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Great Point Cemetery
Lick Prairie Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 352.

Located in Lick Prarie Precint, Wabash County, Il.

The original tombstone recordings were done by ???.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL-contact Louise Taylor [bttaylor@hotmail.com].

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at [anxie99@yahoo.com] in October-1999.

The datafile has been .TXT converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in October-1999.

a = age at death
b = date of birth
d = date of death
h = husband
p = parents
w = wife

ALKA, Bertha May,, b.28-oct-1893, d.9-feb-1915, a.21y 6m 13d, h. charles alka
ALKA, Charles E.,, b.29-sep-1889, d.10-oct-1918, a.29y 11d, Co. H 38th Inf.
ARMSTRONG, Lucinda J.,, b.7-mar-1832, d.28-sep-1895, a.63y 6m 21d, h. t.a.armstrong
ATKINSON, Esther R.,, b.19-jan-?, d.7-feb-1876, p. j.h. & e.f. atkinson
BABCOCK, Joseph,
BAKER, Anna Laura, b.23-feb-1902, d.12-oct-1922, p. e.a.& m.a.baker
BAKER, Irene, b.1904, d.1926, h. glenn d.baker
BAKER, John Y., b.23-mar-1825, d.6-oct-1896, a.71y 6m 13d
BAKER, Nancy, b.25-sep-1829, d.7-oct-1894, a.65y 12d
BARBER, Frank F., d.10-aug-1923?, a.77y 5m 7d
BARBER, Hattie R., b.27-sep-1836, d.16-oct-1916, h. william h. barber
BARBER, Lizzie M., b.29-oct-1857, d.7-mar-1878, p. w.h. & h.r. barber
BARBER, William H., b.1-apr-1827, d.10-feb-1875
BECKNER, Martha A., b.25-aug-1841, d.13-oct-1909, h. john beckner
BECKNER, Mattie, d.11-july-1905, a.18y 2m 2d, p. j.& m. beckner
BEST, Rhea May, b.4-oct-1880, d.13-feb-1881, p. g.w. & e.e. best
BLYTHE, Clifton C., b.3-sep-1913, d.23-mar-1915, a.1y 11m 20d, p. j. & e. blythe
BLYTHE, William R., d.5-sep-1883, a.1y 9m 20d, p. j.h. & m.a.blythe
BREES, Belendena L., d.15-nov-1863, a.5y 7m 9d, p. i.h. & h.e. brees
BREES, H. Elizabeth, d.10-apr-1868, a.43y 7m 4d, h. i.n. brees
BREES, Infant Son, d.10-dec-1854, a.3d, p. i.h. & h.e. brees
BREES, Isaac H., d.11-dec-1891, a.67y 9m 8d
BREESE, Frances C., b.1841, d.1925, h. j.h. breese
BRINES, Lydia O., d.28-aug-1873, a.1y 2d, p. h. & a.m. brines
BYERLY, Peter H., b.1890, d.1908
CAMPBELL, James, 1-mar-1879, a.72y
CAMPBELL, James, b.31-may-1839, d.11-aug-1913
CAMPBELL, Juda, d.20-jan-1897, a.61y 3m 7d, h. j. campbell
CAMPBELL, Laura J., b.20-mar-1857, d.?-aug-1917, h. j. campbell
CAMPBELL, Martha A., d.22-sep-1879, a.37y 3m 7d, h. james campbell
CAMPBELL, Mary C., d.16-mar-1876, a.68y, h. j.campbell
CASE, Chauncey C., b.23-feb-1833, d.29-jan-1899, a.65y 11m 5d
CASE, Elly C., d.2-oct-1875, a.6m 2d, p. c. & m. case
CASE, Jonathan W., b.21-aug-1897?, d.19-july-????
