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Beauchamp & Harper Cemetery
Mt. Carmel Precinct, Wabash County, Illinois

Contributed by Paul M. Kankula [kankula@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 72.

BEAUCHAMP & HARPER Cemetery Version 1.0, 31-Dec-1999, Beauchmp.TXT

Located on road numbered 850E, on Mike Steckler's property, Mt. Carmel Precint, Wabash County, IL.

The original typed tombstone recordings were done by Jerry Brown at jhbrown@midwest.com in Dec-1999.

The original tombstone recordings can be viewed at the Public Library in Mt. Carmel, IL - contact Louise Taylor at bttaylor@hotmail.com

The cemetery datafile was constructed by Shannon Swain at anxie99@yahoo.com in Dec-1999.

The datafile has been .TXT file converted and enhanced by Paul M. Kankula at kankula@bellsouth.net in Dec-1999.

b. = date of birth
d. = date of death
a. = age at death
p. = parents
h. = husband

?, Ann Maria, b.16-may-1819, d.21-july-1819
BEAUCHAMP, Anna M., b.2-nov-1861, d.24-dec-1918, h. john n. beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP, Charles A., b.3-feb-1879, d.6-may-1880, a. 1y 3m 2d, p. j.n. & a.m. beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP, Charles Manlove, b.23-july-1835, d.24-aug-1851, p. wm. & mary beaucham,
BEAUCHAMP, David, d.17-aug-1847, a. 33y 11m 26d,
BEAUCHAMP, Infant Son, b.15-feb-1889, a. 1d, p. j.n. & a.m. beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP, John N., b.3-aug-1843, d.27-oct-1927
BEAUCHAMP, Jessie E., b.19-mar-1880, d.28-july-1896, p. j.n. & a.m. beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP, Manlove, b.15-june-1773, d.12-apr-1816, emigrated to il. In 1813
BEAUCHAMP, Mary, d.12-mar-1884, a. 39y, h. john n. beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP, Mary Ann, b.23-sep-1807, d.25-feb-1846, h. w.m. beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP, Rebecca, b.27-june-1777, d.24-mar-1817, h. m. beauchamp
BEAUCHAMP, William, d.30-june-1886, a. 40y 4m 18d
BECK, Frederick, b.24-june-1835, d.apr-1905
BROWN, Elizabeth, b.7-mar-1819, d.3-aug-1902
CALVERLEY, Infant Daughter, d.26-oct-1872, p. l.w. & anne calverley, d.26-oct-1872
CALVERLEY, Infant Daughter, p. james & barbara calverley, b.12-feb-1874, d.15-mar-1874
CALVERLEY, James D., b.1-may-1805, d.15-mar-1874, a. 94y 8m
CALVERLEY, Martha, b.1805, d.9-may-1873, a. 68y, h. james d. calverley
CALVERLEY, Sarah Jane, a. 1y 2m 5d, p. james & martha calverley
CASH, Bessie, 16-feb-1700, p. s.m. & m.c. cash
COALE, Ann E., b.3-june-1868, p. j.g. & m. coale
COALE, Harriet E., d.22-apr-1869, a. 3y 9m, p. j.g. & m. coale
COALE, Infant Son, b.may-1868/1968, d.may-1868/1968, p. j.g. & m. coale
COALE, John, 1888, p. j.g. & m. coale
COALE, John G., b.20-july-1830, d.15-july-1905
COALE, Mary, b.20-sep-1832, d.3-sep-1905, h. john g. coale
COALE, Minner R., b.5-sep-1889, p. j.g. & m. coale
COALE, Reuben C., d.17-apr-1881, a. 4y 1m 10d, p. j.g. & m. coale
CRAIG, Benjamin, b.5-apr-1825, d.27-nov-1899
CRAIG, Elizabeth, b.6-mar-1838, d.5-apr-1906, h. benjamin craig
CRAIG, Mary, b.27-feb-1822, d.31-jan-1906
DRAMER, Infant Daughter, b.4-dec-1864, d.14-dec-1864, p. h. & martha dramer
HARPER, Ann E., b.feb-1831, d.8-aug-1831
HARPER, Rebecca, d.26-july-1878, a. 57y 10m, h. w. harper
HARPER, James, b.9-nov-1845
HARPER, Lewis M., d.9-may-1851, p. w. & r. harper
HARPER, Mary, b.7-feb-1842, d.30-july-1851
HARPER, W., d.7-dec-1878, a. 63y 9m 6d
HURST, J.W., b.1885, d.1926
JONES, Charrlotte, b.31-sep-1829, d.11-sep-1853, a. 24y 8d, p. j. & m. calverley, h. thomas jones
JONES, Thomas T., b.1824 in south wales england, d.10-apr-1884, a. 60y, 130th ill. vol.
KRAMER, Clara Rose, b.1866, d.1867, p. h. & martha kramer
KRAMER, Crisey O., p. l. & m. kramer
KRAMER, L., b.31-july-1887, d.14-oct-1889, p. l.w. & f. kramer
KRAMER, Lewis W., 13th ill. inf. Company h.
KRAMER, Mary E., d.10-nov-1880, a. 31y 9m 10d, h. lewis w. kramer
LOYD, Julia Ann, b.dec-1860, d.1886, p. w.m. & m.e. smith, h. thomas loyd
MIDDLETON, Mariah J., d.1868, p. w. & r. harper, h. m.w. middleton
NAYLOR, Charles H., b.25-dec-1879, p. h. & n.b. naylor
NAYLOR, Henry, b.3-may-1817, d.19-nov-1900
NAYLOR, Milissa, b.1816, d.18-sep-1852
NAYLOR, Nancy B., b.1-may-1817, d.29-dec-1895, h. henry naylor
NAYLOR, William, b.19-aug-1851, d.6-aug-1852, p. h. & n.b. naylor
PFEIFFER, Albert, b.1897, d.1919, p. g. & h. pfeiffer
PFEIFFER, George, b.1858, d.1918
PFEIFFER, Hannah, 1857, h. george pfeiffer
RIGG, Christiana, b.10-feb-1828, d.10-sep-1850, h. r. rigg
RIGG, Francis M., b.17-sep-1832, d.6-jan-1897
RIGG, James M., d.7-sep-1850, a. 24y 11m 12d
RIGG, Mary Jane, b.7-mar-1831, d.7-apr-1881, h. thomas rigg
RIGG, Milanda, b.23-jan-186?, d.14-apr-1925
RIGG, Rachel, b.2-may-1794, d.31-july-1874, a. 79y 8m 27d
RIGG, Samuel, b.14-aug-1791, d.1-apr-1858, a. 66y 10m 18d
RIGG, Thomas, b.7-apr-1821, d.18-aug-1898
RIGG, William B., b.27-jan-1824, d.8-jan-1846, p. samuel & rachel rigg
SMITH, Riley, b.feb-1885, d.1866, p. w.m. & m.e. smith
TANQUARY, Harriet, d.1865, p. f. & e. tanquary
TANQUARY, James G., d.29-nov-1860, p. f. & e. tanquary
TANQUARY, John M., b.5-dec-1836, d.july-1866
TANQUARY, William M., b.2-jan-1826, d.13-july-1828, p. f. & e. tanquary
WALKER, John H., b.5-june-1915, d.26-jan-1919, p. t. & p. walker
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