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Friendsville Cemetery
Friendsville Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 597.

Located in the Friendsville Precinct, west of Friendsville, Wabash County, IL.

The original tombstone recording were done by B.J. Walters in the 1930's.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL-contact Louise Taylor [bttaylor@hotmail.com].

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at [anxie99@yahoo.com] in October-1999.

The datafile has been .TXT converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in October-1999.

a = age at death
b = date of birth
d = date of death
p = parents
h = husband
w = wife

???, Louisa, daughter of james ???, probably smith
???, Hannah,, b.23-sep-????, d. 6-june-1931,
ADAMSON, Jackie M, b.10-may-1931, d. 11-july-1932
ALCORN, Infant Son, d 8-jan-1917, p. e.e. & e.f. alcorn
ALE, Sarah W., b.12-dec-187?, h. b.f. ale, p. j.p. & p. williams
ANDERSON, Catherine, d.15-sep-1892, a. 60y 9m 26d, h. jacob anderson,
ANDERSON, Jaco, b.11-apr-1830, d. 12-nov-1887, a. 57y 7m 1d
ANDERSON, Samuel H., b.28-oct-1872, d. 3-oct-1898, Co. G. 9th Ill Inf.,
ANDRUS, 4 infant, 2 sons, 2 daughters, d.??-may-1876, p. s. & e. andrus
ANDRUS, Edwin S., b.16-may-1859, d.27-mar-1892, a. 32y 9m 11d
ANDRUS, Elizabeth, b.1837, d.1915
ANDRUS, Emma E., d.5-june-1896, a. 29y 8m 17d, h. m.c. andurs
ANDRUS, Franklin, b.12-sep-1820, d.22-dec-1882
ANDRUS, James I., b.26-dec-1862, d.3-sep-1878, p.s. & e. andrus,
ANDRUS, Lizzie L., b.31-aug-1869, d.14-sep-1870, p.s. & e. andrus
ANDRUS, Louis, b.9-mar-1856, d.28-mar-1885, a. 28y 19d
ANDRUS, Mary L., d.20-may-1891, a. 29y 8m 27d, h. m.c. andrus
ANDRUS, Rebecca, b.8-dec-1827, d.18-may-1858
ANDRUS, Rosa Ethel, b.??-may-1878, d.??-july-1878
ANDRUS, Silas C., b.30-dec-1865, d.23-feb-1866, p. s. & e. andrus
ANDRUS, Silas, d.21-aug-1891, a. 54y 2m 18d
ANTHONEY, Elizabeth, b.26-july-1788, d.28-feb-1872
ARMER, Christopher A., d.23-july-1876, a. 13y 7m, p. a. & n.j. armer
ARMER, Mary J., d.12-feb-1874, a. 1y 4m 10d, p.a. & n.j. armer
ARMER, Thomas, d.7-may-1875, a. 1y 3m 15d, p.a. & n.j. armer
ATHERTON, Benson F., 18th Ill Inf.
ATHERTON, Elwood, d.3-apr-1858, a. 3d, p. g.m. & s. atherton
BALLARD, Clarisa, d.14-oct-1857, a. 56y 2m 16d, h. henry ballard
BALLARD, D.A., b.15-mar-1832, d.1-oct-1898, a. 66y 6m 10d
BALLARD, Henry C., d.21-oct-1862, a. 28y 3m 17d, 46th Ill Inf.
BALLARD, James, d.22-dec-1875, a. 79y 1m 2d
BALLARD, Melissa, d.6-june-1927, a. 84y 10m 11d
BANKS, George W., d.7-jan-1877, a. 16y 8m 24d, p. j.a. & ?.c. banks
BANKS, James A., Co. G. 48th Ill Inf.
BARNEY, Mary A., d.4-july-1858, a. 30y 7m 28d, p. m.a. & g. barney
BEADLE, Osborn, d.9-jan-1879, a. 54y 1m 3d, w. sarah b.
BEALL,???, d.12-dec-1882, a. 3y 28d, p. e.f. & m.j. beall
BENEDICT, Sidney M., b.10-june-1846, d.17-may-1862, a. 15y 11m 7d
BENJAMIN, Bethia, d.5-june-1855, a. 75y 4d
BERRY, Sarah, b.10-aug-1833, d.2-mar-1915, h. samuel berry
BESLEY, James P., b.5-oct-1869, d.17-apr-1885, p. s.c. & m. besley
BESLEY, James, b.17-dec-1804, d.17-dec-1888
BESLEY, Martha Lewis, b.11-feb-1841, d.26-feb-1902
BESLEY, Samuel C., b.10-apr-1824, d.19-jan-1923
BESLEY, Vinnie, b.8-feb-1874, d.21-apr-1889, p. s.c. & m. besley
BIRKETT, Augusta, d.16-sep-1862, a. 4d?, p. w.& j.a. birkett
BIRKETT, Jeremiah, sgt. Co. E. 63rd Ill Inf.
