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Cunningham Cemetery
Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 80.

Located 3/4 mile west of the Village of Lancaster, Wabash County, I

The original typed tombstone recordings were done by ???.

Addition and correction help given by Virginia Perry.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL - Contact Louise Taylor (bttaylor@hotmail.com)

The datafile has been .TXT file converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula in September-1999.

a. = age at time of death
b. = date of birth
c. = child
d. = date of death
da. = daughter
f. = father
gf. = grandfather
gm. = grandmother
h. = husband
i. = infant
m. = mother
n. = notes
p. = parents
w. = wife

BLAKNEY, Alvin B., d.14-aug-1868, a.23y 4m 6d, w. of n.j. blakney, "unclaimed" written across top of tombstone
BLAKNEY, Elizabeth, d.27-dec-1868, a.10m 17d, d.of a.b. & n.j. blakney
BOREN, Tarleton, b.3-jul-1781, d.27-feb-1848, a.66y 8m 24d
COKLEY, George Marshall, b.10-mar-1896, d.21-jul-1911, s. of sam & anna j. cokley
CUNNINGHAM, Otie L., b.9-jul-1908, d.25-oct-1908, d.of j. & k. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Carl G., d.15-mar-1888, a.51(31?)y 28d
CUNNINGHAM, Carrell G., b.8-jun-1880, d.7-oct-1948
CUNNINGHAM, Charles H., d.25-oct-1869, a.2m 21d, s. of n.g. & e. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, W. Charles, b.1842, d.1916, w. mary cunningham.
CUNNINGHAM, Clem, b.30-jan-1883, d.18-may-1948, w. ida cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Cleveland, b.18-oct-1884, d.24-mar-1896
CUNNINGHAM, Eliza, b.5-jul-1844, d.25-may-1910, h. nathannel cunningham, a.65y 10m 20d
CUNNINGHAM, Eliza, b.5-jul-1844, d.25-may-1910, a.65y 10m 20d, h. nathaniel g. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Elsie I., b.5-jul-1971
CUNNINGHAM, Elsie I., b.10-aug-1880
CUNNINGHAM, Ida, b.26-sep-1888,d.4-sep-1953, h. clem cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, James E., d.15-jan-1888, a.15y 5m 15d, s of nathannel g. & eliza cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Jane, b.1841, d.1863, 1st or 2nd w. of w.charles cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, John, d.13-jul-1859, a.52y 5m 5d
CUNNINGHAM, John, b.1768, d.1830's
CUNNINGHAM, John G., b.10-mar-1853, d.19-jul-1854, s. of s. & n. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Lucinda, b.12-mar-1857, d.24-aug-1899
CUNNINGHAM, Martha, b.28-feb-1898, d.15-mar-1898, d.of c. & e. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Martha, b.31-oct-1876, d.2-dec-1897, a.21y 1m 2d, h. charles cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Martha G., d.17-jun-1867, a.17y 4m 7d, d.of j. & m.d.cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Mary, b.1844, d.1884, 1st or 2nd w. of w.charles cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Mary, b.28-feb-1898, d.13-nov-1898, d.of c. & e. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Mary D., d.1-feb-1894, a.79y 2m 16d, h. john cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Mary E., b.8-nov-1855, d.21-jan-1856, p. s. & n. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Mary E., d.6-feb-1918, a.69y 10m 3d