CASE, Julia, b.18-sep-1876, d.18-dec-1876, p. c.h. & hannah case
CASE, Mary E., d.1-feb-1876, a.3y 7m 5d, p. c. & m. case
CASE, Nancy M., d.31-oct-1892, a.41y 11m 2d, h. c.c. case
CASE, Philinea, b.22-nov-1826, d.14-sep-1848, a.21y 9m 21d
CASE, Tresse J., d.29-july-1888, a.80y 2m 23d, h. j.w. case
COX, Earl M., b.10-dec-1908, d.18-nov-1915, p. m. & p. cox
CRAWFORD, Claudia, d.21-nov-1886, a.20y 2m 16d, h. n.j. crawford
CRAWFORD, Infant Son, d.15-may-1885, a.22d, p. n.j. & c.c. crawford
CUNNINGHAM, John W., d.2-may-1924, a.58y
CURRAN, Charles A., d.26-apr-1907, a.24y 8m 17d
CURRAN, James, b.7-mar-1869, d.3-feb-1917
CURRAN, John, b.15-feb-1865, d.15-feb-1898
CURRAN, Mary M., b.2-june-1863, d.24-dec-1891, a.28y 6m 22d, p. j. & j. curran
DEISCHER, D?, d.6-may-1889, a.72y 1m 24d
DEISHER, Cora E., b.1876, d.1931
DEISHER, Everett W., 1914
DEISHER, Lizzie A., d.12-nov-1904, a.27y 5m 25d, h. j.s. deisher
DEISHER, Sarah, b.20-apr-1849, d.28-jan-1910, p. w. & s. deisher
DEISHER, William, b.1866
DEWITT, Juliet, d.4-sep-1890, a.82y 11m 12d
DEWITT, Lydia J., d.28-jan-1865, a.24y 8m 8d, h. jacob dewitt
DIESHER, William, unmarked
DIXON, David, d.3-oct-1884, a.59y 15d
DIXON, Lydia A., d.3-mar-1875, a.16y 3d, p. d.& m.j. dixon
DIXON, Mary J., d.17-dec-1891, a.64y 9m 7d, h. david dixon
DRAGGOO, Edith, b.1867, d.1910
DRAGGOO, Mareda, d.31-dec-1924, a.74y 9m 24d
E.M.L., initials only
FILHEY, Mary, b.8-july-1799, d.13-july-1851, consort samuel fulhey
FILKEY, Samuel, d.15-oct-1865, a.80y
FLETCHER, David, d.8-jan-1890, a.58y 10m 26d
FLETCHER, Irvin R., b.27-aug-1900, d.14-oct-1900, p. l.a.& j.a.fletcher
FLETCHER, Julia A., b.3-july-1867, d.23-dec-1902, h. lee a.fletcher
FLETCHER, Sarah A., d.28-apr-1904, a.65y, h. david fletcher
FRENARY, Wyett, b.10-may-1863, d.16-may-1899, a.36y 6d
FULLER, Henry T., b.28-aug-1858, d.15-sep-1877
FULLER, Julia M., b.18-sep-1835, d.9-feb-1923
FULLER, Rosetta J., b.26-july-1863, d.17-may-1864
GARD, Anna, d.17-feb-1855, a.46y 11m 9d, h. j. gard
GARD, Charles A., b.7-aug-1867, d.6-dec-1870, p. r.m. & m.j. gard
GARD, Charles, Co 115 Inf.