BIRKETT, Matthew, b.18-may-1850, d.16-dec-1887, a. 37y 6m 28d
BIRKETT, Nancy, d.8-feb-1866, a. 57y, h. john birkett
BLAKNEY, Clara E., d.29-may-1885, a. 2y 7m, p. f. & s.e. blakney
BLAKNEY, Ethel B., d.3-mar-1892, a. 4m 18d, p. f. & s.e. blakney
BLOOD, Caroline, b.31-may-1838, d.13-mar-1915, h. h.s. blood
BLOOD, H.S., b.6-july-1837, d.1-feb-1914
BLOOD, Harvey E., b.6-june-1881, d.1-oct-1906
BLOOD, Hester Opal, d.15-may-1906, p. h.l. & ? blood
BLOOD, Margarette, b.13-nov-1861, d.15-dec-1861, p. h.c. & c. blood
BLOOD, Nancy E., b.11-aug-1886, h. harvey e. blood
BRINER, Catharine E., d.11-june-1874, a. 24y 8m 3d, h. j.d. briner
BRINER, Harvey, d.25-sep-1874, a. 4y 1m 13d, p. j.d. & c.e. briner
BRINER, Margaret, b.1848, d.1928, h. j.d. briner
BRINER, Mary E., b.7-nov-1846, d.22-jan-1908, h. j.d. briner
BRINER, Orbit, b.1839, d.1874
BRINER, Rolla, d.6-june-1894, a. 6y 6m, p. j.d. & m.e. briner
BRINER, Willie, d.24-june-1873, a. 11m, p. j.d. & c.e. briner
BROWN, Clarinda, b.2-july-1857, 8y 8m 6d, p. n.b. & s. brown
BROWN, Cleas E., b.13-june-1891, d.4-sep-1908
BROWN, Cleroy O., b.18-oct-1893, d.9-sep-1908
BROWN, Eunice, d.14-apr-1868, a. 76y 1m 27d, h. william brown
BROWN, Nathaniel B., d.18-mar-1890, a. 59y 5m 20d
BROWN, Ora J., 1859-1918
BROWN, Patience M., d.25-july-1855, a. 40y 4m 16d, p. w. & s. brown
BROWN, Pauline, b.7-july-1867, d.4-mar-1895, h. william brown
BROWN, Serena, d.25-nov-1900, a. 73y 4m 13d, h. n.b. brown
BROWN, Sophia, d.18-sep-1818, a. 24y 1m 19d, h. william brown
BROWN, Susan, b.1864, d.1933
BROWN, William C., 21-july-1861
BROWN, William Jr., d.20-oct-1849, a. 25y 5m 13d
BROWN, William, d.1-july-1868, a. 81y 11m 29d
BUCHANAN, Bertha, d.8-june-1875, a. 4y 7m 7d, p. l.j. & m.e. buchanan
BUCHANAN, Hellen, d.18-apr-1930, a. 13y 20d
BUCHANAN, James, b.14-mar-1873, d.18-may-1909, a. 27y 2m 4d
BUCHANAN, John W., b.25-jan-1802, d.7-june-1872
BUCHANAN, John, b.11-oct-1837, d.21-jan-1892, a. 53y 3m 10d
BUCHANAN, L.J., d.29-nov-1872, a. 28y 4m 11d
BUCHANAN, Louis J., d.21-feb-1889, a. 24y 11m, p. j. & m. buchanan
BUCHANAN, Mary Alice, b.4-may-1880, d.8-july-1909, p. m.e. & mary j. buchanan
BUCHANAN, Mary Alice, d.2-feb-1905, a. 1y 7m 10d, p. j. & e. buchanan
BUCHANAN, Mary J., b.1852, d.1925, h. m.e. buchanan
BUCHANAN, Mary L., b.23-jan-1845, d.27-may-1908, h. joshua buchanan
BUCHANAN, Mary, b.1-sep-1824, d.31-aug-1867
BUCHANAN, Moses E., b.1849, d.1922
BUCHANAN, Nole W., b.20-sep-1875, d.15-aug-1891, a. 15y 10m 25d
BUCHANAN, Paul, d.24-mar-1873, a. 4y 7m 22d, p. l.j. & m.e. buchanan
BUCHANAN, Viola F., b.25-dec-1911, d.21-jan-1919, p. a.n. & c.e. buchanan
BUSICH, Bertie Z., d.27-june-1865, a. 4m 25d, p. m.k. & m.e. busich
BUSICH, Charlie, d.27-may-1865, a. 1y 11m 28d, p. s.h. & e. busich
CAHOON, Joel, b.25-mar-1834, d.21-aug-1915
CAHOON, Mirnerva, b.25-aug-1837, d.1-mar-1908, h. joel cahoon
CAMPBELL, Virginia Pearl, d.3-mar-1926, a. 5m 27d
CANEDY, Aden, b.2-aug-1807, d.24-oct-1874, a. 67y 2m 22d
CANEDY, Catharine, b.22-jan-1842, d.25-feb-1919, h. lewis canedy
CANEDY, Charles, d.20-jan-1872, a. 11m 1d, p. l.a. & m.e. canedy
CANEDY, Elizabeth, b.8-mar-1820, d.29-feb-1892, a. 70y 10m 21d
CANEDY, Infant Son, d.14-nov-1869, a. 5d, p. l.a. & m.e. canedy
CANEDY, Johnny W., d.6-nov-1871, a. 1y 9m, p. w. & s.c. canedy
CANEDY, Lewis S., b.3-apr-1837, d.19-may-1911
CANEDY, Lillie May, d.26-may-1861, a. 1m 2d, p. lewis & kate canedy
CANEDY, Olive C., d.4-apr-1891, a. 23y 3m 5d, h. c.a. canedy
CANEDY, Orah L., d.16-oct-1874, a. 3y 20d, p. l.s. & k.v. canedy
CANEDY, Raymond B., d.9-feb-1902, a. 3y 17m 26d
CANEDY, Sarah C., d.19-nov-1875, a. 24y 2m 17d, h. j.m. canedy
CANEDY, Wilber, d.9-nov-1869, a. 2m 14d, p. l.a. & m.e. canedy
CANEDY, Willie, d.31-oct-1873, a. 1y 2m 2d, p. l.a. & m.e. canedy
CHAFFEE, Franklin, d.18-mar-1881, p. j. & z.c. chaffee
CHAFFEE, George B., d.6-aug-1862, a. ?m 27d, p. m. & m.e. chaffee
CHAFFEE, Harriet, d.10-apr-1878, a. 42y 9m ?d
CHAFFEE, J.B., b.18-feb-1802, d.8-dec-1841
CHAFFEE, Jane, b.7-aug-1835, d.26-jan-1888
CHAFFEE, Marion, d.6-feb-1871, a. 37y 13d
CHAFFEE, Rebecca, d.23-nov-1875, a. 67y 25d, h. j.b. chaffee
CHAFFEE, Sandel, d.28-apr-1875, a. 11y 6m 3d, p. m.e. & h.e. chaffee
CHERRY, Romena, b.27-aug-1801, d.23-aug-1879
CLEVELAND, Audra, d.3-apr-1883, a. 56y 2m 15d, h. wm. h. cleveland
CLEVELAND, Julia A., d.8-dec-1892, a. 25y 1m 7d, h. s.w. cleveland
CLEVELAND, William H., d.25-dec-1900, a. 72y 8m 12d
CLINE, Edie T.L., d.18-july-1862, a. 11m 18d, p. w. & a.a. cline
CLINE, J.W., b.13-nov-1847, d.25-mar-1877
CLINE, Sarah E., d.17-june-1860, a. 2y 9m 19d, p. w. & a.a. cine
CLODFELTER, Mary A., b.7-feb-1846, d.28-sep-1909, a. 63y 7m 2d, h. s.d. clodfelter
CLODFELTER, Nicholas L., d.10-mar-1877, a. 9y 6m 2d, p. s.d. & m.a. clodfelter
COHLMAN, John, d.18-apr-1879, a. 37y 6m
COUCH, Charles B., d.5-oct-1878, a. 9m 14d, p. b.s. & m.e. couch
COUCH, David C., b.1850, d.1928
COUCH, David Russell, d.13-nov-1921
COUCH, Ebenezer, b.28-apr-1845, d.10-apr-1922
COUCH, Ebenezer, d.18-dec-1883, a. 77y 11m 25d
COUCH, Elder Walter R., b.14-sep-1839, d.22-nov-1917
COUCH, Emily, d.22-mar-1887, a. 44y 5m 10d, h. hiram couch
COUCH, Emmett F., b.1868, d.30-july-1890, a. 22y 6m 9d, p. w.r. & exima couch
COUCH, Exima, b.4-aug-1843, d.7-jan-1884, h. walter couch
COUCH, Harvey J., b.18-oct-1881, d.6-aug-1932
COUCH, Hiram R., d.26-oct-1874, a. 65y 2m 5d
COUCH, Joel B., b.1830, d.1901
COUCH, Julia A., d.11-nov-1874, a. 24y 8m 17d, h. e.j. couch
COUCH, Julia A., d.11-nov-1874, a. 24y 8m 17d, h. e.j. couch jr.