CUNNINGHAM, Mary E., b.18-sep-1882, d.15-jul-1971, tombstone next to william j. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Stephen G., b.2-apr-1857, d.24-mar-1926
CUNNINGHAM, Martha, b.11-oct-1870, d.8-dec-1895, a.21y 1m 9d, h. charles cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Martha, b.28-may-1895, d.15-dec-1895, p. g. & e. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, Martha G., d.jun-1867
CUNNINGHAM, Nathannel G., b.23-feb-1844, d.16-jan-1928(17-oct-1915?), a.83y 10m 18d
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah, b.1770, d.1830's
CUNNINGHAM, Sarah E., B/. 24-apr-1812(17? 47?), d.of j. & m. cunningham
CUNNINGHAM, William J., b.19-may-1878, d.17-may-1952
HIGGINS, Grant, b.17-apr-1864, d.15-nov-1901, a.37y 8(6?)m 28d
HIGGINS, Charles H., b.7-feb-1889, d.24-jul-1891, s. of g.h. & l.h. higgins
HIGGINS, Daniel, b.19-sep-1872, d.23-mar-1895, s. of asa & hester higgins, a.22y 6m 4d
HIGGINS, Infant, d.15-mar-1919, s. of john(arthur?) & ina higgins
HIGGINS, Isabel, b.7-may-1864, d.20-dec-1955, f. ? wooden
HIGGINS, Mary Jane, b.6-oct-1866, d.2-jul-1887, a.20y 8m 6d, h. u.g. higgins
HIGGINS, Mildred, b.17-oct-1915, d.20-feb-1916, d.of e. & d.j. higgins
HIGGINS, Willis, b.13-nov-1897, d.25-mar-1898, s. of g. & l.h. higgins, a.4m 12d
HIGGINS, Willis, b.13-nov-1897, d.23-nov-1895, a.1m 19d, p. g.d.& l.h. higgins
HUTCHINSON, Clinton B., b.6-aug-1852, d.30-mar-1912
HUTCHINSON, Ella R., b.24-aug-1862, 17-may-1942
HUTCHINSON, Leslie C., b.14-oct-1902, d.9-oct-1947
JACKSON, Infant, b.24(21?)-jul-1911, d.26-jul-1913(11?), s. of t. & m. Jackson
JACKSON, Tom W., b.893, d.1940
JACKSON, Tom W., b.1890, d.1946
MOORE, Cornelius A., d.3-feb-1852, a.12y 5m 2d, s. of george & melana moore
MOORE, William C., d.28-jan-1841, a.11m 1(4?)d, s. of george & melana moore
RUSSELL, Robert E., b.31-dec-1948, d.16-mar-1998
RUSSELL, Sarah, d.16-dec-1853, a.48(45?)y, h. william h. russell(?)
RUSSELL, William H., b.27-dec-1827, d.25-nov-1854, w. sarah russell(?)
SALISBURY, Virgil Lee, b.1924, d.1949(40?)
SCHRADER, Elizabeth, b.5-jul-1800, d.19-may-1844(41?), h. j.b. schrader
SCHRADER, Jacob, b.3-dec-1797, d.12-jun-1862, a.64y 6m 9d, w. elizabeth
SCHRADER, John, b.9(3?)-jun-1827, d.2-jan-1844, s. of j. & e. schrader
SCHRADER, Levi, b.20-apr-1842, d.3-oct-1847, s. J. & s. schrader
SCHRADER, Marie, b.23-nov-1841(44?), d.3-sep-1848, d.of j. & e(s?). schrader
SCHRADER, Permelia, d.15-jul-1852, a.12(2?)y, d.of j. & s. Schrader
SCHRADER, Sarah, d.10-jul-1852, a.40y, h. j. schrader, p. j. & e. schrader
SCHNITZ, Amy R., b.5-mar-1900, d.3-may-1989
SCHNITZ, Ernest, b/. 12-jul-1920
SCHNITZ, Herman W., b.14-nov-1897, d.20-may-1973
SCHNITZ, Joseph S., b.1867, d.1937
SCHNITZ, Larry Earnest, b.8-jan-1947, d.30-jun-1947
SCHNITZ, Louise (Laura E.?), b.1869, d.1934
SCHNITZ, Lucille, b/. 23-feb-1922
SCHNITZ, Pearl E., b.1905, d.1987
WASHBURN, Infant, b.17-feb-1979, d.18-feb-1979, f. brian wayne washburn
WRIGHT, Infant, b.7-may-1916, d.10-may-1916, p. Owen b. & mary e. wright
WRIGHT, Infant, b.7-may-1811, d.19-may-1811
WRIGHT, Mary E., b.1894, d.1963
WRIGHT, Owen B., b.1891, d.1951
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