GARD, Elizabeth, d.5-aug-1896, a.70y 5m 3d, h. justus gard
GARD, George L., b.31-dec-1833, d.19-aug-1863, a.29y 7m 19d
GARD, Gilbert E., d.19-feb-1855, a.17y 4m 3d, p. j. & a.gard
GARD, James, b.& d.10-mar-1830, p. b.f. gard
GARD, Jane M., b.16-mar-1844, d.17-july-1845, p. j. & a.gard
GARD, Joseph, b.7-dec-1863
GARD, Justus, d.25-feb-1870, a.62y 3m 11d
GARD, Seth, d.25-july-1845, a.70y
GARD, Seth, d.5-sep-1861, a.1y 10d, p. g.l. & s.j. gard
GARD, Susan, b.11-dec-1826, d.12-?-18(2)or 79
GARD, Susan, d.29-oct-1861, a.19y 8m 26d, p. j. & a.gard
GARD, William H., b.13-dec-1869, d.14-mar-1870, p. f.m. & m.r. gard
GARDNER, Alice, b.5-june-1850, d.11-july-185?, p. henry & sarah gardner
GARDNER, Alson, b.16-aug-1833, d.19-aug-1870
GARDNER, Ebenezer, b.1-june-1833, d.16-june-1901, a.68y 15d, Co. E. 63 Ill. Inf
GARDNER, Emma C., b.17-june-1853, d.21-feb-1854, p. henry & sarah gardner
GARDNER, Henry, d.15-apr-1875, a.71y 9m 23d
GARDNER, Julia D., d.4-may-1864, a.19y 25d, p. henry & sarah gardner
GARDNER, Rachel, b.27-dec-1854, d.15-sep-1899, a.44y 8m 18d, h. c. gardner
GARDNER, Sarah M., b.30-oct-1840, d.3-sep-1867, d.henry & sarah gardner
GARDNER, Sarah, d.12-mar-1869, a.61y 11m 21d, h. h. gardner
GARDNER, Sarah, d.27-mar-1924, a.88y 2m 11d
GARNDER, Allen, b.17-feb-1890, d.25-july-1890
GARNDER, Owen, b.12-feb-1890, d.17-july-1890
GAY, Amanda E., d.1-feb-1892, a.26y 7m 25d
GILMORE, Dorris, b.1916, d.1923, p. j.c. & laura gilmore
GUBLEMAN, Mary A., d.12-sep-1872, a.1y 2m 2d, p. c.e. & s. gubleman
GUPTON, Harry W., b.13-june-1896, d.31-dec-1896
GUPTON, Mary E., b.28-may-1894, d.29-may-1894
GUPTON, Rollie, d.30-jan-1885, a.3y 14d, p. j. & r.c. gupton
HALLOCK, Charles O., b.1858, d.9-sep-1932, a.74y 1m1d
HALLOCK, Lillie B., d.23-july-1888, a.1y 1m 17d, p. c.o. & r.e. hallock
HALLOCK, Rose E., b.1860, d.23-july-1923, a.62y 8m 8d, h. charles hallock
HALLOCK, William L., b.1888, d.1922
HANKS, George, b.30-dec-1856, d.5-nov-1917
HARE, Cassander, b.21-jan-1849, d.14-feb-1925
HARE, Thomas, b.16-mar-1845, d.2-apr-1928, Co C 11 Ill, Co A 32 Ill
HORTON, Margaret, d.16nov-1924, a.15y 1m 20d
HUNT, David H., 30-ma-1858
HUNT, Josephine B., b.11sep-1858, d.18-june-1915, h. david hunt
HUSTON, Edna I., d.10july-1897, a.6m 26d, p. a.w. & n.a.huston
HUSTON, George W., b.14dec-1857, d.18-sep-1900, a.42y 9m 4d
HUSTON, Norman A., 5-dec1862, h. g.w. huston
ING, Martin V., Co I 40 Ill Inf.
J.L., initials only
JAMES, Fannie M., b.29-nov-1853, d.19-june-1870
JAMES, Neva Hare, b.24-july-1878, d.30-mar-1906
JAMES, Thomas, b.25-apr-1848, d.28-jan-1921
JOHNSON, Mary E., b.3-nov-1862, d.17-mar-1910, h. j.s. johnson
KETCHUM, Philander, Co I 32 Ill Inf.