COUCH, Lewis, b.1863, d.1865
COUCH, Louella, d.22-sep-1887, a. 16y 6m 4d, p. h. & e. couch
COUCH, Louisa J., b.1850, d.1889
COUCH, Martha, b.1842, d.1882, h. joel couch
COUCH, Mary Elsie, d.5-sep-1878, a. 10m 9d, p. g. & e. couch
COUCH, Mary L., d.17-feb-1901, a. 82y 2m 20d
COUCH, Mary, b.1880, d.1881
COUCH, Mary, d.6-dec-1880, a. 69y, h. h.r. couch
COUCH, Nellie K., b.1870, d.23-nov-1888, a. 18y 7m 6d, p. w.r. & exima couch
COUCH, Percy E., b.10-oct-1892, d.28-oct-1897, a. 5y 18d, p. g.c. & e.c. couch
COUCH, Rachel, b.20-sep-1857, d.25-feb-1900
COUCH, Roda, b.1869, d.1880
COUCH, Sharon E., d.26-nov-1928, a. 6d, p. p.s. & m.w. couch
COUCH, Therese, d.17-oct-1876, a. 1y 8m, p. b.s. & m.e. couch
COURTER, Edward H., b.11-feb-1827, d.29-nov-1884, a. 57y 9m 18d
COURTER, Harriet A., d.30-july-1876, a. 48y 4m 28d, h. e.h. courter
CRAWELL, Elizabeth, d.29-aug-1930, a. 50y 21d
CRITES, Charlotte, b.17-jan-1851, d.11-nov-1891, h. elias crites
CRITES, Josie H., b.26-feb-1878, d.19-june-1895, p. elias & charlotte crites
CRITES, Mary E., d.24-aug-1882, a. 47y 10m 14d
CROOKS, Elizabeth, d.25-feb-1870, a. 80y 3m 14d, consort robert crooks
CROOKS, Robert, d.12-apr-1862, a. 76y 3m 11d
CROSSEN, Barnard D., b.17-sep-1836, d.4-july-1857, a 20y 9m 17d
CROSSEN, Charlotte R., b.27-nov-1856, d.27-aug-1868, a. 11y 9m
CROSSEN, Columbia, b.16-feb-1814, d.18-july-1857, a. 43y 5m 2d
CROSSEN, Eliza A., b.18-jan-1847, d.20-aug-1854, a. 7y 7m 7d
CROSSEN, Elizabeth, b.19-aug-1813, d.29-sep-1874, a. 61y 1m 10d
CROSSEN, Maria L., b.17-apr-1850, d.1-oct-1871, a. 21y 5m 15d
CROWELL, Charles
CROWELL, Mrs. George
CRUM, EP???, d.?-jan-1866, a. 29y 10m 25d
CRUM, J.M. Madison, b.3-oct-1845, d.23-aug-1848, a. 2y 8m 20d, p. james & lois crum
CRUM, Jas M., b.16-feb-1810, d.31-dec-1847, a. 37y 10m 16d
CRUM, John J., b.7-july-1834, d.21-aug-1850, a. 22y 1m 14d, p. jas.m. & d.s. crum
CRUM, Lois, d.4-june-1879, a. 68y 27d
CURRY, Daniel, d.6-jan-1867, a. 61y 11m 5d
DALY, Almarine, d.20-feb-1877, a. 76y, h. david daly
DALY, David, d.14-may-1852, a. 54y 11m
DANFORTH, Catharine, b.4-aug-1827, d.31-jan-1854, a. 26y 4d, h. f. danforth
DANFORTH, Cyrus, d.10-july-1852, a. 74y 10m 14d
DANFORTH, Francis, d.17-aug-1837, a. 4y 9m 27d
DANFORTH, Frank S., d.25-aug-1900, a. 24y 6m 11d
DANFORTH, Franklin, b.17-aug-1817, d.25-aug-1904, buried in new york
DANFORTH, Hallie, d.30-sep-1900, a. 6m 7d, p. f.s. & d. danforth
DANFORTH, Lillie R., d.20-oct-1882, a. 4y 8m 24d, p. f. & n. danforth
DANFORTH, Lizzie M., d.20-oct-1882, a. 4y 8m 24d, p. f. & n. danforth
DANFORTH, Mary, b.7-june-1834, d.10-june-1878, h. f. danforth
DANFORTH, Polly, d.29-mar-1861, a. 82y 7m 12d
DECKARD, Clifford, d.28-oct-1928, a. 7y 8m 28d
DEWITT, Cecil C., b.1881
DEWITT, Edwin F., b.1879, d.1930
DUTY, Edilda, b.4-feb-1832, d.31-oct-1885, h. moses duty
DUTY, John W., d.16-mar-1874, a. 18y 1m 1d, p. m. & e. duty E.V.
