY, Eva R., b.16-oct-1883, d.27-mar-1909, h. p.e. blakney
BLAKNEY, Floyd E., b.10-aug-1908, d.25-mar-1909, p. p.e. & e.r. blakney
BLAKNEY, Gidean, b.31-mar-1875, d.1-nov-1925
BLAKNEY, Glenn C., b.d.4-apr-1909, a.2y 7m 26d, p. g. r. & ella blakney
BLAKNEY, Mary A., b.25-feb-1905, a.67y 5m 24d, h. w.a.blakney
BLAKNEY, Noble J., d.29-dec-1932, a.31y 10m 6d
BLAKNEY, Reandow, b.26-sep-1889, d.21-sep-1890, p. l. & r.o. blakney
BLAKNEY, Rece E., b.12-oct-1885, d.27-feb-1888, p. l. & r.o. blakney
BRADHAM, Alanzo A., b.20-mar-1886, d.29-nov-1899, a.13y 8m 9d, p. j.r. & m. bradham
BRADHAM, Carrie B., b.13-sep-1897, d.28-mar-1900, a.2y 6m 16d, p. j.l. & n. bradham
BRADHAM, Jacob, b.25-jan-1845, d.11-nov-1912
BRADHAM, Joseph C., b.23-jan-1891, d.2-mar-1896, p. j.l. & nellie bradham
BRADHAM, Mary, b.27-may-1847, d.21-oct-1899, a.52y 7m 24d, h. j.r. bradham
BRADHAM, Nellie B., b. d.14-mar-1900, p. j.l. & n. bradham
BRADHAM, Oliver E., d.3-apr-1872, a.9m 5d, p. jacob & mary bradham
BREWER, Anna B., b.9-oct-1865, d.8-dec-1900, h. t.n. brewer
BREWER, Earl, b.15-oct-1898, d.27-jan-1899, a.3m 19d, p. t. & d.brewer
BREWER, Ernest, b.17-oct-1898, d.5-feb-1899, a.3m 20d, p. t. & d.brewer
BRIANS, Irena, d.26-oct-1851, a.18y 5m 18d, h. morris brines
BRINER, Elmia, b.22-sep-1856, d.27-june-1885, a.28y 10m 5d
BRINER, Gladys, b.1-feb-1884, d.20-june-1884, a.4-20?, p. f.s. & e. briner
BRINER, Infant Daughter, b.15-sep-1890, d.7-oct-1890, a.22d, p. f.s. & m. briner
BRINER, Infant Daughter, b.5-aug-1887, d.26-aug-1887, a.21d, p. f.s. & m. briner
BRINER, Mella, b.22-mar-1886, d.11-may-1886, a.6y 1m 20d, p. f.s. & e. briner
BRINES, Edwin C., b.20-oct-1900, d.5-sep-1904, p. j.e. & o. brines
BRINES, Ellen, b.19-mar-1837, d.14-feb-1919
BRINES, Franklin L., b.21-sep-1898, d.16-dec-1916, a.18y 2m 10d, p. lyman & rose brines
BRINES, Franklin, b.1835, d.1915, co c 115th ill inf
BRINES, Gladys, b.1899, h. s.h. brines
BRINES, Hamilton, b.12-sep-1833, d.25-oct-1909
BRINES, James F., d.12-dec-1931, a.57y 4m 29d
BRINES, Lyman D., b.20-apr-1864, d.18-june-1924
BRINES, Malinda C., b.7-oct-1842, d.30-june-1922, h. h. brines
BRINES, Marcella May, b.5-feb-1897, d.31-july-1897, a.5m 26d, p. r. & m. brines
BRINES, Novella F., b.19-sep-1907, d.18-mar-1908, p. j.e. & o. brines
BRINES, Nyle H., b.24-apr-1923, d.14-oct-1923
BRINES, Robert, b.1872, d.1918
BRINES, Rose, b.6-dec-1864
BRINES, Samuel H., b.1899, d.1924
BRINES, Walter, b.30-aug-1892, d.5-jan-1895
CAMPBELL, Carrie M., b.1872, d.1924
CAMPBELL, James J., b.1867
CHANDLER, Evelena E., b.18-mar-1859, d.5-apr-1892, a.34y 20d, h. james w. chandler
