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Freeman Cemetery
Lancaster Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [ kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 18.

Located in Lancaster Precinct, Wabash County, IL (2.5 miles NE of Lancaster on property owned by the Perrott family)

The tombstone recordings were done by Virginia Perry at vperry@midwest.net in September-1999.

These recordings have been .TXT file converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in September-1999.


a. = age at time of death
b. = date of birth
c. = child
d. = date of death
da. = daughter
f. = father
gf. = grandfather
gm. = grandmother
h. = husband
i. = infant
m. = mother
n. = notes
p. = parents
s. = son
w. = wife


This cemetery has a nice fence and a gate. There are 6 stones. some broken and laying on the ground. There is a big stone with lots of information on it.

On the front side -In Remembrance of :

HOLSTE, Johann Frederick, b. 31-dec-1803 in stolzenau germany, d. 1852, 1st h. of sophia dorothea bode/boden

1) HOLSTE, Herman Heinrick, b. 16-jul-1829 in stolzenau germany, d. 1852, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

2) HOLSTE, Carl August Frederick, b. 18-nov-1830 in stolzenau germany, d. 1852, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

3) HOLSTE, Carl Gottbich Christoph, b. 27-apr-1833 in stolzenau germany, d. 1852, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

4) HOLSTE, Anne Marie Conradine, b. 23-dec-1836 in stolzenau germany, d. 1852, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

5) HOLSTE, Heinrich Ludwig Wilhelm, b. 7-jan-1843 in stolzenau germany, d. 1852, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

6) HOLSTE, Dorothea Louise, b. 17-may-1849 in stolzenau germany, d. 1852, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

7) HOLSTE, Unknown Child, d. 1852

Johann F. HOLSTE and seven of his eleven children died of Cholera during the week following June 29, 1852. They were buried here in this small plot by Henry BODEN, the brother of the wife and mother, Sophia Dorothea HOLZE. The mother Sophia Dorothea HOLZE, nee BODE (BODEN) was born Nov 13, 1807 in Stolzenau, Germany. After the death of Johann Frederick HOLSTE, she married a man named RICHARDS. She is buried near the entrance of the Lancaster IL cemetery.

On the back side -

The HOLZE Family arrived in New Orleans LA on the river boat Bark Kepler, 30-Nov-1849 and came by river boat to Evansville IN. Then overland by oxcart to settle in just west of this spot. The original name HOLSTE, bears a change to HOLZE. A copy of the passenger manifest of the Bark Kepler is in the library at New Orleans LA. Wedding documents and birth certificates of all members of this family are in the records of the Saint Jakobi Church in Stolzenau, Germany.

Surviving family members in Jul-1852 were:

HOLSTE, Sophia Dorothea, b. 13-nov-1807 in stolzenau germany, 1st h. johann f. holste, 2nd h. ? richards, f. ? bode (boden)

1) HOLSTE, Sophie Elsie Wilhelelmine, a. 17 (b. 1832?), h. august brausa, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

2) HOLSTE, Johann Henrich Freidrich, a. 11 (b. 1835?), w. nancy jane keneipp, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

3) HOLSTE, George Herman Heinrich, a. 7 (b. 1842?), w. barbara keneipp, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

4) HOLSTE, Henriette Conradine Louise, a. 5 (b. 1844?), h. henry corrie, p. johann f. & s.d. holste

May succeeding generations of these four pioneer families BRAUSA-CORRIE-KENEIPP-HOLSEN keep this plot as a part of their family heritage.

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