EDGIN, James P., b.19-sep-1877, d.27-mar-1890
EPPERSON, Alice E. Smith, b.26-july-1852, d.9-apr-1888, a. 35y 8m 14d
ERVIN, Amos, d.10-apr-1875, a. 35y, 80 Ill Inf
ERVIN, Jane, d.10-jan-1877, a. 32y
FOSTER, Estelle, d.28-aug-1881, a. 1y 2m 12d, p. m.j. & l. foster
FOSTER, Gertie, d.12-oct-1877, a. 7m 9d, p. m.j. & l. foster
FOSTER, James, b.cambridgeshire, england d. 25-may-1873, a. 50y p. michel joseph & ann foster
FREEMAN, Clyde S., b.9-sep-1880, d.6-aug-1909
FRICK Carl F., b.24-aug-1839, d.31-july-1885
FRICK, Caroline S., b.28-feb-1841, d.9-mar-1910, h. c.f. frick
FRICK, Christian W., b.1868, d.1926
FRICK, Matilda C., b.1868
FRY, Lou E., b.21-may-1872, d.26-oct01895, a. 21y 4m 5d, h. a.w.fry
GAINS, Beulah E., b.5-nov-1910, d.2-june-1911, p. henry & m. gains
GARD, Henry, b.26-aug-1862, d.26-jan-1868, p. henry & sarah e. gard
GERLACH, Mary, b.13-aug-1878, h. w. gerlach
GERLACH, William, b.1-apr-1871, d.13-jan-1922
GILKISON, Charles E., d.6-apr-1885, a. 21y 4m 9d, p.j.c. & a.c. gilkison
GILKISON, Clayton H., d.20-feb-1857, a. 11m 21d, p.j.c. & c.a. gilkison
GILKISON, Delilah, d.8-may-1881, a. 78y 4m 14d, h. jonathan gilkison
GILKISON, George W., d.14-mar-1870, a. 9y 6m 26d, p.j.c. & a.c. gilkison
GILKISON, J.C., b.29-feb-1826, d.28-july-1887, a. 61y 5m
GILSISON, A.C., b.4-dec-1838, d.24-july-1914
GOODART, Blanche,
GOODART, Emily, d.28-may-1856, h. george goodart
GOODART, Emma F.,d.5-dec-1875, a. 23y 5m 15d, h. ira e. goodart
GOODART, George V., b.30-jan-1853, d.5-aug-1911
GOODART, Ira,d.20-feb-1878, a. 31y 11m 11d
GOODART, John W.,b.1862, d.1924
/b>d.16-sep-1872, a. 2y 1m 22d, p. i.e. & e.f. goodart
GOSS, Jonathan,
GOULD, Eliza B., d.12-july-1888, a. 81y 14d, h. a.a. gould
GOULD, Infant Son, b.18-mar-1849, d.24-mar-1849, p. abner & eliza gould
GOULD, Katie, b.1837, d.1903
GOULD, Mary L., b.24-aug-1815, d.25-aug-1841
GOULD, William, d.24-jan-1894, a. 52y 10m 20d, Co 115th Ill Inf.
GREATHOUSE, Jarius, b.1822, d.1875
GREATHOUSE, Mary Jane, b.1832, d.1908
GREEN, Charles W., b.6-apr-1868, d.18-jan-1911
GREEN, Lizzie, b.4-july-1862, d.2-may-1931, a. 62y 9m 28d, h. c.w. green
GREEN, Mary C., b.6-dec-1896, d.29-oct-1905, p. c.w. & l.green
GRIFFITH, Dewy O., d.1-feb-1855, a. 43y 2m 3d
H.A.G. , Initials only
HAMPTON, Elizabeth, b.13-mar-1839, d.14-may-1909
HAW, Sheldon R., b.1897, d.1916
HIGGINS, Child, 1st burial cemetery
HILLIS, Anna, d.5-mar-1872, a. 66y 11m 18d, h. william hillis
HILLIS, Howard H., b.1862
HILLIS, Mattie L., b.1872, d.1932
HILLIS, William, d.23-nov-1867, a. 69y
HOW, Henry, b.26-sep-1846, d.11-may-1900, a. 53y 7m 15d
HOWARD, Mary, b.28-may-1788, d.20-dec-1854
JACKSON, Emily G., 5-nov-1877, h. w.e. jackson
JACKSON, W.E., b.6-feb-1856, d.17-jan-1917
KAVANAUGH, Isaac M., d.18-oct-1872, a. 8y 6m 23d, p.j.d. & e.a. kavanaugh
KAVANAUGH, John D., d.28-oct-1920, a. 82y 7m 10d
KAVANAUGH, Lizzie, b.17-oct-1861, d, 23-mar-1908, h. george wilkinson
KEEN, Albert B., b.1830, d.1928
KEEN, Alice Anna, b.1806, d.1873, h. ira keen
KEEN, Alice Anna, b.18-aug-1806, d.30-jun-1883, a. 76y 10m 15d, h. ira keen
KEEN, Bobbie E., d.22-???-1869, p. a.d. & m.e. keen
KEEN, Elenor, b.1801, d.1859, h. ira keen
KEEN, Elenor, b.16-mar-1801, d.27-dec-1859, h. ira keen
KEEN, Herschel F., p. a.d. & m.e. keen
KEEN, Ira, b.1800, d.1887
KEEN, Martha E., b.1837, d.1881
KEEN, Mary C., b.6-jan-1849, d.8-aug-1883, a. 34y 7m 7d, h. w.c. keen
KEEN, Peter
KEEN, Will C., d.25-jan-1893, a. 29y 5m
KEEN, William C., b.11-dec-1838, d.29-aug-1912, Co E. 63rd Ill Inf.
KELLEY, Albert, b.26-jan-1879, d.6-apr-1905, Co 9th Ill Inf.
KELLEY, Alice, 9-feb-1866, h. e. kelley
KELLEY, Belda, b.15-oct-1880, d.17-apr-1902, h. f. kelley
KELLEY, Bessie, d.20-oct-1879, a. 1y 18d, p. m. & a. kelley
KELLEY, Clarence,
KELLEY, Doc Day, b.18-july-1903, d.17?-aug-1911, p. g. kelley
KELLEY, Edgar,
KELLEY, Emanuel, b.8-may-1858, d.16-nov-1923
KELLEY, Francis, b.29-apr-1881, d.13-aug-1905
KEPLEY, Joseph, d.23-sep-1888, a. 61y 9m 13d
KINGSBURY, Harley, d.11-nov-1870, a. 65y
LAIRD, Hazel, d.1905
LAIRD, Mattie B., b.1891, d.1896
LAIRD, Morris, b.20-aug-1877, d.1-sep-1878, p. m.j. & m. laird
LAIRD, Nancy A., b.1859, d.1898
LAIRD, Paul, d.1906
LAIRD, W.J., d.7-mar-1886, a. 36y 12d
LANGLEY, Carrie, b.1867, d.9-june-1933, a. 66y, h. l. langley
LANGLEY, Henry C., b.27-sep-1869, d.22-sep-1922
LANGLEY, Leonard, b.1866, d.1923
LAUGHLIN, Elmira, d.3-sep-1859, a. 6y 7d, p. w. & e. laughlin
LEEDS, Annis, b.18-jan-1830, d.27-oct-1879
LEEDS, Charles H., d.10-nov-1862, a. 18d, p. j. & a. leeds
LEEDS, Della, b.23-july-1859, d.19-feb-1907, h. j.a. leeds
LEEDS, Henry C., d.19-nov-1862, a. 2m 17d, p. j.& a. leeds
LEEDS, James A., b.6-sep-1858
LEEDS, James, M.D., b.18-aug-1826, d.2-mar-1883
LEEDS, Simon, d.30-sep-1894, a. 21y 5m 26d, p. dr.j. & a. leeds
LEITZ, Nola A., b.1867, d.1930
LEITZ, William, b.1868
LEMASTER, John H., b.5-july-1849, d.20-feb-1880, a. 30y 7m 15d
LESTER, Earl, b.1915, d.1925
LESTER, Emma J. Price, b.8-sep-1884, d.13-aug-1822, h. j.c. lester
LESTER, Forest, 29-jan-1911, p. j.c. & e.j. lester
LESTER, Herschel C., b.4-june-1906, d.23-july-1908, p. j.c. & e.j. lester
LESTER, J.C., b.8-aug-1885
LESTER, Leslie D., 9-oct-1912, p. j.c. & e.j. lester
LIDDLE, Allie W., b.12-july-1864, d.26-jan-1908, h. george liddle
LIDDLE, Barbara Jean, b.1925, d.1925, p. r.w. & elsie liddle
LIDDLE, Cleo Nellie, b.1920, d.1927, p. r.w. & elsie liddle
LIDDLE, David R., b.1863
LIDDLE, Eliza M., d.6-oct-1836, h. s. liddle
LIDDLE, Elsie C., b.1892, d.1929LIDDLE, Emma M.b. 1-nov-1831, d.24-jan-1915
LIDDLE, George E., b.28-aug-1861, d.9-sep-1927
LIDDLE, Lora L., b.1863, d.1913, h. d.r. liddle
LIDDLE, Margie Vaughen, b.1927, d.1929
LIDDLE, Mary Monroe, b.20-feb-1882, d.9-mar-1884, a. 2y 17d, p. f.w. & a.f.