COUCH, Infant Son, b.& d.1-june-1905, p. g. & j.l. couch
COUCH, Thobern Nelson, b.11-aug-1910, d.26-june-1911, p. g. & j.l. couch
Daryl, ???, d.1915
DEISHER, Ellis, b.13-oct-1898, d.13-nov-1912, p. a.& c.b. deisher
DEISHER, Freda Maxine, b.3-may-1916, d.12-nov-1921, p. p. & e.f. deisher
DEISHER, Mary Ellen, d.19-mar-1933, a.55y 3m 24d
EDWARDS, Charley M., b.30-june-1903, d.2-jan-1914, p. w.m. & e.a.edwards
ELLIOT, Infant Son, b.12-aug-1913, p. e.f. & o.m. elliott
ESSNER, Mabel R., b.17-may-1904, d.12-feb-1911, p. p.a.& s.e. essner
FENTON, Perry S., b.8-mar-1880, d.11-feb-1896
FREEMAN, Augusta M., b.1871
FREEMAN, Charles W., b.1873, d.1923
FREEMAN, Emma J., b.11-oct-1854
FREEMAN, John W., b.5-dec-1875, d.10-nov-1900, p. s.d.& e.j. freeman
FREEMAN, Samuel D., b.4-sep-1848, d.23-mar-1918
FULLER, Rebecca, b.16-june-1818, d.13-dec-1889, a.71y 5m 27d, h. s.a.fuller
FULLER, Richard, d.13-sep-1860, a.71y 10m 24d
FULLER, Simpson A., d.25-jan-1866, a.44y 11m 21d, w. r. fuller
GARD, Infant Daughter, b.12-july-1896, p. c. & r. gard
GARD, Louisa, d.9-nov-1854, a.35y 6m 26d, h. hiram gard
GARD, Paul, b.1886, d.1931
GARD, Rosella, b.17-sep-1860, d.7-feb-1897, a.36y 4m 20d, h. b. gard
GEHRET, Christine L., b.24-sep-1912, d.27-mar-1913, p. g.l. & e.m. gehret
GILKISON, Agnes L., d.16-apr-1900, a.28y 5m 14d, h. t.h. gilkison
GINTHER, Hollis J., b.1-may-1892, d.5-apr-1895, p. r.s. & j.e. ginther
GINTHER, Tressie M., b.22-mar-1895, d.20-sep-1896, p. r.s. & j.e. ginther
GREATHOUSE, Waldo L., b.20-aug-1914, d.12-apr-1915, p. t.a.& o.v.? greathouse
GROFF, John F., b.1853, d.1918
GROFF, Lola G., b.1895, d.1927, h. r. groff
GROFF, Margaret L., b.1851, d.1925, h. j.f. groff
GROFF, Raymond, b.1894, corp b 345 inf
GROFF, Wallace or Hallace, d.25-feb-1905, a.28d, p. c. & v. groff
GRUBB, Bessie Morgan, b.30-dec-1898, d.19-oct-1921
GUPTON, Earl, d.15-jan-1918, a.18y
GUPTON, Edward, d.july, a.8y
GUPTON, Florence, d.july, a.2y 6m
GUPTON, Jacob, d.20-apr-1917, a.54y 7m 21d
GUPTON, Millie, d.12-oct-1927, a.67y 1m 27d
GUPTON, Ralph, d.5-sep-1922, a.24y
GUPTON, Rowland, d.12-feb-1905, a.1y 2m
HALL, Stella M., d.7-aug-1892, a.17y 10m 21d, p. j. & k. hall
HARE, Cuma B., b.1902, d.1925
HARE, Stella Grace, b.19-mar-1904, d.2-aug-1904, p. james & rosa hare
HILL, Anna, d.23-sep-1875, a.67y 6d, h. w.s. hill
HILL, Benjamin R., d.3-feb-1853, a.67y 9m 15d
HILL, Harlin H., b.3-feb-1869, d.26-aug-1870
HILL, Joseph M., b.22-sep-1821, d.22-july-1856, a.34y 10m
HILL, Olive S., d.27-sep-1868, a.30y 11m 7d
HILL, Phebe A., b.18-apr-1848, d.20-july-1856, a.8y 3m 2d, p. j. & m.j. hill
HILL, Phebe, d.17-nov-1891, a.76y 10m 12d, h. thomas r. hill