KITCHEN, Francis E., d.3-nov-1870, a.1y 10m 14d, p. r.s. & m.j. kitchen
KITCHEN, Infant,
KROH, Jonathan, d.13-sep-1872, a.67y 8m 26d
LAMBERT, Lewis E., 1871-1927
LEEDS, Everett, b.27-feb-1920, d.4-sep-1922, p. c.e. & r.l. leeds
LEEDS, Marola, b.12-may-1869, d.6-july-1896, a.27y 2m 16d, h. e. leeds
LEIPOLD, Elizabeth M., d.17-jan-1894, a.54y 4m 8d, h. john leipold
LEIPOLD, Eva May, b.27-july-1891, d.15-aug-1891, p. l. & j.a.leipold
LEIPOLD, Flora, b.2-mar-1862, d.25-july-1886, a.34y 4m 28d, h. a.leipold
LEIPOLD, John Sr., b.18-june-1834, d.12-nov-1904, a.70y 4m 24d
LEIPOLD, John, d.24-mar-1894, a.22y 6m 27d
LEIPOLD, Lulu, b.17-july-1888, d.14-aug-1888, p. l. j.a.leipold
LEIPOLD, Rosetta, b.29-nov-1889, d.20-dec-1889, p. l. & j.a.leipold
LIDDLE, Carrie S., d.18-sep-1892, a.4m 6d, p. r. & a.liddle
LIDDLE, Ezra R., d.13-feb-1898, a.2y 5m 12d, p. r. & a.liddle
LITHERLAND, Abner, Co. E 63rd Ill Inf.
LITHERLAND, Ananios, b.1848, d.1923
LITHERLAND, Bernardine L., 29-?-1924, p. w.l. & m.e. litherland
LITHERLAND, Bertha, b.1883, d.1925, p. j. & l. litherland
LITHERLAND, Bonnie May, d.5-feb-1931
LITHERLAND, Clarinda E., d.14-july-1881, a.15d, p. a.& l.e. litherland
LITHERLAND, Eliza, b.1834, d.1901, h. a.litherland
LITHERLAND, Frances, b.1889, d.1895, p. j.& l. litherland
LITHERLAND, Frances, b.17-mar-1889, d.25-nov-1895, a.6y 8m 8d
LITHERLAND, Isaiah S., d.24-oct-1873, a.19d, p. j. & s.s. litherland
LITHERLAND, Isaiah, d.10-sep-1884, a.33y 2m 15d
LITHERLAND, Joseph, b.12-nov-1845, d.19-june-1921
LITHERLAND, Joshua T., d.19-feb-1892, a.7m 4d, p. a.& m.j. litherland
LITHERLAND, Joshua, b.1850, d.1926
LITHERLAND, Lora E., 2-may-1860, h. rev. a.litherland
LITHERLAND, Louisa, b.1848, d.1921, h. j. litherland
LITHERLAND, Margaret, d.9-nov-1866, a.35y 10m, h. abner litherland
LITHERLAND, Mark, b.3-aug-1870, d.28-july-1894, a.23y 11m 2?d
LITHERLAND, Mary A., b.18-feb-1859, d.26-aug-1920
LITHERLAND, Millie J., d.3-feb-1879, a.49y 1m 21d, h. j. litherland
LITHERLAND, Mina S., b.21-feb-1876, d.7-apr-1876, p. a.& a.r. litherland
LITHERLAND, Rev. Alexander, b.2-mar-1862, d.26-june-1913
LITHERLAND, Sarah Ellen, 15-jan-1893, a.22y 10m 22d, h. d.w. litherland
LITHERLAND, Stella A., b.19-dec-1891, d.28-jan-1919, h. w.l. litherland
LITHERLAND, Susan S., d.8-oct-1873, a.23y 9m 20d, h. j. litherland
LITHERLAND, Susan, d.10-sep-1909, a.82y 2m 3d, h. william litherland