LIDDLE, Roscoe W., b.1890, d.1975
LIDDLE, Stephen L., b.14-feb-1834, d.3-feb-1906
LIDDLE, Virgil S., b.1897, d.1929
LIDDLE, William W., b.6-nov-1828, d.5-may-1899
LITHERLAND, Abner, b.1853, d.1929
LITHERLAND, Diantha, b.7-may-1812, d.12-mar-1855, consort to m. litherland
LITHERLAND, Dora, b.18-dec-1881, d.1-aug-1908, h. lonzo litherland
LITHERLAND, George W., p. m. & d. litherland
LITHERLAND, John A., d.29-nov-1884, a. 33y 2m 2d
LITHERLAND, Larinda, d.5-aug-1861, a. 4y 11m 8d, p. w. & s.a. litherland
LITHERLAND, M., Sgt. 23rd Mtd. Inf. B. War
LITHERLAND, Rachel A., b.1854, d.1918, h. abner litherland
LITHERLAND, Thomas, d.24-aug-1859, a. 42y 1m 3d
LITHERLAND, William H., d.16-dec-1861, a. 19y 3m 2d, p. g. w. & n. litherland
MARVEL, Francis R., d.25-jan-1902, a. 53y 6m 24d
MAYHALL, Ida Pearl, b.1921, d.1922, p. e.j. & l. mayhall
McCOSLIN, Lissie, b.1870, d.1917
McCOSLIN, William, b.1868, d.1924
McCRAY, ???, b.17-nov-1823, d.31-mar-1880, a. 56y 4m 13d
McNAIR, Alfred, b.24-july-1835, d.28-nov-1905
McNAIR, Amelia F., d.1-jan-1867, a. 64y 6m 14d, h. g.w. mcnair
McNAIR, Charles D., d.9-aug-1864, a. 20y 7d, p. c.w. & a.f. mcnair, 136th ill inf.
McNAIR, Charles W., d.13-aug-1854, a. 59y 1m 13d
McNAIR, Charlotte, d.12-feb-1820, a. 22y 6m 25d, h. john c. mcnair
McNAIR, Clarinda, b.14-oct-1834, d.29-dec-1860, h. a. mcnair
McNAIR, Dora, b.22-nov-1869, d.3-aug-1891
McNAIR, George M., d.8-mar-1866, a. 15y 9m 28d, p. j.p. & m.a. mcnair
McNAIR, George, d.18-dec-1878, a. 3y 3m 20d, p. a.& s. mcnair
McNAIR, Henrietta, d.30-july-1854, a. 21y 11m 4d, p. g.w. & a.f. mcnair
McNAIR, James P., b.21-jan-1824, d.15-may-1897
McNAIR, Margaret A., b.18-may-1828, d.5-aug-1900
McNAIR, Margaret, b.17-feb-1847?, d.13-feb-1901
McNAIR, Mary L., d.5-dec-1879, a. 16y 11m 23d, p. j.p. & m.a. mcnair
McNAIR, Nettie, d.7-nov-1873, a. 2y 2m 16d, p. alfred & hattie mcnair
McNAIR, Serorita, d.16-nov-1880, a. 26y 9m 26d, h. c. mcnair
McNAIR, Susan, b.4-sep-1839, d.31-july-1886, a. 46y 10m 27d
MILBURN, Bertha M., b.1884, d.1927
MILBURN, Bertie B., b.12-apr-1868, d.19-nov-1869, p. h.& e. milburn
MILBURN, Emily, b.29-dec-1829, d.11-jan-1923, h. h. milburn
MILBURN, Florence R., b.1-oct-1861, d.24-june-1863, p. h.& e. milburn
MILBURN, Harrison, b.18-mar-1825, d.14-feb-1911
MILBURN, Mattie E., b.11-nov-1854, d.16-july-1891, p. h.& e. milburn
MILLER, Eliza J., b.17-apr-1848, d.28-jan-1886, a. 37y 9m 11d, h. samuel h. miller
MILLER, Emma Jane, b.29-mar-1833, d.13-may-1909, h. john h. miller
MILLER, J.H., d.13?-nov-1916, a. 90y 8m 19d
MILLER, Jacob Marshall, d.5-sep-1851, a. 1y 2m, p. c.j. & e. miller
MILLER, James P., b.11-mar-1879, d.7-mar-1881, p. s.m. & e.j. miller
MILLER, Samuel M., b.13-aug-1842 in perry co, ind., d.22-dec-1891, a. 49y 9m 4d, p. a.j. & m.a. miller
MILLER, Susan, b.21-july-1820, d.8-july-1896, h. john h. miller
MORO, Charles C., d.10-jan-1860, a. 27y?, p. dr.f. & j.moro
MOYER, Caleb W., b.1884, d.1920
MOYER, William, d.18-june-1932, a. 77y 6m 1d
MUNDY, Annie J., d.8-nov-1900, a. 23y 5m 23d, p. s.w. & j. mundy
MUNDY, Celinda G., d.8-apr-1860, a. 7y 7m 7d, p. g. & p.a. mundy
MUNDY, Daisy C., d.12-may-1880, a. 11m 24d, p. s.w. & m.a. mundy
MUNDY, Elizabeth, d.21-sep-1850, a. 39y 1m 4d, h. griffith mundy
MUNDY, F.C., b.4-sep-1867, d.4-apr-1921