HILL, Reba C., p.s.l. & c.r. hill
HILL, S.H., b.18-sep-1836, d.9-apr-1897, a.60y 2?d
HILL, Thomas R., d.19-apr-1881, a.69y 1m 8d
HILL, William H., d.19-nov-1859, a.24y 5m 14d
HILL, William S., d.19-jan-1884, a.74y 4m
HILL, Winnie R., b.29-oct-1875, d.19-jan-1878
HOGAN, Jacob J., d.8-jan-1876, a.26y 6m 25d
ING, Frank, d.10-nov-1894, a.38y 4m 13d
KEEN, Jenette, d.10-aug-1863, a.4y 6m 3d, p. t.j. & m. keen
LETTLETON, Elnora L., d.16-jan-1907, a.2y 2m 10d, p. d.l. & m.a.nettleton
MAYNE, Benjamin F., b.20-dec-1811, d.27-jan-1899
MAYNE, Clark Adam, d.7-apr-1932, a.81y
MAYNE, Phila M., d.6-june-1893, a.42y? 6m 19d, h. c.a.mayne
MAYNE, Phoebe E., b.9-jan-1825, d.26-jan-1899, h. b.f. mayne
MAYNE, Puma Enola, b.3-dec-1892, d.16-feb-1898, a.5y 2m 13d, p. s.a.& m.b. mayne
McCRAY, Iris, b.14-nov-1917, d.11-oct-1920, p. arthur & mary mccray
McGREGOR, Ara B., b.23-june-1880, d.17-aug-1900
McGREGOR, Catherine, b.21-dec-1864, d.8-feb-1894, a.32y 1m 17d
McGREGOR, Daniel L., b.9-apr-1877, d.29-july-1900
McGREGOR, Emmeth, b.5-sep-1889, d.3-nov-1889, p. l. & c. mcgregor
McGREGOR, Fanny, b.1-nov-1852, d.8-jan-1880, a.27y 2m 7d, h. g.h. mcgregor
McGREGOR, Louis, b.28-july-1865
McGREGOR, Russell G., b.30-may-1892, d.22-sep-1892, p. l. & c. mcgregor
McGREGOR, Sarah Jane, b.16-sep-1847, d.13-sep-1923, h. thomas mcgregor
McGREGOR, Thomas, b.30-mar-1842, d.6-jan-1924
McGREGOR, Thompson, b.21-feb-1894, d.1-may-1896, a.2y 2m 10d
McMANAMAN, Aurilla, b.25-oct-1854, d.23-aug-1908, a.53y 9m 23d, h. e. mcmanaman
McMANAMAN, E. Curtis, b.22-nov-1886, d.27-june-1911, p. ed.& a.mcmanaman
McMANAMAN, Edward, b.17-sep-1849, d.25-jan-1921, a.71y 4m 8d
MCMANAMAN, Infant Daughter, b.& d.15-mar-1883, p. e. & r. mcmanaman
MERCER, Bessie M., d.18-apr-1891, a.5m 6d, p. j. & s.e. mercer
MERCER, Julia M., d.21-jan-1894, a.40y 8m 6d, h. wm mercer
MERCER, Shellah, b.18-june-1880, d.9-jan-1900, a.19y 6m 22d, p. w. & g.m. mercer
MERCER, Willis A., d.6-sep-1890, a.1y 5m 16d, p. j. & s.e. mercer
MILLER, Daisy, b.6-apr-1886, d.3-jan-1889, p. e. & e. miller
MILLER, Eldon, d.20-july-1906, a.11m 1d, p. r. & h. miller
MILLER, Harley, b.4-aug-1876, d.6-aug-1878, p. e. & e. miller
MILLER, Infant Sons, b.& d.27-june-1909, p. w.d.& m.e. miller
MILLER, Rolla H., d.1-apr-1906, a.35y 11m 3d
MOORE, Carrie, d.8-sep-1870, a.1y 4m, p. j.n. & l.a.moore
MOORE, Eli, b.19-jan-1810, d.29-aug-1871, a.61y 7m 10d
MOORE, Elizabeth, d.27-mar-1867, a.86y 25d, h. j.moore
MOORE, Fanny M., d.12-june-1868, p. j.n. & l.a.moore
MOORE, Florence A., d.4-sep-1871, a.5y 10m, p. j.n. & l.a.moore
MOORE, Irene, b.22-jan-1814, d.17-sep-1887, h. eli moore