LITHERLAND, Theresa, b.1885, d.1886, p. j. & l. litherland
LITHERLAND, Theresa, d.20-jan-1886, a.3m 20d, p. j. & l. litherland
LITHERLAND, William A., d.22-nov-1868, p. j. & s.s. litherland
LITHERLAND, William E., d.2-mar-1890, a.16y 3m 11d, p. a.& m.j. litherland
LITHERLAND, William, d.8-oct-1882, a.60y
LITHERLAND, Wilma Fern, d.27-jan-1919
MAHON, Dr. James, d.22-feb-1853, a.45y
MAHON, Elizabeth, d.1-may-1854, a.32y 5m 14d, h. william mahon
MAHON, Margaret, d.17-jan-1864, h. dr. james mahon
MAHON, Rebecca, d.16-mar-1877, a.60y 2m 4d, h. william mayhon
MAHON, William, d.4-apr-1876, a.61y 7m 23d
MAJORS, Verna, d.15-june-1907, a.1m 2d, p. j.e. & fannie majors
MALONE, Infant Son, d.13-oct-1906, a.3d, p. l.l. & belle malone
MARX, Effie C., d.3-sep-1892, a.8y 4m 7d, p. l. & h. marx
MARX, William Emery, d.21-aug-1892, a.5y 3m 2d, p. s. & h. marx
Mc DONALD, Callida, d.5-oct-1867, a.2m 10d, p. r.j. & f.a.mcdonald
Mc DONALD, Fanny A., d.5-oct-1881, a.33y 9m 3d, h. r.j. mcdonald
Mc DONALD, Rose May, d.27-aug-1872, a.5m 21d, p. r.j. & f.a.mcdonald
Mc DONALD, Tammy R., d.14-sep-1873, a.4y 2m 28d, p. r.j. & r.a.mcdonald
Mc FERIAN, Maggie S., b.19-jan-1857, d.18-dec-1908, a.51y 10m 29d
MILLER, Allen E., b.24-aug-1876, d.1-feb-1897, a.20y 5m 8d, p. j.p. & e. miller
MILLER, Bonny S., d.15-jan-1880, a.2m 29d, p. w. & m. miller
MILLER, Charles E., d.19-sep-1891, a.5m 11d, p. j.p. & e. miller
MILLER, Elizabeth, b.3-jan-1856, d.4-oct-1918, a.62y 9m 1d, h. john miller
MILLER, Henry W., d.6-oct-1864, a.4y 3m 6d, p. w. & m. miller
MILLER, John P., b.10-sep-1850, d.22-mar-1924, a.73y 6m 12d
MILLER, John, d.19-sep-1866, a.71y 9m 2d, consort, nancy miller
MILLER, Luke A., d.15-apr-1882, a.58y 9m
MILLER, Marcus C., d.28-feb-1866, a.11y 5m 10d, p. w. & m. miller
MILLER, Mary E., b.1837, d.1907, h. w. miller
MILLER, Nancy, d.15-feb-1867, a.68y 4m 27d, h.john miller
MILLER, Phebe Jane, b.1852, d.6-mar-1929, a.76y 6m 11d
MILLER, Rachel, b.1831, d.1922, h. l.a.miller
MILLER, Sarah E., b.22-feb-1859, d.22-dec-1885
MILLER, Tommy, d.4-sep-1874, a.1m 28d, p. l.a.& r. miller
MILLER, William, b.1832, d.1908
MORGAN, Infant, d.1-jan-1880, p. j.c. & s.e. morgan
MORGAN, Nancy, b.27-sep-1876, d.1-june-1879, p. j.c. & s.e. morgan
MOYER, Eliza, d.25-dec-1873, a.1y 6m 19d, p. h.k. & l.moyer
MOYER, Frank, d.14-oct-1865, a.2y 8m 7d, p. h.k. & l. moyer