MUNDY, Flora Jane, d.20-dec-1859, a. 2m 27d, p. john s. & mary a. mundy
MUNDY, George W., d.28-feb-1900, a. 58y 17d
MUNDY, Griffith, b.22-june-1813, d.5-june-1900, a. 86y
MUNDY, James S., Sgt. Co 115th Ill Inf
MUNDY, Mary A., b.9-oct-1838, d.27-aug-1886, h. j.s. mundy
MUNDY, Mary E., b.11-feb-1884, d.10-mar-1897, a. 13y 29d, p. s. & j. mundy
MUNDY, Polla, b.6-mar-1823, d.6-mar-1914, a. 91y
MUNDY, Reuben F., d.15-feb-1931, a. 69y 9m 9d
MUNDY, Rose, b.1-aug-1869, d.11-oct-1910
MUNDY, William G., d.7-may-1863, a. 6y 4d, p. s. & p.a. mundy
NAYLOR, Hestor A., b.5-aug-1844, d.3-aug-1864, h. s.naylor
NAYLOR, W.H., b.25-july-1864, d.13-aug-1864, p. g. & h.a. naylor
NELSON, Elizabeth, b.20-feb-1792, d.19-jan-1854
NEWKIRK, Catharine, d.1-may-1858, h. paul newkirk
NEWKIRK, Eliza Ann, b.29-feb-1824, d.10-july-1876, a. 52y 4m 11d, h. zachariah newkirk
NEWKIRK, Eliza, b.8-may-1879, d.7-jan-101, p. p. & c.l. newkirk
NEWKIRK, Hugh, d.6-june-1846, a. 33y 12d
NEWKIRK, James E., b.26-may-1863, d.15-sep-1923
NEWKIRK, Lester W., b.29-mar-1903, d.30-may-1903, p. j.e. & m.j. newkirk
NEWKIRK, Mary E., b.13-jan-1845, d.31-may-1895, a. 50y 4m 18d, h. n.h. newkirk
NEWKIRK, Mary E., b.19-sep-1860, d.25-oct-1929, h. z. newkirk
NEWKIRK, Mattie J., d.22-june-1868, h. j.e. newkirk
NEWKIRK, Nathan, d.27-sep-1913, a. 91y 3m 30d
NEWKIRK, Paul Wilkinson, b.1910, d.1916
NEWKIRK, Paul, b.20-dec-1851, d.4-mar-1932
NEWKIRK, William H., b.22-june-1849, d.3-oct-1856, a. 7y 3m 11d, p. zachariah & eliza a. newkirk
NEWKIRK, William H., d.22-feb-1866, a. 21y 6m 24d, p. h. & f. newkirk
NEWKIRK, William, d.4-june-1877, a. 67y 4m 15d
NEWKIRK, Zachariah, b 11-aug-1859, d.27-dec-1904
NEWKIRK, Zachariah, b.15-june-1816, d.6-nov-1863, a. 47y 4m 21d
NEWKIRK, Daughter, d.10-aug-1878, a. 11m 23d, p. r.m. & m. newkirk
NEWMAN, Clerinda, b.13-july-1853, d.9-sep-1853
NEWMAN, Sarah, b.13-nov-1818, d.3-dec-1854, a. 36y 21d
NEWMAN, Sarah, d.20-feb-1852, a. 1y 8m 20d, p. m.f. & s.newman
NEWMAN, William R., b.25-sep-1854, d.3-oct-1854
NEWSUM, Roy, b.1854, d.1919
NEWSUM, Sarah J., b.29-sep-1856, h. w. newsum
NEWSUM, Sharon Lee, b.1905, d.1927
NEWSUM, William, b.7-dec-1841, d.18-mar-1918
OMAN, Anna, d.17-aug-1874, a. 55y 8m 16d, h. jacob oman
OMAN, Jacob, d.5-apr-1884, a. 72y 3m 11d
PARRISH, Nonie Andrus, b.1890, d.1913
PHAR, Dr. William J., b.23-dec-1856, d.17-nov-1896, a. 39y 10m 25d
PIXLEY, Bertha A., b.26-aug-1891, d.6-aug-1896, a. 1y 11m 10d, p. f. & m.e. pixley
PIXLEY, Edward, b.22-mar-1837, d.30-aug-1905, c 115th ill inf
PIXLEY, Elizabeth, b.21-dec-1838, d.29-aug-1877, h. edward pixley
PIXLEY, Laura, d.1-aug-1895, a. 94y 8m 2d, h. william pixley
PIXLEY, Little Job, d.11-sep-1874, a. 1y 20d, p. e. & e. pixley
PIXLEY, Margaret, b.19-apr-1834, d.1-aug-1910, h. edward pixley
PIXLEY, Mary Belle, d.7-oct-1870, a. 1y 2m 24d, p. e. & e. pixley
PIXLEY, William, d.7-dec-1876, a. 83y
POOL, Angelina, b.29-dec-1791, d.30-aug-1857
POOL, Elder James, b.12-june-1791, d.31-mar-1855, a. 63y 9m 19d
POOL, Horace, Co I. 32nd Ill Inf.
POOL, James, b.1851, d.1919
POOL, John F., d.27-feb-1927, a. 72y 6m
POOL, Lemon, b.1815, d.1895
POOL, Mary A., b.1823, d.1892
POOL, Mary, d.5-may-1865, a. 31y 5m 16d, h. n.p. pool
PRESTON, Timmy D., b.1820, d.1890, Lt. 98th Ill Inf.