MOORE, J.N., d.25-dec-1881, a.42y 11m 24d
MOORE, John, b.17-july-1772, d.20-feb-1849, a.76y 7m 3d
MOORE, Mattie B., b.29-sep-1873, d.12-june-1900, p. j.n. & l.a.moore
MOORE, Ray W., b.25-mar-1879, d.31-may-1902, p. j.n. & l.a.moore
MORGAN, Addie Sibyl, d.3-dec-1907, a.11m 26d, p. c.d.& l.b. morgan
MORGAN, Calvin D., b.29-apr-1861, d.22-aug-1910
MORGAN, Clinton C., b.7-mar-1904, d.14-aug-1904, p. c.d.& l.b. morgan
MORGAN, Flora Bell, b.19-nov-1884, d.15-mar-1896, a.11y 3m 16d, p. c.d.& l.b. morgan
MORGAN, George W., b.14-mar-1865, d.30-oct-1897, a.32y 7m 16d
MORGAN, George, b.5-feb-1836, d.4-sep-1906, a.70y 6m 29d
MORGAN, Ida E., d.4-apr-1910, a.33y 4m 18d, h. joe morgan
MORGAN, Infant Son, d.30-mar-1910, p. j. & ida e. morgan
MORGAN, Infant Son, b.8-jan-1903, d.25-jan-1903, p. c.d.& l.b. morgan
MORGAN, Infant, b.& d.22-june-1882, p. c.d.& l.b. morgan
MORGAN, Joseph F., b.17-feb-1909, d.27-mar-1909, p. j. & i.e. morgan
MORGAN, Laura B., b.30-jan-1865, d.8-june-1930, h. c.d.morgan
MORGAN, Mary E., b.5-mar-1837, d.9-nov-1898, a.61y 8m 4d, h. g. morgan
MORGAN, Nellie Maud, b.14-july-1890, d.31-jan-1892, a.1y 6m 14d, p. c.d.& l.b. morgan
MORGAN, Talmah R., b.22-dec-1898, d.8-jan-1900, p. c.d.& l.b. morgan
MORGAN, Thirza M., b.4-apr-1897, d.30-june-1897, a.2m 26d, p. c.d.& l.b. morgan
MORRELL, John M., d.30-mar-1873, a.18y 7m 28d, p. g.w. & m.j. morrell
MULL, Infant Son, d.11-oct-1853, p. j. & r.d.mull
MULL, John, b.3-may-1822, d.18-oct-1889
MULL, Rachel, b.18-aug-18??, d.22-aug-1873, h. john mull
NADING, Thomas, b.26-mar-1872, d.5-dec-1887, p. f.e. & m. nading
NADING, Warder E., b.31-dec-1867, d.15-nov-1887, p. f.e. & m. nading
NUNN, Carolina, b.1847, h. david nunn
NUNN, David, b.1837, d.1900
RAMSEY, Infant Daughter, d.6-apr-1874, p. j. & l. ramsey
RAMSEY, Samuel, d.11-sep-1870, a.11m 3d, p. j. & l. ramsey
REMSEY, Jacob, b.5-feb-1878, d.16-feb-1902, a.62y 7m 14d, w. j.c. ramsey, co c 115 ill inf
RIGG, Frances Fern, d.24-june-1914, a.1y 7m 23d, p. s. & l. rigg
ROBINS, Harvey B., b.5-apr-1912, d.21-sep-1913, p. j.r. & s.a.robins
RODGERS, Alice N., b.22-dec-1856, d.25-jan-1920
ROLAND, Alberta Anna, b.17-aug-1919, d.5-sep-1919, p. a.e. & m. roland
ROOT, Amelia R., d.16-july-1855, a.1y 12d, p. c.b. & m.e. root
ROOT, Charles M., d.12-nov-1859, a.7y 8m 15d, p. c.b. & n.e. root
ROOT, Katie, d.15-may-1869, a.1y 4m 8d, p. c.b. & n.e. root
SAGE, Bertha L., d.4-dec-1922, a.24y 2m 21d
SAPP, Infant Daughter, d.11-dec-1876, p. a.s. & l. sapp
SEALS, Birtha, d.6-apr-1882, a.1y 3m 26d, p. sarah f. seals
SEALS, Franklin E., d.29-nov-1879, a.2y 8m 19d, p. t.j. & r.a.seals