MOYER, H.K., b.11-dec-1824, d.31-mar-1908
MOYER, Herrietta, d.24-oct-1867, a.9y 3m 21d, p. h.k. & l. moyer
MOYER, Isabel, d.20-july-1854, a.2y 8m 28d, p. h.k. & l. moyer
MOYER, Lucinda, d.19-may-1865, a.1m 19d, p. h.k. & l. moyer
MOYER, Lucinda, d.7-may-1897, a.63y 9m 24d, h. h.k. moyer
MOYER, Samuel, d.2-apr-1879, a.1y 4m, p. h.k. & l. moyer
MOYER, Sarah E., d.31-aug-1876, a.16y 3m 4d, p. h.k. & l. moyer
MULL, Emily, b.29-apr-1840, d.13-may-1921
MUNDY, Aiva T., d.3-aug-1862, a.1y 3m 15d, p. s. & f. mundy
MUNDY, Allen, d.13-jan-1875, a.26y 3m 14d
MUNDY, Amy, d.3-mar-1868, a.20y 10m 21d, h. ezra mundy
MUNDY, Carrie, b.1854, d.1920, h. william h. mundy
MUNDY, Charles M., d.1-sep-1864, a.13y 2m 19d, p. w.r. & s. mundy
MUNDY, Clarence E., d.28-apr-1865, a.11y 7m, p. s. & f. mundy
MUNDY, Ellen, b.30-oct-1910, d.14-dec-1910, p. f.p. & e.m. mundy
MUNDY, Even, d.18-aug-1873, a.13y, p. e. & l.a.mundy
MUNDY, Ezra, d.14-feb-1876, a.30y 1m 2d
MUNDY, Frances M., b.17-aug-1829, d.10-feb-1895, a.65y 5m 23d, h. s. mundy
MUNDY, Henry, b.26-feb-1820, d.7-june-1896, a.76y 3m 11d
MUNDY, Ida, d.2-jan-1859, a.17d, p. s. & f. mundy
MUNDY, Infant Daughters , d.30-aug-1871, twin daughters of e.& l.a.mundy
MUNDY, Infant Daughter, d.20-sep-1905, p. f. p. & m.l. mundy
MUNDY, Irena, b.5-aug-1823, d.26-feb-1895, a.71y 6m 2d, h. j.m. mundy
MUNDY, John I.A., b.15-oct-1827, d.15-sep-1881
MUNDY, Julia Ann, d.3-mar-1854, a.22y 1m 7d, h. james m. mundy
MUNDY, Julia, d.13-mar-1879, a.22y 11m 13d, p. j.m. & i. mundy
MUNDY, Mary A., b.20-may-1835, d.3-oct-1912
MUNDY, Mary L., b.2-mar-1882, d.29-sep-1905, a.23y 6m 27d, h. f.p. mundy
MUNDY, Mary, b.13-mar-1824, d.11-nov-1910, a.86y 8m, h. h. mundy
MUNDY, Maybelle, d.10-oct-1878, a.11m 25y
MUNDY, Phebe, b.4-july-1784?, d.3-july-1863, a.79y, h. s. mundy
MUNDY, Samuel M.D., b.25-dec-1825, d.9-dec-1907
MUNDY, Samuel N., b.2-jan-1871, d.9-july-1871, a.6m 7d, p. s. & f. m. mundy
MUNDY, Samuel Sr., b.11-may-1787, d.3-may-1872, a.84y 11m 24d
MUNDY, Sarah, d.2-july-1859, a.36y 2m 13d, h. w.r. mundy
MUNDY, William D., b.19-jan-1866, d.16-dec-1898, a.32y 10m 21d
MUNDY, William H., b.1849, d.1887
MUNDY, William R. Jr., 27-july-1884, a.10d
MUNDY, William R., b.26-may-1813, d.7-nov-1898, a.83y 5m 12d
MUSSELMAN, Lewis, b.11-aug-1850, d.29-may-1920
MUSSELMAN, Sarah A., b.27-may-1851, d.20-june-1931, h. lewis musselman