PRICE, Flora B., b.2-june-1877, d.24-sep-1870, p. b.f. & o.a. price
PRICE, Melissa, b.1836, d.1904, h. william price
PRICE, Newton J., b.1859, d.3-aug-1933, a. 74y 6m 8d
PRICE, Sarah, b.1858, d.1928, h. newton price
PRICE, William, b.1824, d.1900
PUGH, Carrie, d.16-may-1907, a. 1y 12d, p. c. & n. pugh
PUGH, Iva, d.1-apr-1902, a. 6d, p. c. & n. pugh
PUGH, William W., Co I 66th Ill Inf
PUTNAM, John A., d.28-aug-1896, a. 27y 9d,
PUTNAM, Mariam W., d.28-apr-1896, a. 46y 7m 27d, h. w. putnam,
PUTNAM, Sgt. William, b.23-mar-1877, d.4-feb-1917, served in Marne Corps on U.S.S. Iowa, 1889-1904,
PUTNAM, William, d.8-feb-1890, a. 48y 5m 20d, Co 48th Ill Inf.,
RECH, Francis Henry, b.11-june-1844, d.19-aug-1858, a. 14y 2m 8d, p. william h. & e. rech,
RECH, William,
RISLEY, Josephine, d.20-apr-1876, a. 26y 5d, h. james risley
RUNYON, Elanor, d.11-feb-1882, a. 23y 2m 17d, h. c.e. runyon
SA???, Infant, d.?-feb-192?,
SAPP, Fairy Christina, b.1910, d.1915, p. g.a. & a. sapp
SAPP, Marion, b.1850, d.1919
SAPP, Patricia May, d.29-nov-1927, a. 2m 25d
SAPP, Sarah Ann, d.19-dec-1927, a. 78y 11m 19d
SCHWANDER, Gladys Marie, b.22-dec-1910, d.25-jan-1917, p. j.j. & m.m. schwander
SCHWANDER, Mary R., b.30-sep-1924, d.4-sep-1925, p. j.j. & m.m. schwander
SEIBERT, Charles A., b.1858
SEIBERT, Ella L., b.1860, d.1924, h. c.a. seibert
SEYBOLD, Rettie M., b.18-may-1865, d.2-nov-1912, h. e.r. seybold
SHADLE, Alfred, b.9-july-1845, d.19-apr-1875
SHADLE, Barbary, b.24-july-1818, d.27-dec-1865, a. 47y 5m 3d, h. samuel shadle
SHADLE, Cassander, d.3-sep-1873, a. 27y 11m 7d, h. william shadle
SHADLE, Noble, d.3-sep-1873, a. 25d, p. w. & c. shadle
SHADLE, Orville, d.31-aug-1872, a. 1y 6m 21d, h. w. & c. shadle
SHADLE, Samuel, d.6-nov-1866, a. 55y 7m 12d
SHAOFF, John, b.1821, d.1908, c. 115 ill inf
SHOAFF, Carl J., d.25-sep-1875, a. 4y 21d, p. g.w. & l. shoaff
SHOAFF, Crion W., d.7-sep-1853, a. 3y 7m 29d, p. r. & d.a. shoaff
SHOAFF, Darthula A., d.7-feb-1870, a. 31y 1m 2?d, h. rosa shoaff
SHOAFF, Elizabeth, d.26-july-1895, a. 62y 4m 14d, h. j. shoaff
SHOAFF, Elsie May, d.12-june-1880, a. 1m 11d, p. r. & m.e. shoaff
SHOAFF, George W., b.30-may-1849, d.5-oct-1892, a. 43y 4m 5d, Co. I. 66th Ill Inf.
SHOAFF, Ira J., d.3-oct-1876, a. 1m 8d, p. g.w. & l. shoaff
SHOAFF, Jacob, b.4-june-1794, d.28-jan-1856
SHOAFF, Joseph R., d.13-aug-1876, a. 19y 5m 22d
SHOAFF, Martha W., b.11-sep-1800, d.17-apr-1893, h. jacob shoaff
SHOAFF, Mary E., b.7-feb-1844, d.25-dec-1921, h. r. shoaff
SHOAFF, Mary J., b.20-apr-1854, d.8-dec-1854
SHOAFF, Mary J., d.10-oct-1876, a. 1m 14d, p. r. & m.e. shoaff
SHOAFF, Rosa T., d.13-oct-1875, a. 2y 10m 26d, p. g.w. & l. shoaff
SHOAFF, Rosa, b.3-oct-1834, d.28-june-1917
SIMONDS, Bertha, d.6-apr-1901, a. 30y 10m 10d
SMITH, Albert, b.3-aug-1884, d.6-june-1931
SMITH, Albert, d.11-sep-1857, a. 1m 23d, p. j. & c. smith
SMITH, Almira, b.8-sep-1822, d.25-june-1847, a. 24y 9m 17d, consort to james smith
SMITH, Almira, d.2-sep-1851, a. 5m 2d, p. j. & c. smith
SMITH, Amos, d.24-july-1854, a. 2m 19d, p. j.& c. smith
SMITH, Catharine, b.16-aug-1825, d.6-may-1893, a. 72y 8m 21d, h. james smith
SMITH, James, d.14-aug-1876, a. 60y 1m 15d
SMITH, Jerome B., b.13-sep-1869, d.19-apr-1887, a. 17y 7m 6d
SMITH, John, b.16-aug-1845, d.20-jan-1916
SMITH, Mary, d.18-sep-1855, a. 3m 18d, p. j. & c. smith
SMITH, Morris, d.21-nov-1872, a. 1?y 3m, p. j. & c. smith
SMITH, Sherman, infant son of james & catharine smith
SMITH,Infant Son, b.19-nov-1896, d.28-nov-1896, p. j. & e.m. smith
STONE, Sarah J., b.16-may-1840, d.6-june-1920, h. w.r. stone
STONE, William R., b.24-apr-1832, d.14-nov-1912, co i 40th ill inf
TAYLOR, Ann, b.1815, d.1899, h. b. taylor
TAYLOR, Bell, b.1855, d.1932
TAYLOR, Harry, d.13-oct-1833, a. 63y 10m 26d
TAYLOR, Henry, d.24-apr-1849, a. 55y 11m 3d, w. a.s. taylor
TAYLOR, Mae G., b.16-mar-1893, d.22-mar-1925
TAYLOR, Reuben, b.30-june-1825, d.25-apr-1906
TAYLOR, William Frank, b.30-jan-1855, d.27-apr-1932
TRESNER, Stella M., b.1895, d.1923, h. harry tresner
UTTER, Mary Jane, d.9-mar-1863, a. 27y 2m 7d, h. g.l.utter
WALTER, Amos, d.3-jan-1866, a. 50y 6m 28d, consort susanna walter,
WALTER, Ana Bell, b.12-aug-1875, d.18-apr-1903, a. 27y 8m 6d,
WALTER, Susanna, d.30-apr-1876, a. 64y 4d, h. amos walter,
WARNER, Elijah, b.24-july-1814, d.11-feb-1853,
WARNER, Infant Daughter, b.21-oct-1883, d.28-oct-1883, p. dr. m.e. & k. warner,
WHITE Vivian, b.16-dec-1912, d.17-sep-1913, p. s.c. & c.b. white,
WHITE, Calvin
WILKINSON, A.J., b.12-july-1837, d.21-feb-1908
WILKINSON, Alice, d.4-oct-1859, a. 1y 7m 23d, p. f. & r. wilkinson
WILKINSON, Efa, d.22-aug-1879, a. 6m 17d, p. w.h. & j.a. wilkinson