SEALS, George W., b.20-feb-1879, d.21-feb-1899, a.20y 4d, p. t.j. & a.seals
SEALS, Jacob, b.22-nov-1881, d.25-feb-1898, a.16y 3m 3d, p. t.j. & a.seals
SEALS, John, b.18-sep-1894, d.26-apr-1894, p. t.j. & m.a.seals
SEALS, Ruth A., d.26-aug-1892, a.45y 10m 12d, h. t.j. seals
SEALS, T. Jefferson, b.28-july-1842, d.5-mar-1907
SEIBERT, Betty Lou, b.9-june-1931, d.17-aug-1931, p. ray & inez seibert
SEIBERT, William, b.22-july-1873, d.28-mar-1911
SNYDER, Eural S., d.1-feb-1895, a.17d, p. j.h. & m.m. snyder
SPURLING, Henry C., b.9-nov-1896, d.27-jan-1917, p. e. & e. spurling
STALIONS, James B., b.9-jan-1895, d.1-sep-1921, med corp. 64th inf
STALIONS, Nora E., b.1-dec-1867
STALIONS, Rev. J.W., b.?-mar-1862, d.30-mar-1907
STALIONS, William O., b.4-july-1899, d.5-nov-1915, p. j.w. & n.e. stalions
STEVENS, Infant Daughter, b.23-june-1914, d.1-july-1914, p. e. & m. stevens
STEWART, Delila Ann, d.25-oct-1847, a.11m 9d, p. j.m. & m. stewart
STEWART, E.F., b.5-july-1848, d.8-apr-1895
STEWART, Infant Daughter, d.23-oct-1857, p. j.m. & m. stewart
STEWART, John M., d.12-sep-1877, a.55y 9m 22d
STEWART, John William, d.16-feb-1909, a.22y 1m 25d, p. w.c. & s.a.stewart
STEWART, John, d.2-feb-1841, a.64y
STEWART, Marinda, b.11-apr-1825, d.6-sep-1906, h. j.m. stewart
STEWART, Rachel A., b.d.16-aug-1864, a.1y 2m 20d, p. j.m. & m. stewart
STEWART, Rachel, d.20-apr-1861, a.67y 3m 11d, h. john stewart
STEWART, Servilia A., d.23-sep-1914, a.67y 5m 24d, h. w.c. stewart
STEWART, Wesley C., d.22-jan-1928, a.82y 11m 22d
STEWART, William H., d.19-mar-1867, a.12y 11m 2d, p. j.m. & m. stewart
STEWART, Winter C., d.2-mar-1929, a.50y 2m 26d
STOLTZ, Bryce E., d.9-apr-1888, a.2m 11d, p. j.e. & e.v. stoltz
STOLTZ, Etta V., b.1862, d.1918, h. j.e. stoltz
STOLTZ, James E., b.1848, d.1930
STOLTZ, James, d.28-july-1930, a.82y 10m 18d
STOLTZ, Robert E., b.20-nov-1924, d.28-jan-1925, p. a.& t. stoltz
STRINE, Sheldon L., b.26-oct-1918, d.13-july-1931
STRUBLE, Abe Jr., d.14-feb-1933
STRUBLE, Al, b.6-jan-1850, d.30-dec-1918
THACKREY, Sarah J., d.7-may-1928, a.76y 5m 2d
TIFFANY, Achsah L., b.12-oct-188?, d.7-feb-1884, p. w.a.& h.m. tiffany
TIFFANY, Anna G., b.& d.18-sep-1891, p. w.a.& h.m. tiffany
TIFFANY, Hester M., b.1861, d.1932
TIFFANY, William A., b.1855
TIFFANY, William C., b.& d.19-mar-1888, p. w.a.& h.m. tiffany
TOWERS, Infant Son, b.28-nov-1910, d.21-dec-1910, p. clyde & lelia towers
TUEL, Clara A., d.20-mar-1885, a.26y 8m 20d, h. george s. tuel
ULM, Grace, b.1-july-1873, d.6-feb-1903, a.22y 6m 25d, h. m.s. ulm
ULM, Romelda A., b.1-aug-1879, d.3-may-1886
ULM, Rual E., b.29-july-1890, d.8-nov-1918, p. m.s. & grace ulm
ULM, Sarah E., b.22-oct-1881, d.11-aug-1885