NORRIS, ?, d.10-may-1891, p. f.m. & j. norris
NORRIS, Amelia, d.20-nov-1872, a.7m 11d, p. f.m. & e. norris
NORRIS, Eunis A., d.29-apr-1876, a.25y 7m 2d, h. f.m. norris
NORRIS, Grover C., b.2-oct-1885, d.11-aug-1886, p. f.m. & j.a.norris
NORRIS, Martha M., d.15-oct-1874, a.1y 2m 8d, p. f.m. & e. norris
NORRIS, William I., d.26-oct-1895, a.12y 1m 9d, p. f.m. & j.a.norris
OLDHAM, ?, b.21-mar-1888, d.21-mar-1888, p. g.a.& m.c. oldham
OLDHAM, Harry, b.4-may-1892, d.8-sep-1892, p. g.a.& m.c. oldham
OLDHAM, Infant Son, b.26-dec-1889, d.26-dec-1889, p. g.a.& m.c. oldham
OLDHAM, Nellie P., b.26-dec-1889, d.26-dec-1892, p. g.a.& m.c. oldham
PAYNE, Celia, d.26-dec-1873, a.43y 1m 18d, h. j. payne
PAYNE, Harriet, d.27-sep-1888, a.21y 7m 2d, p. j. & c. payne
PAYNE, Lawrence, b.1889
PAYNE, Zella M., b.1887, d.1916
RAMSEY, Sarah E., d.5-feb-1890, a.31y 1m 24d, h. j.m. ramsey
REYNOLDS, Bessie B., d.24-mar-1905, a.5m 11d, p. j.a.& l.m reynolds
REYNOLDS, Lillie May, d.4-may-1905, a.22y 2m 29d, h. j.a.reynolds
RIGG, F.A., b.1859, d.1912
RIGG, Luella, b.1864, d.1922
RODGERS, A.J., d.30-dec-1891, a.49y 25d
RODGERS, Alanzo W., b.21-jan-1873, d.24-aug-1894, a.21y 7m 3d
RODGERS, Effie, d.21-june-1880, a.9m 17y, p. a.j. & j.m. rodgers
RODGERS, Julia Gard Gray, b.16-nov-1845, d.27-oct-1911, h. a.j. rodgers
RODGERS, Lillie, d.13-nov-1870, a.1y 10m 16d, p. a.j. & j.m. rodgers
ROSE, John D., Co. C 115th Ill Inf.
ROYER, Boston, b.20-mar-1840, d.24-aug-1919,
ROYER, Elizabeth, b.1-may-1848, h. b.royer
ROYER, Mary J., b.22-nov-1875, d.17-oct-1892, a.16y 10m 25d, p. b.& l. royer
SEIBERT, Benjamin F., d.20-may-1933, a.79y 11m 21d
SEIBERT, Raymond L, d.23-june-1905, a.4m 10d, p. h. & c.e. seibert
SEITZ, Charles, b.1861, d.1877
SEITZ, Dorthory, b.1822, d.1873
SEITZ, Elizabeth, b.1853, d.1866
SEITZ, George, b.9-june-1856, d.17-nov-1903
SEITZ, Herschel, b.14-sep-1890, d.10-aug-1896
SEITZ, Luk, b.20-july-1884, d.27-nov-1888, p. g. & m. seitz
SEITZ, Mary, d.30-apr-1852, h. g. seitz
SEITZ, Minnie, b.5-may-1883, d.27-aug-1898, p. g. & m. seitz
SEITZ, Phil, b.1811, d.1903
SEITZ, William, b.22-mar-1844, d.8-apr-1902
SHEARER, Catharine, b.9-jan-1841, d.21-mar-1916, h. george shearer
SHEARER, Edna C., b.16-dec-1846, d.9-sep-1912
SHEARER, Elizabeth, d.12-jan-1875, a.65y 3m 5d, h. joseph shearer
SHEARER, George C., b.3-oct-1837, d.8-jan-1898, Co. C? 115 Ill Inf.