WILKINSON, Emily J., b.23-dec-1895, d.12-oct-1910
WILKINSON, Emma R. Sanford, b.1873, d.1900, h. t.l. wilkinson
WILKINSON, Frank, b.7-dec-1897, d.13-nov-1923
WILKINSON, Herbert, b.6-sep-1905, d.3-jan-1910, p. j.e. & m.m. wilkinson
WILKINSON, Ira A., d.11-july-1861, a. 1y 3m 26d, p. f. & r. wilkinson
WILKINSON, Jane Sedgwick, d.17-apr-1879, a. 8m 10d, p. s.i. wilkinson
WILKINSON, Jennie, b.15-dec-1855, d.19-dec-1882
WILKINSON, Julia A., d.19-mar-1930, a. 81y 7m 7d
WILKINSON, Mary E., d.24-oct-1854, a. 1y 7d, p. f. & r. wilkinson
WILKINSON, Mary H., b.18-may-1875, d.28-apr-1875
WILKINSON, Robert A., b.6-nov-1868, d.22-jan-1925
WILKINSON, Samuel Baldridge Ellsworth, d.13-july-1876, a. 13y 9m 8d, p. thomas & r. wilkinson
WILKINSON, Sarah A., b.20-dec-1834, d.19-mar-1920, h. a.j. wilkinson
WILKINSON, Sarah, b.12-dec-1816, d.26-aug-1885
WILKINSON, Thomas Lincoln, b.1865, d.1926
WILKINSON, William F., d.26-sep-1867, a. 9m 6d, p. f. & r. wilkinson
WILKINSON, William R., b.19-jan-1816, d.28-june-1886
WILLIAMS, Amanda, b.13-oct-1871, d.7-nov-1897, a. 26y 24d
WILLIAMS, Ambirs F., b.7-aug-1890, d.18-oct-1891, p. f.d. & n.j. williams
WILLIAMS, Blanche I., b.11-nov-1897, d.10-sep-1898, p. f.d. & h.j. williams
WILLIAMS, Charles L., b.14-jan-1890, d.28-apr-1897, p. r.g. & m.williams
WILLIAMS, Edward B., d.5-june-1875, a. 18y 9m 26d, p. j.p. & p.h. williams
WILLIAMS, Emma, d.11-feb-1860, a. 5m 2d, p. d. & h. williams
WILLIAMS, Eva Bell, b.20-nov-1867, d.25-sep-1868
WILLIAMS, Frances A., b.17-mar-1838, d.3-july-1875, a. 37y 3m 18d
WILLIAMS, Idella, b.7-oct-1862, d.11-sep-1866
WILLIAMS, Infant Daughter, d.1895, p. h.h.& e. mundy
WILLIAMS, Infant Daughter, p. henry & elizabeth williams
WILLIAMS, Infant Daughter, d.8-oct-1890, p. h. & e. williams
WILLIAMS, James P., d.18-oct-1877, a. 60y
WILLIAMS, James, b.3-dec-1808, d.4-dec-1862, a. 54y 8d, consort lucinda williams
WILLIAMS, Jane, d.7-dec-1900, a. 33y 3m 19d
WILLIAMS, Laura A., d.8-sep-1885, a. 27y 6d, h. f.d. williams
WILLIAMS, Lucinda, d.20-jan-1867, a. 54y 25d, h. james williams
WILLIAMS, Luella, b.7-aug-1877, d.18-sep-1878, p. h. & e. williams
WILLIAMS, Martha Marrel, b.12-mar-1901, d.21-july-1901, p. r.g. & m.h. williams
WILLIAMS, Mary J., d.14-jan-1933, a. 61y 6m 9d
WILLIAMS, Norle J., d.20-oct-1875, a. 10m 8d, p. s.a. & m.j. williams
WILLIAMS, Ollie O., b.19-mar-1859, d.21-apr-1882, h. f.d. williams
WILLIAMS, Robert G., b.1-sep-1824, d.21-nov-1876
WILLIAMS, Robert G., b.8-apr-1865, d.21-oct-1904
WILLIAMS, Robert G., d.21-nov-1876, a. 52y 3m 21d
WILLIAMS, Susan A., b.7-apr-1828, d.21-feb-1914, h. robert g. williams
WILLIAMS, Susan J., d.8-feb-1870, a. 3y 3m 20d, p. j.p. & p. williams
WILLIAMS, Susanna, b.18-oct-1836, d.22-apr-1905
WILLIAMS, Thomas Monroe, d.6-apr-1931, a. 78y 4m 26d
WOOD, Abner L., d.11-jan-1887, a. 8m 1d, p. a. & s. wood
WOOD, Charlotte J., b.5-may-1823, d.8-apr-1884, a. 60y 11m 3d
WOOD, Clark, b.9-july-1837, d.25-aug-1908
WOOD, Clarnida, d.16-jan-1865, a. 11y 9m 27d, p. i. & r. wood
WOOD, Edith J., d.5-sep-1933, a. 61y 8m 28d
WOOD, Edna, b.29-dec-1888, d.12-dec-1913
WOOD, Hannah, d.8-apr-1867, a. 51y 5m 4d
WOOD, Harry, b.13-apr-1884, d.24-sep-1910, a. 26y 5m 11d, p. ?.t. & m.e. wood
WOOD, Horace B., d.28-mar-1879, a. 27y 8m
WOOD, Infant Son, d.1899, p. w.k. & m.s. wood
WOOD, John R., b.15-feb-1839, d.6-dec-1917
WOOD, Joseph, b.15-june-1819, d.27-apr-1859, a. 39y 10m 12d
WOOD, Lelia C., b.1893, d.1910, p. w.k. & m.s. wood
WOOD, Linder K., b.5-oct-1853, d.17-feb-1886, a. 27y 4m 12d
WOOD, Lizzie I., d.24-feb-1906, a. 18y 9m 19d, h. m.d. wood
WOOD, Martha M., b.1-june-1846, h. clark wood
WOOD, Nettie Belle, d.27-sep-1877, a. 3m 13d, p. a. & s. wood
WOOD, Oliver H., b.6-nov-1845, d.16-dec-1930
WOOD, Percy Lee, b.24-june-1888, d.20-oct-1923, 335 inf 84th
WOOD, Prissilia, d.1-june-1876, a. 85y, h. a. wood
WOOD, Sam A., 2-mar-1906, p. m.d. & l.i. wood
WOOD, Sarah A., b.8-jan-1847, d.23-july-1917, h. j.r. wood
WOOD, Virgil O., b.1893, d.1895, a. 5y, p. j.o. & e. wood
WRIGHT, Sarah J., d.9-jan-1867, a. 49y 11m 20d, h. dr. james wright
YOUNG, James, b.13-dec-1825, d.20-aug-1887, a. 61y 8m 7d
YOUNG, Lizzie, b.4-jan-1857, d.27-sep-1875, p. j.w. & m.a. young
YOUNG, Martha, b.10-dec-1830, d.18-july-1918
YOUNG, Willie, b.??-june-1869, d.25-jan-1872, p. j.w. & m.a. young
YOUNGHEN, Harriet, d.31-aug-1858, a. 56y 8m 12d, h. j.f. younghen
YOUNGHEN, John F., b.1-aug-1815 in new york, d.28-may-1870 in mt. Carmel
YOUNGHEN, Samuel F. d.12-feb-1853, a. 9?y, p. j.t. & h.c. younghen
YOUNGMAN, John, d.21-apr-1892, a. 65y 4d, Co A. 62nd Ill Inf.
YOUNGMAN, Marion, b.1-apr-1865, d.4-aug-1921, a. 56y 4m 4d
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