VANDEVER, Atwood, b.20-may-1916, d.29-nov-1916, p. e. & f. vandever
VANDEVER, Geneveive, b.28-sep-1913, d.10-nov-1913, p. e. & f. vandever
VANDEVER, Percy H., d.14-nov-1911, a.2m 8d, p. e. & f. vandever
W???, Ivola, d.23-aug-1929, a.58y 6m 26d
WALSER, Jerry, d.25-may-1912, a.15y 10m 15d, p. m. & b. walser
WANZER, Jonathan R., d.16-may-1876, a.30y 10m 20d
WHILHITE, Jersey a.Mull, b.10-aug-1857, d.20-mar-1875, p. j.r. mull & j.whilhite
WILEY, Daisy, b.12-mar-1877, d.9-nov-1877, a.7m 27y
WILEY, James F., b.7-june-1838, d.21-dec-1889
WILHITE, Infant Daughter, a.21d, p. j. & j.a.wilhite
WILLIAMS, Barbara Jean, d.2-july-1927, a.9m 7d
WILLIAMS, Bernardine, d.28-july-1911, a.1y 2d, p. f.l. & r.z. williams
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth, b.25-dec-1854, d.26-june-1919
WILLIAMS, Eugene, d.13-dec-1916, a.4m, p. f.l. & r.z. williams
WILLIAMS, Henry H., b.8-sep-1850, d.12-mar-1926
WOLFINGTON, George S., d.29-aug-1878, a.18y 1m 11d, p. s.o. & n. wolfington
WOLFINGTON, John J., b.12-dec-1854, d.14-dec-1924
WOLFINGTON, Nancy P., b.23-apr-1829, d.8-aug-1891, h. s.o. wolfington
WOLFINGTON, S.O., d.4-jan-1878, a.55y 11m 18d
WOOD, Arva S., d.5-oct-1903, a.16y 4m 7d, p. n. & m.e. wood
WOOD, Bertha, d.18-mar-1872, a.13y 1m 17d, p. n. & s.a.wood
WOOD, Eliza, b.30-jan-1832, d.25-nov-1856
WOOD, Enoch, d.26-sep-1880, a.36y 2m 25d
WOOD, Geneva M., b.11-apr-1918, d.29-sep-1923, a.5y 5m 18d, p. e.a.& c.e. wood
WOOD, Ida C., d.8-july-1872, a.1y 3m 9d, p. wm. & l.j. wood
WOOD, Infant Daughter, d.14-mar-1907, a.3d, p. b.f. & f.p. wood
WOOD, Infant Son, b.& d.22-dec-1880, p. n. & m.e. wood
WOOD, Jennie, d.16-mar-1909, a.2y 1m 3d, p. e. & c. wood
WOOD, Joshua, b.25-jan-1856, d.25-aug-1874, p. s. & e. wood
WOOD, Lenora, d.27-june-?, a.? 16d, p. n. & m.e. wood
WOOD, Mariah, d.11-sep-1872, a.11d, p. e. & r.a.wood
WOOD, Mary E., b.24-sep-1859, d.11-sep-1907, h. n. wood
WOOD, Nelson, b.27-feb-1834, d.28-apr-1917, co. I 32nd ill inf
WOOD, Rebecca, d.27-jan-1933, a.88y 6m 18d
WOOD, Rolla N., d.3-june-1951, a.76y 8m 11d
WOOD, Sarah A., b.2-aug-1841, d.15-feb-1878, h. n. wood
WOOD, Sarah M., d.15-mar-1875, a.1y 2m 17d, p. n. & s.a.wood
WOOD, Victor L., d.15-dec-1886, a.20y 4m 9d, p. n. & s.a.wood
WOOD, William N., d.12-dec-1879, a.13d, p. n. & m.e. wood
WOODS, Elizabeth, b.1883, h. s.a.woods
WOODS, George W., b.1-june-1850
WOODS, Infant Son, b.21-june-1909, d.23-june-1909, p. o. & e. woods
WOODS, Lucretia, b.11-sep-1852, d.25-feb-1920
WOODS, Samuel A., b.1881, d.1922
YOUNG, Grace, d.6-july-1907, a.10m, p. d.& l. young

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