SHEARER, Infant Son, d.24-july-1897, p. f.f. & m.l. shearer
SHEARER, John, b.4-july-1867, d.10-oct-1869, p. s.c. & c. shearer
SHEARER, Joseph, soldier, mar 1817, d.16-jan-1860, a.70y 4m 6d
SHEARER, Samuel, b.25-oct-1872, d.26-sep-1873, p. s.c. & c. shearer
SMITH, Charles C., d.27-june-1883, a.3y 9m 12d, p. f.p. & n. smith
SMITH, Frank P., b.1857
SMITH, John W., b.22-feb-1844, d.4-oct-1896, a.52y 7m 12d
ST. JOHN, Mary Seitz, d.13-may-1922
STALLINGS, Gladys, d.1-feb-1919, a.6y 7m 6d
STOLTZ, Almira, d.14-feb-1902, a.44y 9m 8d, h. j.h. stoltz
STOLTZ, Amy, d.28-may-1884, a.4y 3m 19d, p. f. & n. stoltz
STOLTZ, Birtie M., d.27-jan-1888, a.7d, p. j. & h.a.stoltz
STOLTZ, Essie F., d.3-aug-1897, a.1y, p. j. & h.a.stoltz
STOLTZ, Franklin, b.1852, d.25-june-1924, a.72y 1m 11d, w. mary stoltz
STOLTZ, George B., d.29-aug-1886, a.3y 1m 12d, p. j. & h.a.stoltz
STOLTZ, Henry, b.1841, d.1917
STOLTZ, Hester, b.1841, d.1913, h. henry stoltz
STOLTZ, Nora E., d.15-dec-1880, a.3m 28d, p. h. & h. stoltz
STOLTZ, Norman, d.28-aug-1933, a.55y 1m 4d
THATCHER, George W, b.22-jan-1853, d.16-july-1854, p. william & m. thatcher
THATCHER, Robe, b.& d.1-aug-1854, p. w. thatcher
TOMBAUGH, Ruth, b.18-sep-1893, d.4-dec-1931, h. v. tombaugh
WALSER, Alfred, b.21-dec-1824, d.6-feb-1892, a.67y 1m 14d
WALSER, Lucinda, d.29-mar-1891, a.52y 6m 16d, h. a.walser
WALTER, Lena, d.6-jan-1886, a.23y 5m 5d
WHEATLEY, Alice, b.1862, d.1916
WHEATLEY, Isaiah W., b.1857, d.1933
WHEATLEY, James A., b.12-may-1828, d.6-jan-1877, a.48y 7m 24d
WHEATLEY, Jessie, b.10-apr-1883, d.24-aug-188?, a.6y 4m 14d, p. j.w. & a.wheatley
WHEATLEY, William E., b.1900, d.1901
WHEATLEY, William F., b.17-dec-1854, d.27-apr-1869, a.14y 4m 10d, p. j.a.& l.j. wheatley
WILCOX, Charles A., b.16-feb-1907, d.2-oct-1919
WILCOX, Dora, d.19-nov-1890, a.17y 10m 19d, p. john & margaret wilcox
WILCOX, Emma B., b.1878, d.1925
WILCOX, Frank, d.14-sep-1933, a.66y 5m 1d
WILCOX, John, b.1842
WILCOX, John, d.14-oct-1914, a.72y, Co. E 42 Ill
WILCOX, Lyman, Co E 63 Ill Inf., a.65y
WILCOX, Margaret, b.1848, d.1877
WILCOX, Mary A., d.27-feb-1907, a.19y 9m 15d
WILCOX, Mattie Marie, b, 14-jan-1885, d.25-feb-1915, a.30y 1m 11d, h. ora wilcox
WILCOX, Sarah, b.15-mar-1850, d.16-aug-1910, a.60y 6m, h. john wilcox
WILCOX, Willie, d.9-apr-1895, a.24y 24d, p. john & margaret wilcox
WOLFINGTON, Kizzie K., b.11-june-1862, d.1-jan-1885, h. j.j. wolfington
WOOD, Clarence A., d.28-oct-1902, a.3m 24d, p. j.h. & c.l. wood
WOOD, Ethel E., d.23-july-1900, a.2m 19d, p. j.h. & c.l. wood
WOOD, Robbie, d.10-sep-1897, a.9m 24d, p. j.h. & c.l. wood
WOODS, Cynthia C., d.25-july-1892, a.39y 9m 15d, h. a.woods
WOODS, Ella S., b.1-oct-1855, d.10-may-1888, h. j. woods
WOODS, Emma B., d.3-july-1883, a.3y 8m, p. g.w. & m.l. woods
WOODS, Frankie, d.23-nov-1877, a.3y 3m 13d, p. g.w. & m.l. woods
WOODS, G.W., d.3-jan-1876, a.58y 3m 19d
WOODS, Rebecca J., d.28-apr-1876, a.4m 19d, p. a.& c. woods
WOODS, Rebecca, d.6-july-1903, a.87y 11m 9d, h. g.w. woods
XANDER, Irene Gale, b.14-dec-1910, d.7-apr-1911, p. w. & m.e. xander
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